Accounting Schools in Delaware

    Students in Delaware have a variety of options for pursuing an accounting degree from the numerous public and private schools in the state. This overview of accounting schools in Delaware will help you find the information you need to pursue a career as an accountant, auditor, tax specialist, or other professional accounting role. Accelerated programs are also an option for students who want to pursue an undergraduate and graduate degree to sit for CPA licensure. Programs in Delaware allow students options for concentrations in a wide variety of topics, such as Business Financial Management, Analytics, and Management Information Systems.

    Quick Facts

    • 5 not-for-profit colleges and universities offer an accounting degree program in Delaware.1
    • 2 schools offer a certificate in accounting.1
    • 2 schools offer an associate’s degree in accounting.1
    • 4 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in accounting.1
    • 4 schools offer a graduate degree in accounting.1
    • 1 school ranked in College Factual’s Best Accounting Schools 2023.2
    • No schools ranked in the Princeton Review’s Best Colleges for Accounting Majors 2023.3
    • No programs ranked in US News & World Report’s Best MBA Accounting Programs 2023.4
    • No schools ranked in US News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs 2023.5
    • No schools ranked in US News & World Report’s Best Undergrad Accounting Programs 2022-2023.6
    • 1 school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in Business and Accounting.7
    • 1 accounting program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).8
    • 1 school has an accounting program accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).9

    Comparison of Delaware Accounting Schools and Programs

    The table below provides detailed information on not-for-profit accounting programs in Delaware to help you compare your options. Programs that appear in bold text offer hybrid or online options. For further school statistics, including median SAT, ACT, and GMAT scores, see our Delaware business schools page .

    SchoolAccreditationAccounting Degree(s)Acceptance Rate10Grad Rate1Avg Net Price1Median Debt*10Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry10
    Delaware State UniversityBS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Accounting to MBA
    Delaware Technical Community College-TerryAAS-AccountingN.Av.20%$7,777$10,500$39,097
    Goldey-Beacom CollegeACBSPAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting 150-Hour;
    MBA-Major in Taxation;
    MBA-Taxation Concentration;
    Grad Cert-Accounting
    University of DelawareAACSBBS-Accounting;
    Dual BS-Accounting/Finance;
    5-Year BS to MS-Accounting;
    5-Year BS-Accounting to MS-Business Analytics and Information Management;
    Dual MS-Accounting/MBA;
    MS-Accounting: Analytics;
    MS-Accounting: Controllership;
    MS-Accounting: Financial Management;
    MS-Accounting: Management Information Systems
    Wilmington UniversityIACBEBS-Accounting;
    BS-Accounting: Completion Degree;
    BS-Accounting & Finance;
    BS-Accounting & Finance: Completion Degree;
    UG Cert-Accounting Review;
    Accelerated BS-Accounting to MBA;
    Accelerated BS-Accounting & Finance to MBA;
    Accelerated BS-Accounting to MS-Managment;
    Accelerated BS-Accounting & Finance to MS-Management;
    Accelerated MBA-Accounting to DBA;
    Grad Cert-Accounting

    Table Notes:
    *Median Debt: The median debt is the cumulative federal loan debt, excluding PLUS loans, at the time of graduation for students who completed an undergraduate program (certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree) as reported by College Scorecard for academic year 2020-2021 based on ‚Äč‚ÄčNational Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) data.
    **Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry: Median earnings are the middle value of earnings, at which half earned more and half earned less, measured 10 years (2020-2021) after the first year of study (2010-2011) for all students, institution-wide, who received federal loans and who are employed but not enrolled in school. Note that this value includes those who completed their program of study as well as those who discontinued study without receiving an award.

    Top-Ranked Accounting Schools in Delaware

    College rankings can be a useful tool to measure the overall reputation of a school or program. Weighing multiple rankings when evaluating your college choices can be helpful because different publishers may use different ranking factors in their methodologies. While the best program for your goals may rely on a combination of factors not typically considered in overall rankings, such as location or funding, seeing a program ranked on multiple lists can be a strong indication of reputation and academic quality.

