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    Renowned for its nightlife, sprawling theme parks, and being a hotbed for sports (particularly golf), Florida offers plenty of leisure activities that are always enticing to students, while also being a great place for a business degree because of its quality schools and business prospects that await graduates.

    Based on data collated by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), there are at least 24 undergraduate business schools and 22 graduate business schools in Florida that are business accredited, and all of the schools on our list are all regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

    Below you will find information on our list of schools, including various sortable criteria that will help narrow your ideal institution. The tables have data on tuition (before aid), average financial aid per student, admission exam median scores, and acceptance and graduation rates.

    Best Business Schools in Florida

    Fast facts on some of the best business schools in Florida according to US News Rankings.

    • University of Florida – #34 in Best Business Schools, #42 in Best National Universities, #93 in Best Value Schools, #24 in Best Business Programs, #9 in Top Public Schools, #6 in Best Online MBA Programs
    • University of Miami – #18 in Best Collages for Veterans, #64 in Best Business Programs, #59 in Best Value Schools
    • Florida State University – #45 in Best Business Programs, #81 in Best National Universities, #33 in Top Public Schools, #6 in Best Online Graduate Business Programs
    • University of Central Florida – #25 in Most Innovative Schools, #128 in Best Business Programs, #16 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

    Undergraduate Business Schools in Florida

    The average in-state undergraduate cost of attendance before financial aid on our list is $16,370, with 15 schools offering undergraduate programs at a cost more affordable than this amount. Palm Beach State College offers the most affordable tuition at $2,444. At Jacksonville, Florida State College offers a similarly affordable rate of $2,878 and average financial assistance of around $3,895 per student.

    Florida Memorial University has the most challenging schools’ admission rate on our list, at 25%, followed by Florida A&M University at 31%. On the other hand, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has the highest acceptance rate of any school on our list, at 71%. The institution that boasts the highest graduation rate is the University of Florida, with 87%.

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    You can browse our table below for the entire list of undergraduate business schools in Florida and sort them based on city, tuition fees, financial aid provided per student, acceptance rates, and average ACT and SAT scores. Click on the column header to sort by each category.

    SchoolCityTuitionAidMedian SATMedian ACTAccept. RateGrad. Rate
    Barry UniversityMiami$28,800$16,201850-101018-2162%31%
    Bethune-Cookman UniversityDaytona Beach$14,410$10,49633%
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDaytona Beach$33,886$18,00871%55%
    Florida A&M UniversityTallahassee$5,785$7,160900-108019-2431%41%
    Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton$4,831$6,481950-114020-2560%50%
    Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFort Myers$6,118$4,735990-115022-2656%46%
    Florida International UniversityMiami$6,556$5,1251030-121023-2750%56%
    Florida Memorial UniversityMiami Gardens$15,536$9,82325%38%
    Florida Southern CollegeLakeland$33,150$19,0181040-123024-2946%60%
    Florida State College at JacksonvilleJacksonville$2,878$3,895
    Florida State UniversityTallahassee$6,507$4,4361110-128025-2958%80%
    Palm Beach State CollegeLake Worth$2,444$5,252
    Rollins CollegeWinter Park$46,520$21,72161%72%
    Southeastern UniversityLakeland$24,160$12,076840-109018-2446%41%
    Stetson UniversityDeLand$43,240$28,59966%64%
    The University of TampaTampa$27,740$11,057990-116022-2748%59%
    The University of West FloridaPensacola$6,360$5,223950-113021-2641%49%
    University of Central FloridaOrlando$6,368$5,0461080-127024-2850%69%
    University of FloridaGainesville$6,381$6,1941180-137027-3146%87%
    University of MiamiCoral Gables$47,004$23,1681210-139028-3238%82%
    University of North FloridaJacksonville$6,394$5,2881040-122021-2665%54%
    University of South Florida (USF)Tampa$6,410$6,4261070-125024-2847%68%
    USF Sarasota-ManateeSarasota$5,587$5,3131020-119021-2638%
    USF-St PetersburgSt. Petersburg$5,821$5,4511050-124024-2736%36%

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    Graduate Business Schools in Florida

    Florida has plenty of options to choose from for those who want to pursue an MBA program or other master’s level degree, with about 22 schools offering accredited graduate business programs. Based on NCES data, the average cost for a business degree in the state is $27,255 without financial assistance. The Pensacola’s University of West Florida has the lowest tuition, at $12,461 before aid, while the University of Miami has the highest tuition before aid, at $91,748.

    Based on the available data, the average student-to-faculty ratio for graduate business schools is about 3 to 1. They range from a low of 1.26 to 1 at Florida State University to 8.35 to 1 at the University of Florida. Eleven of the schools on our list have at least 69% of faculty members with doctorate degrees.

