Accredited Online MBA Programs

    Choosing an accredited online MBA program that meets your specific needs can be a daunting task. With so many options and so many different ways to measure each program’s quality, we have chosen to provide a unique perspective with our rankings this year – focusing on the three-year graduation rate.

    This three-year grad rate metric measures how well a given institution provides an overall educational experience that motivates students to finish what they started. There are a sufficient number of MBA programs that excel in this area, and while some charge high tuition in exchange for their high graduation rates, there are also plenty of online MBA programs with both high three-year graduation rates and affordable tuition.

    After researching over 233 programs, we have created this final shortlist of 35 online MBA options that have the highest percentage of students graduating in three years or less.

    Best Accredited Online MBA Programs

    • 100% Online
    • Fully Accredited
    • From Public or Non-Profit Institutions
    • High Three-Year Graduation Rate
    • Low Tuition

    The table below ranks the top 35 accredited online MBA programs by three-year graduation rate. You can quickly sort and compare programs by clicking on the arrows to reorganize the table according to other various metrics, including acceptance rate, average undergraduate GPA, average GMAT score, average class size, and per-credit in-state and out-of-state tuition. Programs are listed in alphabetical order by default.

    SchoolRankAccept. RateAvg.
    Under-grad GPA
    Avg. GMATAvg. Class size3yr Grad RateTuition
    Arizona State University761%3.35906189%$1170$1226
    Ball State University1463%3.45393276%$410$616
    Boise State University2491%3.35503469%$750$750
    Central Michigan University1968%3.34992872%$625$625
    Colorado State University3587%3.14533557%$974$974
    Creighton University185%3.350315100%$1128$1128
    Florida Atlantic University473%3.23693%$800$800
    Florida International University1564%3.35001174%$1000$1000
    George Washington University2280%3.35903870%$1825$1825
    Hofstra University586%31792%$1375$1375
    Louisiana Tech University2173%3.34753071%$412$412
    Missouri University of Science & Technology290%362017100%$1200$1200
    Oklahoma State University3083%3.35672261%$230$360
    Quinnipiac University1862%3.35402972%$935$935
    Southern Illinois University1674%3.45252274%$854$854
    Stevens Institute of Technology3184%3.35691861%$1620$1620
    University of Arizona888%3.35534385%$1000$1000
    University of Cincinnati3464%3.36435159%$964$1356
    University of Delaware1766%3.35932273%$900$900
    University of Florida346%3.35884297%$531$1255
    University of Memphis2894%3.45554464%$603$1091
    University of Michigan3250%3.45922861%$908$1397
    University of Mississippi1231%3.55663981%$810$810
    University of Nebraska3379%3.36094159%$630$630
    University of New Hampshire2994%3.15501763%$800$910
    University of North Carolina660%3.26491490%$1884$1884
    University of North Dakota2788%3.35852464%$404$404
    University of North Texas2660%3.55622065%$325$767
    UT Martin1168%3.15521582%$532$585
    University of Utah1066%3.35574482%$1225$1225
    University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium1385%3.45962578%$775$775
    Washington State University2560%3.55512668%$813$813
    West Texas A&M University976%3.45504083%$335$365
    Western Kentucky University2388%3.45281670%$707$707

    35. Colorado State University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$974
    Accept. Rate87%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.1
    Avg. GMAT453
    3yr Grad Rate57%
    City, StateFort Collins, CO
    Admissions #(970) 491-1129

    Colorado State University’s accredited online MBA gives students the option to specialize in marketing data analytics instead of earning a general degree. The program’s duration ranges from 21 months to five years, depending on the schedule students choose to follow. To graduate, the program requires students to earn 42 credits. The school offers start dates in winter, spring, and fall.

    27 full-time instructors teach online courses at the school, which is several more than the average program on this list. Ninety-three percent of these faculty members have a Ph.D. or terminal degree, and 25 of them are tenured or on track to be. Additionally, successful applicants at Colorado State University have an average GMAT score of 453, which is the lowest average of any school on this list.

