Accounting Schools in New York

    This overview of accounting schools in New York provides key information that will help you make the right decision for your interests and career goals. New York has numerous universities and colleges, many of which maintain programs that can prepare those interested in accounting to become accountants, auditors, analysts, controllers, and more. Accounting programs in New York afford students flexibility by offering on-campus, online, and hybrid options. Students of all educational and professional backgrounds can find a program to match their career goals.

    Quick Facts

    Comparison of New York Accounting Schools and Programs

    The table below provides detailed information on not-for-profit accounting programs in New York to help you compare your options. Programs that appear in bold text offer hybrid or online options. For further school statistics, including median SAT, ACT, and GMAT scores, see the tables on our New York business schools page, which break out information at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    SchoolAccreditationAccounting Degree(s)Acceptance Rate10Grad Rate1Avg Net Price1Median Debt*10Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry**10
    Adelphi UniversityBBA-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting;
    5-Year BBA to MBA: Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Accounting
    Alfred UniversityBS-Accounting;
    Binghamton UniversityAACSBBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    MS-Accounting: Taxation
    Bryant & Stratton College-AlbanyAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Assistant
    Bryant & Stratton College-BuffaloAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Assistant
    Bryant & Stratton College-GreeceAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Assistant
    Bryant & Stratton College-OnlineAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Assistant
    Bryant & Stratton College-Syracuse NorthAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Assistant
    Canisius CollegeBS-Accounting;
    BS-Accounting Systems and Analytics;
    BS-Professional Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MBA-Accounting;
    5-Year BA to MBA-Professional Accounting;
    MBA-Professional Accounting
    Cazenovia CollegeIACBEBPS-Management: Accounting67.6%56%$18,413$23,250$47,211
    Clarkson UniversityBS-Financial Information and Analysis: Accounting74.6%76%$31,413$26,000$86,334
    Clinton Community CollegeAAS-AccountingN.Av.29%$7,329$13,250$38,436
    College of Mount Saint VincentACBSPBS-Accounting82.1%56%$20,317$25,000$56,282
    College of Saint RoseACBSPBS-Accounting: Data Analysis;
    BS-Accounting: Finance;
    BS-Accounting: Mathematics;
    4-Year or 5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    College of Staten Island CUNYBS-Accounting: Finance;
    BS-Accounting: International Business;
    BS-Accounting: Management;
    BS-Accounting: Marketing;
    Minor-Business Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    Columbia UniversityMS-Accounting and Fundamental Analysis;
    Columbia-Greene Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Studies
    Cornell UniversityMPS-Management: Accounting;
    PhD-Managment: Accounting
    CUNY Bernard M Baruch CollegeAACSBBBA-Accountancy;
    5-Year BBA to MS-Accountancy;
    5-Year BBA to MS-Taxation;
    MS-Taxation: Financial Planning
    CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    AS-Forensic Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    CUNY Bronx Community CollegeACBSPAAS-AccountingN.Av.22%$5,326$8,384$40,044
    CUNY Brooklyn CollegeBBA-Accounting;
    BS-Public Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting;
    MS-Business Administration: Accounting;
    CUNY Hostos Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    CUNY Hunter CollegeBS-Accounting;
    CUNY Kingsborough Community CollegeAS-AccountingN.Av.32%$7,128$7,100$41,838
    CUNY LaGuardia Community CollegeAS-AccountingN.Av.29%$8,344$7,407$43,007
    CUNY Lehman CollegeBA-Accounting;
    CUNY Medgar Evers CollegeACBSPBS-Accounting85.9%22%$6,852$10,988$42,968
    CUNY New York City College of TechnologyAAS-Accounting82.5%21%$5,457$10,533$47,242
    CUNY Queens CollegeBBA-Accounting: Advanced Accounting;
    BBA-Accounting: Business Accounting;
    CUNY Queensborough Community CollegeACBSPAAS-Accounting;
    AS-Forensic Accounting
    CUNY York CollegeBS-Accounting;
    D’Youville UniversityMinor-Accounting92%66%$21,755$25,000$61,994
    Daemen UniversityIACBEBS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    Dutchess Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeping
    Elmira CollegeBS-Accounting: 120-Hour Option;