    Most of the schools on our list also offer their courses on the internet, which is more popularly known as an online MBA in Florida. These programs have nearly the same curricula and courses as their on-campus counterparts, allowing students with busy schedules to establish balance and study at their own pace.

    The table below contains sortable data on the graduate business schools we have on our list, which can by sorted by school, city, tuition, average Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores, percentage of faculty with doctoral degrees, and student to faculty ratio.

    SchoolCityTuitionAvg. GMATFaculty
    with Doct.
    Barry UniversityMiami Shores$38,96050688%1.45
    University of Central FloridaOrlando$17,74356372%2
    Embry-RiddleDaytona Beach$31,606483
    Florida A&M UniversityTallahassee$18,480550
    Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton$16,64253979%2.73
    Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFort Myers$13,44253389%1.83
    Florida International UniversityMiami$35,000557.785%0.52
    Florida Memorial UniversityMiami Gardens$20,000
    Florida Southern CollegeLakeland$29,90076%4.67
    Florida State UniversityTallahassee$21,64454581%1.26
    University of FloridaGainesville$26,47363697%8.35
    Jacksonville UniversityJacksonville$25,92046069%2.95
    University of MiamiCoral Gables$91,748563.8100%4.83
    University of North FloridaJacksonville$17,772530
    Rollins CollegeWinter Park$59,480573
    University of South FloridaSt. Petersburg$20,000560
    University of South FloridaTampa$14,487567
    University of South FloridaSarasota$16,800
    Southeastern UniversityLakeland$19,000
    Stetson UniversityDeLand$28,29094%2.06
    University of TampaTampa$23,760530
    University of West FloridaPensacola$12,461450

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    Job Outlook for Business School Graduates in Florida

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. It is chiefly responsible for compiling statistical data on the field of economy and labor. The BLS offers career salary information as well as the projected growth rate for occupations by state. The fastest-growing occupations in Florida are for Market Analysts and Marketing Specialists, with a 22.8% projected growth rate expected through 2026.4

    The average annual wage in 2016 across all occupations in the state was $50,860, with business-related practices averaging about $107,436, more than double the state average.4 Of business careers, chief executives earn the highest salaries, at $212,460, followed by financial managers who earn $141,300.4

    Chief Executives11-101114,120$102$212,4600.08
    Operations Managers11-102177,340$63$130,2709.1%
    Advertising and Promotions Managers11-20110,750$63$131,5305.8%
    Marketing Managers11-20217,600$59$121,92010.0%
    Sales Managers11-202213,560$66$137,9407.4%
    Public Relations Managers11-20311,710$56$117,39010.4%
    Administrative Services Managers11-301110,710$51$105,94010.1%
    Computer and IT Systems Managers11-302111,460$66$136,56011.9%
    Financial Managers11-303120,390$68$141,30018.7%
    Purchasing Managers11-30612,470$57$118,8805.6%
    Compensation and Benefits Managers11-31110,600$52$107,7905.0%
    Human Resources Managers11-31214,970$54$112,6108.9%
    Training and Development Managers11-31311,180$49$101,69010.3%
    Construction Managers11-902118,090$45$94,55011.4%
    Architectural and Engineering Managers11-90416,380$62$128,1405.5%
    Business Managers of Artists and Athletes13-10110,970$36$73,8504.9%
    Compliance Officers13-104116,260$29$61,2308.2%
    Cost Estimators13-105113,240$29$59,76010.6%
    Human Resources Specialists13-107132,220$27$57,1807.1%
    Labor Relations Specialists13-10753,020$29$61,180-7.8%
    Management Analysts13-111142,770$38$80,01012.0%
    Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners13-11216,470$22$46,26010.2%
    Compensation Job Analysis Specialists13-11413,870$28$58,2408.5%
    Training and Development Specialists13-115114,800$28$57,87011.5%
    Market Analysts and Marketing Specialists13-116126,860$31$64,07022.8%
    Business Operations Specialists13-119977,000$33$68,0908.8%
    Accountants and Auditors13-201175,640$33$69,09010.0%
    Budget Analysts13-20312,910$32$66,5606.5%
    Credit Analysts13-20412,780$36$74,4808.4%
    Financial Analysts13-205110,990$37$76,19010.8%
    Insurance Underwriters13-20534,300$32$66,850-5.2%
    Financial Examiners13-20612,930$38$79,1909.8%
    Credit Counselors13-20713,050$21$44,51013.9%
    Loan Officers13-207221,060$40$82,79011.5%
    Tax Examiners and Collectors13-20814,220$22$46,690-0.6%
    Tax Preparers13-20823,500$18$36,47010.8%

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