Online MBA in Florida

Welcome to our in-depth guide on online MBA programs in Florida. Whether you are considering an AACSB-accredited MBA or another program option, this guide can help you get started with its collection of Florida specific resources. This resource is comprehensive, focusing on providing a simple (but complete) collection of every possible MBA online available in Florida.

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Online MBA Programs in Florida

As a working professional, attending a Florida business school on campus can be difficult. Balancing work, family, and life is challenging enough. Thankfully, many AACSB-accredited schools offer an online MBA in Florida that are top-notch and generally deliver the same value as a traditional, campus MBA.

Some programs are fully online, and others are in a hybrid format that combines campus sessions with online modules. To help you, we have researched every AACSB-accredited online program. Since your needs are unique, we have done our best to provide a comprehensive snapshot of each program and its various aspects.

The below 7 online MBA programs in Florida are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University LogoFlorida Atlantic University’s College of Business offers a fully online MBA program with an International Business Specialization that allows participants to continue their professional responsibilities while studying. FAU is AACSB-accredited and recognizes the need for students to understand the growing impact of international business, competition, and how to operate in today’s global marketplace. This program will provide you with an invaluable perspective that expands and deepens your global viewpoint.

FAU’s online MBA programs in Florida are 100% online, which means you have the flexibility to study when and where you want. They contain the same curriculum and are taught by the same professors as their campus-based alternatives. A variety of learning methods are used combining informative lectures, interactive class discussions, presentations, and team projects.

The program can be completed in 23 months. You need to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher over the last 60 undergraduate credits and must have four years of work experience. However, if you have less than four years of experience, you are required to take the GMAT or GRE. They have a rolling enrollment for the Fall (August) and Spring (January) semesters.

Program Completion Options

  • Executive Program – Please see the “Accredited MBA Programs in Florida” section above.
  • Online Program – Designed for students with undergraduate degrees in any discipline. The focus of the online MBA is to provide an environment where a concentrated effort between professor and student results in the mastery of all of the components of a graduate-level, business administration curriculum – all in an online environment. Upon completion of the online MBA program, you will have earned the Master of Business Administration degree together with an International Business specialization.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Financial Accounting Concepts, Corporate Financial Management, Communication Skills for Business Professionals, Leadership and Executive Forum, Global Environment of Management, Advanced Analysis of Accounting Data, Marketing Management in a Global Environment, Advanced Financial Management, Management of Information Systems and Technology, Operations Management, Leadership and Organizations, Global Management Strategy and Policy.

Students can choose four courses for the International Business Specialization from the following: Advanced International Monetary Economics, Global Supply Chain Management, Cross-Cultural Management and Human Resources, International Business Operations, Managing Effectively in Emerging Market Economies, and Global Marketing Management.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

International Business – An International Business Specialization provides you with an international perspective that expands and deepens your global viewpoint. The program helps students understand the growing impact of international business and competition.

2. Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University LogoFlorida Gulf Coast University’s Lutgert College of Business offers accredited degree programs online. With this Distance Learning option, students are allowed to proceed through the programs quickly. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides students with a challenging curriculum and preparation for leadership in careers across all types of business and public organizations. This professional online MBA program in Florida emphasizes the application of analytical, technical, and social tools to solve organizational problems.

The program length is 45 credit hours. It is divided into nine credits of foundation courses, 30 credits of required core courses, and six credits of elective courses. Up to a maximum of nine credits of foundation courses may be waived from a regionally accredited institution.

Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution, a GPA of 3.0 or higher over the last 60 undergraduate credits, and a minimum score of 450 on GMAT or equivalent score on GRE.

Program Completion Options

The following guidelines have been established to assist students in choosing standard course loads and completion of the graduate programs in a timely manner:

  • Full-time – Full-Time students are required to enroll for a minimum of ninec credit hours per semester.
  • Part-time – Part-Time students are encouraged to enroll for six credit hours per semester.

All graduate degree requirements must be completed within seven years from the time a student is officially admitted to the program.

Foundational Coursework

  • Standard Coursework – Managerial Accounting, Legal and Ethical Issues, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Strategy, The Challenge of Leadership, Global Organizational Issues, Adv Marketing Analysis & Strategy, Business Analytics, and Operations Management
  • Foundational Coursework – Foundations of Econ/Finance, Management/Marketing Concepts, and Management of Information Systems

3. Florida International University

Florida International University logoFlorida International University’s Chapman Graduate School of Business is known for its leadership in business education and highly esteemed faculty. The Chapman online corporate MBA degree is designed for professionals who are motivated to enhance a particular area of their expertise and gain credentials to advance. FIU allows students to access their courses at any time and from any location that has an internet connection.

This program gives the opportunity to engage in discussion with professors and peers alike through chat, email, and discussion board. Exceptional and extended support are provided every step of the way using online e-advising and e-tutoring for any questions.

The online corporate MBA program can be completed in as little as 18 months and up to two and a half years. The CMBA has a rolling enrollment for the January (Spring A), March (Spring B), and May (Summer) semesters.

Admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, a GPA of 3.0 or higher, a minimum of four years work experience, and a score of 500 on the GMAT or the equivalent GRE score.

Program Completion Options

This online MBA in Florida offers flexibility with more options for completion. They have three tracks you could choose from.

  • Track A is the longer route, ideal for students who do not need an accelerated pace of study. Students can take one class per quarter, allowing the program to be completed in two and a half years.
  • Track B is for students who prefer flexibility in the number of courses they can take. You get to decide how many courses to take each quarter, and the program can be completed in approximately one year and nine months.
  • Track C is for students who want to finish the program sooner. By taking two classes per quarter, it can be completed in 18 months.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Competitive Strategy, Accounting for Managers, Corporate Finance, Business Analysis for Decision Making, Operations Management, Marketing Management in the Global Environment, Financial Reporting and Analysis, International Business, Global Financial Strategy, Organization information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Legal Environment of Business, and Corporate Simulation.

Students are also required to take three Professional Development Seminars before continuing in the program. These seminars are Work Preference Indicator Assessment, Presentation Skills Seminar, and Career Services Seminar.

4. Florida State University

Florida State University logoThe Florida State University’s College of Business offers anAACSB-accredited Master in Business Administration. This program is a general business degree designed for working professionals with extensive work experience or individuals who have shown excellence and leadership in their previous academic work. It offers an additional two specializations – Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Real Estate Specialization.

The online MBA program can be done from the convenience of your home or the office. This kind of environment fosters creativity and allows you to hone your skills and collaborate with high-caliber peers. The program takes seven semesters to complete. Students pay the same price, plus applicable fees, for courses regardless of location.

Admission to the program is competitive, requiring all applicants to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. They typically admit candidates who have a minimum of five years of work experience, a GPA of at least 3.0, and a minimum total score of 550 on the GMAT. Although GMAT or GRE scores are required, the College of Business now waives the GRE/GMAT requirement for experienced applicants meeting individual career and education qualifications.

Classes are taught by the same world-renowned professors who teach on campus and who are recognized leaders in their fields of research. Application deadlines are as follows: March 1 for Summer entry, June 1 for Fall entry, October 1 for Spring entry.

