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Colorado might be known for its rugged outdoors, but it is also home to many top-notch universities and online MBA programs. To help you find the best program, we have put together the following resources for your convenience. These include listings of online MBA programs in Colorado, scholarships, and even job outlook data.

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Online MBA Programs in Colorado

Online MBA programs are structured to help working people, allowing them to work while pursuing an MBA part-time. This section gives you all the information on the best online MBA programs in Colorado.

(The 3 online MBA programs in Colorado listed below are in alphabetical order.)

1. Colorado State University

The online MBA program of Colorado State University is accredited by the AACSB and is the top-ranked part-time MBA program in Colorado. It is a 42-credit program consisting of 36 core course and six elective courses. Students can complete the program in as little as 21 months or they can stretch it over a period of three to five years. The curriculum addresses the critical functional areas of any business, including Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Marketing, and Strategy.

Students can stream on-campus classes online in real time or at a time that is more convenient for them. They can also listen to the lectures and class discussions, as well as access the lecture slides. Furthermore, they can follow the contributions and questions of their peers on campus for a real-life experience.

2. The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The online program has AACSB accreditition and was launched in 1996. It was among the first to qualify for accreditation online. The UCCS online MBA program in Colorado has a mix of foundation, core, and elective courses. Students need to complete 36 credits. Undergraduate students need an extra 12 credits of foundational coursework. In some cases, the foundational coursework can be waived if the required exam is passed. The average time of completion is 2 ½ years. Students must also take 12 credits of elective courses in addition to their business coursework. They can choose a specialized area of emphases, such as Finance, General Business, Health Care Administration (offered only online), Innovation Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Project Management.

The curriculum also offers global perspective electives, designed to give students an understanding of global business trends. The electives considered for the area of emphasis.

3. University of Colorado, Denver

The University of Colorado, Denver offers an AACSB accredited online MBA program. Students need to complete 48 course credits, which can typically be completed in 36 months. The program is interactive and flexible. Students will partner with professionals to create customized areas of study. The online concentrations offered by the university include B2B marketing, B2C marketing, Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, Corporate Financial Management, Change Management, Enterprise Technology management, Decision Sciences, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Financial Analysis, Investment Management, International Business, Sports and Entertainment Management, Services Management, Human Resources Management, Managing for Sustainability, and Marketing.

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MBA Programs in Colorado

This is a directory of the best business schools in Colorado that offer an MBA. Some of the schools listed here are among the top-ranking ones and many afford you flexibility when it comes to completing your degree. Some even accommodate people with day jobs by offering weekend and night classes. You are sure to find a program that meets your needs, irrespective of your GMAT score and work experience, without having to compromise on quality.

(The 7 MBA in Colorado programs listed below are in alphabetical order.)

1. Colorado State University

The Colorado State University’s professional MBA program that takes 21 weeks and 42 credit hours to complete also has AACSB accreditation. Students have the option of getting a concentration in the Accounting, Finance, Computer Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Management, Real Estate, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management.

The Early Career MBA program does not require any professional experience before entering and totals 52 credits. In addition to that, they offer an Executive MBA degree. It focuses on one-on-one interactions with working professionals. It is designed to fit within the work schedule of the students, who are able to apply what they learn in their office environments.

2. Colorado State University-Pueblo

The Colorado State University’s Malik and The Seeme Hasan School of Business offers an MBA degree. It takes 21 weeks and 36 credits to complete, and is accredited by the AACSB. Students can specialize in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing.

The university has an annual economic impact of $128 million in Pueblo County. The Pueblo faculty and staff have completed many research projects, including:

  • Customer survey, marketing analysis, and marketing planning
  • Event planning/location analysis
  • Feasibility studies/business plans
  • Financial analysis/strategic analysis
  • Operations manuals

The students have also completed major economic impact studies, which are published around the world by various management journals.

3. University of Colorado, Boulder

The AACSB-accredited business program offered by the Leeds School of Business made Bloomberg’s list of top MBA programs across the country. The lock-step, cohort-based MBA program requires 55 credits and takes a total of 21 weeks to complete. It includes summer internships as well. Students can specialize in functional areas including Marketing, Finance, Management, Operations/Systems, Entrepreneurship, Real estate, and Sustainability.