    BS-Accounting: 150-Hour Option;
    Elyon CollegeAAS-Accounting and Business Technology;
    UG Cert-Accounting and Business Technology
    Erie Community CollegeUG Cert-Accounting TechnicianN.Av.26%$5,271$9,250$39,305
    Excelsior UniversityUG Cert-Bookkeeping;
    BS-Business: General Accounting;
    MBA-Finance and Accounting
    Farmingdale State CollegeUG Cert-Accounting72.5%53%$6,007$14,718$64,404
    Finger Lakes Community CollegeAAS-AccountingN.Av.30%$11,086$12,975$37,712
    Fordham UniversityBS-Public Accounting;
    BS-Accounting Information Systems;
    BS-Applied Accounting and Finance;
    BS-Public Accountancy;
    5-Year BS-Accounting to MS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Accounting Information Systems to MS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Applied Accounting and Finance to MS-Accounting;
    MS-Accounting: Accounting, Auditing, and Advisory;
    MS-Accounting: Accounting Technology Analytics
    Fulton-Montgomery Community CollegeAAS-AccountingN.Av.33%$8,741$12,125$40,281
    Genesee Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Applied Accounting
    Hartwick CollegeBS-Accounting;
    BS-Accounting: CPA Track;
    3-Year BS-Accounting
    Herkimer County Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    Hilbert CollegeBS-Accounting;
    BS-Accounting: CPA Track
    Hofstra UniversityAACSBBBA-Accounting;
    BBA-Accounting: CPA Licensure
    MS-Accounting: Business Analysis & Reporting;
    MS-Accounting: Information Systems & Controls
    Houghton UniversityBS-Accounting;
    3-Year BS-Accounting
    Hudson Valley Community CollegeAAS-Accounting
    UG Cert-Accounting
    Iona UniversityBBA-Accounting;
    Ithaca CollegeBS-Accounting;
    BSBA-Corporate Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    MS-Accounting: Auditing;
    MS-Accounting: Tax
    Jefferson Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    Keuka CollegeIACBEBS-Accounting;
    Le Moyne CollegeBS-Business: Accounting;
    BS-Accounting: Information Systems;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting/MS-Information Systems;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Professional Accountancy/MBA
    Long Island UniversityBS-Accounting;
    MBA: Accounting
    Manhattan CollegeBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MBA: Accounting;
    Manhattanville CollegeBA-Accounting;
    5-Year BA/BS-Accounting to MS-Finance
    Marist CollegeBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting/MS-Professional Accountancy;
    MS-Professional Accountancy
    Mercy CollegeBS-General Accounting;
    BS-General Accounting: Financial Accounting;
    BS-General Accounting: Taxation;
    BS-Management Accounting;
    BS-Public Accounting;
    UG Cert-General Accounting I;
    UG Cert-General Accounting II;
    UG Cert-Management Accounting;
    UG Cert-Public Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Public Accounting/MS-Public Accounting
    MS-Public Accounting
    Mohawk Valley Community CollegeAAS-Business: AccountingN.Av.34%$8,056$11,000$37,356
    Molloy UniversityIACBEBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting/MBA
    Monroe Community CollegeAAS-Accounting Technician;
    AS-Business Administration: Accounting
    Mount Saint Mary CollegeIACBEBS-Accounting;
    BS-Accounting: Sports Management;
    5-Year BS-Accounting to MBA
    Nassau Community CollegeAS-AccountingN.Av.22%$6,730$10,500$47,177
    Nazareth CollegeBS-Accounting;
    Dual BS-Accounting/Finance;
    New York UniversityBS-Business: General Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    MBA: Accounting;
    Niagara County Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    Niagara UniversityBBA-Accounting;
    4-Year or 5-Year BBA to MBA-Professional Accountancy;
    5-Year BBA to MS-Professional Accountancy;
    5-Year BBA-Accounting to MS-Finance;
    Minor-Data Analytics;
    Minor-Fraud Examination and Economic Crime;
    Orange County Community CollegeACBSPAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Procedures
    Pace UniversityAACSBBBA-Accounting;
    BBA-Public Accounting;
    UG Cert-Basic Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BBA-Public Accounting+MBA;
    5-Year Integrated BBA-Public Accounting+MS-Financial Management;
    5-Year Integrated BBA-Public Accounting+MS-Taxation;
    Roberts Wesleyan UniversityIACBEBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Accounting/MS-Strategic Leadership
    Rochester Institute of TechnologyAAS-Accounting Technology;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting+MS-Accounting and Analytics;
    MS-Accounting and Analytics;
    Grad Cert-Accounting and Financial Analytics