Foundational Coursework

Standard core courses of the three programs include the following: Standard Coursework – Financial Reporting & Managerial Control, The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business, Problems in Financial Management, Marketing Strategy in the Global Environment, Organizational Behavior, Business Conditions Analysis, Information & Technology Management, Operations Management, and Strategy & Business Policy.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

  • MBA with Real Estate Specialization (39 credit hours) – Florida State University’s online MBA program offers a rigorous set of elective courses focused on real estate finance and analysis. This two-year degree thrives as one of the largest and most successful programs in the nation and prepares students to master the ever-changing marketplace. This program is consistently ranked among the nation’s Top 10 programs at public institutions. Students seeking this specialization can customize their MBA with nine hours of flex courses: Real Estate Valuation, Topics in Real Estate and Finance, Real Estate Investments, Investment Management & Analysis, Customer Relationship Management.
  • MBA with major in Hospitality and Tourism Management (33 credit hours) – This two-year degree (six semesters) builds on the outstanding reputation of the college’s Dedman School of Hospitality, which has been supplying managers for the hospitality industry for nearly 70 years. This new program is entirely online and ideal for professionals working in the hospitality business, recent FSU hospitality graduates, and international students seeking to earn an MBA. Specialization in Hospitality and Tourism Management includes the following hospitality courses: Business Strategy for the Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Financial Management, Managing Legal Risks of Hospitality Organizations.

5. Rollins College

Rollins College logoRollins College’s Crummer Graduate School of Business offers three programs, two of which combine online education with traditional classroom learning. These AACSB-accredited Professional Florida online MBA programs and Rollins Executive MBA programs are designed to help students gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and advance in their organizations.

Program Completion Options

Both the Professional MBA and Executive MBA are offered in a format that combines online education and on-campus learning. These components are available when they start in April, but the August start is offered entirely in on-campus setting.

  • The Professional MBA – This option enables students to continue working and applying their new skills while earning their online MBA. The program can be completed in 28 months. It has a total of 42 credit hours that are distributed as foundation courses (six credits), business core courses (20 credits), integrating courses (six credits), and elective courses (10 credits). All on-campus sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30 pm – 9:30 pm).
  • The Rollins Executive MBA – This program provides an accelerated course that is intense and comprehensive. It is designed for Mid to Senior Level Professionals with ten years or more experience. It is offered in a format which combines online education with traditional classroom learning. On-campus sessions are held every Saturday from 8 am – 5 pm Classes start in April and August, allowing the students to complete the program in 16 months. An official GMAT exam score is not required.

Admission requirements for the programs include a transcript of records, statement of purpose, two recommendations, and resume. Although GMAT/GRE scores are not required, applicants may be asked to provide a test score to strengthen their application package.

Program Concentration and Specialization Options

The Crummer School will launch a new curriculum for the Professional MBA program by Fall 2016. This means that there will be no intake for Spring 2016.

  • Professional MBA – Once the core courses are completed, Professional MBA students have the option to choose a concentration in one of the three fields of study.
  • Entrepreneurship – A concentration in Entrepreneurship gives students the analytical tools and skills to prepare them for becoming innovators in new corporate ventures.
  • Finance – A Concentration in Finance will help develop the student’s skills necessary to work with expertise in all areas of finance, including asset management, banking, and financial management.
  • Marketing – A Concentration in Marketing provides a solid grounding in applying the basic disciplines that are essential for understanding consumer and organizational buying patterns. Students will gain practical experience in developing successful marketing strategies.
  • Executive MBA – Executive MBA students have the option to select a focus in one of six areas of study: Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Operations & Technology Management.

6. University of Florida

University of Florida logoThe University of Florida is a pioneer in the online MBA field. Its program is AACSB-accredited and regarded as one of the world’s best online programs by the Financial Times and U.S. News & World Report. UF’s online MBA program combines the flexibility of an online format and periodic face-to-face interactions with faculty and classmates.

Once every four months, students are required to spend a weekend on campus: Saturdays typically include final exams or presentations, and Sunday is often allocated for live interaction and connections with classmates, faculty, and the university. Upon completion of the program, students earn a full Master of Business Administration degree equivalent to any other MBA degree offered by the University of Florida.

The online MBA program in Florida is asynchronous, which allows you to view online lectures at your convenience on your own schedule. The program uses a lock-step, cohort-based system to help facilitate building healthy relationships and a peer network. In this system, students go through the entire five terms with the same group of classmates. Most of the coursework is completed online, but students are required to attend one on-campus weekend every four months.

Admission requirements include a minimum of two years of full-time professional work experience, GMAT or GRE test scores, resume, two letters of recommendation, and an official transcript.

Program Completion Options

Online Two-Year – The UF Online Two-Year MBA program is designed for students from any academic background. It is also the recommended program for non-business majors and business majors who graduated more than seven years in the past. Initial foundation courses include Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations, and Economics. Upon completion of these foundation courses, students can focus on a chosen area of interest.

Classes start in the Fall (September) and Spring (February) semesters. The 48-credit-hour program can be completed in 24 to 27 months.

Online One-Year – UF’s Online One-Year MBA program recognizes the completion of business core courses from an undergraduate degree. In light of this, foundational courses are not required to be repeated. With this program, students get to begin their studies in a chosen area of interest. Possible concentration areas include entrepreneurship, finance, international, and marketing.

This accelerated program option will allow you to complete the program in 16 months. Classes start in January or February.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Foundations Review, Operations Management, International Finance, Professional Writing, Corporate Finance, The Legal Environment of Business, Introduction to Real Estate, Advanced Marketing Management, Business-to-Business Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance, and Global Strategic Management.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

For the online two-year program, students can choose from one of four areas of focus. Nine credits are allotted for these areas that include:

  • Entrepreneurship – This concentration provides skills and concepts to prepare students to become entrepreneurs, business owners, or innovators in new ventures. Focus area courses include Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance, Legal Aspects of Technology Management, Negotiations, and Problems & Methods in Marketing Management.
  • Finance – Concentration in Finance is designed to give an understanding of key concepts in financial institutions, theory, investment analysis, and risk management. Focus area courses include Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship & Venture Finance, Finance Elective, International Finance, and Introduction to Real Estate.
  • International – Focus area courses include Global Strategic Management, International Business Global Immersion Experience, International Finance, and International Marketing.
  • Marketing – This concentration applies marketing research methods and techniques in analyzing and implementing strategic advertising. It explores buyer behavior and consumer issues that affect marketing strategies. Focus area courses include Advanced Marketing Management, Business to Business Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing, International Marketing, and Problems & Methods in Marketing Management.
  • MBA/OEM Concurrent Degree – This innovative dual-degree combines a degree in engineering with an MBA. It reduces the amount of coursework required to obtain both the MBA and OEM degrees. The Outreach Engineering Management Program (OEM) is an engineering master’s degree for students who are working full-time and eligible to apply for the online one-year MBA program.

7. University of Miami

University Miami LogoThe University of Miami developed its Online Professional MBA program to fit a working professional’s busy schedule. It provides a well-rounded business education to develop strategic insights necessary to lead top organizations. The program is taught by the same world-class faculty who teach the on-campus classes and feature an innovative curriculum that can be applied to your work immediately. It offers flexibility in schedule to align with your other committments.

