Online Accounting Degrees in Kentucky

    • Expert Reviewer: Deborah Wadsworth (M.S. Accounting)
    • Last Updated: November 5th, 2023

    In today’s digital age, a top-notch accounting education is just a click away. Online accounting degrees in Kentucky have gained significant traction, offering students the flexibility to study without compromising academic rigor. In particular, Kentucky is home to online accounting degrees that harmoniously blend high academic standards with financial feasibility. This article dives into this compelling intersection, supplying a comprehensive guide to the online accounting programs in Kentucky that stand out in quality and affordability.

    online accounting degrees in KentuckyAffordability is essential for many students, as it allows them to focus on their studies without the added stress of overwhelming student loan debt. Lower tuition costs often translate to a more financially stable footing for graduates entering the workforce. However, it’s crucial to remember that a program’s cost shouldn’t be your only guiding factor. While a low tuition fee may initially attract your attention, weighing this against other elements such as curriculum depth, faculty expertise, program reputation, and student support services is essential.

    While affordable programs offer clear advantages, they may only sometimes align with your career goals and academic needs. It’s critical, therefore, to assess the unique features of each program and gauge how well they meet your long-term objectives.

    Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Accounting Programs in Kentucky

    For this definitive review, we have meticulously selected six online business degrees in Kentucky, each striking a delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and academic merit. We’ll delve into the particulars of each program, focusing on vital aspects like tuition fees, the application process, educational experience, and avenues for financial aid.

    The data bolstering this analysis originates from reliable sources such as the Common Data Set and has been corroborated directly with program administrators, ensuring its accuracy at publication.

    Embark on your journey toward an affordable yet high-caliber online accounting degrees in Kentucky by exploring the offerings from these notable institutions:

    • University of the Cumberlands
    • Midway University
    • Eastern Kentucky University
    • Brescia University
    • University of Louisville
    • Morehead State University

    1. The University of the Cumberlands

    online Bachelor of Science in Accounting Program

    School Info

    Business Accred:IACBE
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    Phone:(800) 467-0562
    Location:Williamsburg, KY

    The University of the Cumberlands offers an online Bachelor of Accounting degree that stands out for its affordability and quality. Tuition is markedly lower here, at $199 per credit, making it 112% more affordable than the Kentucky state average and 127% more economical than the national average. With a robust curriculum, this program prepares you for various accounting roles in both public and private sectors.

    Securing a seat in this program is relatively straightforward. The school has an acceptance rate of 100%, significantly higher than the state and national averages. Application requirements include a minimum GPA of 2.0, and it operates on a rolling admission schedule, simplifying the process for both U.S. and international students. Regarding the student body, a majority fall within the age range of 23-39, indicating a diverse group of learners at different career stages.

    The program requires completion of 120 credits to graduate and boasts an enrollment of 3,195 students, suggesting a level of popularity and trust in the curriculum. The faculty, a majority of whom hold terminal degrees, are experienced, with an average of 5 years in online instruction. Financially, students graduate with substantially less debt than state and national averages, owing to the affordable tuition rates. The school offers both federal and institutional financial aid, and military veterans enjoy in-state tuition benefits.

    While the University of the Cumberlands offers exceptional affordability and a high acceptance rate, its program also maintains an intense academic rigor. This dual focus on affordability and quality makes the university a prime choice for prospective students, setting it apart from other schools in Kentucky and nationally. Yet, it’s worth noting that the program has no set time limitation for degree completion and does not track alum success, which could be a downside for some.

    2. Midway University

    online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    Phone:(859) 846-5788
    Location:Midway, KY

    Midway University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Accounting designed to equip students with the essential skills for a dynamic career in accounting. The program stands out for its focus on both theoretical and applied accounting concepts, preparing graduates for management roles and entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Admission to Midway University’s online accounting program requires at least a 2.5 high school GPA. The application process operates on a rolling basis for both U.S. and international students, allowing flexibility for applicants. Notably, the average student age at Midway is mature, and a significant percentage of new entrants are already employed. Compared to Kentucky’s average acceptance rate of 70%, Midway University didn’t specify its rate, possibly signaling a more selective admissions process.

