Online MBA Programs in Marketing

    Marketing managers who work in various industries are often seeking ambitious workers with creative minds to fill high-level marketing positions. The best candidates for these jobs typically have advanced education in marketing. At the same time, those who wish to increase their chances of advancing into a leadership role throughout their careers often choose to enter these positions with a marketing and business background.

    Obtaining an online MBA program with a concentration in marketing is often the best way for students to ensure their candidacy for professional marketing jobs with the opportunity for future advancement. These programs prepare students for their careers by providing masters-level instruction on marketing topics and advanced business administration courses to prepare students for a successful future.

    6 Best Online MBA Programs in Marketing

    Using data sourced directly from schools, US News, and the Princeton Review these our the top-ranked online MBA programs of 2023. The below six programs all offer a concentration or specialization in marketing.

    5 Most Affordable Online MBA in Marketing Programs

    The below five programs offer the most affordable tuition rates before taking into consideration additional costs and any scholarships or financial aid. Our data is soured from top publications and directly from the schools themselves. These programs all offer a concentration or specialization in marketing.

    What is an online MBA Program in Marketing?

    Online MBA programs in marketing help students develop highly sought-after skills to succeed in their careers. While all online MBA programs teach students necessary business administration skills such as human resources, accounting, and business management, an online MBA with a marketing concentration includes various marketing and advertising such as brand strategy, copywriting, social media, and market research.

    An online MBA in marketing includes a similar set of courses to that of a master’s degree in marketing; however, prospective students need to note that master’s programs don’t focus on business administration. Students who wish to prepare for the transition into a management role at some point in their career may be better off enrolling in a program to obtain an online MBA.

    Prospective students should also keep in mind the differences between online study and traditional classroom learning. While a student who learns in a conventional setting has plenty of opportunities to discuss coursework with peers and participate in a group study, those who learn online are usually expected to complete assignments independently and at their own pace. Therefore, it’s crucial for any person considering an online study to ensure they have the necessary self-discipline and time management skills to succeed in their program.

    MBA in Marketing Curriculum

    Online MBAs in marketing offer a curriculum that includes a variety of marketing and business management classes. Graduates are prepared to face standard marketing and management challenges head-on. Most graduates of online MBA programs enter the workforce with confidence and a highly developed set of skills.

    The courses listed below are a sample of what students can expect to study while enrolled in a program to obtain an online MBA in marketing.

    • Marketing and Strategic Communications: Students are taught the value of current popular marketing strategies, including social media and content marketing, as well as word-of-mouth marketing. This course focuses on best practices and marketing ethics.
    • Marketing Research: Students learn to compile and analyze market research data as a means of providing well-thought-out solutions to common marketing problems. Each step of the research process is thoroughly examined, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
    • New Venture Marketing: This course examines the specific techniques that are involved in marketing new businesses and products. Students learn to create value for consumers and solve significant product and design problems on behalf of their clients. This course also instructs students on techniques for discovering lucrative market opportunities.
    • Content Marketing Strategy: Students learn effective content marketing techniques, including how to build content that tells a story and garners consumers’ attention.

    Prerequisites for online MBA programs usually include a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of relevant work experience. Additionally, many schools require applicants to have high GMAT scores. That being said, some schools are now choosing to waive the GMAT requirement2 with hopes of attracting more students to their online MBA programs.

    What Unique Career Paths Can I Pursue With an MBA Specializing in Marketing?

    Students who complete an accredited online MBA program in marketing can choose from a broad range of careers in their field. The list that follows outlines just a few of the available options for online marketing MBA graduates.

    Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager

    Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers3 help clients and/or employers promote their brands, products, or services. They are responsible for creating and directing promotional campaigns that generate interest and attention. In most cases, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers work alongside art directors and sales managers. Usually, these workers are required to keep regular office hours; however, marketing managers sometimes have hard deadlines to meet, which means they sometimes might be required to work overtime. Some advertising, promotions, and marketing managers work independently as freelancers; others may be employed exclusively by organizations or advertising agencies.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics4 (BLS) tracks average wages and employment rates for specific careers throughout the US. According to the BLS, advertising and promotion managers earned an average of $117,130 annually as of May 2018, while marketing managers earned an average of $134,290 per year. Demand for this job is expected to rise by 10% by 2026, which is a little faster than average.

    Market Research Analyst

    Market research analysts5 are responsible for obtaining and analyzing statistical data regarding market conditions, consumer behaviors, demand, and brand awareness. Their findings help companies determine the products and services consumers want and determine their target audiences when creating new products. Market research analysts usually keep regular office hours and work at a desk most of the day.