Despite 100% online coursework, students get to establish a close connection to the university and build networks. The program starts with an orientation weekend where you get to meet the faculty, get to know other students and understand the learning model. Once in the online MBA program, a week-long immersion provides another chance to visit the campus. This allows students to spend time with the faculty, fellow students, and the UM community. It is also during this immersion where an accelerated course is completed.

Application requirements include the following: transcript, official GMAT scores (GMAT may be waived for qualified applicants with appropriate academic and significant experience), two professional or academic recommendations, a resume, and a one-page personal statement addressing your interest in the online professional MBA program at the University of Miami. Start dates are January, May, or September.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework: Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting & Economics, Foundations of Marketing Management, Essentials of Economic Theory, Management Information Systems, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Managing Responsible Behavior in Organizations, Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making, Legal Implication in Executive Decision Making, Intermediate Corporate Finance & Investments, Operations Research Models in Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.

Accredited MBA Programs in Florida

Accreditation is an important factor when selecting a school. It serves as a benchmark of quality for a school’s faculty, curriculum, management, and academic and professional engagement. There are many types of accreditation, but the most well-respected within the business community is the AACSB – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The AACSB is a non-profit organization that exists to help advance management education worldwide. Its standards are very rigorous and application is voluntary. Out of the thousands of business schools worldwide, only 746 business schools are AACSB approved. In Florida that number drops to only 34 universities in the state. An AACSB accredited online MBA is highly valued and sought after by schools and students alike.

Every program you will find below is AACSB-accredited.

1. Barry University

The Andreas School of Business at Barry University offers a traditional MBA program, three dual degree programs, and a double-degree MBA program. Each program is AACSB accredited and aims to provide students with a global perspective and the proper tools to succeed in today’s business environment. The traditional MBA program allows students to choose from 7 different concentrations while the dual degree programs allow students to receive an MBA plus another master’s level degree in either nursing, podiatry, or sports management. The double-degree is for students who wish to receive two MBA degrees – one from Barry’s and another from an international institution.

Program Completion Options

Students lives are busy, and The Andreas School of Business recognizes this. The School offers two completion options for its general MBA program (dual-degree options are more varied and complex). These include:

  • Part-Time – Balancing family, work, and classes can be a challenge. For students who prefer a part time program, one or two classes can be taken each semester. Students can do this as long as the program is completed within a 5-year time frame.
  • Full-Time – If quickly completing an MBA is important, students can take up to 3 MBA classes per semester. At this pace, an MBA can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – International Business, Economics for Strategic Decisions, Technology and Information Systems, Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Entrepreneurship, Managerial Finance, Leadership and Advanced Management Concept, Marketing in a Dynamic Environment, Managerial Accounting, and Social, Ethical, and Legal Aspects of Business.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

The following concentrations are offered by The Andreas School of Business. Availability will depend on the specific program selected:

  • Accounting – A concentration in Accounting will provide students with an understanding of advanced accounting principles and methodologies. Topics covered could include auditing, taxation or accounting theory, and research.
  • Finance – Specializing in Finance will provide students with advanced knowledge of financial concepts and theories. Possible courses could include International Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, and Investment Analysis.
  • Health Services Administration – Health Services is an ever changing – and growing – field. As a specialty, it will provide students with knowledge of healthcare law, ethics, quality management, budgeting and more.
  • International Business – Business is increasingly global, and a concentration with a global focus will help students succeed in this new era of business. Courses for this specialization could include International Finance, Global Marketing, and Cross-Cultural Management.
  • Management – The ability to properly equip, lead, and direct employees is an incredibly valuable skill set. A focus on Management will provide students with the capacity to do just that. Courses could include Research in Management, Diversity in the Workplace, and Business Consulting.
  • Marketing – Product, Place, Price, Promotion – the 4 P’s of Marketing. These (and more) will be covered with a Marketing concentration. Students in this concentration will emerge with the knowledge and tools required to thrive within the marketing realm.

The following dual-degrees (and double degree) are also offered in conjunction with an MBA. These include:

  • MBA/MSSM in Sports Management – For those who aim to work in the sports industry, a dual-degree in business and sports management will provide a solid foundation. From sport marketing plans to assessing the competitive environment – it is all here.
  • MBA/DPM Podiatry – For those who plan on becoming a Podiatrist, a dual MBA/DPM offers an advanced skill set and knowledge that can help with establishing and maintaining a private clinic.
  • MBA/MSN Nursing – A dual degree in business and nursing will provide students not only with the skills necessary for nursing but also a firm grasp of business and leadership skills.
  • Double MBA Degree – For a deeper, and internationally rich experience, a double degree can be earned through Barry’s University and another international school.

2. Florida Atlantic University

The School of Business at Florida Atlantic University offers 3 AACSB-accredited MBA programs. An FAU MBA is built on three foundational pillars: empowerment, engagement, and enablement. The aim of each program is to empower students through education, engage students to creatively assess and solve issues, and enable students to experience the real-world business community.

Although each program is unique, similarities include a minimum of 40 credits to graduate, completion time of 23 months, a GPA of 3.0 or higher for entrance, and typical start dates twice a year (usually fall and spring). In addition, an official GMAT exam with a minimum score of 500 is required for each program (although a waiver is available for all except the Flex Program).

Completion Options

  • Executive Program – FAU’s Executive MBA is program designed for busy working professionals and individuals, and it is structured to be completed in 6 lock-step semesters. For entrance, a minimum of 5 years managerial experience is required. No business course prerequisites are necessary. Start times are every January and August, and classes are held every third weekend.
  • Professional Program – FAU’s Professional MBA is structured very similarly to its Executive MBA. It is designed for working professionals, and can be completed while working full-time. A minimum of 4 years work experience is required for entrance, and no prerequisite business courses are necessary. Start times are every July and August, and classes meet twice a week, during the evening.
  • Flexible Program – FAU’s Flexible MBA is designed for students with little to no work experience. It can be taken online or on-campus, and either full-time or part-time. For entrance, a GMAT exam score of at least 500 is necessary (or its GRE equivalent). In addition, students without a business undergrad must take 12 foundational business courses to prepare them for the course. For this program, students can choose from over 70 elective business courses. Start times are every spring and fall.

Foundational Coursework

  • Standard Coursework – 12 core courses are required for each program (except the Flexible MBA). These are: Financial Accounting Concepts, Corporate Financial Management, Communication Skills for Business Professionals, Leadership and Executive Forum, Global Environment of Management, Advanced Analysis of Accounting Data, Marketing Management in a Global Environment, Advanced Financial Management, Management of Information Systems and Technology, Operations Management, Leadership and Organizations, and Global Management Strategy and Policy.
  • Flexible Coursework – 15 core courses are required for the Flexible Program. These are: Business Law and Applied Ethics, Advanced Managerial Economics, Graduate Business Communication, Executive Forum 1.0, Financial Accounting, Leadership and Organizations, Advanced Analysis and Application of Accounting Data, Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Management Information Systems and Technology, Operations Management, Global Environment of Management, Marketing Functions and Processes, Advanced Marketing Management, Global Business Strategy, and Data Analysis for Managers.

3. Florida Gulf Coast University

The Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University offers an AACSB accredited MBA program. It is designed to challenge and build students into future leaders within their respective organizations.