    Midway University’s academic credentials are robust. The program boasts 27 full-time instructional faculty who are accessible online, ranking third highest in the state for the number of full-time faculty with a terminal degree. Coursework spans a range of accounting topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced financial data analysis. However, the program may need more formal instructor training, with no required hours specified. It’s important to note that you can complete the program entirely online, but you cannot collaborate with campus-based students.

    Tuition for the online accounting program at Midway University is $395 per credit. This rate is 6% more affordable than the state average and 15% less than the national average. On the financial side, graduates leave with an average debt of $27,718—slightly higher than the state average but still lower than the national benchmark. The institution accommodates veterans through its GI Bill certification and participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Eighty-two percent of its graduates carry some form of educational debt, and the school actively tracks its alums for career progress.

    Midway University balances affordability, academic rigor, and online accessibility. It’s an option worth considering for those already in the workforce but aiming to advance their accounting careers.

    3. Eastern Kentucky University

    Bachelor of Business Administration – Public Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Public
    Phone:(859) 622-7626
    Location:Richmond, KY

    Are you looking for an accredited online program in accounting that offers career-focused education? Eastern Kentucky University’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting could be your right choice.

    With an acceptance rate of 83%, 15% higher than both state and national averages, Eastern Kentucky University offers a more accessible gateway to higher education. Applicants need at least a high school diploma or a GED. The application deadlines are rolling for both U.S. and international students, offering flexibility in your planning. Among new entrants, the average student age is 31, and 20% are employed, suggesting a mature and professional student body.

    The online accounting program at Eastern Kentucky prides itself on a robust faculty lineup, 55% of whom hold terminal degrees—substantially higher than the state average. Courses cover comprehensive topics like accounting principles, marketing, economic principles, and financial markets. The program utilizes Canvas as the learning management system and certified instructional designers design courses. Unique to this program are features like free textbooks through EKU BookSmart and the opportunity for hands-on experience through the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) service-learning project.

    Tuition per credit stands at $421, aligning precisely with the Kentucky state average and 8% lower than the national average. For those concerned about student debt, be aware that the average debt for 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed is $31,636—higher than both state and national averages. A notable 82% of graduates leave the institution with debt. Financial aid options, however, are robust, including federal and institutional assistance. Moreover, the institution is GI Bill certified and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, providing additional avenues for military veterans to fund their education.

    Eastern Kentucky University’s online Bachelor of Accounting program offers an accessible application process, a robust academic experience, and comprehensive financial aid options, even if it comes at the cost of higher average student debt.

    4. Brescia University

    Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    Phone:(270) 685-3131
    Location:Owensboro, KY

    Brescia University’s online Bachelor of Accounting is a competitive choice for students aiming to enter today’s business world with robust accounting skills. The program combines comprehensive general education and business courses to craft well-rounded professionals.

    Navigating Brescia University’s admission landscape requires close attention, especially given its competitive acceptance rate of 15%, which is notably lower than the state and national averages. Aspiring students should remember that the program has rolling application deadlines for both U.S. and international students. High school completion through a diploma or GED is a must. The average age of the student body is 21, creating a mature atmosphere, and a significant portion of new entrants already hold jobs.

    Academic strength lies at the heart of Brescia’s online accounting program. However, only 14% of full-time faculty hold terminal degrees, lagging behind state and national metrics. The program requires 128 credits for graduation and offers a wealth of courses designed for adult learners. Although classes consist of online and campus-based students, their collaboration adds depth to the online learning experience. Moreover, courses have an average class size of 14, ensuring personalized instruction and feedback.

    Financial considerations are crucial when selecting a program, and Brescia University offers some advantages here. The tuition per credit stands at $425, closely matching the state’s average and being 7% more cost-effective compared to the national average. Graduates tend to have a higher debt burden, averaging $45,000, surpassing state and national norms. The institution is GI Bill-certified for veterans but does not participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Federal aid remains the only form of financial assistance available.

