Online MBA in Colorado

    Colorado might be known for its rugged outdoors, but it is also home to many top-notch universities and online MBA programs. To help you find the best program, we have put together the following resources for your convenience. These include listings of online MBA programs in Colorado, scholarships, and even job outlook data.

    Online MBA Programs in Colorado

    Online MBA programs are structured to help working people, allowing them to work while pursuing an MBA part-time. This section gives you all the information on the best online MBA programs in Colorado.

    (The three online MBA programs in Colorado listed below are in alphabetical order.)

    1. Colorado State University

    The online MBA program of Colorado State University is accredited by the AACSB and is the top-ranked part-time MBA program in Colorado. It is a 42-credit program consisting of 36 core courses and six elective courses. Students can complete the program in as little as 21 months or stretch it over three to five years. The curriculum addresses any business’s critical functional areas, including Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Marketing, and Strategy.

    Students can stream on-campus classes online in real-time or at a time that is more convenient for them. They can also listen to the lectures and class discussions, as well as access the lecture slides. Furthermore, they can follow the contributions and questions of their peers on campus for a real-life experience.

    2. The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

    The online program has AACSB accreditition and was launched in 1996. It was among the first to qualify for accreditation online. The UCCS online MBA program in Colorado has a mix of foundation, core, and elective courses. Students need to complete 36 credits. Undergraduate students need an extra 12 credits of foundational coursework.
    In some cases, the foundational coursework can be waived if the required exam is passed. The average time of completion is two ½ years. Students must also take 12 credits of elective courses in addition to their business coursework. They can choose a specialized area of emphases, such as Finance, General Business, Health Care Administration (offered only online), Innovation Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Project Management.

    The curriculum also offers global perspective electives designed to give students an understanding of international business trends. The electives are considered for the area of emphasis.

    3. The University of Colorado, Denver

    The University of Colorado, Denver offers an AACSB accredited online MBA program. Students need to complete 48 course credits, which can typically be completed in 36 months. The program is interactive and flexible. Students will partner with professionals to create customized areas of study. The online concentrations offered by the university include B2B marketing, B2C marketing, Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, Corporate Financial Management, Change Management, Enterprise Technology Management, Decision Sciences, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Financial Analysis, Investment Management, International Business, Sports and Entertainment Management, Services Management, Human Resources Management, Managing for Sustainability, and Marketing.

    Colorado Online MBA Salary and Job Outlook

    The economy of Colorado is $248.6 billion in gross state product estimates. It has the 8th-highest per capita income in the nation. There are many businesses in the state, offering a growing number of financial services and logistics jobs. The unemployment rates have been at an all-time low since the turn of the century, and business owners are marketing a culture that appeals to young adults.

    All these statistics point towards a healthy outlook in the long run. Businesses are always in need of good managers, and an MBA degree hones your managerial skills. Colorado MBA graduates can get jobs across a variety of sectors. The industry pays well, and you get to apply your knowledge and skills to various real-world situations. The mean annual wage for management jobs in Colorado is $118,130, which is higher than the national average.

    Your salary may vary depending on various factors, including the school you choose and the company you decide to work for. Situated at Boulder’s Rocky Mountains base, the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder has the third-highest earning potential. It is regarded as one of the nation’s 30 top public Ivy League schools, based on a report on master’s level graduate rankings in Colorado. Alumni from Leeds report a mid-career salary of more than $125,000 a year. Leeds also has the second-highest prospective earnings for graduates, who can expect a median starting salary of $70,900. The highest starting median salary is for Ph.D. graduates at $81,100.

    Chief executives earn about $187,200 on average in the state, yet, these jobs can be hard to find. There are plenty of other jobs for MBA graduates. Financial managers, for example, make around $131,500 per year. Compensation and benefits managers can make $130,330 a year. General and operations managers earn upwards of $100,000 a year. Management analysts take home around $80,500 a year, and purchasing managers make $126,860 each year.

    Human resources managers can earn about $133,740 every year. Training and development managers may earn $112,200 a year. Transport, storage, and distribution managers make $103,910 a year. Industrial production managers earn $107,490. Marketing and sales managers take home a handsome $141,200 and $128,380 per year, respectively. IT managers make an average of $148,170 every year. Industrial production managers take home $107,490 a year.

    Apart from the base salary, many MBA graduates also get a signing bonus, health insurance benefits, vacation pay, sick leave, and 401(k) plans. Salaries tend to increase by the year based on work performance and experience. Many companies offer to pay for continuing education classes so that their employees can keep up with the new trends.

    The job outlook for people with an online MBA in Colorado is much better than in other parts of the United States. The technology sector in the state is booming, bringing more job opportunities by the day. These businesses are on the lookout for candidates who have advanced degrees and can bring innovative ideas and thinking to their companies. Marketing, finance, and consulting areas are also witnessing a steady increase in MBA jobs.

    Of course, Colorado is not the only state where graduates of business schools in Colorado can find employment. Many graduates get jobs across the country or find opportunities overseas.

    The mean annual salaries for management positions nationwide are:

    • Chief executives – $173,320
    • General and operations managers – $97,270
    • Other managers – $105,000
    • Management analysts – $92,300
    • Financial managers – $112,700

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