    Rockland Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    Schenectady County Community CollegeAAS-AccountingN.Av.24%$5,312$11,049$37,653
    Siena CollegeBS-Accounting;
    BS-Business: Accounting Theory and Foundations;
    4-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    St Bonaventure UniversityBBA-Accounting;
    5-Year BBA-Accounting to MBA-Professional Accountancy
    St. Francis CollegeBS-Accounting;
    BS-Accounting: CPA;
    Minor-Corporate Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting/CPA+MS-Professional Accountancy;
    MS-Professional Accountancy
    St. John Fisher UniversityBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MBA-Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Accounting
    St. John’s University-New YorkAACSBBS-Accounting;
    Fast-Track BS-Accounting/MS Accounting;
    Fast-Track BS Accounting/MS Taxation;
    Fast-Track BS Accounting/MBA;
    MS-Accounting: Data Analytics;
    MS-Accounting: Enterprise Risk Management;
    MS-Accounting: Financial Services Reporting;
    MS-Accounting: Forensics;
    MS-Accounting: Information Systems and Control;
    MS-Accounting: Internal Audit;
    MS-Accounting: International Financial Reporting;
    MS-Accounting: International Taxation;
    MS-Accounting: Taxation
    Dual JD/MS-Accounting;
    Dual JD/MBA-Accounting
    St. Joseph’s University-New YorkBSBA-Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MBA-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Accounting to MS-Management;
    St. Thomas Aquinas CollegeIACBEBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Dual BS-Accounting/MBA
    State University of New York at New PaltzBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Accounting to MBA-Public Accountancy;
    MBA-Public Accountancy
    State University of New York at OswegoBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS/MBA-Public Accounting;
    MBA-Public Accounting
    Stony Brook UniversityMinor-Accounting;
    Suffolk County Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    Sullivan County Community CollegeACBSPAAS-Business Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Studies
    SUNY AdirondackAS-AccountingN.Av.30%$7,619$14,345$40,927
    SUNY at AlbanyAACSBBS-Accounting;
    MS-Forensic Accounting;
    MS-Professional Accountancy
    SUNY at FredoniaBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    SUNY BrockportBS-Accounting;
    SUNY Broome Community CollegeAAS-Business: AccountingN.Av.25%$7,362$12,000$37,578
    SUNY College at GeneseoBS-Accounting;
    SUNY College at Old WestburyBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS/MS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS/MS-Taxation;
    MS-Forensic Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Taxation
    SUNY College at PlattsburghBS-Accounting;
    Minor-Forensic Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting/MS-Data Analytics and Accounting
    SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at CobleskillAAS-Accounting;
    BBA-Forensic Accounting;
    Minor-Forensic Accounting
    SUNY College of Technology at AlfredIACBEAAS-Accounting82.1%54%$17,401$13,750$50,342
    SUNY College of Technology at CantonIACBEAAS-Accounting95.2%38%$11,529$20,000$42,326
    SUNY College of Technology at DelhiAAS-Accounting;
    SUNY Corning Community CollegeAS-Accounting/Financial ManagementN.Av.33%$6,493$12,000$37,097
    SUNY Empire State CollegeIACBEBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS-Accounting/MBA-Business Management
    SUNY MorrisvilleACBSPAAS-Accounting;
    SUNY OneontaBS-Accounting69.6%74%$17,594$19,812$53,975
    SUNY Polytechnic InstituteBS-Accounting;
    Grad Cert-Forensic Accounting and Valuation
    SUNY Westchester Community CollegeAS-Accounting and FinanceN.Av.24%$10,536$10,400$44,163
    Syracuse UniversityBS-Accounting;
    BS-General Accounting;
    Accelerated BS to MS-Accounting;
    MBA-Professional Accounting
    MS-Professional Accounting;
    Tompkins Cortland Community CollegeAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    Touro UniversityBS-Accounting: CPA;
    BS-Accounting: Managerial;
    BS-Business Management Accounting;
    BS-Managerial Accounting;
    MBA-Forensic Accounting
    Ulster County Community CollegeAccounting-AAS;
    University at BuffaloAACSBBS-Accounting;
    5-Year Integrated BS/MS-Accounting;
    University of RochesterMS-Accountancy;
    Utica UniversityACBSPBS-Accounting;
    MS-Forensic Accounting
    Wagner CollegeACBSPBS-Business Administration: Accounting;
    Yeshiva UniversityBS-Accounting;
    MS-Accounting: Business Analysis and Reporting;
    MS-Accounting: Information Systems and Controls;
    MS-Accounting: Tax Compliance and Planning

