Accounting Schools in Florida

    The following outline of accounting schools in Florida is designed to help you become familiar with your options for choosing an accounting program in the state. Florida’s many public and private business schools offer programs in general accounting as well as programs in specialty accounting topics like international business, managerial accounting, and fraud investigation. You may also find that online accounting schools offer similar programs with more scheduling flexibility and opportunities for independent learning.

    Quick Facts

    Comparison of Florida Accounting Schools and Programs

    The table below provides detailed information on not-for-profit accounting programs in Florida to help you compare your options. Programs that appear in bold text offer hybrid or online options. For further school statistics, including median SAT, ACT, and GMAT scores, see the tables on our Florida business schools page, which break out information at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    SchoolAccreditationAccounting Degree(s)Acceptance Rate10Grad Rate1Avg Net Price1Median Debt*10Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry**10
    Ana G Mendez UniversityBBA-Accounting;
    Atlantic Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.62%$11,693N.Av.$39,996
    Ave Maria UniversityBA-Accounting;
    Barry UniversityBSBA-Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Accounting;
    MBA: Accounting
    Bethune-Cookman UniversityACBSPBS-Accounting99.8%32%$11,717$31,000$38,237
    Broward CollegeAA-Accounting;
    AS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Specialist;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management
    College of Central FloridaAS-Accounting Technology;
    BAS-Business and Organizational Management: Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Daytona State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations
    Eastern Florida State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    BAS-Organizational Management: Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Edward Waters UniversityIACBEBS-Accounting80.1%28%$13,228N.Av.$31,453
    Erwin Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.67%$11,982N.Av.$35,039
    Flagler CollegeBS-Accounting;
    Florida A&M UniversityACBSPBS-Accounting35.3%55%$12,539$23,548$43,616
    Florida Atlantic UniversityAACSBBBA-Accounting;
    Combined BBA-MAC;
    MAC-Accounting Information Systems;
    Executive MAC-Business Valuation;
    Executive MAC-Digital Accounting Forensics and Data Analytics;
    Executive MAC-Forensic Accounting;
    Executive MAC-Forensic Accounting and Business Valuation;
    Executive MAC-Forensic Accounting and Digital Accounting Forensics;
    Executive MAC-Internal Auditing;
    Executive MAC-Professional Accounting;
    Executive MAC-Tax;
    Executive M.TX.;
    Florida Gateway CollegeUG Cert-Accounting TechnologyN.Av.64%$2,803$6,992$34,395
    Florida Gulf Coast UniversityBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Combined BS to MS-Accounting and Taxation;
    MS-Accounting and Taxation: Analytics
    Florida Institute of TechnologyIACBEBS-Accounting;
    MS-Accounting and Financial Forensics
    Florida Institute of Technology-OnlineAA-Accounting;
    BA-Business Administration: Accounting;
    MBA-Accounting and Finance;
    MS-Accounting and Financial Forensics
    Florida International UniversityAACSBBAcc;
    Florida Southern CollegeAACSBBA-Accounting;
    4+1 MAcc;
    Early MAcc;
    Florida SouthWestern State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management
    Florida State College at JacksonvilleAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Florida State UniversityAACSBBS-Accounting;
    MAcc-Assurance and Advisory Services;
    George Stone Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.65%$9,643N.Av.$28,358
    Gulf Coast State CollegeAA-Accounting;
    AS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Applications
    Hillsborough Community CollegeAA-Accounting;
    AS-Accounting Technology;
    AS-Accounting Technology: Tax;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Hobe Sound Bible CollegeAA-Business and AccountingN.Av.36%$9,376N.Av.$35,106
    Immokalee Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.81%$2,143N.Av.N.Av.
    Indian River State CollegeAA-Accounting;
    AS-Accounting Technology:
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Jacksonville UniversityBBA: Accounting;
    4-Year or 5-Year Bachelor’s to MBA: Accounting;