    34. The University of Cincinnati

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$821
    Accept. Rate64%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT643
    3yr Grad Rate59%
    City, StateCincinnati, OH
    Admissions #(513) 556-7024

    The online MBA program at the University of Cincinnati offers a variety of health care concentrations including health care finance, health care operations, health care policy and regulation, and health care administration. Students who aren’t interested in pursuing a career in health care can also choose from concentrations such as corporate taxation and marketing. The program requires students to complete between 38 and 48 credit hours, which they can take up to five years to complete. However, the average student completes the program in a little more than two years.

    This AACSB-accredited program is one of the more expensive ones on the list. Full-time, out-of-state students pay a total of $40,677 for the program. The average program on this list costs less than $35,000 to complete. That being said, only 34% of students graduate from the program with debt.

    33. The University of Nebraska

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$630
    Accept. Rate79%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT609
    3yr Grad Rate59%
    City, StateLincoln, NE
    Admissions #(402) 472-2338

    The MBA@Nebraska is available completely online, but for those who require a little more hands-on learning, the Flex MBA program blends online learning with on-campus courses, which are taken at the school’s Howard L. Hawks Hall. The online program requires students to complete 48 credit hours. Five concentrations are available, including marketing, finance, and international business. Students who prefer to customize their degree can do so by choosing their own electives or combining specializations.

    Students complete their studies in a series of eight-week terms rather than semester terms, which is how most programs on this list are structured. All of the instructors who teach this school’s online MBA courses also teach on campus, which means the coursework and quality of education should be on par with the traditional classroom format.

    32. The University of Michigan

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1397
    Accept. Rate50%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT592
    3yr Grad Rate61%
    City, StateDearborn, MI
    Admissions #(313) 593-5460

    Students in the University of Michigan’s AACSB-accredited online MBA degree can complete their degree with 36 to 48 credit hours. The school offers rolling admission for this program with start dates in January, May, or September. It also offers dual-degree MBA/MS programs in concentrations including health services administration, information systems, and industrial and systems engineering. Students who are enrolled in the online MBA program at the University of Michigan are offered extensive opportunities to network with faculty and peers.

    With an acceptance rate of only 50%, this program is the most difficult on this list to gain acceptance into. Students accepted to this program have an average GPA of 3.4 and an average GMAT score of 592.

    31. Stevens Institute of Technology

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1620
    Accept. Rate84%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT569
    3yr Grad Rate61%
    City, StateHoboken, NJ
    Admissions #(888) 783-8367

    New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology offers an accredited online MBA program that allows students to specialize in a concentration of their choosing, such as corporate innovation, project management, or information systems. Students can start their online MBA program in winter, spring, or fall — application deadlines are on October 15, January 15, and April 1. Students need a total of 39 credit hours to graduate from this program. The online MBA program at this school doesn’t require students to have professional business experience before they apply; however, those who do typically have priority.

    This accredited MBA program appeals to more minority students than most of the other programs on this list. Stevens Institute of Technology’s online MBA program student body comprises 21% minority students, while the average program on this list has only 18%.

    30. Oklahoma State University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$360
    Accept. Rate83%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT567
    3yr Grad Rate61%
    City, StateStillwater, OK
    Admissions #(405) 744-2951

    Oklahoma State University’s Watson Graduate School of Management offers an online MBA program with a variety of concentration options, including information assurance, nonprofit management, data science, and energy business. The school also offers an enhanced MBA in entrepreneurship, which integrates all areas of business to create a well-rounded degree program. Students in the program are required to earn 33 credits, which can be completed in as few as 12 months. Students must submit applications by July 1 each year to be considered for acceptance into the program.

    The average age of new students in this program is only 29, four years younger than the average school listed here. While only 1% of students are international, 18% of those enrolled are minority students.

    29. The University of New Hampshire

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$910
    Accept. Rate94%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.1
    Avg. GMAT550
    3yr Grad Rate63%
    City, StateDurham, NH
    Admissions #(603) 862-1367

    The University of New Hampshire’s accredited online MBA program offers two start dates annually in the fall and spring. Most students complete their degree in a period of two to three years. Although the school doesn’t require students to submit GMAT scores for acceptance, it does encourage it. Concentration options include growth and innovation, hospitality management, and global business.

