Accredited Online MBA Programs in New York

Welcome to our in-depth guide covering online MBA programs in New York.

Whether you are considering an accredited MBA degree online, or another business school in New York option, this guide can help you get started with its collection of New York specific resources.

This guide is comprehensive, focusing on providing a simple (but complete) collection of every online MBA option in New York.

With New York playing host to several colleges that offer comprehensive online MBA programs, choosing the right one for you can be quite a challenge. This section collates all the relevant details, such as duration, accreditation, concentration options, student acceptance guidelines, and other information, about eight of the best online MBA in New York programs to make your task easier.

The Best Online MBA Programs in New York

The below 6 online MBA programs in New York are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Clarkson University

Clarkson University Online MBA lets you complete your degree in 21 months, even if you lack a business education background. You can take two courses every quarter or choose a schedule that suits you better. The Clarkson Online MBA in New York begins in January and June each year with an- residence two-day course, and it has a total of eight core courses. You can pick four electives, such as Project Management, Negotiations, Logistics, and Design Methodology.

Clarkson University was founded with the vision of educating motivated men and women to become successful professionals. Today, Clarkson’s Online and Hybrid MBA programs are an example of this and can be earned at any time on any schedule. Each program is AACSB Accredited and helps students understand the fascinating world of business by combining knowledge about people, finance, and the “next big thing.”

In terms of coursework, each program is the same. A total of 42-credit hours must be completed, which includes 27-credit foundation courses and 15-credit electives. Students can study full-time or part-time, and each program can be completed in as little as 21 months.

The online MBA requires a two-day orientation at the beginning of the program, after which all classes are delivered online. Weekly schedules may include group chats, group work, online deliverables, and document submissions. The Hybrid MBA allows students to fit learning in their schedule by taking part in online and on-campus settings.


The Admission Committee evaluates an applicant’s drive, academics, references, test scores, and capacity to fit in the program. Candidates are required to submit an official transcript and GMAT or GRE scores. Although work experience is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. The Online MBA begins every January and June, and the Hybrid MBA begins every term.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework (27 credits) – Economics, Ethics, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Finance, Decision Analysis, Information Systems, Marketing, and Project Management.

2. Long Island University – Post Campus

Long Island University offers a learning environment that fosters academic achievement as well as student growth and development. From running your own business to overseeing top multinational corporations, managerial skills and experience are important in the business world. LIU’s AACSB Accredited one-year Online MBA program is designed to help sharpen these skills and set students up for success.

LIU’s online MBA can be completed in just one year or three semesters. All 36 credits are delivered in a digital classroom environment using live lectures, discussion boards, and a rigorous curriculum. The program is built on “experiential learning” and uses a cohort system to help students develop a robust professional network and develop team-building skills.


Minimum admissions criteria include a GPA of 3.0 from an accredited university and a GMAT score of at least 400. A committee also looks into the applicant’s ability to balance employment with the course load and their teamwork capabilities. The typical class size is between 20 – 25 students. LIU has a rolling admission for the Fall, Spring, Summer semesters.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework (36 credits) – Financial Markets and Institutions, Organizational Behavior, Competitive Marketing Strategy, Financial Reports Analysis, Operations Management, Global Business: Environment & Operations, Securities Analysis, Marketing Seminar, Managing Information Technology, and E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Mergers & Restructuring Strategies, and Business Policy.

3. Marist College

Marist College is situated within the Hudson River Valley and offers a unique Online MBA program that is designed to tailor academic experience with career interests. Its School of Management is AACSB Accredited and understands the evolving challenges of leadership and management. Marist has structured its MBA to provide a broad-based business education structured for today’s working adults to answer these demands.

Marist’s MBA is for everyone, whether you have an undergraduate business degree or not. Nine core courses make up the foundation of the program and are followed by concentration electives. All 36-credit hours necessary to earn the degree are held online and finished in as little as two and a half years.


Acceptance into the program depends on the applicant’s undergraduate academic performance, professional work experience (required number of years is not indicated), and GMAT or GRE scores. Candidates should have the desire to excel in an academic environment and be able to communicate effectively. Applications are accepted all year round, with classes starting in Fall (August) and Spring (January) semesters.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework (24 credits) – The 21st Century Manager, Global Environment of Business, Economics, Analytics Bootcamp, Accounting, Marketing Management, Finance, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

  • Ethical Leadership (12 credits) – Example Courses: Managing Organizational Change, Leadership Power and Influence, Negotiations and Conflict Management.
  • Financial Management (12 credits) – Example Courses: Corporate Financial Theory & Practice, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Markets and Institutions.
  • Healthcare Administration (12 credits) – Example Courses: Health Care Policies and Systems, Ethical/Legal Issues in Health Care, Critical Issues in Health Care.