    MBA: Accounting
    Lake Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.79%$11,817N.Av.$33,961
    Lorenzo Walker Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.90%$7,795N.Av.$38,821
    Manatee Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.63%$4,233N.Av.$32,496
    Miami Dade CollegeAA-Accounting;
    AS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting and Budgeting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management
    North Florida CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Northwest Florida State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management
    Nova Southeastern UniversityIACBEBSBA-Accounting;
    4-Year or 5-Year BSBA-Accounting to MAcc;
    MAcc-Accounting Analytics;
    MAcc-Managerial Accounting
    MAcc-Public Accounting;
    MAcc-Tax Accounting;
    Dual MAcc/JD;
    Grad Cert-Accounting Analytics;
    Grad Cert-Public Accounting
    Orange Technical College-East CampusUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.73%$23,451N.Av.$28,260
    Palm Beach Atlantic UniversityIACBEBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MAcc;
    MAcc-Accounting Studies;
    MAcc-Audit Assurance;
    Grad Cert-Accounting
    Palm Beach State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology
    Pasco-Hernando State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Pensacola State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Pinellas Technical College-ClearwaterUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.46%$19,766N.Av.$31,796
    Polk State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeping Operations
    Saint Johns River State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Saint Leo UniversityACBSPBS-Accounting;
    MBA: Accounting
    Santa Fe CollegeAA/AS-Accounting;
    Seminole State College of FloridaAA-Accounting;
    AS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Applications;
    UG Cert-Accounting Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Specialist
    Sheridan Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.69%$5,077N.Av.$33,694
    South Florida State CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Applications
    Southeastern UniversityACBSPBS-Accounting
    Minor-Accounting and Finance
    St Petersburg CollegeAA-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations
    St. Thomas UniversityBBA-Accounting;
    MAcc-Forensic Accounting;
    MBA: Accounting
    Grad Cert-Forensic Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Management Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Taxation
    State College of Florida-Manatee-SarasotaAS-Accounting and Budget Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Applications
    Stetson UniversityAACSBBBA-Accounting-CPA Focus;
    BBA-Accounting: Corporate Accounting;
    BBA-Accounting: Data Analytics;
    BBA-Accounting: Financial Planning;
    Fast Track MAcc;
    Suncoast Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.56%$8,838N.Av.$34,916
    Tallahassee Community CollegeUG Cert-Accounting Technology Management;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Technology Specialist
    Ultimate Medical AcademyAS-Healthcare AccountingN.Av.51%$18,475$14,743$27,062
    University of Central FloridaAACSBBSBA-Accounting;
    University of FloridaAACSBBSAc;
    5-Year BSAc to MAcc;
    University of MiamiAACSBBSAF;
    UG Cert-Accounting;
    4.5-Year or 5-Year BBA-Accounting to MS-Accountancy;
    4.5-Year or 5-Year BBA-Accounting to MS-Taxation;
    MS-Accountancy: Assurance;
    MS-Accountancy: Corporate;
    Grad Cert-Accounting Practice
    University of North FloridaAACSBBBA-Accounting;
    University of South FloridaAACSBBS-Accounting;
    MS-Accountancy and Analytics;
    MS-Accountancy and Analytics: Assurance;
    MS-Accountancy and Analytics: Corporate;
    MS-Accountancy and Analytics: Tax
    University of TampaBS-Accounting;
    BS-International Business and Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Accounting
    University of West FloridaN.Av.BSBA-Accounting;
    Accelerated BSBA to MAcc;
    MAcc-Business Analysis and Reporting;
    MAcc-Information Systems and Controls;
    Valencia CollegeAS-Accounting Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting Applications;
    UG Cert-Accounting Operations;
    UG Cert-Accounting Specialist
    Webber International UniversityAS-Accouting;
    MBA: Accounting
    William T McFatter Technical CollegeUG Cert-Accounting OperationsN.Av.63%$11,094N.Av.$36,889

