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    • Expert Reviewer: Deborah Wadsworth (M.S. Accounting)
    • Last Updated: November 13th, 2023

    Pursuing an accounting program online unfurls many career avenues in public accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and beyond. However, the financial implications of campus-based education weigh heavily on many aspirants. According to the data from US News, the average in-state tuition and fees at ranked public colleges for the 2023-2024 academic year stand at $10,662. This figure is markedly lower than private colleges’ $42,162 price tag. The financial commitment extends beyond just tuition; additional expenses such as housing, food, and textbooks considerably inflate the total cost of on-campus schooling. Despite a noticeable uptick in tuition costs from the previous year, financial aid, scholarships, and in-state tuition rates provide a semblance of financial respite.

    online Accounting degrees in Florida award badgeIn light of escalating education costs, the quest for affordable yet quality programs has become a pressing concern. This financial strain is a significant driver behind many’s shift towards online or distance education, which often presents a more affordable alternative. Online education alleviates some of the financial burden and offers flexibility and convenience unparalleled by traditional on-campus programs. The ability to balance work, family commitments, and education becomes more attainable online, making it a viable option for a broader spectrum of individuals. The number of online programs reflects this paradigm shift towards online learning, striving to offer a quality education at a fraction of the cost. By transitioning to online or distance education, students can mitigate the financial hurdles while embarking on a rewarding journey toward a prosperous career in accounting.

    Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Accounting Programs in Florida

    Delving into affordable tuition, we have scrutinized data from 92 institutions offering four-year bachelor’s programs in Florida, extracting insights from many data sources.

    The cornerstone of our exploration is data collection and validation, ensuring the precision and trustworthiness of the information we unveil. Primary data conduits encompass direct liaisons with the institutions, esteemed business accrediting bodies, and the Common Data Set (CDS) initiative, a reservoir of precise and expansive information on diverse facets of college and university programs.

    All programs under our lens hold regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), a revered accrediting entity overseeing institutions from Virginia to Texas in the southern belt. This accreditation amplifies the quality and rigor of the academic offerings, earmarking them as reputable havens for prospective students.

    Furthermore, a handful of programs on this list have clinched business accreditation from illustrious bodies like the AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE, epitomizing the high business education standards they adhere to. The final layer of authenticity comes from manual verification of each pivotal data point against publications in reliable sources, fortifying the credibility of our ranking.

    We aim to direct prospective students, global corporations, and governing bodies toward institutions dedicated to affordable education. We carve out a platform to spotlight these programs, emphasizing the most cost-effective online accounting degree programs to aid aspiring accountants on their educational voyage.

    As you immerse in the details of each program, comprehensive data unfurls, paired with comparative analysis on both state and national pedestals. This vantage, a hallmark of our investigation, aspires to render a clear picture of how each program fares against others in crucial areas of contemplation. The institutions listed below have undergone meticulous examination based on the criteria above:

    1. 1. The University of West Florida
    2. 2. Saint Leo University
    3. 3. The Florida Institute of Technology
    4. 4. Keiser University

    We invite you to explore the data and insights provided to make an informed decision regarding your educational pursuits in accounting.

    1. The University of West Florida

    Online BSBA – Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Public
    Phone:(850) 474-2230
    Location:Pensacola, FL

    Dive into accounting strategy with the University of West Florida’s online Bachelor of Accounting program. This AACSB International accredited program, offering a blend of accounting acumen and management insights, paves the way for a promising accounting career amidst real-world business scenarios.

    Embarking on your educational journey at the University of West Florida (UWF) entails a streamlined application process. The baseline requirement is a high school diploma or GED, with a minimum high school GPA of 2.5. The application process is rolling, allowing U.S. and international students the flexibility to apply anytime during the year. The student body at UWF is considerably diverse in age, reflecting a welcoming ambiance for traditional and non-traditional students. The average age of students showcases a mix of individuals at different stages of their professional lives, with many entrants holding employment. Compared to other state and national programs, UWF’s lenient GPA requirement and rolling application deadline offer a more accessible entry point for aspiring accountants.

    The academic landscape at UWF is robust, facilitated by a cadre of academically qualified faculty and many seasoned CPA professionals. Their real-world experience enriches the online learning milieu, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The curriculum thoroughly explores accounting dimensions, including financial accounting, cost managerial accounting, auditing, accounting information systems, and taxation. The management topics intertwined within the course provide a broader understanding of business systems, operations, strategy, and marketing. This well-rounded academic exposure prepares students for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination and lays a strong foundation for those considering graduate school.

    Financial feasibility is one of UWF’s strong suits, with a tuition per credit rate of $342, setting a notable affordability standard at the state and national level. This rate is significantly lower, 59% less than the state average and 36% less than the national average. The financial reprieve extends further with the institution being GI Bill certified and active in the Yellow Ribbon Program, presenting substantial financial aid opportunities for eligible military veterans. The average debt of graduates who borrowed in the 2021-2022 academic year is $14,112, which is markedly lower than the national average, showcasing the program’s budget-friendly nature. The proportion of graduates with debt is only 42%, below the national average, emphasizing the financial advantages of choosing UWF for your accounting education journey. The tracking of alums post-graduation by the university underscores their enduring commitment to student success beyond the academic sphere.

