Online MBA Programs in Michigan

    This article discusses the eight online Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in Michigan. All of the researched programs are offered by accredited institutions via the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), or Accreditation Council for Business School Programs (ACBSP). Additionally, the institutions are either public or non-profit.

    Most of the data reported herein was gathered from the schools themselves via their website or telephone and email inquiries. Other online sources, such as US News, Princeton Review, College Board, and Petersons, were also utilized. The data reported for each university are also compared to state and national averages.

    All of the online MBA programs discussed are offered remotely, which is a great option for those at a high health risk, those who already work full-time, those with kids, or those who prefer online learning. These Michigan schools provide a great option for prospective students because many offer low tuition, low debt, and high acceptance and graduation rates than the state and national averages.

    Compare Online MBA Programs in Michigan

    Out of the online MBA programs in Michigan, all are slightly different. The table below compares eight accredited universities and reports their tuition cost, graduation rate, the average percentage of students who graduate with debt, acceptance rates, an average applicant grade point average (GPA), and GMAT Scores. The variation in these different categories allows students with different priorities to find the right program for them. The following sections compare these differences and explain the top schools for each category.

    SchoolCityAccred.Accept. RateTuitionGPAGMAT3yr Grad Rate
    Andrews UniversityBerrien SpringsIACBE76%$5673390100%
    Central Michigan UniversityMount PleasantAACSB65%$6623.349067%
    Ferris State UniversityBig RapidsACBSP38%$6343.587%
    Kettering UniversityFlintACBSP100%$93029%
    Lawrence Technological UniversitySouthfieldAACSB75%$1,2003.227%
    Madonna UniversityLivoniaACBSP100%$8850%
    Northwood UniversityMidlandACBSP81%$1,0303.480%
    University of MichiganDearbornAACSB54%$1,5153.461740%

    Affordable Online MBA Programs in Michigan

    Affordability is of utmost importance to prospective students, and the tuition cost is a huge determining factor when submitting applications and deciding which schools to attend. Many students do not have the means or ability to pay for high tuition costs, most require financial aid, and some may even need to work part-time while attending school to pay for their needs. Therefore, online MBA programs’ affordability is often a deciding factor for prospective students and can make or break a students’ ability to attend.

    Out of the eight online MBA programs researched in Michigan, tuition rates vary dramatically from $567 to $1,515 per credit hour. This wide range allows for a variety of students from different circumstances to achieve their MBA. In Michigan, the average state tuition is $928 per credit hour, which is slightly higher than the national average cost of $820 per credit hour.

    Although some online MBA programs in Michigan are more expensive than the national and state averages, there are some affordable options. The most affordable option is the program offered at Andrews University at $567 per credit hour. The second, third, and fourth most affordable options in Michigan are Ferris State University at $634 per credit hour, Central Michigan University at $662 per credit hour, and Madonna University at $885 per credit hour. These options are offered at less cost than the state average of $928 per credit hour. This creates affordability and may allow low-income students a variety of options for attendance.

    Most affordable online MBA programs in Michigan:

    • Andrews University – $567
    • Ferris State University – $634
    • Central Michigan University – $662
    • Madonna University – $885

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    Michigan Online MBA Programs with Lowest Debt at Graduation

    Low debt is so essential to certain students as many do not want any debt upon graduation. Additionally, as students aspiring towards an MBA already have a Bachelor’s degree, they may be wary of entering into debt again or adding on to the debt they may already have. Most students require financial aid to attend college, and many don’t wish to graduate with excessive debt. Most students hope to have a limited debt to be bogged down with repayment upon program completion.

    In the state of Michigan, approximately 46% of graduates leave school with debt. This rate is nearly the same as the national average of 46.6%. Although many student loans have a grace period of up to a year to begin paying back loans, it can still be difficult for recent graduates to pay off student loan debt on an entry-level salary. Therefore, having low rates of student debt is a great incentive to prospective students. This may also show that the schools have good scholarship programs to facilitate their students while attending school.

    Low rates of debt are reported for some of the online MBAs in Michigan. At Kettering University, it is reported that only 7% of students graduate with debt, which is an extremely low percentage. This is much less than both the state and national averages and is a good option for those that do not want debt upon graduation. The next lowest debt rates are reported as 42% and 45% at Ferris State University and Lawrence Technological University. These debt rates are slightly less than the state and national averages.