    Table Notes:
    *Median Debt: The median debt is the cumulative federal loan debt, excluding PLUS loans, at the time of graduation for students who completed an undergraduate program (certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree) as reported by College Scorecard for academic year 2020-2021 based on ​​National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) data.
    **Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry: Median earnings are the middle value of earnings, at which half earned more and half earned less, measured 10 years (2020-2021) after the first year of study (2010-2011) for all students, institution-wide, who received federal loans and who are employed but not enrolled in school. Note that this value includes those who completed their program of study as well as those who discontinued study without receiving an award.

    Top-Ranked Accounting Schools in Florida

    College rankings can be a useful tool to measure the overall reputation of a school or program. Weighing multiple rankings when evaluating your college choices can be helpful because different publishers may use different ranking factors in their methodologies. While the best program for your goals may rely on a combination of factors not typically considered in overall rankings, such as location or funding, seeing a program ranked on multiple lists can be a strong indication of reputation and academic quality.

    College Factual’s Best Accounting Schools 2023

    • University of Miami (#37)
    • Florida State University (#58)
    • University of Florida (#77)
    • University of South Florida (#90)
    • University of Central Florida (#101)
    • Florida International University (#149)
    • Florida Atlantic University (#188)
    • Nova Southeastern University (#215)
    • University of Tampa (#218)
    • Florida State College at Jacksonville (#250)2

    US News & World Report’s Best MBA Accounting Programs 2023

    • University of Florida (Warrington) (#40 tie)4

    US News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs 2023

    • University of Florida (#1 tie)
    • University of Central Florida (#9)
    • Florida International University (#24 tie)
    • Florida Atlantic University (#44 tie)
    • Florida Institute of Technology (#66 tie)
    • Florida Southern College (#98 tie)
    • St. Petersburg College (#112 tie)
    • Saint Leo University (#127 tie)
    • Daytona State College (#141 tie)5

    US News & World Report’s Best Undergrad Accounting Programs 2022-2023

    • University of Florida (#10)
    • Florida State University (#44 tie)6

    Highest First-Time CPA Exam Pass Rate With a Bachelor’s Degree

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) releases reports including data on candidate performance on the Uniform CPA Exam.11 The following schools had the highest first-time CPA exam pass rates in Florida in 2019 (the most recent report available*) for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, with the overall pass rate for first-time test-takers in Florida being 62.1%:

    1. Palm Beach Atlantic 88.9%
    2. Florida State University 72.3%
    3. University of Florida 69.3%
    4. University of North Florida 69.1%
    5. Hodges University 66.7%
    6. University of Miami 62.8%
    7. University of South Florida 62.4%
    8. University of Central Florida 62.3%

    *As NASBA makes significant changes to the CPA Exam as part of the CPA Evolution initiative, new candidate score reports by state are not anticipated until at least mid-2024.

    Schools in Florida with Accounting Degrees

    To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of accounting degrees offered in Florida, we have profiled select programs below. Be sure to visit the websites of programs of interest for more detailed information on courses, admissions requirements and deadlines, and faculty.

    Undergraduate Accounting Programs

    Florida Southern College

    Located in Lakeland, Florida Southern College (FSC) is a United Methodist institution that offers an AACSB-accredited Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting on campus, online, or through a hybrid of both. Students complete a broad range of accounting courses and are guaranteed an internship during the program if desired. Examples of course titles include Cost Accounting, Federal Taxation, and Managerial Finance. Previous internships have been held at Publix, NASA, and the Detroit Tigers. Students interested in graduate study can apply for the 4+1 Master in Accounting (MAcc) program allowing graduate-level study during the senior undergraduate year or the Early MAcc program which allows students to graduate with both a BS in Accounting and a MAcc at the same time. FSC offers many clubs and groups to get students involved in real-world accounting activities, such as the Accounting Student Association, Beta Alpha Psi, and the Dean’s Advisory Council.

    Stetson University

    At Stetson University, students can complete the four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting program with four concentrations to choose from: CPA Focus, Corporate Accounting, Data Analytics, and Financial Planning. This is an AACSB-accredited program that comprises 32 credits, including liberal arts, accounting foundations, and experiential learning activities. Students must take six core accounting courses, including Financial Accounting I, Federal Taxation of Individuals, and Accounting Information Systems. Students must also complete an accounting colloquium to enhance their knowledge of various professional topics, such as ethics, regulations, and career opportunities. Stetson encourages students to participate in hands-on learning activities, such as volunteer tax clinics or internships during the program to enhance their learning. The accounting major can also be combined with another relevant major or minor, such as finance. Stetson also offers an online graduate program in accounting.

    University of Miami

    Miami Business School at the University of Miami (UM) offers three undergraduate accounting degrees with a global perspective drawing on the multicultural community and international businesses located in the city. Both the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting and the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Accounting require 120 credits in liberal arts, business, and accounting courses; however, the BSBA requires more concentrated study in quantitative skills, such as calculus and programming, while BBA students are allowed a higher number of electives. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (BSAF) curriculum comprises 125 credits and is the equivalent of a double major in Finance and Accounting. UM has several special interest clubs to get involved in such as Women in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Canes Investing Association. Graduate programs are offered, including a five-year combined undergraduate and graduate degree program for students with exceptional GPAs.