    Table Notes:
    *Median Debt: The median debt is the cumulative federal loan debt, excluding PLUS loans, at the time of graduation for students who completed an undergraduate program (certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree) as reported by College Scorecard for academic year 2020-2021 based on ‚Äč‚ÄčNational Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) data.
    **Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry: Median earnings are the middle value of earnings, at which half earned more and half earned less, measured 10 years (2020-2021) after the first year of study (2010-2011) for all students, institution-wide, who received federal loans and who are employed but not enrolled in school. Note that this value includes those who completed their program of study as well as those who discontinued study without receiving an award.

    Top-Ranked Accounting Schools in New York

    College rankings can be a useful tool to measure the overall reputation of a school or program. Weighing multiple rankings when evaluating your college choices can be helpful because different publishers may use different ranking factors in their methodologies. While the best program for your goals may rely on a combination of factors not typically considered in overall rankings, such as location or funding, seeing a program ranked on multiple lists can be a strong indication of reputation and academic quality.

    College Factual’s Best Accounting Schools 2023

    • New York University (#20)
    • Syracuse University (#31)
    • Fordham University (#44)
    • Binghamton University (#74)
    • Baruch College (#104)
    • Yeshiva University (#105)
    • Hofstra University (#134)
    • Marist College (#144)
    • SUNY Albany (#157)
    • Ithaca College (#164)
    • Siena College (#172)
    • Manhattan College (#177)
    • Rochester Institute of Technology (#178)
    • University at Buffalo (#195)
    • St John’s University New York (#200)
    • Canisius College (#215)
    • Pace University (#223)
    • Iona College (#249)2

    Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Accounting Majors 2023

    • Alfred University
    • CUNY Baruch
    • CUNY Brooklyn
    • CUNY Hunter
    • CUNY Queens
    • Cornell University
    • Fordham University
    • Hofstra University
    • Le Moyne College
    • New York University
    • Pace University
    • Rochester Institute of Technology
    • St. Bonaventure University
    • Siena College3

    US News & World Report’s Best MBA Accounting Programs 2023

    • New York University (#10 tie)
    • Cornell University (#17)
    • Fordham University (#19 tie)
    • Columbia University (#29 tie)
    • CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College (#40 tie)4

    US News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs 2023

    • Syracuse University (#8 tie)
    • Pace University (#44 tie)
    • SUNY Oswego (#79 tie)
    • SUNY College of Technology-Canton (#98 tie)
    • Utica University (#98 tie)
    • St. Joseph’s University (#127 tie)
    • SUNY College of Technology-Delhi (#127 tie)
    • Mercy College (#157 tie)
    • D’Youville University (#170-214)5

    US News & World Report’s Best Undergrad Accounting Programs 2022-23

    • New York University (#8)
    • Cornell University (#18)
    • Cansius College (#35 tie)
    • LeMoyne College (#44 tie)
    • Binghamton University (#50 tie)
    • Fordham University (#50 tie)
    • CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College (#57 tie)6

    Highest First-Time CPA Exam Pass Rate with a Bachelor’s Degree

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) releases reports including data on candidate performance on the Uniform CPA Exam.11 The following schools had the highest first-time CPA exam pass rates in New York in 2019 (the most recent report available*) for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, with the overall pass rate for first-time test-takers in New York being 59%:

    1. Long Island University 88.2%
    2. Canisius College 78.3%
    3. Cornell University 78.3%
    4. Skidmore College 75%
    5. SUNY at Oneonta 70%
    6. Tuoro College-Flatbush 69.4%

    *As NASBA makes significant changes to the CPA Exam as part of the CPA Evolution initiative, new candidate score reports by state are not anticipated until at least mid-2024.