    The program has 22 faculty members who are tenured or on track to be. This is more than the average program on this list, with only 17 faculty members who are tenured or on a tenure track. Although the school doesn’t require instructors to receive ongoing education and training, it does require instructors to submit to regular formal peer reviews.

    28. The University of Memphis

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1091
    Accept. Rate94%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT555
    3yr Grad Rate64%
    City, StateMemphis, TN
    Admissions #(901) 678-2111

    Students who are enrolled in the University of Memphis’ online Professional MBA are required to complete 33 credit hours. The school offers three start dates throughout the year in the spring, summer, and fall, with application deadlines on December 1, May 1, and July 1, respectively.

    This school is the easiest to get into on this list. The University of Memphis’ program accepts 94% of applicants. Those who are accepted have an average undergraduate GPA of 3.4 and an average GMAT score of 555.

    27. The University of North Dakota

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$404
    Accept. Rate88%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT585
    3yr Grad Rate64%
    City, StateGrand Forks, ND
    Admissions #(701) 777-5892

    The University of North Dakota’s online Master of Business Administration consists of classes for both on-campus and online students. All online students are required to attend live classes, which they may access remotely. These classes are offered during the evening to accommodate students who work full-time. The program offers some unique concentration options, such as government and business, social entrepreneurship, and business analytics. To graduate, students are required to complete 43 credit hours.

    In-state students pay only $404 per part-time credit, less than half of the average school on this list ($857.92 per part-time credit). Unlike most of the programs on this list, out-of-state students are subject to the same tuition fees as in-state students.

    26. The University of North Texas

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$767
    Accept. Rate60%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.5
    Avg. GMAT562
    3yr Grad Rate65%
    City, StateDenton, TX
    Admissions #(940) 369-8977

    The University of North Texas’ accredited MBA online is accelerated, allowing students to earn their degree in only eight weeks. The school offers five start dates throughout the year in January, March, June, August, and October. There are multiple concentrations to choose from, including supply chain analytics and human resource management.

    This is one of the more difficult programs on the list to get into, with an acceptance rate of only 60%. The average program on this list accepts 73.6% of applicants.

    25. Washington State University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$813
    Accept. Rate60%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.5
    Avg. GMAT551
    3yr Grad Rate68%
    City, StatePullman, WA
    Admissions #(877) 960-2029

    Washington State University’s online MBA program students can choose from one of the school’s four concentration options: finance, hospitality business management, marketing, or international business. The program consists of 36 credits, and most students complete the program in a period of 22 to 29 months. Although the program can be completed entirely online, students have the opportunity to enroll in an optional international field study, the location of which changes each year.

    As of 2016/2018, 155 of the program’s students were veterans or active service members, the highest number of any program on this list. The average program listed here has only 33 veterans, or active service members enrolled.

    24. Boise State University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$750
    Accept. Rate91%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT550
    3yr Grad Rate69%
    City, StateBoise, ID
    Admissions #(855) 290-3840

    Boise State University offers unique MBA concentrations such as construction management and health care leadership, as well as the more traditional online MBA in management. Students can complete an online MBA at this school in as few as 12 months and the program requires a total of 49 credit hours to graduate. The school offers six start dates each year in January, March, May, June, August, October, and November. Application deadlines are typically 20 to 30 days prior to the selected start date.

    Students at this school are allowed up to seven years to complete all the credits they require to earn their degree, which is one year more than the average program on this list.

    23. Western Kentucky University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$707
    Accept. Rate88%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT528
    3yr Grad Rate70%
    City, StateBowling Green, KY
    Admissions #(270) 745-5458

    Western Kentucky University’s online MBA program offers several concentration options, including marketing analytics and strategic management. The school offers an accelerated program that’s eight weeks in length and offers five start dates throughout the year in January, March, June, August, and October. Students who need more time to complete their program can earn an degree part-time in as little as 14 months.

    This program’s average class size is only 16 students, which is 13 fewer students than the average school on this list. That means instructors should have more time to provide students with individualized help and attention.