    According to the BLS, market research analysts earned an average of $63,120 annually as of May 2018. Demand for this career is expected to increase by 23% by 2026, which is much faster than the average career.

    Public Relations Specialist

    Public relations specialists6 represent their clients in the media and are responsible for responding to complaints, inquiries, and other attention publicly. They’re usually employed by large organizations, government agencies, or individuals who live in the public eye. In some cases, public relations specialists are employed by agencies and represent a variety of clients. On a day-to-day basis, public relations specialists perform duties such as managing social media accounts, drafting press releases, responding to press inquiries, and creating web content.

    The BLS indicates that the average public relations specialist earned $60,000 annually as of May 2018. Demand for this career is expected to rise by 9% by 2026, which is about average.

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Sales and marketing directors are an important part of the top executive7 team that sits at the head of most large organizations. Their jobs are to ensure that companies are meeting sales targets and to create and implement corporate policy. They’re required to collaborate with other executive team members to ensure all departments are successfully working together to achieve the organization’s goals.

    According to the BLS, sales and marketing directors and other top executives earned an average of $104,980 per year as of May 2018. With an estimated increase of 8% by 2026, the demand for this job is about average.

    Sales Manager

    Sales managers8 head up sales teams for retailers and organizations of all sizes. They’re responsible for setting goals, analyzing sales data, and training and supervising sales staff to ensure company directives are met. Many sales managers are responsible for implementing and directing promotional campaigns as well.

    Sales managers earned an average of $124,220 per year as of May 2018. Demand for this career is estimated to rise by 7% by 2026, which is about average.

    Art Director

    Art directors9 play an important role in the marketing world. They’re responsible for creating visual advertisements for print, digital, and television media. Art directors sometimes work as freelancers, but in most cases, they’re employed by marketing agencies. They are required to work with sales and marketing managers to create effective and professional advertising campaigns. Most art directors work regular office hours, but they may be required to work overtime when deadlines approach.

    According to the BLS, art directors earned an average of $92,790 per year as of May 2018. Demand for workers in this job is expected to increase by 5% by 2026, which is about average.

    Should I Get an MBA in Marketing?

    Prospective students considering an online MBA in marketing should determine whether the program is the right fit for their lifestyle and career goals. Those hoping to make this decision may want to consider asking themselves some of the following questions.

    Do you consider yourself a creative individual?

    Marketing professionals are usually responsible for creating entire advertising campaigns, and therefore, they’re required to think creatively daily. Their jobs often require writing advertorials, commercial scripts, or social media posts.

    Do you usually work well under pressure?

    Marketing and advertising professionals are often required to meet strict deadlines. This can often result in a lot of workplace stress and pressure from managers and directors. Marketing professionals commonly work long hours so that they’re able to complete their work before their deadlines.

    Do you have a strong command of the English language?

    If you want to pursue a professional marketing career in the US, you’ll be required to have excellent verbal and written command of English. Marketing professionals spend a good deal of their time writing copy and digital content for their clients and employers.

    Do you want to manage people someday?

    If you’re interested in working your way up to a leadership role in the marketing world at some point in your career, an online MBA in marketing is one of the best ways to secure your candidacy for promotions and high-level management positions. If you’re not interested in management, it might be a good idea to explore options outside of online MBA programs.

    Do you have prior marketing experience?

    Students who enroll in an online MBA program in marketing are usually required to apply with at least a bachelor’s degree and a year of relevant experience under their belts. If you have no previous experience in the industry, the school may reject your application. Even if you apply to an online MBA program with no prerequisites, you might find yourself in over your head once you try to complete your coursework.

    Will obtaining an online MBA in marketing help me obtain a promotion at my current job?

    Many employers look to promote from within. When their employees have furthered their education by obtaining an online MBA or another advanced degree, it usually helps them reach the top of the candidates’ list. Getting an online MBA proves to your employer that you’re adequately trained in business management and your particular field.

    Is online learning as good as classroom learning?

    Although some students prefer to learn in a traditional classroom setting, those who like to work at their own pace and require a flexible school schedule find that online study is a great way to learn. In most cases, online MBA programs offer the same curriculum and quality education as in-class MBA programs.

    Are all online MBA programs in the US accredited?

    While there are plenty of accredited MBA programs in marketing online, it’s important to conduct thorough research to ensure that you’re applying to a qualified program to teach students at this level. Students can check the status of a program by searching the United States Department of Education’s database of accredited programs10 online.

    How long do I usually have to complete an online MBA in marketing?

    Most schools allow students two years to complete their program. Students who require a more flexible schedule may wish to enroll in a part-time online MBA program, taking up to five years to complete. Students who are eager to earn their MBA quickly can consider enrolling in an accelerated online MBA program, which usually takes between four and six weeks to finish.

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