    Schools in New York with Accounting Degrees

    To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of accounting degrees offered in New York, we have profiled select programs below. Be sure to visit the websites of programs of interest for more detailed information on courses, admissions requirements and deadlines, and faculty.

    Undergraduate Accounting Programs

    Canisius College

    Canisius College Richard J. Wehle School of Business offers an undergraduate degree in Accounting. This Buffalo-based accounting program allows students to choose between a 120-credit-hour Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting, a 120-credit BS in Accounting Systems and Analytics, or a 150-credit BS in Professional Accounting. The BS in Professional Accounting qualifies students to apply for a CPA license in the state of New York and can be completed in five years. Canisius also gives students the option to pursue a BS/Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting or a Bachelor of Arts (BA)/MBA in Professional Accounting. Course titles include Auditing Theory and Practice; Business Organization and Commercial Paper; and Advanced Taxation. Students are given opportunities to gain real-life experience through internships, mentorships, and an office visitation program. The Accounting Society is a student-run program that creates networking events such as Meet the Accountants Night, the Accounting Banquet, and presentations by working professionals.

    Fordham University

    Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business provides accounting students with multiple career pathways by offering four different Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting degrees: Public Accounting; Public Accountancy; Applied Accounting and Finance; and Accounting Information Systems. Students who want to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) can either choose the 150-credit Public Accountancy major, a five-year program designed for CPA licensure, or they have the option to integrate any of the other three majors into a five-year program, allowing them to graduate with both a BS and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Science (MS) degree. Required courses for all four majors include Intermediate Financial Accounting I, Intermediate Financial Accounting II, and Advanced Concepts in Financial Accounting. The Applied Accounting and Finance curriculum includes courses such as Corporate Financial Policy, while the Accounting Information Systems program includes courses such as Database Systems. Accounting can also be added as a Secondary Concentration or a minor to any major. Fordham also offers career services for undergraduate students designed to help them start their careers by offering counseling, workshops, and connections to alumni and important recruiters.

    New York University

    New York University (NYU) offers a 134-credit Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business with an Accounting Concentration that includes courses in Managerial Accounting; Financial Statement Analysis; and approved Advanced Accounting Electives. This program is designed to introduce students to accounting as an integral part of business and prepare them to enter the workforce or pursue an advanced degree. Students also have the option of completing a joint Bachelor of Science (BS)/Master of Science (MS) in Accounting degree, which meets the educational requirements to apply for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license in the state of New York. NYU features two student societies for accounting majors, the Stern Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi. The Stern Accounting Society offers visits to accounting firms, visiting speakers, and career advisory panels. Beta Alpha Psi is a fraternity for distinguished accounting students that offers speaking events, mentoring programs, and other networking opportunities.

    Graduate Accounting Programs

    Columbia University

    Columbia University offers a 30-credit Master of Science in Accounting and Fundamental Analysis (MSAFA) which can be completed in three semesters. This STEM-designated accounting program is designed for advanced students focused on building industry skills. MSAFA students take several courses with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Accounting students and are expected to complete a substantial research project that meets the same academic standards as the PhD program. This program aims to prepare students for a career in investments; hedge funds; and consulting through required coursework in fundamental analysis; statistics, finance, and economics; electives; and a substantial research project under a faculty member’s supervision resulting in a thesis. While work experience is not required to apply, it is heavily encouraged and most students have an undergraduate degree in business or economics. Applications are accepted in January for Fall admittance. Columbia’s career center offers individual career counseling, resume building, and networking events.

    Cornell University

    Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business offers a 30-credit Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Management with an Accounting Specialization that is designed to be completed in one year. This MPS is a STEM-designated program, offering a curriculum that emphasizes analytics and data-driven problem-solving. Students have the ability to customize their degree to their interests by selecting from a large number of graduate electives including courses in finance, strategy, real estate, business analytics, general management, and business law. Cornell graduates applying to the MPS program must have completed either a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Economics and Management, a BS in Hotel Administration, or a Minor in Business (or equivalent). Applicants from outside of Cornell are required to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, which must include introductory courses in Financial Accounting; Economics; Statistics; Business or Management; and Finance and Marketing. Applications are accepted in December, January, March, and April. Students interested in careers in research or teaching at the collegiate level can pursue Cornell’s Doctor (PhD) in Management with a field concentration in Accounting.