Apart from encouraging leadership and teamwork capabilities, a Lutgert’s MBA will prepare students to solve organizational issues by combining analytical, technical, and behavioral tools.

The School offers a single MBA program. An undergraduate degree, along with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on the last 60 credits of coursework is required for admission. This can be waived, however, if a GMAT score of 500 (or its GRE equivalent) is presented. Application can be made in the fall or spring.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Managerial Accounting, Legal and Ethical Issues, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Strategy (capstone), The Challenge of Leadership, Global Organizational Issues, Adv Marketing Analysis & Strategy, Business Analytics, and Operations Management.

4. Florida International University

At FIU, the Chapman Graduate School of Business offers several AACSB MBA programs, including joint degrees, a dual degree, and an online MBA. FIU’s business programs are innovative and focused on integrating technological excellence. Plus, since FIU is located in Miami, its programs are infused with a unique focus on Latin America.

The Chapman Graduate School of Business is well respected, and ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top programs in 2016.

Each program is unique and stands on its own. However, most require 16-18 months to complete, a GPA of 3.0 and four years of work experience to apply, and meet on the weekends or during weeknights. Plus, most programs begin once a year, typically in January or August.

Completion Options

Executive MBA – FIU’s Executive MBA Program is quite different from other similar programs. Rather than teach subjects in isolation as individual entities, courses are designed to be interdisciplinary. Plus, they are delivered within a real world business context, all with the goal of helping students cultivate strategic skills and an innovative spirit. Admission requirements include at least eight years of work experience, with five years in a managerial role.

A 3.0 GPA on the last 60 credits of an undergrad is also required. A GMAT exam score is not necessary. Classes are taught every other Saturday and include online modules. This program starts every July and runs for 18 months.

HealthCare MBA – This 18 month, 42 credit course is uniquely designed to foster the skills and traits necessary for management careers within the healthcare industry. Team building, problem-solving, and ethical leadership skills are emphasized within the program. Admission requirements include a minimum of 4 years professional work experience and a 3.0 GPA or higher on the last 60 credits of an undergrad. GMAT is not required. Classes are delivered on Saturdays, and the program is available at both of FIU”s campuses. Starts dates are every fall and spring.

International MBA – The International MBA is a 12 month, 49 credit full-time program that prepares students to be effective global business leaders. Improving language skills, mastering professional skills, and real world experience – it is all part of the International MBA package. FIU’s faculty is more than 60% international, and international partnerships exist with more than 16 different countries. Plus, joint degrees are available in 8 different areas. A GMAT score of 500 or more is needed for entrance, along with a GPA of 3.0 or higher on the last 60 credits of an undergrad. This program is taught full-time Monday-Friday, and start times are every fall.

Professional MBA – The Professional MBA is offered in three different formats: Downtown, Weekend, and Flex. The Downtown and Weekend MBA’s are designed for busy professionals and are accelerated part-time programs. Classes meet every Monday and Wednesday evening for the Downtown MBA, and every Saturday for the Weekend option. Both programs can be completed in 16 months, and require at least 4 Years of work experience for entrance.

Flex MBA – The Flex MBA program is designed for individuals with two years or more of professional work experience. It is a part-time program that meets once a week during the evening. It can be completed in 24 months, either downtown or online. A GMAT exam score is required, but can be waived.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Accounting for Managers, Business Analysis and Decision Making, Competitive Strategy, Corporate Finance, Corporate Simulation, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Global Financial Strategy, International Business, Legal Environment of Business, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Design and Behavior, Organizational Information Systems, Professional Development Seminars, and Strategic Management.

HealthCare MBA Coursework – Organizational Behaviour, Management of Healthcare, Legal Environment of Business, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Marketing Management, Accounting for Managers, Operations Management, Organizational Information Systems, Corporate Finance, Economic and Decision Analysis in Health Services, Financing and Reimbursement of Health Systems, Strategic Management, and Health and Policy Economics,

International MBA Coursework –
Business Analysis for Decision Making, Accounting for Managers, International Business Environment, Organizational Design and Behavior, Corporate Finance, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Colloquium in Managing Organizational Ethics, Professional Development Seminar II (Languages), Organizational Information Systems, Legal Environment of Business, Global Financial Strategy, Financial Reporting and Analysis, and Strategic Management,

5. Florida Southern College

The Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise at Florida Southern College offers a 16-24 month AACSB accredited MBA program. This program has a strong global focus, and guarantees the ability to apply classroom concepts to real-world situations through consulting. Plus, each student is paired with an experienced executive throughout the course. FSC’s program requires 44 credits, and completion time is 16-24 months. It can be taken in a Saturday campus / online hybrid, or fully online delivery mode. Plus, there are no minimum requirements for admission. Entrance is judged based on a list of criteria, including GPA, GRE/GMAT, and work experience. Start dates are throughout the year.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Managing Across Boundaries and Borders, Regulatory, Social Environment of Business, Complex Decision Making, Synthesis of Trends, Image and Output, Leadership of Self and Organizations and Formulation and Organizational Design for 21st Century strategy.

5.Florida State University

The College of Business at Florida State University offers a wide variety of options when it comes to completing an MBA. FSU’s MBA program is developed for highly motivated individuals and aims to help them create and define a competitive edge. Today’s business world is fast-paced and competitive, and a degree from FSU helps prepare students to succeed within it. FUS graduates have obtained employment in top-notch corporations, including Deutsche Bank, Harris Corp, and Accenture. FSU provides students with 4 MBA formats to select from. These include accelerated, evening, online, and joint degrees. The average credit hours for each is 39, and the average length is seven semesters. Five years professional experience is a typical requirement, and a GMAT score of at least 550, combined with a GPA of 3.0 is also required.

Completion Options

Accelerated Full-Time Program – The Accelerated Full-Time Program is a one-year, intensive program for well-disciplined and organized students. It is fast paced, and helps hone teamwork, problem-solving, and analytical skills. To apply, a minimum of two years work experience is encouraged, as well as a GMAT score higher than 550 and a GPA of 3.0. This program begins every May, and six concentrations are available (see concentrations below).

This program is also offered as an evening, part-time MBA that can be completed in 7 semesters. The evening MBA is 39 credits and has the same GMAT and GPA requirements. However, a minimum of 5 years of full-time work experience is encouraged. Start dates are spring, summer, and fall.

Online, Part-Time Program – Please see the “AACSB Accredited Online MBA” section below.

Online, Part-Time Program with Real Estate Specialty – Please see the “AACSB Accredited Online MBA” section below. Online, Part-Time Program with a Major in Hospitality and Tourism Management – Please see the “AACSB Accredited Online MBA” section below.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Financial Reporting and Managerial Control, The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business, Problems in Financial Management, Information & Technology Management, Marketing Strategy in the Global Environment, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Economics and Business Conditions, Strategy and Business Policy and Professional Development.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

FSU offers 6 concentrations for its Florida MBA program. Available concentrations will depend on the MBA format type.

