Online Finance Degree Guide

With jobs in the financial sector expected to increase in the coming years, completing an online Bachelor’s in Finance may be a great way to gain new skills and experience and ultimately increase your job prospects or salary. In addition to the traditional financial analysis career path, a degree in finance can also prepare you for many different industries and sectors, including banking, insurance, and real estate. This page provides you with information about universities offering a finance degree online.

List of Schools that offer Online Finance Degrees

SchoolCityStateProgram NameBusiness AccredRegional Accred
Albertus Magnus CollegeNew HavenCTBachelor of Science in FinanceIACBENECHE
California State East BayHaywardCABachelor of Science in Business Administration in FinanceAACSBWASC
Canton State University of New YorkCantonNYBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceIACBEMSCHE
Columbia CollegeColumbiaMOBachelor of Science in FinanceACBSPHLC
Dallas Baptist UniversityDallasTXBachelor of Business Studies in FinanceACBSPSACS
Davenport UniversityGrand RapidsMIBachelor of Business Administration – FinanceIACBEHLC
Desales UniversityCenter ValleyPABachelor of Science in FinanceACBSPMSCHE
Dickson State UniversityDickinsonNDBachelor of Science Degree – FinanceIACBEHLC
Eastern New Mexico UniversityPortalesNMBachelor of Business Administration – Applied Economics and FinanceACBSPHLC
Florida International UniversityMiamiFLBachelor of Business Administration – Finance TrackAACSBSACS
Franklin UniversityColumbusOHBachelor of Science in Financial ManagementIACBEHLC
LeTourneau UniversityLongviewTXBachelor of Business Administration – FinanceIACBESACS
Metropolitan State UniversitySaint PaulMNBachelor of Science in FinanceAACSBHLC
Missouri State UniversitySpringfieldMOBachelor of Science: FinanceAACSBHLC
Northeastern UniversityBostonMABachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting ManagementAACSBNECHE
Northern Arizona UniversityFlagstaffAZBachelor of Science in Business Administration – FinanceAACSBHLC
Northern State UniversityAberdeenSDBachelor of Science in Banking and Financial ServicesACBSPHLC
Northwood UniversityMidlandMIBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceACBSPHLC
Old Dominion UniversityNorfolkVABachelor of Science in Business Administration: FinanceAACSBSACS
Pennsylvania State UniversityUniversity ParkPABachelor of Science in FinanceAACSBMSCHE
Purdue UniversityHammondINBachelor of Science Degree in FinanceAACSBHLC
Southern New Hampshire UniversityManchesterNHBachelor of Science in FinanceACBSPNECHE
Texas A&M UniversityCommerceTXBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceAACSBSACS
Thomas Edison UniversityTrentonNJBachelor of Science in Business Administration in FinanceACBSPMSCHE
University of AlabamaBirminghamALBachelor of Science in FinanceAACSBSACS
University of HoustonHoustonTXBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceAACSBSACS
University of MarylandAdelphiMDBachelor of Science in FinanceAACSBMSCHE
University of MemphisMemphisTNBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceAACSBSACS
University of MinnesotaCrookstonMNBachelor of Science in FinanceAACSBHLC
University of North CarolinaPembrokeNCBachelor of Science in Business Administration in FinanceAACSBSACS
Upper Iowa UniversityFayetteIABachelor of Science in Financial ManagementACBSPHLC
Walsh CollegeTroyMIBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceACBSPHLC
West Texas A&M UniversityCanyonTXBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceAACSBSACS

Albertus Magnus College

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:IACBE
Regional Accred:NECHE
School Type:Catholic private liberal arts
Phone:(970) 491-1129
Location:New Haven, CT

The school was founded in 1924 by the Dominican Sisters of the Saint Mary of the Springs in New Haven, Connecticut as a women’s college and became co-ed in 1985. Although it is a Catholic college, it welcomes diversity. There are still some religious elements such as contemplative prayer during Advent and Lent. Since 1985, the College has designed accelerated courses to help working adults. There are many options including Online and Flex and In-Person Programs. There were only 162 enrolled recently in the Online Bachelor’s Program and the application deadline is rolling.

The B.S. in Finance is designed for students to want to pursue Corporate Finance. Blended classes are for eight weeks, and students may choose either the New Haven or the East Hartford campus. One online assignment will be given each week. If the Online only option is selected, classes run for eight weeks with two online sessions each week. All assignments are offered asynchronously. At least 120 credits are required.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • BE 265 Corporate Financial Management
  • BE 225 Money and Banking
  • BE 227 The Stock Market
  • BE 361 Federal Income Taxation for Individuals

California State East Bay

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:WASC
School Type:Public
Phone:(800) 730-2784
Location:Hayward, CA

The University was founded in 1957 and has three campuses located in Hayward Hills, Concord, and Oakland. The degree offered is a BSBA and is the first AACSB-accredited Online Business Administration Degree Completion Program offered by the California university. It is only a two-year online program. The University ranked #40 as the Best ROI Online College by CollegeConsensus.

The degree offered is a BSBA with a Finance Concentration. There are three semesters per year, so you can accelerate the program by attending classes all year. The program allows students the flexibility to customize their specialized area by choosing elective business courses. A total of 120 units are required for graduation. The coursework prepares students for careers in financial management, banking, asset management, and other areas of finance.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 405 Corporate Finance
  • FIN 420 Investment Analysis
  • FIN 410 Problems in Corporate Finance
  • FIN 435 Risk Management in Financial Institutions
  • FIN 445 Financial Modeling

Canton State University of New York

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:IACBE
Regional Accred:MSCHE
School Type:Public
Phone:(315) 386-7123
Location:Canton, NY

The University was founded in 1906 as the first postsecondary, two-year college in New York. It became the State University of New York College of Technology at Canton in 1987, or SUNY canton for short. It offers 21 online degrees. During 2018-2019, there were 3200 total undergraduate students for online and in-person. There are eSports teams that offer students a chance to be a part of video game competitions at the collegiate level. The campus is 555 acres in a semi-rural setting in Canton, New York.