    College Factual’s Best Accounting Schools 2023

    • University of Delaware (#30)2

    Highest First-Time CPA Exam Pass Rate with a Bachelor’s Degree

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) releases reports including data on candidate performance on the Uniform CPA Exam.11 The following schools had the highest first-time CPA exam pass rates in Delaware in 2019 (the most recent report available*) for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, with the overall pass rate for first-time test-takers in Delaware being 51.3%:

    1. University of Delaware 71.3%
    2. Wilmington University 46.2%
    3. Goldey-Beacom College 20.0%

    *As NASBA makes significant changes to the CPA Exam as part of the CPA Evolution initiative, new candidate score reports by state are not anticipated until at least mid-2024.

    Schools in Delaware with Accounting Degrees

    To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of accounting degrees offered in Delaware, we have profiled select programs below. Be sure to visit the websites of programs of interest for more detailed information on courses, admissions requirements and deadlines, and faculty.

    Undergraduate Accounting Programs

    Delaware Technical Community College

    At Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC), students have the opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Accounting. This 61-credit program is offered at the Dover, Georgetown, and Wilmington campuses and is designed to prepare students for entry-level accounting positions such as accounts payable/receivable technicians, budget analysts, payroll technicians, and tax preparers. Students learn how to prepare financial statements, analyze data, and prepare taxes along with other skills needed to succeed in the accounting field. Coursework emphasizes communication skills, critical thinking, professional standards, and ethics. Accounting students must complete required classes such as Tax Accounting, Principles of Marketing, and Business Law. DTCC’s AAS in Accounting is a Connected Degree program that allows students who wish to continue their undergraduate education to transfer to a bachelor’s accounting degree program at Delaware State University (DSU).

    Goldey-Beacom College

    Goldey-Beacom College (GBC) offers an Associate of Science (AS) in Accounting. This 60-credit program teaches basic business and accounting fundamentals along with computer and communication skills. Graduates of this program are prepared for entry-level positions such as accounting clerks, tax preparers, and bookkeepers, or they may continue to GBC’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting. The BS in Accounting curriculum emphasizes leadership qualities, accounting theory, and practical computer skills to prepare students for an industry career. Students in this 120-credit program develop written and oral communication skills while gaining hands-on experience in accounting concepts. Students build skills in database applications, federal taxes, and business statistics. In their second year, students focus on math and accounting fundamentals to earn a solid foundation before taking specialty courses in the subsequent years. Advanced coursework includes Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, and Business Law. GBC also offers an Accounting 150 Certificate Program that allows undergraduate accounting students to supplement their degree to meet the educational requirement for CPA certification.

    Graduate Accounting Programs

    University of Delaware

    At the University of Delaware (UD), students can earn a Master of Science (MS) in Accounting that takes one to two years to complete depending on their educational backgrounds and whether they choose to take classes on a full- or part-time basis. This 30-credit program prepares students for careers in public accounting, consulting, government, or business and helps them meet the 150-credit requirement for CPA licensure in the state of Delaware. Concentrations are offered in Analytics, Controllership, Financial Management, or Management Information Systems. Coursework focuses on advanced topics in accounting, finance, and quantitative methods, and students must complete required classes such as Advanced Federal Taxation; Theory of External Reporting and Applications; and Database Design and Implementation. Other courses cover international accounting and global business ethics. UD also offers a dual MS in Accounting/Master of Business Administration (MBA) program as well as accelerated degree options for undergraduate accounting students.

    Online and Hybrid Accounting Programs

    Delaware State University

    Delaware State University’s (DSU) College of Business offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting entirely online. This program prepares students for positions in public accounting, management, government, and auditing. Students learn business fundamentals as well as how to utilize information technology and both qualitative and quantitative data for decision-making in accounting. Coursework also focuses on oral and written communication skills in addition to maintaining ethical and professional standards. Major-specific classes include Business Law, Accounting Information Systems, and Advanced Accounting. Students are also encouraged to take internships and participate in extracurricular activities such as the Accounting and Finance Club and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). Those interested in CPA licensure can pursue DSU’s five-year BS in Accounting and Master of Business Administration (MBA) combined degree.