    Top online MBA programs in Michigan with the lowest debt at graduation:

    • Kettering University – 7%
    • Ferris State University – 42%
    • Lawrence Technological University – 45%

    No GMAT Required

    The submittal of standardized test scores was once a standard when being admitted to Business Schools in Michigan. This includes tests such as the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Today, many schools either do not require these tests, or they provide waivers to students. For example, people who already have a master’s degree or have 3-5 years of experience often waivers to GMAT/GRE scores. Schools that do not require GMAT scores are also good options for those students who prefer not to take the exam; however, the submittal of these scores often helps students stand out amongst competitors.

    For example, Madonna University and Kettering University are the top choices for students who may not want to take an entrance exam. These schools have 100% acceptance rates and do not consider GMAT scores as part of their applicant review. The next best choice for those who do not wish to take an entrance exam is Northwood University, which has an 81% acceptance rate; this university considers applicant test scores if submitted, but scores are not used in admission decisions. Lastly, the Lawrence Technological University, with an acceptance rate of 75%, states that standardized test scores are important but not required. This differs from Andrews University, Ferris State University, and the University of Michigan, which consider standardized test scores significant for applicants.

    Best options in Michigan with no GMAT requirment:

    • Madonna University
    • Kettering University
    • Northwood University
    • Lawrence Technological University

    Highest Graduation Rate

    Graduation rates report the percentages of students admitted to an online MBA in Michigan that complete them in the allotted time, typically 2 to 3 years. Graduation rates are a reflection of the admitted students and the school’s culture and ability to facilitate their admitted students towards graduation.

    Additionally, graduation rates are related to acceptance rates. For example, Kettering University has a 100% acceptance rate but only a 29% graduation rate. Undoubtedly, schools with less strict admissions will often have lower graduation rates. Another example is the Lawrence Technological University, with an acceptance rate of 100% and a graduation rate of 27%. These low graduation rates represent that only slightly a quarter of students who attend these schools graduate in the allotted time. However, it is important to point out that this does not mean that the students never finished their degrees. The state of Michigan has a state average graduation rate of 61%, which is lower than the national average of 68%.

    The highest graduation rate out of the researched schools was 100% at Andrews University. This is a promising statistic and shows that nearly all the students who attend this school will graduate. The next best schools for graduation rates are Ferris State University at 87% and Northwood University at 80%. All these top schools have graduation rates much higher than the state and national averages and show promising potential for prospective students’ ability to complete their online MBA program.

    Online MBA programs in Michigan with the highest graduation rates:

    • Andrews University – 100%
    • Ferris State University 87%
    • Northwood University – 80%

    Highest Acceptance Rates

    Rates of school acceptance are so important as they allow students clues into how long should be spent on different applications and their chances of being accepted. School applications require time and typically have fees, so these stats should be kept in mind while applying. For example, a school with a lower acceptance rate is a less secure choice. Special attention should be paid to not over-invest in a school application where the chances of acceptance are lower. Also, diversifying and applying to at least one school with a very high acceptance rate will increase the chances of being accepted.

    Acceptance rates are a measure of how strict the school is in its admittance. In Michigan, average acceptance rates are 74% for an online Michigan MBA program, which is less than the national average of 79%. This shows that schools in Michigan may be slightly stricter than other schools when compared nationally.

    Schools with 100% acceptance rates include Kettering University and Madonna University. This can comfort students with the knowledge that if they apply to the program and meet the requirements, they will be accepted. Applying for schools can be a very stressful time for prospective students. A high acceptance rate can provide peace of mind; however, high acceptance rates can also sign that fewer resources are provided to students. It is a good idea to research the school’s available resources to determine their ability to facilitate learning. The next highest acceptance rate is 81% at Northwood University. These top four schools have higher acceptance rates than the state and national averages.

    Top online MBA programs in Michigan with the highest acceptance rates:

    • Kettering University – 100%
    • Madonna University – 100%
    • Northwood University – 81%

    Michigan Online MBA Program Profiles

    Andrews University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:IACBE
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(269) 471-6321
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Berrien Springs, MI

    IACBE accredits Andrews University, the most affordable option in the state at $567 per credit hour, and has the highest graduation rate at 100%. The online program is much more affordable and is offered at half price than the on-campus program. The program requires the completion of 33 credits, which comprises 21 credits of requirements and 12 credits of electives. Full-time students can complete the online MBA program within 1 year. This university offers the General Management track, as well as 2 concentrations in Healthcare and Hospital Management and Accounting and Finance.