The online global campus offers a B.B.A. degree-Finance. The program provides face-to-face courses and online courses through the Spring and Fall semesters plus online Winter and Summer sessions. There are independent study options, a one-semester internship within a financial services career, and an investment club. One hundred twenty-three credits are required to earn the degree. The University received a Best for Vets designation in 2019 from Military Times.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FSMA 312 Financial Management
  • ECON 315 Global Economy
  • FSMA 315 Global Investment
  • ECON/FSMA 330 Financial Institution & Market
  • FSMA 415 Global Finance
  • FSMA 420 Financial Derivatives

Columbia College

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Private Non-profit
Phone:(573) 875-7422
Location:Columbia, MO

Christian Female College received a charter from the Missouri Legislature in 1851. Included in the studies were five books of Moses. The College remained open during the Civil War thanks to faculty members who stayed on, without knowing if they would be paid. The College never missed a day during the Civil War. In 1970, it transitioned from a two year all female college to a four year coed college, and the name changed to Columbia College. In 1973, it became one of the first colleges with extended venues on military bases, and in 1975, it launched an evening program geared to adult learners. In 2000, it launched its online program. The traditional campus is in Columbia, Missouri, but it has over 30 locations in multiple states and Cuba. There are more than 4700 online students and 29 online degrees. The college is now a nonsectarian school, but it is affiliated by covenant with the Christian Church. It was named recently to Best for Vets list by Military Times.

The Bachelor of Science in Finance is available online. Courses have a maximum of 25 students and are offered in 5 eight week sessions per year beginning in January, March, June, August, and October. Students are limited to no more than 6-credit hours per session. The classes include both discussion posts and research papers. Classes are taught through a mix of text, video, and e-mail. The application deadline is rolling. 120-credits are required to earn the degree.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FINC 298 Personal Financial Planning
  • FINC 354 Investments
  • FINC 395 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FINC 396 Corporate Finance
  • FINC 496 Advanced Financial Management
  • FINC 498 Comprehensive Financial Planning

Dallas Baptist University

Bachelor of Business Studies in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Private, Southern Baptist
Phone:(214) 333-5360
Location:Dallas, TX

The University was founded as Decatur Baptist college in 1898 and was the first 2 year institution of higher ed in Texas. It moved to Dallas in 1965 and maintains its roots to a Baptist heritage. Total University enrollment for all programs in 2018 was over 4700 students.

Online programs have been offered since 1998. All of the classes are recorded and archived. The recent online enrollment for Bachelor’s Programs is 969. Six to 12 hours of Religion study is required. The minimum number of credit hours for a Bachelor of Business Studies in Finance is 120. The course in International Finance meets the multicultural graduation requirement.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 2302 Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • FINA 3301 Corporate Financial Management
  • FINA 3302 Securities Analysis
  • MANA 3301 Principles of Management
  • MANA 3308 Business and Public Law
  • MISM 3301 Information Systems for Management
  • MRKT 3301 Principles of Marketing

Davenport University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance

School Info

Business Accred:IACBE
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Private, Not for Profit
Phone:(800) 264-6014
Location:Grand Rapids, MI

The University was founded in 1866 in Grand Rapids Michigan. It was founded as Grand Rapids Business College by Conrad G. Swensburg, who was a Union Army veteran and taught subjects like bookkeeping and penmanship. Michael E. Davenport, a teacher helped the school to expand and thus the name. Davenport University’s Global Campus is Michigan’s first online learning community. There are over 35 Online Degree programs.

The B.B.A. in Finance requires 120 credits. A specialty in Financial Planning is available with guaranteed eligibility to sit for the C.F.P. exam. Course formats are asynchronous online courses with 100% of a course delivered through Blackboard Learn. All quizzes, tests, and threaded discussions are completed online. There is also Real-Time Virtual Learning in which faculty and each student work individually within a weekly schedule. The meeting takes place virtually in a Blackboard Collaborate online classroom.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FINC402 Portfolio Management
  • ACCT315 Federal Taxation I
  • BUSN210 Professional Ethics
  • DATA275 Introduction to Data Analytics
  • CISP111 Applied Information Technology
  • FINC215 Investment Planning
  • FINC235 Financial Analysis for Business Managers
  • FINC220 Money and Banking
  • FINC320 International Finance
  • GPMT287 Principles of Project Management

Desales University

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:MSCHE
School Type:Private Catholic University
Phone:(610) 282-4361
Location:Center Valley, PA

The University has a Catholic identity and heritage. The charter for what was then Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales was granted by the State of Pennsylvania in 1964 with classes beginning in 1965. Originally, a men’s college, it became co-ed in 1970. It became a University in 2000 and its name changed to DeSales University. The campus is located in center Valley, Pennsylvania.

The Bachelor’s degree in finance offers an accelerated course format which may be offered if you have been out of high school for five or more years, or you are a veteran or an active duty service member or have a full-time career, or already have a bachelor’s degree, and apply to the ACCESS program and are accepted. 120-credits is required for graduation. You choose from one of three tracks: the general degree, the general degree with the financial planning track, or the option for a BS/MBA in four and a half years.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FN-330 Corporate Finance
  • FN-225 Money, Booms, and Busts
  • FN-336 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FN-342 Introduction to Risk Management
  • FN-361 Investments and Portfolio Management

Dickson State University

Bachelor of Science Degree – Finance

School Info

Business Accred:IACBE
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(701) 483-2175
Location:Dickinson, ND

The University was founded in 1918 without any buildings so the 104 students in the first class went to Dickinson High School for classes. It was called the Dickinson State Normal School and there was a great need in rural areas for qualified teachers which prompted its opening. The first commencement exercises took place in 1920 for the class of 18 men and women. During the summer of 1941, students built the rock wall that surrounds the campus mall under the National Youth Administration program of the New Deal. Earning between $15 and $25 per month, it helped many of them stay in college. During the summer of 1941, students built the rock wall that surrounds the campus mall under the National Youth Administration program of the New Deal. Earning between $15 and $25 per month, it helped many of them stay in college. Now, it is a public institution located Dickinson, North Dakota set on a campus of 132 acres. It is ranked #4 of public colleges of the Regional Colleges-Midwest by U.S. News & World Report.

You can only complete an online degree if you are on this school’s State Authorization web page. 120-credits is required for a Bachelor of Science Degree – Finance. It is estimated that each credit of study will require 3-5 hours a week and that you log into Blackboard every 2-3 days to stay on top of online discussions and check for new course materials and communications from classmates and instructors. Some exams are proctored. Before you receive your diploma, there is an exit exam required that is proctored. The total number of undergraduate students including in-person and online is 1392

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • ACCT 330 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT 331 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 333 Income Tax I
  • ACCT 422 Business Valuation
  • FIN 300 Financial Institutions and Markets
  • FIN 328 Investments
  • FIN 426 Corporate Finance
  • FIN 430 International Finance

Eastern New Mexico University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Applied Economics and Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(575) 562-2178
Location:Portales, NM

The University first opened its doors of the University in Portales in 1934. It operated as a 2-year college until 1940 when a third and fourth year were offered. The Institution was officially named Eastern New Mexico University in 1955. Business Administration is one of the top undergraduate majors. Located in a rural area, its majors include animal and dairy science. ENMU holds Military Friendly status.