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    Graduate Accounting Programs

    Florida State University

    The Department of Accounting in the College of Business at Florida State University (FSU) offers a Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree that builds expertise in quantitative analysis, research, and skills. Students can choose from one of three concentration areas: Assurance and Advisory Services, Generalist, or Taxation. Graduates of the accounting undergraduate program can complete the program in one year, or three full-time semesters, by completing the 30 required credits. Applicants without an undergraduate accounting degree must first complete 51 foundational credits in business and accounting before continuing to the concentration curriculum. All students take classes in Auditing Theory and Challenges in Professional Accounting regardless of concentration. Successful completion of the program prepares students to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensing exam.

    University of Florida

    The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida (UF) is a highly-ranked business school for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The The Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree is offered through the Fisher School of Accounting with optional concentrations in Auditing or Taxation. The program can be taken simultaneously with the Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSAc) degree program to complete both in five years. Applicants from other institutions are expected to have prior accounting education or else preparatory work may be required before beginning the program. The program is designed to prepare students to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in Florida. Students benefit from professional resources, such as the International Accounting & Auditing Center, which conducts world-class research and hosts accounting scholars from around the world.

    Online and Hybrid Accounting Programs

    Florida Atlantic University

    Florida Atlantic University (FAU) offers an AACSB-accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting fully online. This is a degree-completion program enabling students to apply after completing two years of general education and pre-business study at the institution of their choice. Students wishing to take advanced accounting courses also need to pass the school’s Accounting Competency Exam with a score of 70% prior to entry. Courses include Cost Accounting, Federal Taxation I, and Business Law I & II. A total of 120 credits are required to graduate from the program. Online students complete the same curriculum and are taught by the same professors who teach on campus. FAU also offers Executive Master of Taxation (M.TX.) and Executive Master of Accounting (MAC) programs that can be completed online. Executive MAC students can choose from concentrations in Business Valuation; Digital Accounting Forensics and Data Analytics; Forensic Accounting; Forensic Accounting and Business Valuation; Forensic Accounting and Digital Accounting Forensics; Internal Auditing; Professional Accounting; and Tax. Those looking for an on-campus experience can pursue FAU’s traditional MAC degree with optional concentrations in Accounting Information Systems and Taxation, M.TX., or MBA with an Accounting Concentraton.

    Florida Institute of Technology-Online

    The online accounting degree options at Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) Online include an Associate of Arts (AA) in Accounting, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Accounting degree, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree. Both programs teach students a broad range of accounting skills to prepare them for a generalist career in accounting. The BA program requires more electives in accounting while the BBA program requires more electives in business and is designed to help students prepare for further study and licensure as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Students in the bachelor’s degree programs must complete 121 credits including advanced accounting coursework and general education. Florida Tech offers a wide range of online degrees and helps students prepare for the online learning environment through the mandatory Mastering eLearning course.

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    Florida CPA Requirements

    Like in many other states, in Florida, an individual hoping to become a Certified Personal Accountant (CPA) must successfully pass the Uniform CPA Exam administered by the American Institute of Certified Personal Accountants (AICPA). A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 120 credits is required to sit for the exam. These credits must include at least 24 credits of upper-level business coursework and 24 credits of upper-level accounting coursework including three credits of business law. Upon completion of the exam, applicants must complete 30 hours of coursework and one year of full-time, supervised experience in order to be licensed. Licensure is overseen by the Florida Department of Business & Public Regulation (DBPR).

    Career Opportunities for Accounting Graduates in Florida

    In addition to opening their own accounting office, accounting graduates can choose from many employment opportunities in Florida. Major accounting firms in the state include KPMG, Carroll & Company, and Carr Riggs & Ingram (CRI). Job seekers can also choose to work for top employers in the state including American Express, Marriott International, Darden Restaurants, and Carnival Corporation. Government positions are available at the state and local levels and include administrative government, the FBI, the armed forces, and state-owned health facilities.