4. Rochester Institute of Technology

The Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology has offered an MBA program since 1968 and recently launched a new Online Executive MBA program. The AACSB-accredited online MBA in New York is designed for management professionals who are ready to take on the challenges of leadership in the global marketplace. The program is accelerated in format and rigorous in its demands.

Progress in the program starts with a cohort of 15 – 20 professionals who discuss a broad range of topics with the instructor. You can post responses on the discussion board, gain individualized attention from faculty, and collaborate with everyone in the class. Classes are asynchronous, and course content is updated regularly with a 24 response rate from their staff. This accelerated degree program can be earned by completing 47 credit hours in just 17 months.


Applicants in the program must have a minimum of six years of work experience with managerial, technical, or executive responsibilities. This is the reason GMAT is no longer required. Candidates are requested to submit an official transcript from an accredited college or university with a GPA of 3.0 and above.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework (47 credits) – Team Building & Ethics, Accounting & Organizational Goals, Managerial Accounting, Leadership, Statistical Analysis for Managers, Leadership Development I, Valuation & Capital Budgeting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Microeconomics, Power & Influence, Strategic Thinking I & II, Marketing Strategy, Systems Support for Operations, Business Simulation, Leadership Development II, Managing Technology Innovation & Research, Managing New Product Commercialization, Capstone Consulting Project I & II, International Business, International Seminar, International Finance, Executive Leadership.

5. The State University of New York at Oswego

The State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, commonly referred to as SUNY Poly, is New York’s premier university-driven research enterprise. SUNY’s Online MBA in Technology Management provides a broad and integrative perspective on a variety of business functions. It combines a rigorous study of management topics with a unique focus on technology and innovation management. The program’s broad learning scope is ideal for graduates who hold positions in nearly every industry.

SUNY Poly’s MBA in Technology Management is 48 credits in length, consisting of 18 credits of Technology Management core courses, 21 credits of Business Management courses, and nine credits of specialized concentration courses. Part-time students typically take two courses at a time and earn an MBA in four years. Full-time students can finish the program in two years.


Admission requirements include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, a minimum GMAT score of 400, and a 3.0 GPA. Application deadlines are as follows: July 15 for the Fall semester and December 1 for the Spring semester.

Foundational Coursework

  • Standard Coursework (39 credits) – International Business, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Managerial Finance, Marketing Management and Organization Business and Management.
  • Technology Management core courses (18 credits) – Project Management, Managing New Product Design & Development, Business Law Ethics & Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Cases in Technology & Innovation Management, Strategic Planning.
  • Business Management courses (21 credits) – Accounting for Managers, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, Multinational Economics of Technology, Financial Management Problems, and Quantitative Business Analysis.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

  • Accounting and Finance (9 credits) – Example Courses: Investment Strategy, Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting, Seminar in Accounting & Finance.
  • Health Informatics (9 credits) – Example Courses: Health Informatics, Legal Issues in Health Informatics, Quality Improvement in Health Informatics.
  • Human Resource Management (9 credits) – Example Courses: Labor Relations, Compensation, Human Resource Information Systems.
  • Marketing Management (9 credits) – Example Courses: Marketing Survey Design and Data Analysis, Sales Management, Services Marketing Management.
  • Business Management (9 credits) – Example Courses: Accounting for Managers, Quantitative Business Analysis, Multinational Economics of Technology.

6. Syracuse University

Located in the University Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, the Whitman School of Management offers a top-ranked online Master of Business Administration. Delivered entirely online, the AACSB-accredited [email protected] New York combines collaborative online classes with real-world experience. The program is uniquely designed to help students develop an analytical mindset and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

The degree needs 54 credits to complete. It consists of 36 credits of core courses, 15 credits of specialization electives, and three credits of global residences. Students typically complete two courses each semester, and the entire program can be finished in as little as two years. There are four-semester start dates, specifically July, October, January, and April.