    22. George Washington University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1825
    Accept. Rate80%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT590
    3yr Grad Rate70%
    City, StateWashington, DC
    Admissions #(202) 994-1212

    In this unique program, the curriculum is inspired by the school’s rich institutional and professional relationships in the private, public, and NGO sectors. Students who are enrolled in this program are granted the opportunity to take in a four-day residency course in Washington DC. Students can apply year-round, and program start dates are available in August, January, and May. In most cases, students take six credit hours per semester; however, the program allows students to tailor this to their own schedule and lifestyle.

    Students in this program require a total of 55 credits to graduate, which is the second-most of any school on this list, coming in behind only the University of North Carolina’s program. The average program on this list requires only 41 credits to graduate.

    21. Louisiana Tech University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$365
    Accept. Rate73%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT475
    3yr Grad Rate71%
    City, StateRuston, LA
    Admissions #(318) 257-2924

    The Master in Business Administration at Louisiana Tech University offers students who’ve completed 15 hours of foundation courses at the university the opportunity to earn their MBA conveniently on their own schedule. While the online version of the school’s program doesn’t offer the opportunity to select a concentration, students are required to choose two electives, which can be any 500-level business course the university offers. Students can apply for the program at any time, and start dates are scattered throughout the year.

    The average GMAT score of students accepted to this program is 475, which is quite a bit lower than the average of the schools on our list, 558. As a result, 73% of the students who apply to the Louisiana Tech University program are accepted.

    20. SUNY

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$743
    Accept. Rate80%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.2
    Avg. GMAT548
    3yr Grad Rate71%
    City, StateOswego, NY
    Admissions #(315) 312-3152

    Students who are enrolled in the SUNY Oswego online MBA program enjoy a flexible curriculum and a variety of program options, including nursing home administration. Applications are accepted year-round, and students are welcome to start the program at any time during the year. Most students in the Oswego online MBA program attend school full-time for a complete year — a full-time student who studies year-round and starts the program in May should graduate the following summer.

    The average tuition cost for full-time, in-state students is $22,284, which is $14,408 less than the average school on this list. The affordability of this program means that only 45% of 2017-2018 graduates finished school with debt.

    19. Central Michigan University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$625
    Accept. Rate68%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT499
    3yr Grad Rate72%
    City, StateMount Pleasant, MI
    Admissions #(877) 268-4636

    Central Michigan University accepts students for its online MBA in the fall, spring, and summer. Applications are accepted starting on the 15th of January, April, and September. Students are required to earn 36 credits to successfully complete the program, 27 of which must be earned in the core program. Students can choose from a variety of concentrations including business analytics, entrepreneurship, or VDO emphasis.

    The average age of students enrolled in the online MBA at Central Michigan University is 31 years, which is about average when compared with the other programs listed here. As of 2017, only 19% of graduates finished the program with debt, which is exceptionally low compared to most other programs on this list.

    18. Quinnipiac University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$935
    Accept. Rate62%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT540
    3yr Grad Rate72%
    City, StateHamden, CT
    Admissions #(877) 403-4277

    The online MBA program at Quinnipiac University provides students with the opportunity to earn an accredited mba online program on a part-time basis. Most students who complete the program study over the course of four years, which is about two years longer than the other programs on this list. While the program is able to accommodate specializations in a variety of fields, the school is highly acclaimed for its healthcare management MBA program. Applications are accepted for programs starting in spring, summer, and fall and are typically due within one month of the program’s start date.

    The instructors teaching the MBA program at Quinnipiac University have an average of eight years of experience teaching online courses, and all instructors have a Ph.D. or terminal degree. Of the 38 full-time instructors at this school who teach the program, 32 are tenured or on track to be.

    17. The University of Delaware

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$900
    Accept. Rate66%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT593
    3yr Grad Rate73%
    City, StateNewark, DE
    Admissions #(302) 831-4626

    University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ online MBA provides professional students with the opportunity to earn an MBA in as little as 16 months. Students can apply to the program regardless of their undergraduate background and, upon completion, are provided with a personal career coach who will provide services such as career counseling and resume assistance. U of D’s program accepts applications in the spring and fall. Admission deadlines vary depending on the program concentration but usually fall several months ahead of the program’s start date.

    Only 66% of prospective students who apply to the program are accepted, which is 8% less than the average school on this list. Those who are considering applying should be aware that the average GMAT score of students accepted to this program is 593.

