Online MBA Programs in Georgia

    Pursuing an online MBA degree can open up a world of opportunity. Specifically, an online MBA is a degree that can increase earnings, skills, and position in the workplace. An online MBA can help you conveniently achieve your goals, offering the flexibility to complete it anywhere and around daily responsibilities. Business schools in Georgia make it possible to earn an online MBA in various timelines and on a budget.

    Nowadays, earning a degree online is not very different than earning a traditional in-person degree thanks to ever-evolving technology. More than ever, universities are funneling resources and time into developing well-respected online graduate programs due to increasing demand. Many schools boast that their faculty are highly involved with their online students more than ever due to video conferences and easy virtual communication lines.

    However, not all programs are created equally. Each varies in its admission requirements, customization options, cost, duration, graduate outcomes. These are vital elements to take into consideration when selecting a program that meets your needs.

    This guide was created to help you analyze these elements and compare your options. For the sake of providing focused help, the programs listed here are all regionally accredited public or nonprofit institutions. Data referenced in this article was obtained through the schools themselves, the National Center for Education Statistics, the Common Data Set, respected publications such as The Princeton Review, and accreditation databases to provide accuracy.

    Compare Online MBA Programs in Georgia

    Pursuing an online MBA is a time and financial commitment. However, it is an opportunity that allows for advancement in your field and gives you the skills to succeed. Let’s take a look at a quick breakdown of how online MBA programs in Georgia compare.

    The table below includes all of the available online MBA programs offered in Georgia. Each program is accredited and offers an online MBA for entry-level and advanced professionals alike. They all offer high-quality education and the flexibility of being online; however, they differ in cost, average student debt rates, admissions requirements, acceptance rates, and graduation rates.

    SchoolCityAccred.Accept. RateTuitionGPAGMAT3yr Grad Rate
    Brenau UniversityGainesvilleACBSP79%$7133.158%
    Columbus State UniversityColumbusAACSB74%$7393.1460
    Georgia College & State UniversityMilledgevilleAACSB94%$7393.146091%
    Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboroAACSB82%$7393.150190%
    Kennesaw State UniversityKennesawAACSB90%$3833.35400%
    Mercer UniversityAtlantaAACSB85%$7783.256475%
    University of West GeorgiaCarrolltonAACSB63%$7393.239893%
    Valdosta State UniversityValdostaAACSB$73985%

    Affordable Online MBA Programs in Georgia

    Affordability is an essential consideration when considering an online MBA because going for an advanced degree is an investment into your future. Students look for programs that not only provide quality education but also at a reasonable cost. Finding this balance is challenging because the cost of online MBA programs across the country is high.

    However, Georgia has several programs that fall under the national average cost of online MBA programs. The average price per credit hour nationally is $820, while the average cost is $696 per credit hour in Georgia.

    Currently, the most affordable online MBA program in the state of Georgia is at Kennesaw State University. This institution based in Kennesaw, Georgia, offers its online MBA program for just $383 per credit hour, $437 under the in-state average cost, and around half the national average cost.

    The second most affordable online MBA program is offered at Brenau University, a not-for-profit university in Gainesville, Georgia. Their respected program comes in at $713 per credit hour. Though this is over the average cost of in-state tuition, it still comes in more than $100 less per credit hour than the national average cost.

    There are quality online MBA programs in Georgia that come in at $739 per credit hour, including Georgia College & State University, Georgia Southern University Parker College of Business, Columbus State University, University of West Georgia, and Valdosta State University. These programs exceed the average in-state cost, though they fall $81 below the national average.

    The average in-state cost of online MBA programs in Georgia is likely skewed lower due to Kennesaw state offering their program at a significantly lower rate than the rest of the programs offered throughout the state. However, most online MBA programs that can be obtained in Georgia remain under the national average per credit hour.

    Most affordable online MBA programs in Georgia:

    • Kennesaw State University – $383
    • Brenau University – $713
    • Multiple programs – $739

    MBA Programs with Lowest Debt at Graduation

    Prospective students worry about the debt load they will carry post-graduation. It is a valid worry because they need their investment to be worth the extra stress of going into debt. For this reason, debt is a significant contributing factor when considering an online MBA program. Students should also estimate how long it will take them to pay back the debt based on starting salary post-graduation when investigating this factor.