There are over 30 online degree options. Many of the online courses use Mediasite, which is a live and on-demand lecture capture tool. Blackboard is also used with online courses available 24 hours a day; some courses may require test proctoring. The Online B.B.A. Applied Economics and Finance Degree required 120 minimum credits. It can be completed 100% online. Blackboard Collaborate is used both during actual class time and on your own time. Some classes flex around your schedule, and others allowing you to engage with professors and peers during real class time.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • BFIN 317 Financial Modeling
  • BFIN 319 Managerial Finance II
  • ECON 321 Macroeconomics for Business
  • ECON 322 Managerial Economics
  • BFIN/PFP 330 Investments: Principles and Policies
  • STAT 313 Statistical Methods II

Florida International University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance Track

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(305) 348-2363
Location:Miami, FL

Ever since 1965, Florida International University has been accepting students wanting to pursue a higher education. With 11 locations in total and a main campus in Miami, FL, FIU is committed to providing students of the South FL area with over 200-degree programs in person and over 60-degree programs online that allow students with World Ahead opportunities. In addition to having over 200-degree programs, FIU is proud to be Miami’s first and only public research university that has solved some of the community’s greatest challenges.

For those interested in an Undergraduate of International Business, you will be in excellent hands as F.I.U. is rated #2 by U.S. News & World Report for their International Business Program. F.I.U. also just happens to be the #2 Law school in the whole nation according to their average of the state bar exam. At F.I.U., they are fully committed to high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art research, creative activity, and collaborative engagement with their local and global communities.

If you are interested in taking the online program for the Bachelor of Business Administration, the program is available every Fall, Spring, and Summer. The next available time to take the course is May 11th. To qualify, all business pre-core, the Common prerequisite Course and a G.P.A. of at least 2.50 along with a grade of C or higher is needed in the pre-core to register for the online course.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 3414 Intermediate Finance
  • FIN 4324 Commercial Bank Management
  • FIN 4303 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 4502 Securities Analysis
  • FIN 4604 International Financial Management
  • FIN 4486 Financial Risk Management-Financial Engineering

Franklin University

Bachelor of Science in Financial Management

School Info

Business Accred:IACBE
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Private
Phone:(877) 341-6300
Location:Columbus, OH

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Franklin University has offered a total of 56-degree programs since 1902. Of the 56-programs they offer, 55 of those are offered online as well. Recognized by the U.S Department of Education, Franklin University is known for its accessibility, affordability, and academics in the Downtown Columbus area. With 11 locations in Ohio, and one in Pennsylvania, Franklin University is committed to helping students achieve their dreams of getting the degree they want.

Even though the school has small numbers, the quality of academics is not withheld in any way; Franklin University provides you with the very best. One thing that Franklin University also excels at is being one of the best schools for working adults wanting to pursue a higher degree or those wishing to go back to school. From late-night support, convenient online classes, to even impactful networking services, getting your degree as a working adult could not be any easier.

The Online B.S. of Financial Management program at Franklin University consists of 124 Semester Hours. The program itself gives you access to hand-on experience, is adaptable to your specific needs, and is IACBE Accredited. You can start classes in the Fall, Spring, or Summer. Best of all, you learn from real-world practitioners who have had some aspect in a financial management position.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FINA 340 – Money, Banking, & Financial Markets
  • FINA 403 – Advanced Financial Management
  • FINA 405 – Investments
  • FINA 450 – Global Finance
  • FINA 495 – Financial Policy Seminar

LeTourneau University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance

School Info

Business Accred:IACBE
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Private Christian University
Phone:(866) 873-5388
Location:Longview, TX

With a graduation rate of 61%, LeTourneau University has been equipping students to discover their unique calling to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ since 1946. At LETU, they pride themselves in offering 98-degree programs of which 31 are available to students online. According to 2020 statistics, there were a total of 3,175 students and of those 3,175 students 1,351 students were online.

Accredited by the SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges), LETU offers five Associate Programs, 71 Bachelor Programs, and 22 Masters Programs. LeTourneau University also aims to help students develop competency and ingenuity in their professional fields, allowing them to integrate faith and work and to serve the local and global community. With its location in Longview, TX, there is plenty of things to do from eating at restaurants in the area, exploring the Downtown area to taking to the nature trails.

With the online program for getting a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance at LeTourneau University, you will focus on both investments and incorporate finance topics with an emphasis on developing and applying financial modeling skills. The total program consists of 121-credit hours; however, if you take a Financial Planning emphasis, the program will be increased to 126-hours. The course is comprised of video lectures, live classes, discussions, and more.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • ACCT 3103 – Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 3113 – Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACCT 3403 – Federal Income Tax
  • FINC 3203 – Risk Management and Insurance
  • FINC 3403 – Investments
  • FINC 3723 – Financial Analysis
  • FINC 4203 – Advanced Finance
  • FINC 3133 – Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FINC 4133 – Portfolio Management

Metropolitan State University

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(651) 793-1302
Location:St Paul, MN

At Metropolitan State University, you can except to find 82-degree programs at an amazing school located in beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota. Of those 82-programs, there are a total of 18 programs you can take online. Committed to meeting the higher education needs of the people of Minneapolis–Saint Paul, they are a fully accredited, comprehensive university that is also a member of the Minnesota State higher education system.

At M.S.U., their goal is to help you make a difference and get plugged into the local community using your talents and giftings you already have by providing innovative, high-quality educational experiences from instructors who are experts in their fields. Plus, one of the sayings at the school is, “We don’t just help you earn a degree. We’ll help you prepare for your future.”

Specifically, with the online program of a bachelor’s in finance at M.S.U., the program will involve 120 credit hours. The program consists of doing online work and doing an in-person hybrid of meeting in a classroom. Depending on the courses, some are only offered as hybrid during Fall while others are offered during Spring and Summer. To plan accordingly, some classes are also not offered online or in a hybrid format at certain times of the year. The program itself will provide a solid academic grounding in areas such as investments, financing, and risk management and will prepare students for careers in corporate finance, financial institutions, and personal investment services.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 392 Corporate Finance
  • FIN 511 Investments and Portfolio Analysis
  • ACCT 310 Financial Reporting
  • ACCT 515 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ECON 420 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions
  • FIN 496 Financial Derivatives
  • FIN 550 International Finance
  • FIN 560 Financial Markets and Institutions

Missouri State University

Bachelor of Science: Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(417) 836-5517
Location:Springfield, MO

One thing that really sets Missouri State University apart from other schools is that they are the #1 Top Choice for schools in the state of Missouri by the ACT. Since March 17, 1905, MSU has provided students with 102 Bachelor Programs, 61 Masters Programs, and 7 Doctoral Programs. Being a community-driven campus, MSU students and faculty annually on average put in over 420,000 community service hours.