    16. Southern Illinois University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$854
    Accept. Rate74%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT525
    3yr Grad Rate74%
    City, StateCarbondale, IL
    Admissions #(618) 453-3030

    Students in Southern Illinois University’s online MBA work with a cohort of other students throughout the program. Most of the instructors who teach the online MBA program at the school also teach the on-campus MBA program. The school offers several concentration options, including agribusiness. Students who wish to apply for this program are required to apply by June 1. The program consists of 42 credits, and students are allotted a period of up to five years to complete all of the coursework. Students who have more than five years of professional work experience in their field, as well as an undergraduate degree aren’t required to take the GMAT or GRE exams.

    15. Florida International University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1000
    Accept. Rate64%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT500
    3yr Grad Rate74%
    City, StateMiami, FL
    Admissions #(305) 348-3125

    The online MBA program at Florida International University offers students the opportunity to earn their degree at their own pace with full-time, part-time, and fast-track programs. The school offers students the opportunity to attend a two-day residency at the school every fall and spring, which provides them with the opportunity to attend workshops and networking events while they work alongside their fellow students.

    FIU has the most minority students enrolled in any school on this list, with 75% of the student body being comprised of minority students. In 2017, 75% of the students that attended FIU’s program graduated with tuition debt, which is more than any other school on this list.

    14. Ball State University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$616
    Accept. Rate63%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT539
    3yr Grad Rate76%
    City, StateMuncie, IN
    Admissions #(765) 285-1931

    Ball State University’s online MBA program allows students to choose from one of six concentrations, including health economics, policy, and administration. The school offers start dates in fall, spring, and summer with application deadlines falling two weeks prior to the program’s start date. The school offers GMAT/GRE waivers for applicants who have an undergraduate or graduate degree from the Miller College of Business and earned a GPA of 3.2 or higher. Additionally, unlike other schools, Ball State University doesn’t require students to have professional work experience prior to applying.

    Ball State University’s program has an acceptance rate below the schools’ average on this list at just 63%. However, students applying to this school can feel relief knowing that the tuition is nearly $10,000 below the average school listed here.

    13. The University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$775
    Accept. Rate85%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT596
    3yr Grad Rate78%
    City, StateEau Claire, WI
    Admissions #(715) 836-6019

    The MBA program at the University of Wisconsin requires students to earn a total of 14 credits from electives, in addition to the 16 credits they must earn in the program’s core courses. The electives that are available cover a wide range of business topics including non-profit management and health care administration. The program has start dates in fall, spring, and summer with application deadlines falling on August 1, December 1, and April 1.

    Although the average debt of students graduating from the University of Wisconsin’s online MBA program is more than $40,000, only 37% of the students who completed the program in the 2017/2018 school year owed money for their tuition upon graduation.

    12. The University of Mississippi

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$810
    Accept. Rate31%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.5
    Avg. GMAT566
    3yr Grad Rate81%
    City, StateUniversity, MS
    Admissions #(662) 915-5483

    The University of Mississippi’s Ole Miss Business online MBA program consists of 36 hours of coursework that’s designed to be completed over two years. Students who are enrolled in this program are allowed to take up to six years to complete their degree. The program has three start dates throughout the year in January, May, and August. Students enrolled have opportunities throughout the program to meet alumni.

    Of the students enrolled in the U of M’s program, 13% are sponsored by their employers. In comparison, 3% have applied while enlisted in the military, which indicates the school’s appeal to companies and organizations looking to promote their employees. The school is also a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program.

    11. The University of Tennessee at Martin

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$585
    Accept. Rate68%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.1
    Avg. GMAT552
    3yr Grad Rate82%
    City, StateMartin, TN
    Admissions #(731) 881-7012

    Students with an undergraduate degree and a minimum of two years of work experience in any field are welcome to apply to the University of Tennessee at Martin’s online MBA program. The program assigns 20 students to a single cohort who work together to provide camaraderie, encouragement, and motivation. All coursework, including textbooks, is available online and the program typically takes students 18 to 24 months to complete. Students require 38 credits in the program to graduate.