You can also add graduate classes from the University of Colorado departments, which will help you to develop more specialized knowledge. The college also allows you to structure your own personal program to suit your professional needs. Experienced faculty members design the portfolios to help you combine the courses in the most logical way.

4. The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The Executive MBA degree offered by the University of Colorado requires the student to complete 48 credits in two years and is also accredited by the AACSB. According to the U.S. News and World Report, this graduate program is one of the best in the nation. It is also placed among the top 5% of the business schools across the world. Students have the option of attending classes such as Financial Accounting, Statistics, Writing and Communications, and Mathematics.

The students also get to take part in international business trips, which serve to help them understand about business organization outside the United States.

5. The University of Colorado, Denver

This is the largest accredited part-time graduate school in Colorado. With flexible scheduling, i is a great MBA option for working professionals. You also have the option of choosing between online and on-campus learning. CU Denver offers dual degrees that combine your MBA with a master’s degree in a scientific discipline of your choice. The university offers programs including Professional MBA, 11-Month MBA, Executive MBA, Dual Degree Options, Health Administration MBA, and an Executive MBA in Health Administration.

It also offers MBA specialization options such as Taxation, Sports and Entertainment Management, Risk Management and Insurance Marketing, Managing for Sustainability, Leadership, International Business, Information Systems, Human Resources Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Management Technology, Commodities, Change management, Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Bio-innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Accounting.

6. University of Denver

The Daniels College of Business offers an AACSB-accredited MBA degree. Students have a personal team comprised of a business professional, a faculty advisor, and a personal coach. Rather than classes, students in this program focus on “core challenges.” In the first year of the program, the students focus on four types of challenges: Enterprise, Corporate, Social Impact, and Global.

The MBA in Colorado includes six electives, four of which will comprise your concentration: Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate and the Built Environment, and a Customized option is also available.

7. University of Northern Colorado

The Montfort College of Business’ MBA degree has an AACSB accreditation and is one of the few colleges with an accounting and business administration accreditation. It also received an award for its program from the office of the President of the United States. The class sizes are small and the students get individual attention from the faculty. Students need to complete 27 core credits and nine elective credits. They offer concentrations in Accounting and Public Administration.

With its rolling admission and flexible enrollment, working professionals will find this program ideal. Students also have the option of taking a semester off if needed and returning later to start where they left off without a problem.

Additional MBA Programs in Colorado (Non-AACSB Accredited)

Colorado MBA programs with AACSB-accreditation have high standards for admission. You should have a good GPA or meet the score requirements on GMAT. They are also costly when compared to non-AACSB-accredited programs. This section will give you information on The non-AACSB accredited MBAs in Colorado.

Campus and Part-time MBA Programs in Colorado
There are many universities and business schools that offer non-AACSB accredited MBA programs in Colorado. They provide full-time, as well as online, courses. Most of them have IACBE or ACBSP accreditation.

1. Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University’s MBA program focuses on leadership and management. Students need to complete 39 credit hours, which can be completed in less than two years time. The program has been accredited by the HLC and NCACS. The leadership courses include Leadership and Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making for Leaders, Values Aligned Leadership, and Intercultural Environment Leadership.

Areas of emphasis are also available in Advanced Accounting, Health Care Administration, Information Security, and Project Management.

2. Colorado Mesa University

The MBA degree at Colorado Mesa University requires students to complete 36 course credits. It gives students a broad business background and allows them to focus on a specialized area of study. The core requirements includes coursework in Finance, Management, Marketing, Ethics and Law, Accounting, Organizational Theory and Behavior, and Policy and Strategy.

The electives offered include Global Business, Entrepreneurship, Management Information Systems, and Managerial Economics.

The graduate program requires a directed research project or work experience. Students must complete an oral presentation, an original paper, and a comprehensive written exam.

3. Colorado Technical University

The Colorado Technical University offers both full-time and online MBA programs. Rated as a top-tier MBA program by the CEO Magazine, it affords remote flexibility to students who are juggling jobs on the side. Students may specialize in the following areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Logistics, Marketing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Technology Management.

4. Regis University

The College of Business and Economics at Regis offers a full-time MBA program. Students need to complete 36 credits to get the degree, which is ranked as a top-tier university by the U.S. News and World Report. Students opting for the MBA degree can specialize in Financing and Accounting, Health Industry Leadership, Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.