    2. Saint Leo University

    Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private/td>
    Phone:(352) 588-8283
    Location:Saint Leo, FL

    Saint Leo University’s online Bachelor of Accounting program is a conduit for success across many global industries. With a curriculum rooted in real-world applicability, it lays the financial groundwork indispensable to organizations ranging from multinational corporations to tech-savvy startups.

    The application process at Saint Leo University is streamlined with a rolling admission timeline, welcoming both domestic and international applicants. Entry requires a high school diploma or GED, with a modest minimum high school GPA of 2.0, making it an accessible choice for many. While the acceptance rate is undisclosed, the blend of employed entrants and varied age groups suggests a flexible program accommodating diverse life stages. This aspect places Saint Leo in a favorable light, especially compared to other institutions with more rigid admission timelines and higher GPA requirements.

    A faculty of 59 full-time and 401 part-time instructional members, many with terminal degrees, enriches the online learning experience at Saint Leo. Under the Donald R. Tapia College of Business, the program embeds values-centered education, preparing students as accountants and responsible global citizens. The curriculum, delivered through the Canvas platform, is meticulously designed to cover many accounting disciplines, ensuring students are well-versed in critical financial management and decision-making skills essential in today’s dynamic business landscape.

    Tuition affordability is a hallmark of Saint Leo’s online accounting program, with a per-credit cost of $410, presenting a 33% cost advantage compared to the state’s average tuition rate and standing 10% more affordable than the national average. The institution’s participation in the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program further alleviates financial strain for veterans. The average debt of $31,703 for 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed is 24% higher than the national average. However, a lower proportion of graduates, 53%, leave with debt, 13% lower than the national average, demonstrating a more manageable debt scenario for many students. The financial prudence showcased by Saint Leo University, juxtaposed against other institutions’ tuition and debt statistics, underscores its commitment to providing a quality yet affordable education.

    3. The Florida Institute of Technology

    Online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Public
    Phone:(321) 674-8030
    Location:Melbourne, FL

    At the Florida Institute of Technology, the online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting equips students for various accounting roles, from financial and managerial accounting to tax planning and auditing. The program, delivered entirely online, also lays the groundwork for those aiming to become certified public accountants (CPAs).

    Florida Tech operates on a rolling admission schedule, welcoming applications from U.S. residents and international students year-round. Entry into the program requires a high school diploma or GED. Although a specific minimum high school GPA isn’t stipulated, the holistic evaluation considers various aspects of an applicant’s profile. With an acceptance rate of 47%, the university is relatively selective compared to other Florida institutions. The student body encompasses a wide age range, with an average age of 30, indicating a welcoming environment for traditional and non-traditional students. The application process at Florida Tech contrasts with some other schools that may have fixed deadlines or higher GPA prerequisites.

    The academic journey at Florida Tech is enriched by a faculty dedicated to online teaching, with 25 full-time and 170 part-time instructional staff members. The curriculum is built upon a liberal arts foundation, extending into specialized accounting courses such as Cost Accounting and Auditing. This breadth of coursework ensures a well-rounded understanding of accounting principles and practices. The program is housed under the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), adding a layer of credibility and ensuring a quality education.

    At $510, the tuition per credit at Florida Tech is 7% lower than the state average yet 11% higher than the national average, positioning Florida Tech as a middle-ground option in terms of cost. The institution’s adherence to the GI Bill and participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program provide substantial financial relief for veterans. The average debt for 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed is $37,841, with 68% of graduates incurring debt. While the debt figure is on the higher side, the support for veterans and the quality of education may offset this financial aspect for many students, positioning Florida Tech as a viable choice for prospective accounting professionals.

    4. Keiser University

    Online BSBA – Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    Phone:(888) 753-4737
    Location:Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Keiser University presents an online Bachelor of Accounting program designed to arm students with essential accounting and communication skills tailored to meet the demands of today’s complex business landscape. The program provides a blend of financial, managerial, and taxation accounting education, preparing students for various accounting careers.

    Keiser University has an open admissions policy with a rolling application deadline, welcoming domestic and international students. The requirement for application is a high school diploma or GED, without a specified minimum high school GPA, showcasing accessibility to prospective students. The lack of a hard GPA requirement may appeal to individuals with diverse academic backgrounds. This contrasts with some institutions that have stringent GPA prerequisites. The university structures its admissions process to accommodate a broad spectrum of applicants, reflected in its substantial enrollment figure of 2,948 students. However, they do not provide an acceptance rate.

    Many full-time and part-time faculty members dedicated to online instruction enrich the academic environment at Keiser University. The coursework delves into key accounting areas such as financial accounting, federal taxation, and accounting software, ensuring students acquire practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge. The program also offers specialized concentrations in Accounting Analytics and Fraud Examination. This blend of general and technical education provides a comprehensive understanding of accounting, preparing students for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam in Florida and further studies in Keiser’s Master of Accountancy program.

    With a tuition per credit of $919, Keiser notably surpasses the state and national averages, positioning itself on the higher end of the tuition spectrum among the institutions analyzed. Financial aid opportunities are available, with the institution being GI Bill certified and participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program, offering some financial relief to qualifying veterans. Prospective students need to weigh the higher tuition cost against their budget and the potential return on investment from the program, as the average debt of graduates who borrowed is not reported. This financial aspect is crucial, especially compared to other programs with lower tuition rates and similar educational offerings.

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