    Admission requirements include the completion of a bachelor’s degree with an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.6. The average admission GPA of applicants is 3.0. GMAT test scores are considered very important for this university, and the average admissions scores are 390. However, the university offers waivers to the GMAT, such as students with 5 years of work experience, students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree at Andrews University with a GPA of at least 3.0, and students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree at another accredited university with a GPA of at least 3.25.

    Central Michigan University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(877) 268-4636
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Mount Pleasant, MI

    Accredited by the AACSB, the Central Michigan University offers the third most affordable option in the state at $662 per credit hour, which is much more affordable than the state and national averages. This school offers an abundance of specialization options for the online MBA. The 11 available specializations are: Business Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Systems Leadership, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Logistics Management, Marketing, Project Management, and a VDO emphasis.

    The program requires the completion of 36 credit hours, and students can be admitted three times per year during each new semester. Acceptance rates are reported as 65%. To be admitted, prospective students must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher, and the school has an average admittance GPA of 3.3. The GMAT test is required as part of the application and is considered important as part of the applicant profile. The average entrance GMAT score is 490, but waivers are available for standardized test score submittal.

    Ferris State University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(231) 591-3932
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Big Rapids, MI

    The online MBA at Ferris State University offers the second most affordable option in the state at $634 per credit hour and is accredited by the ACBSP. Besides, the graduation rate is the second-highest in Michigan at 87%. The offered program requires 39 credits, including 30 credits of coursework and 9 credits in the chosen area of concentration. Six concentrations are offered in Business Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, and Business Law.

    Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 and above to be admitted. Average applicant GPAs are reported as 3.5. Standardized test scores are required and are considered very important as part of admissions decisions. The test can be waived for those who already have a graduate degree or those with industry experience. The average acceptance rate is 38%. Many different scholarships are available for students, and the university reports that 79% of students obtain financial aid.

    Kettering University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(810) 762-9575
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Flint, MI

    Kettering University has the highest acceptance rates at 100%, the lowest average graduate debt at 7%, and the ACBSP accredits them. The online program requires 40 credit hours to complete and can be finished in 18 months. The GPA admissions requirement is 3.0, but lower GPAs are accepted if the remainder of the application is strong. This university does not consider standardized test scores as part of the application process. At $930 per credit hour, this cost is very similar to the state average and slightly higher than the national average.

    The online MBA program provides the option of several graduate certificates in Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, Operations Management, and Healthcare Management or Supply Chain Management Levels 1 and 2. The university also offers a track to complete two Master’s degrees in two years. This dual degree option combines the MBA with a Master’s in Operations Management or Engineering Management for four additional courses.

    Lawrence Technological University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(800) 225-5588
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Southfield, MI

    This university is triple-accredited through AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE. This school is in the top four schools that do not require GMAT scores and has the fifth high acceptance rate in the state of 75%. The MBA online program is designed to be completed in two years and requires 36 credit hours. Nine core classes and three elective classes are needed, and the tuition cost is $1,200 per credit.

    Admission to the program requires a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and the average acceptance GPA is 3.2. GMAT scores are considered important but not required and can be waived for students with a master’s degree or those who completed a Bachelor’s with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Additionally, the school will accept up to 12 transfer credits from other accredited institutions. The university offers four specialization options in Finance, Cybersecurity, Project Management, and Information Technology. Two graduate certificates are also offered in Cybersecurity and Project Management.

    Madonna University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(734) 432-5763
    Location:Livonia, MI

    Madonna University has the highest acceptance rates in Michigan of 100% and is the fourth most affordable in the state at $885 per credit hour. The online MBA program here is 36 credit hours. These credit hours comprise 6 credit hours of foundation courses, 24 credit hours of management courses, and 6 credit hours in capstone courses.

    Admission to the program requires a 3.0 GPA, 2 letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and an admission interview. In addition, 9 credit hours of prerequisites are required, often completed as part of a student’s previously achieved Bachelor’s degree. GMAT scores are not considered part of the application, so this is a good choice for students who do not wish to complete a standardized test.

    Many facilities are offered to online students, such as the online writing lab, peer tutoring, and collaborative learning. This university also offers many scholarships and assistantships to both full- and part-time students.