  • Accounting – A concentration in Accounting will prepare students with the critical thinking skills needed to excel in the accounting industry. Quantitative, analytical, and research skills will be built to make sound business decisions.
  • Finance – A focus on Finance will help students solidify and expand their understanding of financial concepts, hone presentation skills, and interpret financial data. FSU prides itself in offering finance classes with a “hands on” approach whenever possible.
  • Real Estate – FSU’s Real Estate Specialization is a rigorous program focused on real estate finance and analysis. Courses offered will help prepare students to understand the real estate industry, while at the same time advancing leaderships abilities.
  • Supply Chain Management – Supply Chain Management involves managing the flow of physical goods, assessing critical costs, sourcing, logistics, and more. Students who choose this focus will be provided with the tools and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in this industry.
  • Management Information Systems – An MIS concentration includes topics such as project management, management of technology, electronic business, electronic intelligence, and more. FSU’s goal is to train students to help bridge the worlds of technology and management – and an MIS focus will help students achieve this.
  • Risk Management and Insurance – Today’s Insurance Industry is fast-paced and ever changing. FSU’s MBA – RMI concentration will help prepare students to face the financial, legal, ethical, and global concerns this industry presents.

6. Jacksonville University

The Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University offers several MBA programs. It is the only AACSB-accredited school in North Florida and South Georgia, and is proud to have a solid track record of training C-level executives across a wide range of industries. JU’s goal is to help students stand taller and rise to the top by offering high quality, engaging, and relevant programs. JU offers an Accelerated MBA, Flex MBA, and Executive MBA. Each program is somewhat unique its admission requirements, length, and delivery format.

Completion Options

Accelerated MBA/Flex MBA – Both the Accelerated MBA and Flex MBA offer a similar curriculum. However, each is designed for a different applicant. The Accelerated Program is for recent graduates or career changing adults. It is a rigorous, one year (12 months) 35-46 credit cohort program that is grounded in foundational core business knowledge, and aims to develop problem-solving, decision making, and communication skills. The Flex MBA is designed for working professionals with 3 or more years work experience. Courses are delivered in 8-week modules and classes are held 3 x per month on Fridays and Saturdays. It is a 36-39 credit program. For both MBA’s, knowledge of basic business topics is required for entrance, and foundational courses will need to be taken if students lack this preparation. A GMAT exam score is required, although students with a GPA of 3.3 or higher in an undergraduate business program are exempt. Start times are every fall. Example core courses include Accounting for Managerial Control, Competing Through Innovation & Information Tech., and Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making.

Executive MBA – JU’s Executive MBA is tailored for working professionals with ten years or more of professional work experience. Concentrations for this program include Leadership Development and Goods and Services Marketing. Each is 19 months in length, and in general focuses on the development of strategic leadership skills, business expertise, and creative instincts. Depending on the program, international trips, networking opportunities, and co-ops are components that help foster the realization of these goals. To successfully apply, at least five of the ten years work experience should me in a managerial role with a proven track record of budgeting, management, etc. No GMAT is required (unless an international student). Courses are held three times per month on Friday’s and Saturday’s, and meals are provided on campus.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

The Accelerated and Flex MBA Programs offer the following concentrations:

  • Accounting and Finance – This concentration is ideal for students who wish to build on their financial and accounting knowledge. Advanced courses could include Tax Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Financial Decision Making. A total of 3 courses need to be taken to achieve this specialization.
  • Management – Sharp, skilled, and competent managers are always in demand. A concentration in Management will help students build and develop their leadership skills and capabilities. Courses could include Strategic HR Management, Teamwork and Organization Change, and Responsible Leadership. Three additional courses are needed to achieve this concentration.
  • Management Accounting – Competent managerial accounting is an important aspect of any successful organization. A focus on it will help build students knowledge in areas such as financial decision making and advanced managerial accounting concepts. A total of 2 courses are needed to complete this concentration.
  • Consumer Goods and Services Marketing – This concentration will provide students with advanced knowledge and insight into goods and services, behavior and buying, and promotional strategy. Three courses are needed to complete this concentration.

7. Rollins College

At Rollins College, the Crummer Graduate School of Business offers three MBA programs. Rollins programs are top ranked, and major voices in the business community such as Forbes, Princeton, and Bloomberg have ranked the Crummer School of Business as a top performer. Rollins MBA programs in Florida are AACSB-accredited and designed help students accelerate career goals, create a competitive edge, and help propel organizations forward. International learning opportunities and career development resources are fundamental pillars that help courses come to life. Each program is unique its course offerings, admission requirements, structure, and length. Credit amount ranges from 36 to 42.5 credits, length from 16-20 months, and work experience from minimal to 10 years. Although unique, each program is built on the quality that makes Rollins a well-known and respected institution.

Completion Options

The Executive MBA – Rollins Executive MBA is a 42.5 credit program developed for Mid and Senior Level Management Professionals with 10 + years work experience. It is intensive and comprehensive, and is built to challenge students, develop critical thinking skills, and enhance leadership capabilities. It can be completed in 16 months, and classes are held on Saturdays. Completion options include on-campus, or a hybrid campus/online experience. Admissions take place every January and August, and a GMAT score is not required.

The Professional MBA – This #1 Ranked part-time MBA Program by Businessweek is designed for working professionals with work experience. It is a 20 month, 42.5 credit program that enables students to pursue an MBA while working full-time. Practical experience and a top-notch faculty are aspects that help bring this program’s curriculum to life. The average student in this program has five years work experience, and a knowledge of business concepts. No GMAT exam score is required for admission, and start times are in January and August. Completion options include on-campus, or a hybrid campus/online experience.

The Early Advantage MBA – The Early Advantage MBA is a full-time day program that is designed for recent college graduates or individuals looking towards a career change. It is 36 credits in length, and Forbes has consistently ranked this program as a top contender since 1999. This program offers global learning opportunities and provides coursework that will prepare students to confidently and critically succeed in business. For admission, little to no work experience is required. A GMAT exam score is required, but can be waived under certain circumstances. Completion time is 16-20 months, and start times are January and August.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

The Crummer Graduate School of Business offers six concentrations. A total of 3 classes ( 9 credits) needs to be taken to achieve a concentration. Available will vary depending on the MBA program selected.

  • Entrepreneurship – For students who wish to delve deeper into entrepreneurial theory and case study, a focus on entrepreneurship might be a good choice. Advanced courses in entrepreneurship will help students understand the startup landscape and its individual components in a more thorough manner. Finance – A concentration in Finance will provide students with a deeper knowledge of finance theory. Topics could include Advanced Investment Analysis, Risk Management, and Global Investments.
  • International Business – International Business is a continually growing, evolving, and ever demanding landscape. Students who choose to concentrate in it will gain a stronger grip on its components and develop the skills necessary to succeed within it.
  • Management – A focus on Management will provide students with advanced studies in a various areas. For students who wish to develop leadership skills and knowledge, this might be a good choice. Topics could include advanced decision making, conflict resolution, and entrepreneurship.
  • Marketing – For students who plan to have a career in the marketing field, a concentration in Marketing would be a solid selection. Identifying value, delivering value through the 4 P’s, and managing customer and brand assets is key to a successful marketing manager – and a Marketing concentration would help develop the skills necessary to carry these tasks out.
  • Operations & Technology Management – Quality control, capacity planning, purchasing and scheduling – these career paths are all built on a solid understanding of operations and technology management. A concentration in this field will help develop the quantitative and analytical skills needed to succeed in this industry.

