Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Pictures speak louder than words. 65% of the population are visual learners. Every startup understands the value of photographs for audience engagement and marketing success. But if you look up Google for stock images or photographs, chances are that you will find pricey ones, which can set you back even $20 per image. But one of the coolest features about the internet is that it allows us to get things for free. That includes photographs – awesome, high-quality ones for your landing page, newsletter, social media posts and blogs. With our extensive and continually updated list of free stock photo websites, you don’t have to waste time searching for pics online anymore.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can view recently submitted photos to get some inspiration. You have the option of sorting photos based on criteria that includes what’s trending, what’s getting the most views, what’s been downloaded the most and what’s been “favored” by other users. You can also perform a search if you have something specific in mind.


All photos are available for use under the Creative Commons license, which is pretty much standard for sites like this. The only stipulation with using the photos from this site is that you must agree not to claim that the photos are your own work or imply that you are the author of any of the photos you use. As for finding photos on the site, just type in what you’re looking for and see what comes up. Since submissions are added daily, you’re likely to find something worth using.

Little Visuals

After signing up, you’ll instantly get seven high-resolution images “zipped” to your inbox that you can use anyway you want. All you have to do to subscribe is submit your email. The only stipulation for this free site is that you can’t claim authorship of the photos you use. This site is especially useful if you need some high-quality landscape shots any of your marketing endeavors.


This site is unique in that all available photos were captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design, offering a more professional feel than you get with user-submitted sites. Additionally, you don’t even have to worry about creating an account. All you need to do is click on one of the high-resolution photos and it automatically downloads. The free images found here tend to be a bit on the artsy side, but the quality is great and the price is right.


Offer free stock photos for commercial and personal use, this site allows you to search for photos by categories that include wedding, food, technology, street and the ever popular “things,” simply meaning anything that doesn’t fit into another category. The site features the work of Daniel Nanescu, an Italian photographer, web designer and graphic designer who uses his arsenal of photo editing skills to produce quality images you can use to fine-tune your online image.

Life of Pix

All the images on this site have been donated to the public domain, so you’re free to use anything you like to add some visual appeal to your marketing efforts. Just browse the gallery and click on any high-resolution image that catches your eye. The search box is at the bottom of the site, if you’re looking for something specific, otherwise simply browse through the random photos to see what’s been recently added to the site.

Death to the Stock Photo

Despite the name of this site, you can actually find plenty of lively stock photos here. Choosing the free option will result in a fresh pack of photos being sent to your inbox each month. As a cool bonus, you do get stories to match the photos. If you opt for the $20 premium membership, you’ll get access to the site’s complete library plus an extra pack of photos sent to you each month.

Super Famous Studios

The brainchild of interaction designer Folkert Gorter, this site offers a wide selection of stock photos. Simply select the image you wish to use from any Cargo website. In order to select an image, you click it, drag it and drop it in the Selections panel, located on the right side of the page. The author of the work is then notified of your selection. If they agree to let you use it, you’re all set.


From food and drink items to random objects, the high-resolution stock photos on this site are diverse enough to offer a little something for everyone. The only stipulation is that you’re limited to ten free stock photos every ten days after you subscribe, not a bad trade-off if you choose your photos carefully. You’ll have to do some browsing through new uploads, but you should be able to find some hidden gems to add some visual pizzazz to your site.

IM Creator

You’ll find free images, free icons and free templates on this site – basically all the essential elements you need to put together a kick-butt website for your startup. You can use the site just to search for photos or you can use the website builder feature if you need some help putting things together by starting with either a template or a blank page. They also have free customer support and video tutorials. Subscriptions start at $5.95 per month, so not every feature of this site is totally free, but the fees are reasonable if you wish to go beyond your free options.


Pexels provides high-quality stock photos you can use to enhance your startup’s website, blog or social media pages. The site provides free photos for both individual and commercial use, ranging from cars and nature to abstracts and random shots of people. You’ll find a diverse selection of over 2,000 photos spanning multiple categories, all of which can be legally used without attribution – meaning you can also modify the photos for your specific needs.

New Old Stock

This particular site is a treat, especially if you’re in need of vintage photos for your startup. You’ll find an assortment of vintage stock photos that happen to be free of any known copyrights, meaning they’re up for grabs for use on your websites, blogs or other promotional efforts. You’ll find a lot of pics of various cities and streets, most of which are identified, along with some animal shots and random people pics.


If variety is what you’re looking for, this Tumblr-fueled site is for you. All you need to do is browse and click the download link below any image you wish to use for free. You’ll get a high-resolution version of your desired photo that you can use for your startup’s marketing efforts. There is a brief description with each photo, with some being more helpful than others when it comes to fully identifying locations and other facts you may wish to know.

Lock & Stock Photos

You may download of the stock photos on this site for commercial use absolutely free. The selection is both impressive and diverse enough that you’ll likely find something you can use. The site does accept donations for maintenance and other essential operations. AJ Montpetit, the owner of the site, only asks that you link back to this site as an attribute when using any of the free stock photos.

Snapwire Snaps

You’re welcome to copy, modify and distribute any of the free photos available on this site. Once you subscribe, you’ll get a set of seven handpicked photos sent to your email every seven days. If you cite a photo that you use, they ask you not to imply permission from the photographer. You can also submit a request for a specific photo that you would like a photographer contributing to the site to create for you.

Jay Mantri

Subscribe to this site and you’ll be able to download any of the images already on the site. You’ll also get seven new photos sent directly sent to your inbox every Thursday that you can choose to use for your startup, if you so choose. With lots of pixels in the images, the quality is excellent – and all you have to do download an image is click on the active link below the image. You can also browse and add photos to your favorites section for possible use later.


If you’re looking for great photos to use on promotional items like t-shirts for your startup, this site has what you’re looking for. The free photos can also be posted on social media, as long as you follow their stipulations for adding such photos to your page – i.e., with Facebook you need to add your business logo to the image. Attribution of photos from the site isn’t required, but greatly appreciated.


With more than 360,000 free photos, illustrations and vector graphics available here, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a larger selection of images on a single site. All images can be used on your websites and various social media pages. If you want to use Pixabay images on your website, you’ll have to upload them to your server since the URLs from the images on the site don’t work on external sites. You can browse the latest images added to the site or select images from a particular photographer that you like.


Created by a former college student, this site presents a collection of photos contributed by both amateur and professional artists. While use of the images is free, the site owner does request that you credit the photographer when possible. Please note that this site is geared towards designers and illustrators who wish to use the images as part of their creations, so you’ll need to contact the photographers directly for permission to use their images on your website or within your blog.

Free Images

As the name implies, this site presents a decent select of free images you can use to jazz up your upstart’s webpage. There is a twist though – you’ll need to get permission from the artist who posted the image. However, most artists posting images to this site are very accommodating. Just in case, make sure you jot down the username of the artist in case you to contact them to request permission to use your desired image again. The site also offers tutorials and other helpful tools.