    Brescia University’s online accounting degree could be a strong fit for mature, working students looking for a competitive yet financially accessible program. However, the school’s academic staffing and graduate debt levels necessitate careful consideration.

    5. The University of Louisville

    Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Accountancy

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Public
    Phone:(800) 871-8635
    Location:Louisville, KY

    Setting you up for a rewarding career in accountancy, the University of Louisville’s online BSBA in Accountancy is practically indistinguishable from its on-campus counterpart, offering you the flexibility to learn from anywhere.

    Aspiring accountants need a high school diploma or GED to apply to the University of Louisville. The school maintains a rolling admission policy, accommodating both U.S. residents and international students. With an acceptance rate of 68%, slightly below the state average of 70%, the program caters to a diverse student body. The average age of new entrants is 32 years, and 58% are employed, reflecting a mature and professional cohort.

    Once enrolled, students embark on a curriculum enriched by an experienced faculty—112 full-time instructors possess terminal degrees, although this number falls 49% short of the state average. Unique to the program is the opportunity to earn an Undergraduate Certificate in Franchise Management. The program fosters active student collaboration and rigorous evaluation methods despite its online setting. Most credits earned are identical to those acquired on campus, ensuring quality education.

    Tuition per credit stands at $514, 18% lower than the state average and 12% below the national figure. Graduates leave with an average debt of $24,913, slightly above the national average but below the state’s norm. More than half (54%) of the graduates carry some form of educational debt. If you’re a veteran, you’ll be glad to know the institution is GI Bill certified, although it doesn’t participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

    6. Morehead State University

    Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Public
    Phone:(606) 783-2090
    Location:Morehead, KY

    Morehead State University offers an online accounting degree in Kentucky designed for those who have completed general education and business prerequisites, allowing completion of the degree in the final two years online.

    Applying to Morehead State’s online accounting program is straightforward. The university has a rolling application deadline for both U.S. and international residents. High school completion via diploma or GED is a requirement, but the institution does not specify a minimum high school GPA. The school boasts an acceptance rate of 83%, markedly higher than the state (70%) and national (72%) averages. The student body comprises employed individuals with an average age of 28 years, making it a suitable choice for working professionals.

    Morehead State’s program is comprehensive, enriching students’ business, economics, and accounting skills. With 20 full-time and 11 part-time faculty members delivering online courses, students receive robust academic support. The curriculum requires 120 credits for graduation and provides real-world experience through internships. The program is part of a public university that runs on a semester system, lending it a traditional educational framework.

    Although Morehead State has the highest per-credit tuition ($582) on our list, it offers considerable financial benefits. Graduates end up with an average debt of $13,518, which is a staggering 94% lower than the state average and 76% lower than the national average. Furthermore, only 50% of graduates incur any debt. For veterans, the institution is GI Bill certified and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, offering even more significant financial flexibility.

    The Morehead State online accounting degree provides a balance of affordability, academic rigor, and flexibility, making it a viable choice for prospective students.

    Conclusion: A Balanced View of Affordability and Quality in Kentucky

    In highlighting the affordability of accounting programs in Kentucky, several programs stood out for their commendable efforts. For instance, the University of Louisville amazed us with its modest in-state tuition of $12,000 per year, alongside its comprehensive curriculum that thoroughly prepares students for the CPA exam. Eastern Kentucky University was another standout, providing scholarships to offset its already low annual tuition of $9,666 for online students. Lastly, Western Kentucky University showcased a compelling combination of price and flexibility, offering multiple start dates for those eager to jumpstart their accounting careers.

    While these programs have excelled in keeping tuition rates manageable, prospective students should remember that cost is just one piece of the puzzle. Academic quality, faculty expertise, the effectiveness of the online learning platform, and financial aid options also play pivotal roles in a program’s overall value.

    We hope this article has offered a balanced perspective, helping you weigh both affordability and quality as you make your educational decisions. Taking the plunge into an accounting program is a critical career move and the information we’ve shared aims to guide you in making a well-rounded, informed choice.

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