    Unlike most of the other programs on this list, 100% of the students enrolled in the UT Martin’s online MBA program are employed when they enroll. This program is also among the least expensive, with students paying just $532 per full-time credit.

    10. The University of Utah

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1225
    Accept. Rate66%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT557
    3yr Grad Rate82%
    City, StateSalt Lake City, UT
    Admissions #(801) 587-8870

    The University of Utah’s online MBA program shares a team of instructors with the school’s on-campus MBA program. Its website states that students who graduate the program report an average salary increase of 34% after they’ve successfully graduated, while 56% report receiving a promotion while they were enrolled. Programs start in May and February, and applications are accepted starting on September 15 and January 15 each year. U of U’s online MBA program consists of 48 credits and can be completed as quickly as 24 months.

    The U of U’s student body size is considerably smaller than most of the other schools on the list at only 121 students. The average program on this list has 291 students enrolled, 170 students more than at the U of U.

    9. West Texas A&M University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$410
    Accept. Rate76%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.4
    Avg. GMAT550
    3yr Grad Rate83%
    City, StateCanyon, TX
    Admissions #(806) 651-2731

    The online MBA at West Texas A&;M University can be completed entirely online or in combination with on-campus courses. The program is intended to be completed within a period of two years; however, the school welcomes students to work at their own pace and if they choose, they may complete the program at a quicker pace. Admission requirements for the program are flexible. While prospective students must possess an undergraduate degree with a minimum 3.00 GPA, the school has chosen to give students the opportunity to enroll in the program without taking the GMAT exam if they choose.

    The number of full-time instructors teaching school courses is above the average on this list at 49 full-time instructors. That’s 19 more full-time instructors than the average school listed here, which means that students should be able to get assistance when they require it more easily.

    8. The University of Arizona

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1000
    Accept. Rate88%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT553
    3yr Grad Rate85%
    City, StateTucson, AZ
    Admissions #(520) 621-2281

    Students at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management can earn their MBA online in as little as 14 months; however, the school offers students as long as 30 months to complete their coursework. Six start dates are offered throughout the year, and the program offers students the opportunity to choose from one of six concentrations including privacy and security, health care management, and management and organizations. Because all online credits earned can be transferred to on-campus credits, students can easily transfer between the school’s online MBA program and the on-campus MBA program.

    The University of Arizona’s instructors has an average of three years of experience in teaching online courses, which is less than the average school on this list. However, students enrolled in this program should appreciate that the program’s instructors must participate in peer reviews and enroll in continuing education programs regularly.

    7. Arizona State University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1226
    Accept. Rate61%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT590
    3yr Grad Rate89%
    City, StateTempe, AZ
    Admissions #(480) 965-3332

    Arizona State University offers online MBA students the opportunity to combine their degree with a master of legal studies, MSA in electrical engineering, or an MS in industrial engineering if they choose. The school also offers four MBA specialization options: finance, international business, marketing, and supply chain management. Courses start twice per year, in January and August.

    The number of veterans enrolled in ASU’s MBA degree online is above average compared to the other schools listed here. Of the program’s student body, 73% is made up of veterans or active service members. The school is also a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program, which helps active military members and veterans to pay for tuition costs.

    6. The University of North Carolina

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1884
    Accept. Rate60%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.2
    Avg. GMAT649
    3yr Grad Rate90%
    City, StateChapel Hill, NC
    Admissions #(919) 962-8919

    Students enrolled in the online MBA program at the University of North Carolina are required to complete 62 credits in a period of up to 36 months. Concentrations that are available include strategy and consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing; however, students whose interests cover multiple topics are granted the opportunity to customize their curriculum to meet their goals and interests. UNC offers program start dates in January and April, and students should submit their applications in September for a January start or in December for an April start.

    At an average of 649, students at UNC have the highest GMAT scores when compared to those at other schools listed here. The average GMAT score among the schools in this list is nearly 98 points lower at 558.

    Top 5 Online MBA Programs

    5. Hofstra University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1375
    Accept. Rate86%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3
    Avg. GMAT
    3yr Grad Rate92%
    City, StateHempstead, NY
    Admissions #(800) 463-7672

    Online MBA students at Hofstra University have a variety of options when it comes to their specialization, including strategic business management and strategic healthcare management. The program requires students to earn 45 credits; however, students with a business undergraduate degree may be eligible to earn an MBA with only 38 credits.

