Accounting Information Systems Degree

    An Accounting Information Systems degree prepares students to analyze and evaluate accounting processes using information systems technology. While most general accounting degrees include the basic study of information systems in accounting, this degree program specifically emphasizes how to implement information systems to make the work of accountants as efficient and streamlined as possible. This degree can be attained at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and PhD levels.

    Why Pursue an Accounting Information Systems Degree?

    As a specialized degree, an Accounting Information Systems degree uniquely prepares students to enter the field of accounting either as accountants, auditors, in integral support roles, or a combination of these careers. The knowledge in accountancy and information systems obtained through this course of study is sought by employers of all sizes that use accountancy programs. This degree can also prepare students to pursue higher level degrees, which can further enhance career prospects.

    Degree Prerequisites and Requirements

    Depending on the degree sought, the prerequisites and requirements for this degree will vary. In all cases, candidates should have either a high school diploma or GED, with a transcript showing completion of courses in communications and mathematics, including Algebra. For an associate’s or bachelor’s in Accounting Information Systems, students may also be required to have a GPA of 3.0 or better and an acceptable score on the ACT or SAT exams. Entry to a master’s in Accounting Information Systems program requires a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a related discipline such as business, computer programming, or accounting. Doctoral programs are competitive, and typically require completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting as well as strong scores on post-graduate exams such as the GMAT or GRE.

    Typical Degree Coursework

    To obtain this degree, students must typically complete courses on accounting and auditing theory and practice, as well as courses on computer and information technologies. These technology courses also cover programming and design. Courses on data analytics, information research, and related topics are common requirements. Other typical courses for this degree include:

    • Accounting I & II
    • Information Technology Auditing
    • Information Systems Design
    • Computer Forensics

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    Career Opportunities for Graduates

    Graduates of this degree programs are competitive in the job market thanks to the specialized knowledge obtained from this course of study. Those with associate’s and bachelor’s degrees most commonly begin careers at the entry level, whereas those with master’s degrees and PhDs can begin careers in management or in education. Thomson Reuters is one of the largest providers of tax and accounting software and services. With headquarters in New York, Thomson Reuters employs some 60,000 individuals worldwide, including accountants and auditors with degrees in Accounting Information Systems. Thomson Reuters is almost always looking for qualified professionals with this experience to join its team. As one of the best-recognized names in software, Microsoft relies on Accounting Information Systems graduates to develop its accounting programs, including its specialized Dynamics suite of software, which provides various levels of accounting and auditing support. Microsoft is consistently hiring promising candidates. Sage, a specialty software provider, is a leader in the accounting software industry. Regularly ranked as a top place to work, Sage is always seeking qualified individuals.

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