    Northwood University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(989) 837-4893
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Midland, MI

    Norwood University is accredited by ACBSP and has the third-highest graduation rate at 80% and the third-highest acceptance rate at 81%. These graduation and acceptance rates exceed the averages for the state of Michigan and the nation. Students can complete this online MBA program in 2-years with a tuition of $1,030 per credit. The program requires completion of 36 credit hours, and applications are accepted anytime during the year. Students may begin study twice each year during the fall and spring semesters. The average GPA of admitted students is 3.4.

    All courses provided to students are Quality Matters (QM)- certified, meaning they meet certain quality standards. Online students have the option of completing their capstone courses online or on-campus. This university is the third-best option for students who are not interested in or cannot take the GMAT or GRE test. Standardized test scores are considered but are not used in the admissions decision-making process.

    University of Michigan

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:HLC
    School Type:Private
    T:(313) 593-5460
    Location:Dearborn, MI

    This university is accredited via AACSB and offers a 36 to 48 credit hour program. Part-time students can complete the program within an estimated 2 to 2.5 years. The school offers rolling admissions, but students are accepted twice per year during the fall or spring semester. The average GPA of admitted students is 3.4. GMAT scores are required and considered very important as part of an application; however, exceptions are permitted, such as students who have 3 years of professional work experience, students with a graduate degree, veterans, students who have completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan with a 3.2 GPA or higher, and more. It is reported that only 5% of prospective students submit standardized test scores, and the average GMAT score of applicants is 617. The tuition cost per credit is $1,515.

    The online MBA program offers dual degree programs to obtain 2 master’s degrees with fewer credits. These pairings are offered in Finance, Information Systems, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and Health Services Administration.

    Michigan Career and Job Outlook for MBA Graduates

    The employment prospects for MBA holders are good in Michigan. According to US News & World Report, the average 2015 MBA graduate earned $91,940 of salary and bonus per year. Although Michigan took a hit on employment during 2009, the most recent years have shown a steady decrease in the unemployment rate. As of May 2010, the state recorded over 461,000 new jobs in the private sector since December 2010. The most recent unemployment rate in Michigan was 4.9% in November 2016. The auto and manufacturing industry’s resurgence has aided in this recovery.

    Michigan State University predicted a 23% increase in hiring for 2016-17 graduates. This growth reflects “six years of steady improvement since the depths of recession between 2009 and 2010,” said Phil Gardner, economist. Employers are looking for new hires to fill positions left vacant due to employee turnover and company growth. The average starting salary for MBAs from top-ranked institutions is around $146,000 to $149,000 per year. MBA graduates from other schools can aim for an average starting salary of around $90,000 per year.

    The average salary for MBA grads in Michigan varies from $47,514-$136,108. Michigan MBAs with a finance specialization typically get higher packages ranging from $51,536-$152,713. MBA in Business Administration follows next with salaries from $47,662-$121,179. With a Michigan MBA with a business administration specialization, you can hope to earn between $47,662-$121,179.

    The outlook for jobs you can get with an MBA in Michigan is positive overall. According to Projections Central, marketing managers can expect the highest increase in job openings between 2018 and 2026 at an impressive 12.8% rate. During the same time period, financial analysts can expect an above-average increase of 10.4%; general and operations managers can expect a 9.4% increase in job openings; managers, “all other” can expect an increase of 6.3%; and chief executives in Michigan (including CEOs and CFOs) can expect to see a decrease in job openings during that time period, of -0.7% between 2018 and 2026.

    Top MBA Salaries in Michigan

    Following are some typical jobs you can get with an MBA, along with average total compensation:*

    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – $75,525-$437,467
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – $68,533-$255,350
    • Finance Manager – $45,639-$130,517
    • Financial Analyst – $42,347-$82,148
    • General Manager – $30,456-$90,553
    • Marketing Manager – $38,691-$101,182
    • Operations Manager – $34,961-$100,907
    • Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) – $52,683-$130,712
    • Senior Financial Analyst – $61,762-$104,466

    Best Cities in Michigan for MBA Jobs

    Some of the best management jobs in Michigan can be found in:*

    • Ann Arbor – $44,602-$108,496
    • Detroit – $46,135-$148,229
    • Grand Rapids – $62,225-$135,000
    • Lansing – $71,497

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