    Online Accounting Programs

    State University of New York at Plattsburgh

    State University of New York at Plattsburgh (or SUNY Plattsburgh) offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting as a transfer completion program that can be completed fully online. This program is designed for students who already hold an associate’s degree in business or have completed previous coursework in business and accounting. Course titles include Principles of Finance; Accounting Theory and Research; and Strategic Management.This program can help students prepare for Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) certification, as well as other financial certifications, though further education will be required. Under an articulation agreement with SUNY Old Westbury, graduates of the BS in Accounting program who are interested in CPA certification can transfer to an online 30-credit Master of Science (MS) in Accounting program that can be completed in an additional six semesters. SUNY Plattsburgh also has a partnership with International Business Machines (IBM), with many accounting students obtaining internships or job placements there. Students have also gone on to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers; JPMorgan Chase; and Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.

    Utica University

    Utica University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting. This 120-credit degree is a 100% online program with six start dates per year that takes approximately four years to complete. This program gives students a foundation in business along with advanced topics in accounting, including a portion of courses required for the CPA credential. Course titles include Intermediate Accounting, Cost Management, Income Tax Accounting, and Auditing. Students may also choose to pursue Utica’s online Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) degree or Master of Science (MS) in Forensic Accounting degrees, designed for working professionals, which can be completed on a part-time basis in two years. Graduates from Utica’s MSA and MS in Forensic Accounting programs meet the academic requirements for the Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) exam in most states. A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Professional Accounting and an Accounting Minor are also available on the Utica campus.

    Related Articles:

    New York CPA Requirements

    While CPA certification is not required to find employment in the accounting sector, it will expand your qualifications and job opportunities. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of the Professions regulates accounting licensure in the state of New York. In order to sit for the exam in New York, 150 hours of applicable coursework from a New York State Licensure Qualifying Registered Program must be completed. In addition, applicants must have a minimum of one year of full-time experience in accounting. The only way to waive some of the educational requirements to take the exam is to have at least 15 years of field experience. If any portion of the exam is failed, testers have up to 18 months to retake and pass that section.

    Career Opportunities for Accounting Graduates in New York

    Home to one of the world’s leading financial districts, Wall Street in New York City, New York offers accounting graduates access to numerous firm headquarters and financial institutions. Many of the country’s top accounting firms are headquartered in New York, including Deloitte, Marcum, and EY. Several large corporations also call New York home and require financially-minded professionals to keep their businesses running. Verizon, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and IBM are four of the largest companies in the state. Whether they choose to work for an accounting firm or another business, accounting graduates should find a plethora of options in New York post-graduation.

    New York Accounting Salary and Jobs by Metro Area

    Metro AreaAccountants & Auditors Employed12Average Annual Salary12
    Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls5,320$84,130
    New York-Newark-Jersey City125,750$114,280

    New York Schools with Accounting Degree Programs

    Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

    Alfred State College
    10 Upper College Dr
    Alfred, NY 14802
    (607) 587-4111

    Student Review: “My experience with accounting at Alfred State College was very good. The teachers here are always on time, care about the students, highly motivated, ready to teach, and are always there for me when I need extra help. Many professors even record the lectures so we could review them later on if we missed something, or wanted to review any of the content we went over in class. I found this to be a very helpful tool to better understand the material. Alfred State College has an all-around great learning environment and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to attend college for accounting.” -William E., student at Alfred State College

    Columbia University
    New York, NY 10027
    (212) 854-1754

    Student Review: “Columbia University offered a top tier business program allowing students to focus on a number of applicable business areas including accounting. What separated this program from others was that it took students beyond financial statement analysis (which is important) to true understanding of earnings quality, valuing businesses using financial data, and understanding footnotes to financial statements. The outcome from this level of detail was a true mastery allowing students to become subject matter experts rather than simply understanding basic material. The professors were best in class, well respected in both academia and the business world. Class sizes were always kept manageable, typically capped at 60 students (for the most popular) but often less. Professors were always available during regularly scheduled office hours for additional assistance if needed. The program certainly exceeded my expectations and is consistent with Columbia’s brand recognition as a top business school.” -Jason S., student at Columbia University