As a fun-fact, John Goodman (voice of Sulley from Monsters Inc.), Ryan Howard (former Philadelphia Phillies first baseman), Clay Harbor (television star and former N.F.L. player), and Karen Dyson (retired U.S. Army Three-Star General) all graduated from Missouri State University. Of their 185 total degree programs, M.S.U. also offers 71 programs available to students online. No matter if you get your degree online or on-campus at M.S.U., you will get a quality education at a quality price.

At Missouri State University, getting your B.S. in Finance online could not be any easier. Over a 4-year plan, you can quickly get your degree from the comfort of your own home. Each semester (Fall/Spring), consists of a total of 15 credit hours for a total amount of 120-credit hours to complete the program. There is a requirement to have a minimum of a 2.0 Missouri State G.P.A. as well as a combined 2.50 GPA to apply for admission into the College of Business.

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:NECHE
School Type:Private
Phone:(877) 668-7727
Location:Boston, MA

Located in the amazing city of Boston, MA, Northeastern University is proud to have offered 172-degree programs since 1898. Since then, the school has grown significantly expanding to a total 11 locations worldwide including their main campus in Boston. NU also offers an incredible amount of online options for those needing a bit more flexibility. Of the 172-degree options at the main campus location, you can take all 172-degree programs online.

Because of the location in central Boston, the campus is footsteps away from some of the best things in Boston. N.U. also provides students with experience; an experience that allows students to help you to solve life’s complex challenges; an experience that you agile and able to reinvent yourself; an experience that will enable you to find ways of doing things differently, and better; knowledge to seize opportunities as they unfold—anytime, anywhere.

Just like N.U.’s motto is to ‘seize opportunities as they unfold- anytime, anywhere’, you can do just that by getting your B.S. in Finance and Accounting Management online. The program has been designed to prepare you to leverage assets, manage budgets, achieve financial efficiencies, and maximize investments. The program can be done either in the Fall, Spring, or Summer and consists of a total of 120-credit hours. Online classes include lectures, live videos, assignments, discussions, and more.

Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(928) 523-5511
Location:Flagstaff, AZ

Founded in 1899, Northern Arizona University offers 95 Undergraduate Degree Programs, 47 Undergraduate Certificates, 76 Graduate degree programs and 30 graduate certificates. In total, there are 237-degree programs available of which 65 are available online. With having an average of about 31,066 students in total each year, there are about 6,304 online students on average each year. Looking at a breakdown of online options, there are seven certificate programs, 18 Bachelor programs, 22 Master programs, one Doctorate program, and 17 Post-Graduate Programs available in online format.

N.A.U. prides themselves in shaping students to shape the future. Accredited by the H.L.C. (Higher Learning Commission), they lead the way to a better Arizona and a sustainable world through personalized attention to student success and scholarly excellence. No matter whether students are enrolled full-time traditionally or online, the quality of education is the same given by amazing instructors who are passionate about what they teach striving for students to make a difference.

Created with flexibility in mind, the online program for the B.S. in Business Administration can be easily attained for those needing additional flexibility. The program is done through Blackboard, which is a downloadable software that is used to help you participate in discussions and view lecture presentations. Most classes do not have a ‘set time’ for you to do, so it is on your own time, own pace, however, there are assignment due date. The program consists of 120-credit hours, and a fresh aspect about this program is you even get free 24/7 support , tutoring, library resources, and more to help you achieve that goal.

Northern State University

Bachelor of Science in Banking annd Financial Services

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(605) 626-2544
Location:Aberdeen, SD

Ever since 1901, Northern State University located in lovely Aberdeen, South Dakota, N.S.U. has been committed to academic and extracurricular excellence. In fact, they were are also named one of the best baccalaureate colleges in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report for eight straight consecutive years. Not only was Northern State University named one of the best baccalaureate colleges, they were even ranked number 23 on College Choice’s 2015 list of most affordable online colleges for bachelor’s degrees.

On campus, they offer 68 degrees, while 12 programs are available online in an easy-to-use format for those with a busy life. At N.S.U., their goal is to help students achieve their dreams by shaping them in a way to be able to enrich their local and regional community all the while preparing for future endeavors they may face in their career.

At Northern State University, getting your B.S. in Banking and Financial Services is done through the Desire2Learn platform. This software allows you to connect with other students, professors and enables you to participate in class lectures. Classes can be done in either the Fall or Spring. Even though the program can be done online, the program still offers opportunities for internships and career planning.

Northwood University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Private
Phone:(989) 837-3325
Location:Midland, MI

At Northwood University, the faculty and staff help students by developing the future leaders of global, free-enterprise society; students are shaped to shape the world. Being founded in 1959 and located in Midland, Michigan, NU is an amazing place for students wanting to pursue a higher education. With a total of 26 different degree programs, you can choose to take 16 programs online. On average, there are a total of 3,177 students enrolled each year in which 1,208 are enrolled online.

Interested in being a Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, or perhaps even an I.R.S. Agent but don’t have the time to fully commit to an on campus program? Well, the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance at N.U. will help you do just that! The full program consists of 123 credit hours and is done in the Fall/Spring semesters each school year. The whole program is done at your leisure with assigned due dates for assignments.

Old Dominion University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(800) 968-2638
Location:Norfolk, VA

Being a 4-year Public University in Norfolk, VA, Old Dominion University has been committed to being a student-centered educational environment since 1930. Students are impacted in this learning environment through an innovative signature experience that seamlessly connects recruitment, engagement, active learning, and student success. Boasting a total of 165-degree programs, 49 of those can be done online. Traditionally, about 24,176 students are enrolled each year with about 6,011 who enroll online.

Not only does Old Dominion University pride themselves in being an excellent school for academics, they also boast an amazing research department. In fact, they have funded over $50.9 Million in external research in 2017 and have even been awarded an additional $49 Million for research in 2017. In addition to there large research numbers, they also produce and contribute about $2.6 Billion in G.D.P. each year to Virginia’s Economy.

At Old Dominion University, the option of getting your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance could not be any easier with the flexible online program. Some professors use a service like Google Hangouts/Meet or Zoom to do live class. However, there are other courses that simply have you watch pre-recorded lectures with time for you to do it on your own pace. For exams and quizzes, you will utilize Blackboard or ProctorU with Lockdown Browser. In addition, students are given access to free resources like Microsoft and GSuite. The program can be done in either Spring/Fall semesters with some courses available in the Sumer. The best part of taking online classes is you can still meet with teachers in a virtual setting, meet in a physical location for certain courses and even do a hybrid if you want. The choice is yours and the flexibility is yours as well. There are a variety of ways to take your online course at O.D.U.

Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:MSCHE
School Type:Public
Phone:(800) 252-3592
Location:State College, PA

Founded in 1855 under the name of “The Farmers High School”, the main campus in located at State College. Penn State’s World Campus offering online degrees graduated its first students in the year 2000 and now enrolls over 12,000 students. In 2020, U.S. News ranked Penn State in the top 10 for its online Bachelor’s Degree programs.

The Bachelor in Finance program is unique in its “pragmatic focus on professional designations.” The courses are geared to prepared students for both the C.F.A. and C.F.P. designations. The program is accepted into the C.F.A. Institute University Affiliation Program which is unique for an online program. Classes are offered through Canvas and 120 credits are needed. Most courses are asynchronous but course assignments, quizzes, etc. must be completed by an assigned due date. Another unique aspect is that online students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities that are normally offered only to resident students. These include the Financial Planning Club, the Investment Research Challenge Team, and the Finance Speaker Series among others.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • ACCTG 211 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
  • ACCTG 426 Financial Statement Analysis
  • FIN 301 Corporation Finance
  • FIN 420 Investment and Portfolio Analysis
  • FIN 451 Intermediate Financial Management
  • FIN 471 International Finance
  • ECON 351 Money and Banking
  • MATH 110 Calculus With Analytic Geometry I

Purdue University

Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(765) 494-1776
Location:West Lafayette, IN

The University came into existence because Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant Act which turned public lands over to States that would use the land sale proceeds for a college teaching agriculture and the “mechanic arts.” The University was founded in 1869 with the first classes held in 1874. Its main campus is in West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue University -Northwest had offered online bachelors programs since 2010, but in 2017, the University acquired Kaplan and created Purdue Global. Purdue is one of the most important research universities in the world, ranking in the top 10 best public universities by The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education.

With over 200 online and hybrid programs, Purdue offers regional locations where online students can obtain local, onsite support and services. There is an introductory 3-week period with no financial obligation except for the application fee! There are interactive live seminars and a traditional, campus-based instructional approach is used. A demanding 180 credits are required for the Bachelor of Science in Finance, and multiple start dates are currently offered: 04/15, 05/13, 06/10, and 07/01. There are assignments, reports, presentations along with group projects so it is modeled like a traditional campus experience.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • GF510 Risk Analysis and Management
  • GF570 Portfolio Management
  • GB540 Economics for Global Decision Makers
  • MT217 Finance
  • MT480 Corporate Finance
  • MT481 Financial Markets
  • MT482 Financial Statement Analysis

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:NECHE
School Type:Private
Phone:(888) 327-SNHU
Location:Manchester, NH

It was founded in 1932 as a two room business school to teach bookkeepers the theory behind their work. In 1941, the school shifted to support service members’ needs and began accepting disabled veterans. Under its former name, New Hampshire College, it started internet learning in the mid-90’s and in 1997, it offered a unique 3 year Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. By 2002, 40% of students were members of the Armed Forces. In 2001, it took on its current name and has 250 programs available online and on campus and 135,000 students. The majority are older adults.

The University has one of the lowest tuition rates in the country – frozen since 2012 and offers 30% off tuition for active duty and spouses. There is dedicated military support offered all through school. Online services include an online bookstore, library, and tutoring. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance offers a Degree in Three program with the option of using your fourth year to pursue your Master’s or M.B.A. 120 credits are required to earn a degree. Upcoming start dates are April 26th, May 4th, June 29th, August 31st, and October 26th.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 330 Corporate Finance
  • FIN 335 Financial Markets
  • FIN 336 Multinational Corporate Finance
  • FIN 340 Fundamentals of Investments
  • FIN 341 Financial Regulations and Ethics
  • FIN 450 Wealth Management

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(903) 886-5000
Location:Commerce, TX

Founded in 1876, it was originally called the “Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.” It is located in College Station, Texas and qualifies as a Senior Military College with the largest uniformed body of students outside the U.S. military academies. Enrollment in all programs is 69,465 students. The average age ranges from 18-21.

The Texas A&M University-Commerce in Commerce, Texas has been offering online programs since 2003. The online classes are recorded and archived, and there is a rolling deadline. In 2020, there were only 1871 students total through all of the Bachelor’s programs with Finance providing 9% of all majors. Admission requirements are the same as campus-based requirements.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 312 – Money, Banking & Financial Markets
  • FIN 385 – Principles of Risk & Insurance
  • FIN 400 – Principles of Investments
  • FIN 404 – Advanced Financial Management
  • FIN 420 – Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital
  • FIN 429 – Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 440 – Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation
  • FIN 450 – Financial Modeling in Excel

Thomas Edison University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:MSCHE
School Type:Public
Phone:(609) 777-5680
Location:Trenton, NJ

The University was established by The State of New Jersey in 1972 in order to provide “diverse and alternative methods of achieving a collegiate education of the highest quality for mature adults”. The only time you need to visit campus is at commencement, and it is located in Trenton, New Jersey. It is primarily an online University with over 100 degree programs. Enrollment is year round. There are about 17,200 students with an average age of 35

The BSBA in finance is 120 credits and designed specifically for “students who are wither employed in or plan to enter banking or finance industry.” It is also recommended that all BSBA student take a Business Ethics course during their education. Courses are guided by mentors on a 12-week timeline while exams are proctored using the Online Proctor Service (O.P.S.). The focus of the program is on investments, financial markets and institutions, and financial management of organizations. Courses begin on a monthly basis.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Money and Banking
  • International Finance
  • Business Forecasting
  • Commercial Banking
  • Capital Budgeting Management
  • Capital Structure Management
  • Derivatives
  • Mathematical Analysis of Financial Decisions
  • Risk Management
  • Working Capital Management

The University of Alabama at Burmingham

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(205) 934-8221
Location:Birmingham, AL

The University of Alabama was founded in 1831 and had over 38,000 students in Fall of 2019, Students are primarily under the age of 25. The main campus is located in Tuscaloosa. The University only offers 9 different online degrees, and in 2017-108, only 1881 students graduated with online Bachelor’s degrees.