8. Stetson University

The School of Business at Stetson University offers an MBA degree curated specifically for working professionals. Stetson is one of 180 elite business schools worldwide that are AACSB accredited – which means its program has been vetted and offers a top-rated curriculum and faculty. Stetson is a small, private school that values its students success both inside and outside the classroom. It provides a challenging academic environment that produces top-notch, qualified and confident leaders. Stetson’s MBA program is geared towards working professionals, and can be completed in either 12 or 18 months as either a full-time or part-time program (length depends on certain foundational courses being completed). Classes are held in the evenings during the week, and admissions is on a rolling basis. In addition, a GMAT/GRE exam score is required (although it can be waived).

Completion Options

Full-Time – For professionals looking to graduate faster, Stetson’s MBA program can be completed in an accelerated format in 12 months. To successfully apply to this program, foundational courses in Economics, Finance, HR, Financial Accounting, and other areas are required.

Part-Time – For working professionals who do not meet the foundational course requirements, Stetson’s Professional MBA can be completed in 18 months. For this option, classes rotate between Deland and Celebration Campuses on the southwest side of Orlando.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

Regardless of format (Accelerated or Professional), Stetson’s MBA program offers the ability to concentrate in Finance. For students who wish to do this, five additional classes will be taken in advanced finance topics. This option is a good choice for students who are interested in the finance sector, or who simply want to gain a more thorough knowledge of financial concepts and theories.

In addition, Stetson offers the following dual-degree: MBA/Jurisprudence Doctorate – For students who are interested in the fields of law and business, a dual degree in Business Administration and JD can be taken. Holders of this degree are able to not only sharpen business and analytical skillsets, but also provide keen insight and understanding into business legalities. This is a full-time 3 year program. Admission into The College of Law is the first step, followed by admission to the School of Business. Admission into each program is independent, and the entrance requirements for each must be met. For the School of Business, an official GMAT score is typically required (it can be waived). Class times are in the evenings during the weeknight. This courses requires 24 less credits than if each degree was taken separately.

9. The University of Tampa

The Sykes College of Business is a core part of the University of Tampa’s 105-acre campus. It is AACSB accredited, offers modern facilities, and boasts a top-notch faculty. Its MBA program in Florida is well established and aims to help students develop the sophisticated, strategic mindset of successful business leaders. Sykes offers an experiential learning environment that is focused on creating value and teaching the fundamentals of business. Classes are small, and internships, client projects, and international opportunities offer a wide range of learning possibilities. The schools MBA programs are organized into three formats: Full-Time Day, Part-Time Evening, and Executive. Program credits range from 40-56, length from 12 -24 months, and either day, evening, or weekend delivery format. Plus, a GMAT score is typically required, but can be waived if certain conditions are met.

Completion Options

Full-Time and Part-Time – Apart from course times (evening/day), the Full-Time and Part-Time programs are quite similar: a GMAT score is required, work experience is recommended but optional, and each can be completed in 40-56 credits. Completion time for the Full-Time Program is 12 months while the Part-Time Program is 24 months. Classes for the Full-Time Programs are held during the daytime, and classes for the Part-Time option are held once a week from 6- 9:50 pm. The Part-Time Program is a great option for busy, working professionals who need to complete the program at their own pace. Both programs have start times in the Fall and Spring.

The Executive MBA – The Executive MBA is geared towards experienced professionals with 7 or more years work experience. This program was rated by Fortune as offering “Best Value”, and it utilizes cutting edge curriculum, a hands-on approach, and global learning opportunities to equip its students. It is a 48 credit program, 24 months in length, and classes are held every other Saturday. A GMAT score is not required.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

Core concentrations for the Sykes College MBA include:

  • Business Analytics – In today’s world, data is valuable – very valuable. Business Analytics is a growing and diverse field, and by selecting it as a concentration, students will learn how to use data, quantitative methods, and forecasting approaches.
  • Innovation Management – This concentration helps prepare students to lead the next generation of innovation in all types of sectors. From theories to frameworks and methods, students are equipped to help see the future arrive sooner through creative, innovative ideas.
  • Entrepreneurship – Aspiring to become an entrepreneur is a lofty goal. Students who choose Entrepreneurship as a concentration will be given the tools needed to help see this goal become a reality. This includes the ability to see opportunities, create business plans, and execute on those plans.
  • Information Systems Management – Students who select this focus will gain the skills necessary to manage information systems and integrate people, software, and hardware. They will gain a better understanding of how system information works and can be used to achieve organizational goals.
  • Finance – A concentration in Finance will prepare students to become leaders in corporate finance, investment management, banking, and international finance. Students will gain the skills to apply complex economic and accounting concepts to real-world problems.
  • Marketing – A Marketing concentration will provide students with a broad view of how companies can truly create value for their customers and be successfully market driven. Knowledge in the areas of market research, advertising, and international marketing are a key focus of this concentration.
  • Non- Profit Management – For students who aspire to work in the non-profit sector, this concentration will give them a leg up. It will provide them with the skills needed to provide strategic planning, budgeting, marketing and fund development.

10. University of Central Florida

The UCF College of Business Administration offers an AACSB accredited, 39 credit MBA program. UCF’s program is designed to offer a combination of quantitative and qualitative coursework that can be applied immediately to the workplace. Its high-quality academic programs are geared towards helping students create a competitive edge in the workplace, regardless of location or industry. U.S News and World Report ranks UCF #168 among national universities. UCF offers its 39 credit, 13 course MBA program in 4 different formats: Executive, Professional Full-Time, Professional Part-Time and Evening. Apart from credit required and courses, similarities include a minimum 3.0 GPA for entrance, typical starts dates in August, and a cohort/classroom format.

Completion Options

The Executive MBA – The Executive Program is designed for Mid to Senior Level Executives. It is rigorous and leadership focused, plus, it offers an international residency. A minimum of 5 years professional work experience is required for admission. A GMAT score is not necessary; however, a GPA of 3.0 is. Classes are held four times a month at UCF”s downtown location. Start time is every August. The Evening MBA – This option is geared towards working professionals who are not in a rush to complete their education. Two years professional working experience is required for admission. Classes are held during the weeknight, and the program can be completed in a minimum of 32 months. Alongside a GPA of 3.0, a GMAT exam score may be required. Start time is every August. Professional MBA (Part-Time and Full-Time) – Both of these options are designed for individuals with 1-3 years of professional work experience. The Professional Full-Time Program can be completed in 12 months; the part-time program in 24 months. Full-Time classes are daytime, Monday to Thursday. Part-Time classes occur two evenings out of the week. Both require a GPA of 3.0 for entrance, and either one year or two years work experience.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework – Economic Analysis of the Firm, Managerial Accounting Analysis, Applied Business Research Tools, Strategic Financial Management, Organizational Behavior and Development, Strategic Marketing Management, Strategic Supply Chain and Operations Management, Law and Ethics, International Business Analysis, and Applied Strategy and Business Policy.