    Compared with other schools on this list, Hofstra University’s acceptance rate is 12% above average, at 86%. While most students are expected to graduate the program within two years, the school allows students up to five years to complete their studies.

    4. Florida Atlantic University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$800
    Accept. Rate73%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.2
    Avg. GMAT
    3yr Grad Rate93%
    City, StateBoca Raton, FL
    Admissions #(561) 297-2470

    Florida Atlantic University’s online MBA program is a 23-month program that encompasses 40 to 46 credits. The program is known for accepting students who have been sponsored by their employers. Students can apply to begin the program in either January, May, or September and must have a minimum of four years of professional experience to qualify for admittance. While the school does require most students to successfully take the GMAT/GRE, those who have an advanced degree may receive a GMAT/GRE waiver. Students in the International Business program are invited to participate in an international field study tour, which features a different destination each school year.

    The FAU Career Center provides career services, including career assessment, career counseling, and business networking events to students, faculty, and alumni of its business programs, including the online MBA program. FAU is one of only 12 schools on this list to provide a dedicated career center to its students.

    3. The University of Florida

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1208
    Accept. Rate46%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT588
    3yr Grad Rate97%
    City, StateGainesville, FL
    Admissions #(352) 392-7992

    An AACSB-online MBA can be earned at the University of Florida in a period of just 20 or 21 months, and the courses are available completely online. The program has three start dates during the year in January, May, and August. Applications are due on the first of the month prior to the student’s chosen start date but may be accepted later if space is still available in the program. Students who are accepted into the program are invited to attend an academic orientation prior to the start of their courses.

    Instructors of the school’s program have been teaching online courses for an average of 10 years, which is several years more than the average instructor on our list.

    2. Missouri University of Science & Technology

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1200
    Accept. Rate90%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3
    Avg. GMAT620
    3yr Grad Rate100%
    City, StateRolla, MO
    Admissions #(573) 341-4165

    Students in the online MBA program at the Missouri University of Science & Technology are provided with hands-on, real-life training throughout their studies. As an alternative to taking the GMAT/GRE, students may enroll in the school’s Graduate Certificate program, which upon successful completion may grant them acceptance into the MBA program. The program consists of 36 credit hours and is completed entirely online. Multiple start dates are available throughout the year and students are welcome to apply at any time.

    Students who graduated from the school’s program in 2017/2018 had an average student debt of only $3,550, the lowest of any school listed here. That’s nearly $33,000 less than the average student indebtedness for students graduating from the MBA programs on this list in the 2017/2018 school year, making this one of the most affordable programs on our list.

    1. Creighton University

    Program Facts

    Tuition Per Credit$1128
    Accept. Rate85%
    Avg. Under-grad GPA3.3
    Avg. GMAT503
    3yr Grad Rate100%
    City, StateOmaha, NE
    Admissions #(402) 280-2703

    The online MBA program at Creighton University allows students who possess an undergraduate degree in business to pick and choose core subjects that meet their needs and interests most. Concentrations areas are vast and include Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance, as well as Business Intelligence &; Analytics. The program consists of 33 credit hours and offers several start dates throughout the year. Application deadlines are on either the first or 15th of the month prior to the program start.

    Compared with other programs on this list, the average MBA class size at Creighton University is far smaller. With an average of only 15 students per class, which is 13.8 students fewer than the average class of the other programs listed here, instructors are available to give more individualized instruction and assistance than in many other top online MBA programs.

    Search Programs By State

    Even MBA applicants should explore degree programs offered in their home states, as some universities offer lower tuition rates for in-state students. Use our state pages to learn more about top accredited programs offered close to home or your preferred state across the country.

    Explore Different MBA Concentrations

    MBA concentrations offer students a chance to specialize in an area of business that interests them. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which concentration is right for you. This guide will help you explore the different concentrations available and make a decision that’s right for you.

    Online MBA Accreditation – What does it mean? Why is it important?