The Bachelor’s in Finance degree has a low student attrition rate and will take as few as 4 years. It is offered through the U.A.B. Collat School of Business located at Birmingham. The Collat School is named a Center of Excellence by both the N.S.A. and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. A minimum of 120 credits are required. It can be taken 100% online. There are 3 concentrations available: Banking and Financial Services, Financial Engineering, and Value Investing. Admission is based on the strength of curriculum, G.P.A., and A.C.T. or S.A.T. scores. School starts August 19th, 2020 with traditional semesters.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • AC 300 – Financial Accounting
  • FN 320 — Financial Research Methods
  • FN 370 – Principles of Real Estate
  • FN 410 — Intermediate Financial Management
  • FN 311 — Short-term Financial Management
  • FN 411 — Case Studies in Financial Management
  • FN 453 — Financial Risk Management

The University of Houston Downtown

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(713) 221-8522
Location:Houston, TX

Founded in 1927, it has 46000 students with over 27000 undergrads. Finance is one of the most popular majors. It is made up of a group of 10 public institutions in the Houston, Texas area. Houston-Downtown has existed since 1974 and has offered online Bachelor’s Degree programs since 2010. All of the online classes are recorded and archived.

The Finance Degree is taught within the Marilyn Davies College of Business and exists within the University of Houston-Downtown Online Programs. It is important to note that the University was ranked #2 on the Top 25 Best Undergrad Programs for Entrepreneurship by the Princeton Review. The degree prepares graduates for graduate studies as well as for the C.F.P., C.F.A., and/or the C.T.P. certification and requires 120 credits. The deadline to apply is August 1st, 2020.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 1330 Behavioral Economics and Financial Decisions-Making
  • FIN 3305 Money, Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 3306 Treasury Risk Management
  • FIN 3309 Quantitative Methods in Finance
  • FIN 4303 International Finance
  • FIN 4304 Commercial Bank Management
  • FIN 4305 Investments
  • FIN 4306 Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning
  • FIN 4307 Derivative Securities

The University of Maryland Global Campus

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:MSCHE
School Type:Public
Phone:(855) 570-8682
Location:Largo, MD

University of Maryland Global Campus, formerly known as UMUC, was founded more than 70 years ago with the goal of serving both working adults and servicemembers. Its mains location is in Largo, Maryland. It has been ranked as one of the top public universities for Vets by Military Times.” It is one of the biggest online Universities in the World. It is completely online, offering undergraduate and graduate programs using no-cost digital course materials. Most courses have weekly or bi-weekly due dates for assignments. There are online discussions and group projects as well. It offers 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and specializations.

The online Bachelor’s degree in Finance offers a C.F.P. Board-approved course of study for the C.F.P. The program can help you prepare for both the C.M.A. and C.F.P. exams. 120 credits are required. Courses are offered in 8 week sessions. The program emphasizes using financial theory to complete extensive case studies based on real companies. Clubs available are Accounting & Finance Community Hub and Financial Planning Association Student Chapter.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • BMGT 364 Management and Organization Theory
  • ACCT 220 Principles of Accounting
  • FINC 330 Business Finance
  • FINC 340 Investments
  • FINC 351 Risk Management
  • FINC 421 Financial Analysis
  • FINC 430 Financial Management
  • FINC 440 Security Analysis and Valuation
  • FINC 460 International Finance
  • ECON 430 Money and Banking

The University of Memphis Global

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(901) 678-2111
Location:Memphis, TN

The University was founded in 1909 in Memphis, Tennessee and opened its doors in 1912. It has an enrollment of over 22,000 students. It has been offering Bachelor’s Degree programs since 2002-2003 and now offers 60 degreed programs. The Finance program is often ranked high by different organizations for its affordability. All of the online classes are recorded and archived. There is a rolling deadline for online students.

The Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate is within the Fogelman College of Business & Economics. The degree is nationally and internationally recognized by both the C.F.A. Institute and C.F.P. Board as filling those educational requirements. 120 hours are needed to graduate. There is a lock-in tuition program where your freshman tuition rate is locked in for 8 semesters.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIR 4440 Intermediate Managerial Finance
  • FIR 4730 Financial Analysis/Certification
  • FIR 4870 Risk Management
  • FIR 4320 Real Estate Finance
  • FIR 4550 International Finance
  • FIR 4710 Commercial Banking
  • FIR 4720 Management of Financial Institutions
  • MIS 3775 Database/Information Management

The University of Minnesota-Crookston

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(218) 281-8679
Location:Crookston, MN

The University was founded as a college prep school in 1851, which was 7 years prior to Minnesota Statehood. The main campus is located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The Crookston campus where the Business program is located joined the system in 1966 and began offering Bachelor’s Degrees in 1993. There are only about 2800 students at Crookston compared to over 50,000 at the main campus.

The Finance B.S. is offered through the Crookston Campus and is available via classroom, completely online, primarily online, or partially online. A maximum of 2 “D” grades are allowed for business, finance, and technology courses required in the program, even if those courses transferred from another institution. A total of 120 credits is required. The program has the same curriculum as the on-campus program. Admissions are on a rolling basis. There are 4 sessions a year with 73 class days in the Fall and Spring, 15 class days in May beginning May 10th, and 39 days in Summer. Classes start August 25th, 2020.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 3020 – International Financial Management
  • FIN 3105 – Corporate Finance
  • FIN 3110 – Estate Planning
  • FIN 3115 – Insurance and Risk Management
  • FIN 3120 – Money, Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 3125 – Investments
  • FIN 3126 – Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • GBUS 3300 – Business Analytics
  • GBUS 3500 – Business Ethics
  • ITM 3020 – Introduction to Management Information Systems

The University of North Carolina – Pembroke

Bachelor of Science in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(910) 521-6262
Location:Pembroke, NC

The University was founded in 1887 to train American Indian teachers. There was only a clapboard two story building constructed by Indians at a site about one mile west of the present location. In 1888, there were 15 students and one teacher. The first diploma was awarded in 1905, and in 1909, the University moved to Pembroke which was the center of the Indian community. The first 4 year degrees were awarded between 1940. Between 1939 and 1953, this was the only State supported 4 year college for Indians in the nation. In 1972, when University of North Carolina was established, this school became a constituent institution. Enrollment recently in the online programs was 1205 with a May 1st application deadline.

The program was rated in a #43 tie for “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans” by U.S. News and World Report. The actual degree offered is a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Finance track. A minimum of 50% of semester hours in the Business major must be taken at the school. Business Administration is one of the most popular online programs. There is also a hybrid BSBA program offered on satellite campuses at Sandhills Community College, Richmond Community College, and Fort Bragg. All of the online programs are recorded and archived.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 3040 Money, Financial Markets, and Institutions
  • FIN 4100 Financial Management
  • FIN 4180 Financial Analysis and Portfolio Mgt.