The MBA program offers flexibility for working professionals since students can have the courses delivered in any format they wish. The professors are experts in their respective fields, and many act as academic advisors to assist them during the course of the program.

Online MBA Programs in Colorado
Online MBA courses allow students to finish their coursework over a longer period of time. Online programs are ideal for working professionals who are looking to get their MBA degree without pausing work.

1. Colorado Christian University

This university affords students the option of completing their degree in five-week blocks of 39 credit hours. The Colorado Christian MBA degree has been accredited by the HLC and NCACS and can be completed in less than two years if done full-time. Students can choose to specialize in one of the following areas: Advanced Accounting, Healthcare Administration, Project Management, and Information Security.

Students who enroll in this program will be able to interact with their peers through document sharing, group discussions, and email.

2. Colorado Technical University

This university boasts state-of-the-art virtual classrooms and has been accredited by the NCACS. The students can also use a smartphone app to learn on the go. Program specializations include Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Leadership, Human Resource Management, Healthcare Management, Logistics, Marketing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Technology Management.

3. Regis University

The College of Business and Economics allows students to stretch their coursework over a period of 36 months. Students are expected to complete 36 credit hours. A Regis online MBA degree offers the following specialization areas: Finance and Accounting, Health Industry Leadership, Marketing, Strategic Management, and Operations Management.

Colorado MBA Salary and Job Outlook

The economy of Colorado is $248.6 billion in gross state product estimates. It has the 8th-highest per capita income in the nation. There are many businesses in the state offering a growing number of financial services and logistics jobs. The unemployment rates have been at an all-time low since the turn of the century, and business owners are marketing a culture that appeals to young adults.

All these statistics point towards a healthy outlook in the long run. Good businesses are always in need of good managers and an MBA degree hones your managerial skills. Colorado MBA graduates can get jobs across a variety of sectors. The industry pays well and you get to apply your knowledge and skills to a variety of real-world situations. The mean annual wage for management jobs in Colorado is $118,130, which is higher than the national average.

Your salary may vary depending on a variety of factors, including the school you choose and the company you decide to work for Situated at the base of Boulder’s Rocky Mountains, the Leeds School of Business in the University of Colorado Boulder has the third-highest earning potential and is regarded as one of the nation’s 30 top public Ivy League schools, based on a report on master’s level graduate rankings in Colorado. Alumni from Leeds report a mid-career salary of more than $125,000 a year. Leeds also has the second-highest prospective earnings for graduates, who can expect a median starting salary of $70,900. The highest starting median salary is for the PhD graduates at $81,100.

Chief executives earn about $187,200 on average in the state, yet, these jobs can be hard to find. There are plenty of other jobs for MBA graduates. Financial managers, for example, make around $131,500 per year. Compensation and benefits managers can make $130,330 a year. General and operations managers earn upwards of $100,000 a year. Management analysts take home around $80,500 a year, and purchasing managers make $126,860 each year.

Human resources managers can earn about $133,740 every year. Training and development managers may earn $112,200 a year. Transport, storage and distribution managers make $103,910 a year. Industrial production managers earn $107,490. Marketing and sales managers take home a handsome $141,200 and $128,380 per year, respectively. IT managers make an average of $148,170 every year. Industrial production managers take home $107,490 a year.

Apart from the base salary, many MBA graduates also get a signing bonus, along with health-insurance benefits, vacation pay, sick leave, and 401(k) plans. Salaries tend to increase by the year based on work performance and experience. A lot of companies offer to pay for continuing education classes so that their employees can keep up with the new trends.

The job outlook for people with an online MBA in Colorado is much better than in other parts of the United States. The technology sector in the state is booming and that brings with it more job opportunities by the day. These businesses are on the lookout for candidates who have advanced degrees and can bring innovative ideas and thinking to their companies. Marketing, finance and consulting areas are also witnessing a steady increase in MBA jobs.

Of courses, Colorado is not the only state where graduates of Colorado business schools can find employment. Many graduates get jobs across the country or find opportunities overseas.

The mean annual salaries for management positions nationwide are:

  • Chief executives – $173,320
  • General and operations managers – $97,270
  • Other managers – $105,000
  • Management analysts – $92,300
  • Financial managers – $112,700

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