    Student Review: “Columbia’s accounting program was a great experience for me that enabled me to find a great job and learn many new things. The one thing I enjoyed the most while at Columbia was the sheer opportunity around me. Being in the city of New York, I could work with accounting firms in the city to gain experience and a foot in the door in the field. With accounting, internships and work experience is crucial to finding a job in today’s economy. At Columbia, I was able to get the experience needed to get ahead. Moreover, Columbia’s professors and staff are top-notch. I got a quality education and an Ivy League degree that makes me competitive for any accounting job out there. I would recommend this place to anyone.” -Carol Y., student at Columbia University

    Corning Community College
    1 Academic Dr
    Corning, NY 14830
    (607) 962-9222

    Student Review: “Corning Community College is not only a place I go to learn, but somewhere that I actually feel at home at. Initially I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in college, but after consulting the Student Services Center, I was guided to an accounting professor, and I was convinced. I currently take online as well as on-campus classes, which is very convenient. While online classes are harder, especially since you’re not getting direct help from teachers, I find that they are easier when taking other things into consideration, such as work and family time. If you are a person that is always on the go, I could not recommend their online accounting program enough. It is challenging, interesting, and convenient.” -Student at Corning Community College

    Marist College
    3399 N Rd
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
    (845) 575-3000

    Student Review: “Marist College is a small school located on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, NY. It has a beautiful campus and the school attends to the students’ needs quite well. The curriculum is challenging, but overall very informative. The professors are all extremely knowledgeable and are very enthusiastic about teaching. All of them want to see you succeed and will go to great lengths to help you. I have learned countless ways to make my accounting career successful and intend to do just that. Not to mention the internship program was phenomenal. The faculty goes above and beyond to help you find the internship you want and it is truly a great experience.” -Christopher C., student at Marist College

    Monroe Community College
    1000 E Henrietta Rd
    Rochester, NY 14623
    (585) 292-2000

    Student Review: “The accounting program at Monroe Community College was fun, but challenging. I had previously taken no accounting courses in high school so all the material was fresh and I knew nothing going in. The professors I had were very strict but very fair, as you would expect an accountant to be. They all had previous real life accounting experiences and were more than happy to share some of the stories and things that they had done. This made the class very interesting and more fun to participate in. I felt like I had more of a connection with these professors because they were willing to do that. They taught the course so that we learned how things should be done, but then were not hesitant to tell us how things would be in real life situations which I enjoyed a lot.” -Student at Monroe Community College

    New York University
    70 Washington Square S
    New York, NY 10012
    (212) 998-1212

    Student Review: “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting in NYU’s Accounting program in the Stern School of Business. I had taken an introductory accounting class in high school, but overall, I was a newbie to the accounting field and curriculum. Once I began my NYU curriculum, however, I realized that I had made the right choice because I learned so much in my accounting courses just my first year. Over the four year program, your courses range from financial accounting to managerial accounting to auditing to international reporting; the curriculum is extremely thorough. The quality of the professors are also top-notch. They really know what they’re doing as they have lived and worked in one of the world’s foremost financial markets. Some of the professors are a bit hard to get a hold of one on one, but if you go that extra mile, you can absolutely make it work. NYU Stern really prepares your for the ‘real world’ and a successful career in the accounting field.” -Student at New York University

    Niagara County Community College
    3111 Saunders Settlement Rd
    Sanborn, NY 14132

    Student Review: “In spite of NCCC being the only 2 year accounting program in Western NY state, it is a good program and was a good experience for me. The instructors are generally dedicated, experienced in the fields they teach, and fairly lenient graders. As with any educational program, you get out of it what you put into it. Online classes are available, but potential students should be aware that the online classes are typically more work and more time-consuming than traditional classes. It’s entirely possible to fit all your classes into a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule to save gas and commuting time. The only negative aspect of the program itself is that the business courses (including the accounting courses) are only offered in the morning or at night – not in the afternoon, and the physical education courses (a requirement of the program) are only offered in the morning. If at all possible, take your general education classes in the afternoon to leave mornings free for your core business, accounting, and physical education classes.” -Student at Niagara County Community College