Upper Iowa University

Bachelor of Science in Financial Management

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(800) 553-4150
Location:Fayette, IA

The University was founded in 1857 in Fayette. Programs can be 100% online through the Center for Distance Education. In 2020, over 1800 students were enrolled in online Bachelor’s programs. There is a rolling application deadline, and courses are asynchronous. There are six 8 week terms per year.

The degree offered is a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management. This program is ranked 11th overall by “Successful Student” which ranks based on a students’ point of view. 120-credits are required to complete the program. Classes are taught asynchronously. Sessions are eight weeks long as well as accelerated six-week summer classes sometimes available. As many as 78 transfer credits from a two-year college or 90 credits from a four-year college can be used. 30 credits can be earned for prior learning experience.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • FIN 288 Personal Financial Management
  • FIN 310 Money and Capital Markets
  • FIN 341 Corporate Financial Management
  • FIN 343 Investments
  • FIN 442 Intermediate Financial Management
  • FIN 444 New Venture Finance
  • FIN 446 Bank Management
  • FIN 448 Options, Futures and Derivatives

Walsh College

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:ACBSP
Regional Accred:HLC
School Type:Public
Phone:(248) 823-1600
Location:Troy, MI

The University was founded in 1922 by Mervyn Walsh who left his job as Thomas Edison’s accountant to buy a franchise to teach the pace Method of Accounting. The Walsh Institute opened in Detroit’s Capitol Theater with 23 students, and tuition was $60 a semester. In 1968, Walsh Institute became the Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration, an upper-division college for juniors and seniors; land was purchased for a new location in Troy. The BBA was added in 1973. In 2009, Walsh began offering a dual MBA/MSF degree. In 2013, an award-winning 1400 square foot Finance Lab opened for students. In 2015, Walsh is named one of the “Best for Vets Business College” for the second year in a row by The Military Times

In 1998, Walsh offered its first online courses. The Bachelor of Business Administration provides a 100% online program in Finance. You will be taught in small virtual class settings. There is year-round registration with rolling application deadlines so you can start anytime. You can transfer up to 82 credits from a community college or 91 credits from a 4-year college. There is a state-of-the-art finance lab as well as free training and certification in Bloomberg analytical software. There is a 120 credit minimum required for the degree.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • ACC 300 Financial Accounting
  • ACC 310 Managerial Accounting
  • ECN 201 Principles of Economics I
  • FIN 310 Financial Markets
  • FIN 315 Financial Management
  • QM 202 Statistics Methods for Business
  • QM 301 Statistical Inference for Management Decisions

West Texas A&M University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

School Info

Business Accred:AACSB
Regional Accred:SACS
School Type:Public
Phone:(800) 999-8268
Location:Canyon, TX

The University was founded in 1909 in order to educate future teachers. The location selected was Canyon after a bidding war; the lack of saloons in Canyon may have impacted the decision. The main 4 areas of study are math, statistical analysis, technology, and ethics. Online programs have been offered since 2000. All of the classes are recorded and archived. There is a deadline of August 1st for application to all online programs. Over 1400 students are enrolled in Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs. The University is ranked No. 16 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs by U.S. News and World Report.

The Finance B.B.A. is offered as a 100% online program. The main 4 areas of study are math, statistical analysis, technology, and ethics. Extracurricular activities include The Accounting and Finance Association as well as the Student-Managed Investment Fund. There is a minimum of 120 credits required to obtain the degree.

Finance Program Course Sample:

  • ACCT 4373 Accounting Communications
  • BUSI/MGT 4380 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • FIN 3350 Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN 4321 Portfolio Management
  • MGT 3335 Organizational Behavior
  • FIN 4311 Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • FIN 4320 Investments
  • FIN 4323 International Finance
  • FIN 4326 Financial Management

Different Types of Finance Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance (BSBA)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance (BSBA): Students who have broader business and management interests rather than just an intent to focus singularly on finance, would benefit from a BSBA. BSBA programs provide analytical and conceptual tools required for a concentration in finance, but also build an equally as strong foundation in business skills. Many BSBA programs incorporate core business requirements into the average 122-hour course credit degree requirement, covering subjects such as, business presentation, ethics, leadership and collaboration alongside hard skill courses in economics, accounting, calculus, statistics, and security valuation. Overall, students graduate with a well-rounded background in business and have a strong foundation in financial tools to either pursue a career or graduate degree in the field.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (B.B.A.) is not unlike a BSBA in Finance except that it tends to be a little less concentrated in math and analysis and a little more focused on general business skills. Students in this route would also be adequately prepared to enter an early career finance role in areas such as financial analysis, banking, investment management and banking, to name just a few, or to pursue a finance certification course, an M.B.A. course or another course of furthered education in the finance vein.

Bachelor of Finance (BAF)

Bachelor of Finance (BAF) is offered by fewer institutions than the other financial degrees. While the curriculum does provide a foundation in core finance courses, similar to a B.B.A. and a BSBA in Finance, students in this is academic track will also have a broad liberal arts foundation. Perhaps a benefit to students wanting to pursue a BAF is that many of the degree providers are through online mediums. Therefore, this degree may, in fact, be more suitable for individuals who would like to pursue a career in finance but need a more flexible option for studying.

Bachelor of Science in Financial Management

Bachelor of Science in Financial Management is a degree that emphasizes developing skills in financial decision making based upon qualitative and quantitative evaluations of financial resources. However, BS in Financial Management programs still share the core course objectives with other more business-focused finance degrees, covering ethics, business law, financial reporting, and investment technologies.

Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics is a unique degree that some universities, for example, Simmons University, is an interdisciplinary degree between Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Management programs. This specialized curriculum is centered on preparing individuals for financial and actuarial services. As one may infer, the course requirements are very math-intensive, as compared to other finance degrees. Nonetheless, BS in Financial Mathematics programs does incorporate many of the same subjects, such as economics and investment management, as most will work side by side with other finance degree holders.

What You Will Learn in a Bachelor’s in Finance Program

The curriculum for finance programs will differ from institution to institution as does the type of degree offered, i.e. a B.B.A. or a BSBA, or a B.S. in Finance. However, there are core requirements within each program that tend to be universal across all the degrees. Students in most bachelor programs will be required to complete courses in the following general areas: financial analysis, accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business law, corporate finance, marketing, and introduction to investment banking. These courses provide students with a strong, broad financial foundation, enabling a graduate with the skills vital for an entry-level job in finance or the ability to pursue a furthered degree or certification.

What Are My Career Options with a Finance Degree?

On the list of growing occupational fields for the foreseeable future, careers in finance are something to consider when contemplating your academic and professional futures. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs in finance are perched to expand at least 10% over the next decade. Job stability, in conjunction with salary and innate interests and abilities, is a deciding factor in choosing a course of study, and ultimately, a career path. So, what can someone do with a finance degree?