11. University of Florida

The University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business is a top-ranked business school. U.S. News World and Report, The Economist and The Princeton Review have all given the school positive reviews for various programs it offers. From exceptional career development opportunities to expert staff and a collaborative environment, this B-School offers a program designed to equip next-generation business leaders. Hough’s Graduate School of Business offers 2 MBA programs: a Full-Time MBA and an MBA for Professionals. Each program is offered in 3 different formats to maximize flexibility for students and varies in length, credit hours, admission requirements, and credit hours. For admissions, each program requires high academic performance and professional experience (among other areas). A GPA of 3.0 or higher is advisable, as is a competitive GMAT score. Also, at least two years full-time work experience is required for admission.

Completion Options

The Full-Time MBA has the following completion options:
One Year – All Majors – This 12-month program is designed for students from all academic backgrounds who have focused career goals and are seeking to maximize the ROI of an MBA. The One Year Program is intentionally front-loaded with courses that can help students quickly apply what they are learning to the real world. It is 48 credits in length and begins every April.

One Year – Business Majors – This program is ten months in length and extremely intensive. It allows students who have graduated with an undergraduate business degree to fast track their MBA completion.The One Year Business Major Option is perfect for students who want to build on an extensive business background. It is 32 credits in length and beings every June.

Two-Year – The Two-Year Full-Time option offers a deeper immersion experience for students due to its length – plus, it offers a summer internship. It is a truly immersive program and best designed for professionals with a strong business background. It is 22 months in length, 48 credits, and begins in August. The Houghton School of Business also offers an MBA for Professionals. This program is designed for busy professional and individuals needing to balance family, work, and well – life. All classes are offered on weekends.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

Concentrations for the Full-Time MBA include the following:

  • Strategy – A concentration in Strategy will help students develop and apply analytical methods to managerial problems. This concentration is great for students who wish to be employed in the corporate finance, corporate strategy, or management consulting fields. Five elective courses must be taken.
  • Finance – Advanced Studies in Private Equity, Venture Finance, and Derivative Securities are some of the possible courses that students in this concentration can take. To complete this concentration, five upper-level courses in finance must be taken.
  • Supply Chain Management – Effective management of large national and international supply chains requires top-notch managerial talent. This interdisciplinary program (operations, marketing, information systems and management) will help prepare students with the knowledge and skills to do just that. Five elective courses must be taken.
  • Marketing – With this concentration, students study how organizations and their environments are linked together. The bond between customers and competitors will be uniquely addressed. Courses could include Customer Analysis, Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making, and Web Based Marketing. Five electives must be taken for this concentration.
  • Real Estate and Urban Analysis – From analysis to finance and valuation, students in this concentration will learn how to make complex real estate decisions. From real estate transactions to equity evaluation, students will gain a firm grasp of real estate investment vehicles. Five courses must be taken.

12. University of Miami

The University of Miami’s School of Business is a well established and respected school that offers full-time and part-time MBA program options. The School is AACSB accredited, and is focused on providing an atmosphere that is innovative, flexible, and career focused. From Forbes 30 under 30 to national competitions, the school has a solid track record of creating well equipped and knowledgeable students. Each program offered has a similar selection of core courses and most require an official GMAT score for admission, but beyond that, each program varies widely in entrance requirements, length (12-23 months), delivery mode and concentrations. For part-time programs, focuses range from Real Estate to the Health Sector and Latin American business.

Completion Options

Full-Time – The School of Business offers three unique formats of its full-time program. These include a 21 month MBA, 12 month MBA, and a 19 month Accelerated MBA in Real Estate.

  • The 21-month program is 56 credits in length and geared towards professionals seeking career mobility and advancement. An undergraduate degree in any field is welcomed, and nine concentrations are available.
  • The 12-month option is a 35 credit cohort program composed of 20 courses (including seven electives). Concentrations are not available, and an undergraduate degree in business is required for entrance.
  • Lastly, there is an Accelerated MBA in Real Estate. This 40 credit program is 19 months in length and includes two internships, plus specialized courses in Real Estate. Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree in business. An official GMAT score is needed for each full-time program. Most full-time options begin in the fall.

Part-Time – The University of Miami offers four very different and unique options for its part-time students. These include 3 Executive MBA’s and a Professional MBA. Admissions into the Executive MBA programs is based on a variety of factors, including maturity, experience, and undergraduate degree. Executive options include the following:

  • Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy, The Miami Executive MBA for the Americas, the Global Executive MBA (in Spanish). Health Sector Executive MBA is 23 months in length and geared towards physicians and hospital administrators looking to gain knowledge and leadership skills. Classes are once per month for an extended weekend (Friday-Sunday).
  • The Miami Executive Program – This option is designed for ambitious senior-level individuals focused on business in the Americas. It is 17 months in length with most classes held over the weekends combined with distance learning.
  • The Global Executive MBA – This program is for highly experienced executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals who speak Spanish. It is 18 months in length, and most classes are held at the University of Miami’s main campus.
  • Professional MBA – The 42 credit Professional MBA Program is designed for professionals with at least 3-7 years of work experience. It is 23 months in length and offers many interesting elective courses to choose from. Classes meet two days per week on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. Students with any undergraduate degree are welcomed. Admission into the program is based on a variety of factors, including work experience, maturity, and GMAT score. Professional MBA programs start in January and July of each year.

Foundational Coursework

Although each program is unique, typical core coursework includes the following: Standard Coursework – Legal and Ethical Implications of Business Decision Making, Foundations of Management Information Systems, Valuation and Financial Decision Making, The Financial Environment, Management Science Models for Decision Making, Corporate Strategy and Organization, International Marketing, and Strategic Marketing.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

The full-time 21 month MBA program in Florida is the only program that offers concentrations. These include the following:

  • Finance – Students who select this concentration will develop advanced skillsets in valuation and decision making. This concentration is built on corporate finance and investments, and designed to prepare students for a career in the finance industry. Five courses are required for this option.
  • International Business – Business is highly competitive, and its reach is not only national but international. A focus on International Business will help students develop advanced skill sets in a variety of areas, including Global Economics, International Finance, and International Management. Four courses are required for this concentration.
  • Management – Producing creative thinkers with strong negotiation skills is a focus of the Management concentration. Courses can include High-Performance Teams, Merger and Acquisition Strategies, and International Management. Four courses are needed.
  • Management Science – Management Science involves the application of quantitative methods to managerial decision making. This concentration helps students develop the necessary skillset to do just that. Four classes are required, and could include the following: Design of Experiments, Applied Regression Analysis and Forecasting, and Project Management and Modeling.
  • Six Sigma – A Six Sigma concentration focuses on quality management and statistical process control. Students typically take four courses for this focus, including Introduction to Quality Management, Design of Experiments, and Administrative Systems for Quality Management.
  • Marketing – Satisfying the needs of customers is, well, a challenge. Marketing professionals help solve this challenge by helping develop and distribute products that meet demand and satisfy needs. This concentration will help prepare future Marketing Professionals to succeed in today’s competitive marketing environment. Four courses are required.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – This concentration is designed for students who want to pursue careers in strategic consulting, investment banking or corporate finance. It is sophisticated and cross-disciplinary in its offerings. Five courses are required.
  • Real Estate – The Real Estate industry is rapidly shifting and growing, and this program is designed for those interested in obtaining leadership roles within it. It is multidisciplinary and project focused.