    Accreditation refers to how schools, colleges, universities, and other higher education bodies are validated. There are standards that these centers of higher learning must meet to receive accreditation, which is set by an authorized accrediting agency. There are two types of accreditation, regional and national subject-specific accreditation.

    For regionally accredited online MBA programs, accreditation comes from one of the organizations in the Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions.

    National accreditation comes from agencies such as AACSB, ACBSP, AMBA, and EQUIS. Each of these agencies has a board comprised of faculty members from various educational institutions who take on setting the accreditation standards for business schools.

    In order to be accredited a college or university must pass a review by the accrediting body in the following areas:

    • Overall Mission of the College
    • Objectives and Goals
    • Student Requirements for Admissions
    • Services Available to Students
    • Quality of Education
    • Reputation of Faculty

    When a school or college has passed an accreditation process, it usually means that employers will value their degrees. That is why it is important to make sure that your Master of Business Administration degree and the business school have the right accreditation.

    The accreditation process is a rigorous one. As mentioned above, several areas are assessed and evaluated, including faculty, services, infrastructure, curriculum, and various other things. To gain the right accreditation, the institution must pass the expected standards in each of the areas evaluated by a certain body. The overall evaluation process takes a long time, so accreditation is usually granted within several years. For example, the AACSB’s initial accreditation process takes about three to five years. And accreditation is not a one-time process; it involves continuous evaluation that occurs periodically to ensure that a college or university continually maintains these standards. To maintain accreditation, the institution must prove that it is constantly developing and improving. The idea is to make sure that the institution and its programs remain relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing higher education and business environment.

    Accreditation is a stamp of quality and prestige for a business school and its MBA programs.

    Top Accrediting Bodies

    Three top agencies are responsible for accrediting Master of Business Administration programs across the globe. They are:

    1. AACSB

    “AACSB” stands for Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It is the US and Singapore-based accrediting agency responsible for accrediting undergraduate and graduate business programs worldwide. The agency was established in 1919 and has accredited business degrees and schools across more than 40 countries. In 1980, the AACSB started accrediting accounting programs as well. An AACSB accreditation holds much value, ensuring that accredited schools “have the highest-quality faculty, deliver relevant and challenging curriculum, and provide educational and career opportunities that are not found at other business schools.”1 In fact, less than 5% of the over 16,000 business schools in the world have qualified for accreditation by the AACSB.1 The AACSB conducts an evaluation of a program or school every five years. Only 700 institutions in the world enjoy an AACSB accreditation, and 75% of those institutes are in the US.1

    2. AMBA

    The “AMBA” or Association of MBAs is based in London, England. The agency has accredited business programs and schools in more than 49 countries. About 61% of AMBA-accredited MBA programs and business schools are located in Europe. In the US, only 2% of business programs and schools have AMBA accreditation. The AMBA began its operations in the 1980s. The agency is also responsible for accrediting other programs such as DBAs (Doctor of Business Administration) and MBMs (Master of Business and Management). The AMBA evaluates areas such as curriculum, faculty, strategy, assessment methods, and mission. According to AMBA standards, at least 25% of the faculty at a given school should possess a master’s or doctoral degree in a relevant field.

    Accreditation by a national or regional accrediting body creates a gateway for students to participate in more federally funded and state financial aid programs.

    3. EQUIS

    “EQUIS” stands for European Quality Improvement System. It is an accrediting agency operated by the EFMD Management Development Network. EQUIS is responsible for accrediting undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, especially MBA programs. The agency evaluates resources, corporate connections, faculty, governance, programs, research and development, students, and even contributions to the community. EQUIS accredits only three schools in the United States.

    Accreditation and Financial Aid

    As mentioned, pursuing an MBA can be very expensive. That’s why most students seek some financial assistance to support their education. The financial assistance can come from a wide range of sources in grants, loans, assistantships, and scholarships.

    Financial aid from federal and state governments has conditions associated with them, one of which is that the school or program must be accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education. This is yet another reason why accreditation is important. It proves to the government that the institute offers high-quality education to citizens, so they are willing to provide financial assistance to students.

    Accreditation organizations evaluate the quality standards of a business school’s teaching, faculty, services, and students, among other things.

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