A degree in finance is surprisingly flexible, which may come as quite a surprise to some people. Often, finance and accounting are lumped together as stereotypical “number crunching” roles. However, there is a surprisingly wide variety of roles that one can pursue within the finance framework. A very typical route for someone graduating with a degree in finance is as a Financial Analyst.

Financial analysts generally serve as investment guides to individuals or companies, evaluating and advising on the performance of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other investment tools. Financial Analysts need to be skilled in the area of research, financial analysis and communication, as they are required to explain their analyses in the form of financial reports, which can be presented both verbally and written. These professionals can be found working in a variety of work environments. However, many are in the financial services or insurance industries.

Investor Relations Associates also require strong communication skills. Professionals in this field often work for financial institutions or custodial banks, developing relationships with investors. Hence, interpersonal skills are paramount to success in this role. In addition to the soft skills in communication, investor relations associates must also possess strong analytical skills and have an acute attention to detail. Furthermore, investor relations associates are often involved in cross-functional tasks, intertwining financial analysis and marketing. It is common practice for investor relations associates to oversee the development of marketing and investor relations reports.

A Credit Analyst, on the other hand, fits the more stereotypical role of a “numbers” person in the field of financial career options. Credit analysts assess the credit of individuals and businesses. They usually work for banks or credit unions, investment management companies and more. Credit analysts are influencers, helping companies and investors understand the risk of their potential and current assets. Additionally, they can coach on potential credit improvements. For these reasons, credit analysts still need to be skilled communicators in addition to mathematically inclined.

Financial Planner’s role is one of both financial advising and sales. Professionals in this job work with individuals or companies in order to help assess financial health and advise on current and future investment decisions, sometimes actually investing in their customer’s or employer’s behalf. Hard skills in financial analysis are a must for folks in these areas are communication skills due to client recruiting and retention responsibilities.

Business Analyst, Finance and Banking As the name suggests, data analysis is a significant factor in the day in the life of a business analyst. People in this role utilize data analyses to determine where financial improvements could be made within an organization. They often review budgets, participate in financial planning and forecasting, make cash flow projections for financial institutions.

What is the Salary Outlook for a Finance Major?

Because of the wide range of jobs for which individuals with a degree in finance qualify, the average salary for an early-career finance graduate can vary. However, recent median salaries for finance graduates were just over $61K for roles in corporate finance and the low end was at $52K for general business finance and finance and banking majors. This early-career salary range is significantly higher than the average salaries for students graduating with other degrees. On average, students graduating with a degree in liberal arts earn around $42k. Those in accounting are still earning less than finance grads, with salaries ranging from high $40k to low $60’s. Perhaps even more significant, the mid-career range for salaries of those holding degrees in finance are, on average, no less than $100k. Salary isn’t everything, but consistent salary reports, combined with positive career forecasts, and evidence of continued financial growth in salaries, make a degree in finance a safe investment for any college graduate with the requisite and drive to pursue one of the different financial career options. As with any career, salaries for financial roles vary from state to state.

What Certifications Do I Need to Work in Finance?

CFA, or Chartered Financial Analyst, is recognized as one of the most prestigious financial certifications, mostly due to its low pass rate. It is composed of three exams and the average professional takes about 3-4 years to complete the process. To enter the C.F.A. program, individuals must have completed a bachelor’s degree. However, it isn’t uncommon for some professionals to also have completed their M.B.A. prior to C.F.A. The C.F.A. is often a required step for portfolio managers and can be required of research analysts. It’s an investment, with a total cost of around $5k.

CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is an option for those finance students who lean towards the accounting side but want to stay in a broader financial role. The C.F.A. prerequisites are decided on a state by state basis. However, generally, to sit for the exam you have to have completed a 120-hour course credit bachelor’s degree and be over the age of 18. If your future career goal is to become the C.F.O., this certificate can be an added bonus for your resume.

CFP, or Certified Financial Planner, is a route for those who are interested primarily in private wealth management. According to the C.F.P. Board research, the demand for financial planners to hold a certified post-graduate degree is imperative for most private wealth management customers. Eligible candidates will complete a college-level, C.F.P. registered financial planning course and will have already completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. The cost is roughly $2k.

FRM, or Financial Risk Manager certification, is THE certificate to have if you are interested in a career in risk management or analysis. Banks and other financial institutions understand F.R.M.s to be the top of their field. The certification process consists of a two-part exam, and prior to taking the exams, candidates must have completed at least two years of relevant work experience. Additionally, the Global Association of Risk Professionals suggests 40 hours of continued education to be completed every two years after attaining certification. Further illustrating the commitment required of professionals who pursue this certification to the field of risk management.

FMVA Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst is a specialized degree for those who want to capitalize on their financial modeling and valuation skills. The Corporate Finance Institute, which offers the certificate, touts the program as a way to gain industry experience that would otherwise require years of work. Professionals, most of who are seeking careers in such areas as corporate finance, investment banking, equity research, corporate development, and accounting, can complete the 12-hour course credits online and must attain a passing grade of 80% in each of course assessments and requirements.

How long does it take to get finance degree?

The average full-time finance student can complete a 122-hour course credit undergraduate degree in four years. However, some programs can be accelerated to three years, and others, especially those offered online, can be completed at the student’s preferred pace.

Should I get my finance degree online?

Whether you should choose to pursue online education is dependent upon a lot of factors. It’s a great option for people who currently have a job, have extra time to study, and need to pay for their education as they go rather than study full time. Additionally, most state and some private, even very competitive, universities, offer equivalent online programs to their campus programs. Education is changing as fast as technology permits.

What does it mean to have an accredited finance degree?

Business schools that are accredited have met regulating standards that provide the students with the assurance that they are receiving a certain level of education. Each accrediting body can have different rules and regulations. However, as a consumer, or a prospective employer of a graduate, you would know, roughly, the level of education that was received by the type of accreditation or lack thereof. Three accreditors of business education are AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE.

The AACSB has been accrediting school programs for over a century around the world. As a member organization, institutions benefit from shared practices and data distribution between similarly accredited schools.

The ACBSP has several regions around the United States and globally, in which they accredit business schools and programs. The organization also focuses on being an epicenter for information among its participants, facilitating the exchange of ideas regarding educational improvements and standards.

IACBE is another regional accreditation institution. IACBE proudly states that they are recognized by CHEA, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, a discerning organization that regulates accrediting standards. IACBE also believes that holding an accreditation puts the onus on the higher education institution, encouraging competitive programs and best industry practices for their students.

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