    Wilmington University

    Wilmington University’s (WilmU) College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting and a BS in Accounting & Finance that help prepare students for CPA licensure and industry careers in business. These programs can be completed fully online, on-campus, or through a hybrid program. Students in both programs take 30 credits of business coursework. BS in Accounting students then complete 42 credits in accounting while BS in Accounting & Finance take 45 credits of accounting and finance classes. Coursework for both programs focuses on finance, managerial, and tax accounting, and students can complete cooperative learning experiences to gain hands-on business skills from local business leaders. WilmU also offers a 36-credit Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting and a 30-credit Master of Science (MS) in Accounting that can be completed on-campus or online. These programs are designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals and help students achieve the 150 credits required for CPA certification. Undergraduate accounting and finance students at WilmU have the option to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree at an accelerated rate. A Post-Bachlor’s Certificate in Accounting is also offered, which can be completed on-campus or online in as few as 10 months.

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    Delaware CPA Requirements

    To become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Delaware, the Board of Accountancy (the Board) requires candidates to complete a minimum of 150 semester hours, of which 24 credits must be accounting courses covering financial accountancy, auditing, and taxation. Applicants may take the CPA exam after completing 120 of the 150 semester hours required for licensure. A year of professional accounting experience under the supervision of a licensed CPA is also required. After earning a score of 75 or greater on all four parts of the CPA exam, applicants must pass the Professional Ethics exam provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

    Career Opportunities for Accounting Grads in Delaware

    Accounting graduates in Delaware may choose to work for major accounting firms like Horty & Horty, Gunnip & Company, and Doherty & Associates. Top employers for accountants in the state include Fortune 500 companies like DuPont and Navient. Other large corporations in Delaware include AstraZeneca, Chemours, and P&L Transportation. Delaware is also home to many bank credit card offices, including Capital One, Chase, and Discover. Graduates may also choose to open their own accounting offices or enter into government accounting jobs for the State of Delaware or in local municipalities.

    New York Accounting Salary and Jobs by Metro Area

    Metro AreaAccountants & Auditors Employed12Average Annual Salary12
    Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-MD29,800$87,000
    Salisbury, MD-DE1,230$73,340

    Delaware Schools with Accounting Degree Programs

    Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

    The University of Delaware
    150 S College Ave
    Newark, DE 19716
    (302) 831-2792

    Student Review: “I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Delaware in 2009. The best part about the accounting program was the fact that potential employers were very active in recruiting students from the accounting program. By October of my senior year, I had already accepted a full-time job offer at a large accounting firm upon graduation. In addition to my experience in finding a job, the majority of the graduating accounting students had full-time job offers during senior year. The accounting program at UD is not for everyone though. I had many friends who found it too challenging and moved on to other majors. In my opinion, the accounting classes that I took were by far the toughest courses in my four years at school. The positive aspect of this is that the courses prepared me very well for studying for the CPA exam, and employers knew that graduating from this program was not an easy task. I had a very good experience studying accounting at the University of Delaware.” -Student at University of Delaware

    Student Review: “The University of Delaware’s accounting program, in my opinion, was a good experience. While the school’s accounting program is not as elite as some may think, what’s really nice about it is the fact that J.P. Morgan coincides with it, which allows accounting students to network with major firms. Initially, I was a bit skeptical of the program, as UD is more known for its engineering program, but the accounting faculty is kind, caring, and helpful. If you ever struggle, whether it be in a general class, or with tax auditing, they are there to help you. That’s why I feel that the University of Delaware helped me grow and prepare with its accounting program. However, I would look into more prestigious schools looking back.” -Student at University of Delaware

    Wilmington University
    Dover AFB
    320 N Dupont Hwy
    Wilmington Manor, DE 19720
    (302) 674-8726

    Student Review: “I had a terrible experience. My counselor gave me the wrong address for our meeting (she gave me the grad school address). When I met with her, she advised that I would qualify for financial aid and I did not. She advised me to take a class which would prepare me for college life, she told me it was completely free and I just had to worry about my other classes. When I logged into my account, I had a huge bill for the free class. I got discouraged and ended up dropping all my classes. I’m still registered with the school, but I am afraid to sign up for classes due to poor service and assistance.” -student at Wilmington University

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