    Florida Accounting Salary and Jobs by Metro Area

    Metro AreaAccountants & Auditors Employed12Average Annual Salary12
    Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach29,930$83,640
    Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater14,860$82,370

    Florida Schools with Accounting Degree Programs

    Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

    Barry University

    11300 NE 2nd Ave
    Miami, FL 33161
    (305) 899-3000

    Student Review: “The accounting program at Barry University was both a rewarding and challenging experience for me. Because of nature of the classes required to get an accounting degree, I was pleased to have such wonderful professors who were readily available to aid with any questions I had. I am very appreciative for the smaller classrooms and the way that I get to know my professors individually. The only thing that I was not too fond of with the program would have to be that classes that were both in class and internet based had more of a workload and the one professor that I had I felt did not have any regard for the other classes that I was taking. That was by far my hardest semester at Barry. However, upon graduation, I feel like I was readily ready to join the workforce. I am now back at Barry working on my MBA. I definitely love my school!” -Student at Barry University

    Florida Atlantic University
    777 Glades Rd
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    (561) 297-3000

    Student Review: “The program for accounting at FAU is excellent. The Accounting Scholar’s Program offers the cohesion of classes with the same group of students all throughout the master’s program, which helps develop peer relationships and networks. The professors are very knowledgeable and involved with the program and its success. The program grooms students for a job in the accounting field, primarily as an auditor, and has job placement rates well above 90% with each class. I thoroughly enjoyed this program and the experiences it entailed.” -Jason B., student at Florida Atlantic University

    Student Review: “The accounting program at Florida Atlantic University was superb. The professors were approachable and seemed to thoroughly enjoy their jobs. They always made time to assist the students whether it be during their office hours or if they made time outside of their normal schedule. I was also recommended to join the Accounting Student Association by one of my professors. This greatly assisted in developing my accounting skills as well as provided an outlet for networking within the local industry. The school has also had a 100% job placement rate for the past two years and I was able to find a job right after graduation.” – Student at Florida Atlantic University

    Florida Gulf Coast University
    10501 FGCU Blvd, South
    Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
    (239) 590-1000 or (800) 590-3428

    Student Review: “I thought that the accounting program at Florida Gulf Coast University was a good experience for me. The accounting program has a very intelligent and helpful set of professors that are often available for 1-on-1 help at your need. They also have several student-teachers that offer tutoring and/or mentoring sessions that can give you some extra hands on learning. Another thing about the FGCU accounting program is that they offer many small class sizes, most classes don’t have over 40 kids at the most in them, allowing you to still feel a part of the class, not feel like a bug in the stands. The professors also often brought in some real accounting professionals that allowed you to ask them any types of questions you had about the accounting field, which I really appreciated every time.” – Student at Florida Gulf Coast University

    Florida International University
    11200 SW 8th St
    Miami, FL 33199
    (305) 348-2000

    Student Review: “I absolutely loved my experience at FIU. I felt that the professors in the accounting programs were extremely knowledgeable and challenging. My favorite professor, by far, was Professor Barua. He made us learn by engaging every single student in the class with random questions about the content of the class. Aside from the professors, I also liked the school’s campus. My favorite thing about the campus was that they provided ample spaces and locations for students to study without being exposed to distractions. For example, they had three floors in the library that were “quiet study floors.” In addition to the convenient study hotspots, the school also provided a state of the art gymnasium that students could use at whatever time they wished. The school’s financial aid office also completely surprised me. They take the time with each student to review their particular situation and assist them in finding solutions and opportunities for paying for school without taking on too many loans. My experience at FIU was a perfect 5 out of 5 and I definitely plan on going back for my masters degree.” -Student at Florida International University

    Florida State University
    600 W College Ave
    Tallahassee, FL 32306
    (850) 644-2525

    Student Review: “Florida State, in general, is a school of acquired tastes. I found the curriculum and access to materials to be far more than expected. I quite enjoyed the professors and the TA’s in the program because they were consistently available and always offered a wealth of information to all interested. I was mostly put off by the environment of the university itself, being a party school. Other than that, the class options were expansive and the options available for the students in business never ended. There was also an electronics/Information Technology aspect that I found less relevant in other universities I researched. This stimulated many different learning techniques and added much to the student’s skill sets for the modern workforce.” -Audrey C., student at Florida State University

    Student Review: “I recently completed the business accounting program with Florida State University. I was happy to get accepted and be able to go to school at Florida State at the Business School on the main campus. The classrooms are excellent and are up to date with the newest technology. The faculty was a hit or miss. I had some professors that were excellent and would be there for the students. Some of the other faculty were too busy with other projects or adjuncts who did not seem to be available to the students after hours. The classes for the most part were difficult. We were assigned to groups and had to work out ledgers and budgeting together. I really like working with my classmates but due to the size of the school I rarely had the same students in my class. Overall I would say I am glad to have taken classes at FSU and would do it again.” -John M., student at Florida State University