13. University of North Florida

The Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida offers an AACSB-accredited online MBA in Florida. Coggin has a distinguished faculty and provides challenging, high-caliber programs geared towards working professionals and ambitious students. In 2015, Princeton Review named the school a “Best Business College” for its 9th year in a row. Transformational learning opportunities, including internships and study abroad options are core components of its MBA programs. UNF offers two different MBA programs: its general MBA Program, and a Global MBA Program. Apart from requiring a GMAT score for admission, each program differs in length, concentrations, credits, and other admission requirements.

Completion Options

Completion options include the following:
General MBA – The General MBA is a 36 credit program offered in a full-time (one year) or part-time (two year) format. It is focused on developing a management perspective, and policy formation is an emphasis. This program is geared for the 21st century and includes courses on ethics, total quality management, and international business. A variety of concentrations are offered. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required for admission, along with a minimum GMAT score of 470. Applications are accepted fall, spring, and summer.

Global MBA – The Global MBA program is for those who are looking to combine classroom study with an international experience. With this program, 2 degrees can be earned by studying in 4 different countries. Countries include Germany, China, and Poland. Cohorts of 40 students from each university study together for one term at each institution and all course instruction is in English. Curriculum will vary depending on the course offerings of each school. To apply, students must have a GMAT score of 500 or higher, any undergraduate degree, and have successfully completed a set of foundational business related courses. Examples include Business Law, Principles of Marketing, and Principles of Management.

14. University of South Florida

University of South Florida’s Mumba School of Business offers 2 AACSB accredited MBA Programs. Both its standard MBA Program and Executive MBA Program are delivered by top-notch faculty and designed to link theory with practice. Each program is designed to help students develop the analytical and creative skills that are required in today’s demanding business environment. Fostering creativity and business analytics are two areas of strength that USF brings to the table in each of its MBA options. And, depending on the option selected, mentorships, case competitions, global internships, and networking opportunities can play a role in students education. Each program is unique in start times, credit hours, and admission requirements.

Completion Options

General MBA – This 32-credit program can be completed in as little as 18 months, although most students take 2-3 years. It is a highly ranked program, designed for ambitious students. Courses are offered in 12-week, 8-week, 4-week, and 1-week intensive modules. Concentrations in Sports and Entertainment Management and Supply Chain Management are available. A number of business foundation courses are required (although they may be waived). Admissions is based on a variety of criteria, including previous work experience, GMAT/GRE scores, GPA, and community/volunteer work. A GPA of at least 3.0 is encouraged, as is five years of working experience. For those with 5 or more years experience, the GMAT may be waived. Application times are in the fall and spring.

Executive MBA – The Executive MBA is a 21 month MBA program designed for working professionals. Classes meet for an extended weekend every other weekend, from 8:30-5:30. There is a three-day orientation, two 3-day fall residency sessions, and an international MBA trip. The program is application-oriented, which means students can immediately apply what they learn to their real-life careers. Case analysis, project teamwork, and presentation skills are a focus of the program. To apply, students must have a bachelor’s degree (any type) and five years of managerial experience. A GMAT exam score may be required, and a GPA of at least 3.0 is encouraged. Start times are every August.

Foundational Coursework

Core coursework for the programs is different. Below are the following courses for each:

  • General MBA – Operations Management and Quality Enhancement, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Social, Ethical, Legal Systems, Communication Skills for Managers, Financial Analysis, Strategic Business Analysis, Leadership Speaker Series, and Integrated Business Applications.
  • Executive MBA – Accounting Concepts for Managers, Financial Management, Human Behavior in Organizations, Introduction to Economic Concepts for Managers, Management Information Systems, Managerial Decision Analysis, Data Analytics, Marketing Management, Operations Management and Quality Enhancement, Social, Legal, and Ethical Systems.

Concentrations and Specialization Options

The General MBA offers two concentrations and 13 specializations. Concentrations include:

  • Sports and Entertainment Management – This concentration is made possible by a partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning and The Lightning Foundation. It is a dual-degree that combines an MBA with an MS in Sport Management. In this two-year, 53 credit program, the business fundamentals of sports, such as marketing, finance and management are examined in detail. Ideal candidates will be passionate about business and sports. Admissions is based on a variety of criteria, including GPA, GMAT/GRE scores, and work experience.
  • Supply Chain Management – This concentration is a 15-hour part-time interdisciplinary program built for professionals already working in the supply chain or logistics fields. It is added to the General MBA program and takes up all elective courses. This program was ranked #1 by Bloomberg Businessweek among Florida’s State Universities. Specialization options: Analytics & Business Intelligence, Compliance, Risk & Anti-Money Laundering, Creativity and Innovation, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare Management, International Business, Leadership Concepts Organization Theory, Management Information Systems, Marketing Strategy, Project and Process Management, and Sustainable Business.

15. University of West Florida

The University of West Florida College of Business offers the Finish- in- Five MBA. The Finish-in-Five is an AACSB accredited program and designed for time-constrained working professionals. It is comprehensive, built on top-quality practices, and student centered in its approach. The College of Business works hard to engage students personally, mentor them, and propel them into success. Plus, it also aims to offer a dynamic, hands-on learning environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

UWF”s graduates are highly sought after in various industries, and regularly perform in the top 20% of national ETS Tests. Advisors, international exchange programs, and small class sizes are a part of what makes UWF’s MBA stand out from others.

Completion Options

Campus MBA – The UWF Campus MBA is a 33-hour program that provides students with a solid foundation in core business concepts. These include Business Calculus, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems (e-Business), Marketing, Microcomputer Application Packages, and Statistics. Students are admitted who agree to take two classes per semester in a pre-set sequence.

These students are part of a cohort of students that progress through the program together. Students can complete the program in five semesters. For admission, a GMAT score of at least 450 must be presented. Also, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is recommended.

Business course prerequisites are also required, and if absent, foundational business courses will have to be taken. The program can be completed in 2 years or less. Application deadlines are June, October and March 1st.

Florida MBA Salary and Job Outlook

Florida’s occupational employment shows a 42% improvement by 2022, according to statistics. The state should have about 23,400 jobs in that year as compared to the 16,460 openings in 2012. At that rate, Florida’s employment market is expected to be better than the nation’s.

Management occupations can expect to earn about $100,757 on an average. Half of those in this occupation will make about $68.53 an hour. Experienced professionalsentry-levelbout $69.78 an hour while entry level employees should expect about $27.49 an hour.

Here are some statistics from about the wages in Florida for management professionals:

  • The average salary you can expect to earn in Florida with an MBA is between $43,000 and $ 135,00.
  • An MBA from the University of Florida can get you a salary of about $61,000.
  • Florida International University MBA can fetch a salary of about $54,563.
  • Get your MBA at the Main Campus of the University of South Florida and your salary may be about $55,000.
  • AN MBA from Florida State University may result in a salary of around $54,000

The average salary you can expect after your MBA:

  • Financial Analyst: $45,200 to $109,900
  • Operations Manager: $56,400 to $187,200
  • Chief Executive: $88,500 to $187,200
  • Sales Manager: $60,500 to $187, 200
  • Marketing Research Analysts: $30,200 to $93,200