Program Admissions

Admissions into the [email protected] program require students to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, a minimum of one-year full-time work experience, and an official GMAT/GRE score. If an applicant has worked for five years or more in a professional corporate function, the GMAT/GRE score is waived.

Foundational Coursework

Standard Coursework (36 credits) – Data Analysis & Decision Making, Global Entrepreneurial Management, Financial Accounting, Leadership in Organizations, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Finance, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Microeconomics, Legal & Ethical Environment of Business, Introduction to IT, E-Commerce, and Operations & Supply Chain Management.

MBA Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

  • Accounting (9 credits) – Example Courses: Strategic Cost Analysis, Taxes & Business Strategy, Financial Statement Analysis.
  • Entrepreneurship (9 credits) – Example Courses: Global Innovation Strategy, Foundations of Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital.
  • Finance (9 credits) – Example Courses: Corporate Financial Policy, Investment Analysis, Introduction to Derivatives.
  • Marketing Management (9 credits) – Example Courses: Market Research, Strategic Brand Management, Global Marketing Strategy.
  • Supply Chain Management (9 credits) – Example Courses: Global Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing, Lean Six Sigma.

New York Online MBA Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website, Management occupations and Business Financial Operations occupations head the New York area’s employment opportunities. These are two of the major occupational groups in the state. There is ample opportunity for a successful career in this arena, provided you are trained at a reputed school with a comprehensive online MBA program. New York heads the list of top paying states for professionals employed in the Management cadre, and this is another reason to opt for an MBA degree in New York, whether you do it online or on campus.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the BLS site indicates that professionals in the highest management levels earned about $49.40 an hour in 2014. The estimated number of such jobs stood at 2,467,500 during that year. lists the average salary that MBA holders can draw in New York according to their designations and has some interesting facts to share:

  • The listing shows that a Financial Analyst may be earning somewhere between $46,000 and $86,000
  • A Financial Analyst in the senior cadre may earn up to $98,000
  • CFOs stand to earn between $82,000 to $223,000
  • Marketing Directors are also at the high end of the earnings ladder with an earning potential between $62,000 and $ 165,000

The top three best cities for MBAs to find employment are New York, White Plains, Melville, Rochester, Buffalo because of the high salaries that they can earn in these locations. In terms of the best industries for employment in terms of pay scales, the sites list Financial Services at the top, followed by Information Technology and Consulting.

Why should you do your MBA online?

The better pay scale is one of the primary reasons to do your MBA degree in a reputed New York college. An MBA graduate can earn about 50% more salary than they would have garnered without this degree. This means your MBA degree offers an excellent return on your investment in the course. If you get your degree from a highly reputed school, your starting salary is likely to be significantly higher than other MBAs from relatively obscure schools too. On average, your starting salary may lie somewhere between $110,000 and $130,000 annually if you graduate from a reputed school while other school graduates earn about $75,000 to $90,000.

With the help of the best online MBA programs in New York, you are geared up for high-level positions that allow you to take critical responsibilities in the organization. This helps you hone your management skills better with hands-on experience in handling essential tasks for the business, and in turn, gives you the credentials to take on even more challenges with the top of line management roles.

The financial services, engineering, healthcare, and hospitality sectors are the fastest-growing segments of the economy and also the ones where the maximum innovation and expansion takes place. These are also sectors where skilled, qualified MBA students are always required. Your New York MBA online degree makes you an ideal candidate for reputed companies in these sectors.

Experience in the management role in your workplace equips you to take on significant roles in the organization and guarantees a consistent increase in pay scale. MBAs with seven years of experience in the job may earn above $150,000 a year, while those with over ten years of experience in this arena can draw above $200,000 per year.

The pay scale of MBAs differs from the locality where you are employed. Fortunately, New York stands second on the list of best-paying cities for MBAs, with an average graduate salary of $95,083.

Eliminate the risk of being underemployed with an MBA from a reputed school. The Georgetown University Center for Education and Workforce highlights a college degree as an effective way to reduce your risk of underemployment. Their study shows that students WITHOUT Accredited Online MBA Programs in New York have an underemployment rate of 12.9%, while the rate for those with this degree is about 6.2%.

Equip yourself for a market that is indicating a growing employment market. This is not just true of the New York City area but also neighboring locations. This Department of Labor report presents labor market statistics for Upstate New York, showing that private sector employment has increased by 18,700 over the one year ending November 2015. The areas that saw the most increase in jobs include Glens Falls, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

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