    University of Florida
    1900 Museum Rd
    Gainesville, FL 32611
    (352) 392-3261

    Student Review: “My experience at the University of Florida was phenomenal. Not only did I learn a very large amount, but I also had fun while doing so. The course material was extremely relevant and most of the professors were very friendly and approachable. At times, there was a lot of coursework and I often had to stay up late to complete all of my work. However, there were also times when there was not a lot of work and I was able to have fun. The career resource center was a great way for me to interact with different companies and also seek out some internships. I would not trade my experience for any other college.” -Sean G., student at University of Florida

    Student Review: “The majority of the Business School’s courses are recorded and put up online. This means that you have lots of flexibility with your schedule while also having the chance to attend live lectures. The accounting program offers everything one would expect from a modern university. The professors or TAs all hold office hours so that you can come and talk to them in case you have trouble with the material. Financial accounting is taught using the GAAP which could be phased out in a few years but is still the standard for the United States. That could be a positive or negative, depending on whether the US actually switches over and whether you want to work in US or internationally. The introductory courses at UF are pretty big but once you specialize you can get more one on one time with the teachers.” -Daniel O., student at University of Florida

    Student Review: “I liked the program and it is extremely well-ranked, which has helped me in securing employment. The prestige and quality of the program made accounting much more enjoyable, knowing that I would be in a good position for getting a job. There were a wide variety of courses taught by well-esteemed faculty, and I was continuously impressed by the availability of professors and their willingness to help students outside of the classroom. Office hours are prevalent and professors are extremely helpful, in addition to being knowledgeable and well-qualified to teach. Overall, I rate the program at the University of Florida highly.” -Michael K., student at University of Florida

    Student Review: “The University of Florida accounting program was very challenging but an incredible experience because I learned a lot of interesting tools. The teachers were experts on their subject and the teacher´s assistants were always available if you had questions. Teachers were friendly but strict in their matter of teaching. They allowed homework submission in person or online which was very helpful. They explained the advantages of using old and modern tools to do work. Most of the homework was based on recent incidents and we were paired with students from different universities on off-campus projects. I went to several accounting seminars that our teachers recommended and I was delighted to learn more. Many teachers in the accounting program won several prizes throughout their careers, so I knew I was learning from the best. Online courses were available but they were not as good as the on campus courses.” -Student at University of Florida

    University of Miami
    1320 S Dixie Hwy
    Coral Gables, FL 33124

    Student Review: “The University of Miami Accounting program was a top notch program for anyone considering accounting. The courses were given by professors who were at the top of their profession and who liked to interact with students. They were very accessible outside of class as well, They practice an open door policy where you could stop by whenever you liked. The program was challenging, but in a good way because this prepared you for entry into the work force upon graduation. The students in the progarm are very helpful and friendly. Instead of having a competitive atmosphere, the school fosters an environment where people help one another. The program held many networking events and most students graduated with a job lined up. I highly recommend the Accounting program at the University of Miami. You won’t regret it.” – Student at University of Miami

    University of Tampa
    401 W Kennedy Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33606
    (813) 253-3333

    Student Review: “My experience in the accounting program at the University of Tampa was a great experience for me and my career in accounting. I thoroughly enjoyed most of my professors, but I felt like a few of them were not successful in getting a clear message across to the students. The professors that I had that were not so great and often taught in the same way. They came to class and did not really engage us, which made the courses extremely boring and was a detriment to the overall learning experience. Other than a handful of bad professors, my experience in the accounting program was awesome! Most of my professors really cared about my development as a student, therefore motivating me to do better and focus on learning the material. All in all I am glad I chose this program, but just hope they improve on some of the professors they hire.” -Student at University of Tampa

    University of South Florida
    4202 E Fowler Ave
    Tampa, FL 33620
    (813) 974-2301

    Student Review: “Overall, there are some very good programs at USF but in my experience the administration and financial aid departments are terrible. I have taken classes in just about every area of the school from chemistry to religious studies and now in business. There are some very good teachers who are passionate and really help the students beyond what is required. You have to be very careful who you take for your courses though because some of the teachers can be very mean and unhelpful to their students. Be prepared to wait in line for hours if you have questions about financial aid or advising. Also be prepared to be shuttled from one office to the next because nobody knows what they are doing and defer people just so they don’t have to answer questions.” -Neal S., student at University of South Florida

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