    Student Review: “NCCC’s accounting degrees (AS or AAS) are the only 2 year accounting programs in the Buffalo region. The accounting faculty at NCCC are held in high esteem by the educators in accounting departments at the local 4 year schools (as I learned while interviewing at multiple schools after graduation from NCCC), and any serious student attending NCCC will find the curriculum well-taught and easy to understand, with plenty of extra help available if needed. The teachers have real-world experience in accounting, and are excellent at imparting their knowledge. They boasted, during my time there, that NCCC students who go on to 4 year accounting programs are able to keep up with their counterparts who did their first 2 years at the 4 year school, and as a transferee to a 4 year program, I can confirm this. I have just completed my first semester with a 3.88 GPA, so obviously there’s not anything missing from my fundamental education in accounting.” Student at Niagara County Community College

    Queens College
    65-30 Kissena Blvd
    Flushing, NY 11367
    (718) 997-5000

    Student Review: “The accounting program at Queens College was very challenging. I did come across a lot of professors that were willing to take the extra time to thoroughly go over and review contents that were not easily grasped. However, there were a few professors that were completely opposite, who showed no concern for students understanding the material. It was pretty much “either you get it or you don’t.” None the less, good grades were attainable. A lot of investment in studying was applied to maintain a good standing in my classes. Queens College did offer a lot of tutoring for various accounting classes, which was very helpful.” -Student at Queens College

    State University of New York at Brockport
    350 New Campus Dr
    Brockport, NY 14420
    (585) 395-2211

    Student Review: “I felt that the accounting program at Brockport was phenomenal. The teachers were great, aside from a few duds, and I was generally pleased with the process of receiving an undergrad degree in this program. It was quite rigorous at times, but I learned to balance my time between work and play. While I was here I was also treasurer for an organization on campus, so this helped develop my skills even further. I truly feel like I gained the knowledge to be successful in the career field of accounting, and that is what I expected coming into college.” -Student at State University of New York at Brockport

    State University of New York at Fredonia
    280 Central Ave
    Fredonia, NY 14063
    (716) 673-3111

    Student Review: “I really liked my accounting program at college. It was a small enough school where you felt comfortable among familiar faces and weren’t afraid of asking questions with the professors. It was a small enough school, and yet still big enough where you didn’t feel bored or trapped by it. The program for the most part had great professors who knew what they were teaching and were fairly willing to help out if you needed it. The college also offered tutoring, which was really helpful for the challenging courses that I just needed a little extra help with. The tutors were students who either took the classes or were taking them at the time, and were at the top of their classes. For the most part, I don’t think there was anything I really disliked about the program/college.” -Student at SUNY Fredonia

    University of Buffalo
    12 Capen Hall
    Buffalo, NY
    (716) 645-6900

    Student Review: “The University at Buffalo school of accounting is not that great compared to others. The lower level courses are semi challenging and they weed out the weak links, the exact purpose. Once accepted into the school, the beginning of your junior year, you immediately dive into core courses. The upper level courses are much more challenging. The school of accounting has a very poor advisory staff. They put every student in the same direction and give ultimatums almost every time. But, with a degree from the University at Buffalo in accounting the possibilities are limitless.” -Student at University of Buffalo

    Student Review: “I enjoyed my university experience quite a bit. It can really help prepare you for what is to come. They are here to help which is what a lot of students do not understand. Every person employed by the school wants to see you achieve and just talking to someone can help you get a new outlook on a problem. The accounting department was amazing and they really want you to utilize everything the school can offer you. It was a great experience and has helped me to get my current position.” -Student at University of Buffalo

    Student Review: “I just recently graduated from the School of Management at the University at Buffalo with a B.A in accounting. My experience here was extremely memorable and has given me many tools to be successful in my career ahead. The classes were challenging, but also very rewarding. The program gives you a well-rounded view from audit to tax, etc. Graduates are frequently targeted by Big 4 firms, and I had several offers before graduating. There is a career resource center in the school specifically for business majors, which helps immensely in finding internships and ways to get involved. UB is consistently ranked in the top 75 business schools in the nation, and it has given me a world-class education.” -Student at University at Buffalo

    Wagner College
    631 Howard Ave
    State Island, NY 10301
    (718) 390-3100

    Student Review: “When I first arrived at college I was a little nervous and did not know what to do. I was confused and felt like I was in a different world. One thing that really helped me out was the size of my college. The college only has about 2,500 students so the campus is small. I got to know where every building was and how to get to it. I knew I wanted to do business before I got to college but the business program helped me out a lot. The teachers are very personable and the classrooms are small so asking for extra help is not a problem.” -Carmine C., student at Wagner College

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