    Going into debt now is all about reaping future rewards. When researching online MBA programs, potential applicants should investigate the amount they will need to borrow for each program before applying. A significant amount of students incur debt throughout their graduate programs. Currently, 46.6% of business school students nationally possess debt at graduation. Georgia students come in higher at a 60% rate.

    Though every student’s situation will be different, the investment into an MBA is usually worth the sacrifice of going into debt. Many MBA graduates report significant increases in their annual income upwards of 70%. A salary increase is a common motivation for seeking MBA programs in Georgia; however, weighing the debt accumulation to the increased salary is vital.

    Surprisingly, the programs with the lowest percentage of students in debt at graduation do not include the program with the lowest cost per credit hour. The program with the lowest percentage of students in debt at graduation is Georgia Southern University at 47%. Both Valdosta State University and Georgia College & State University have around half of their students finishing their programs with debt at 50% and 52%, respectively. The University of Georgia is a contender, with 66% of its graduates in debt at graduation. It is important to note that the only debt included in these statistics is school-related and is accounted for at graduation.

    The program with the lowest percentage of students in debt at graduation, Georgia Southern University, is the only online MBA program in Georgia competitive with the national average. All of the other programs mentioned are well above the 46.6% national average. However, these four online MBA programs are competitive with or fall below the Georgia state average of 60%.

    Online MBA programs in Georgia with the lowest debt at graduation:

    • Georgia Southern University – 47%
    • Valdosta State University – 50%
    • Georgia College & State University – 52%
    • University of West Georgia – 66%

    No GMAT Required

    Increasingly, online MBA programs are removing standardized test requirements for admission. The two most common standardized tests for business schools in Georgia include the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).

    These tests have been the gold standard of admission to all business schools for many years. They used this to measure base knowledge and readiness for their program and for how successful the student would be. However, programs realize that test scores might not be an accurate predictor of student success in an online MBA program.

    Several programs are widening their views to include more students. Post-secondary education is often scouted by working professionals looking to further their careers. These professionals with several years of experience are often far removed from college, making taking a standardized test far less appealing.

    Although more and more online MBA programs are not requiring the GMAT, most of them will still accept them if you feel it adds value to your application. In fact, only one program on this list, Brenau University, does not accept GMAT or GRE in their admission evaluation. The rest of the programs still require the GMAT or GRE for some but have widened exceptions to this admissions requirement.

    Even though it is still required for these programs, many prospective students now fall into the exceptions. Georgia College & State University, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University, Georgia Southern University, Parker College of Business, Columbus State University, University of West Georgia, and Valdosta State University all have exceptions to their GMAT GRE admissions requirement.

    However, check with the individual programs; some exceptions include those who have professional working experience and those with a high undergraduate GPA. Prospective students with a long work history or who have done exceptionally well might benefit from selecting a program with more liberal admissions requirements.

    Highest Graduation Rate

    When it comes to online MBA programs, it is a time and financial investment for the prospective student and the university. Students gain further knowledge and advancement in their field, while universities put their reputation and resources on the line for the students they choose. At the end of the day, it is in everyone’s best interest for students to graduate, though it is up to both parties to make it through everything it takes to get there.

    Business schools in Georgia are surprisingly good at supporting their students on the way to graduation, as evidenced by the state average three-year graduation rate of 82%. The national three-year graduation rate is just 68%.

    Georgia’s top online MBA program, the University of West Georgia, graduates all but 7% of their students in the three-year time frame, putting them at a 93% graduation rate. Georgia College & State University comes in right behind them at a 91% three-year graduation rate. Almost tying with Georgia College & State University is Georgia Southern University, helping 90% of their students graduate in three years. A good runner-up, still coming in above the state average, is Valdosta State University, with an 85% three-year graduation rate.

    The difference in graduation rates is not typically related to price, as most of the top programs are of average tuition. The separation in graduation rates comes from commitment on behalf of the students and selectivity and support on behalf of the university. These schools with the highest graduation rates often have programs to keep their students on track and focused. Prospective students that might need additional support while completing their online MBA program should strongly consider graduation rates when selecting a program.

    Online MBA programs in Georgia with the highest three-year graduation rates:

    • University of West Georgia – 93%
    • Georgia College & State University – 91%
    • Georgia Southern University – 90%
    • Valdosta State University – 85%

    Highest Acceptance Rates

    Getting accepted into the program of their choice is one of the biggest worries of prospective students, and rightfully so! Since applying to an online MBA program requires time and financial commitments, it is important for students to know that they have a good chance of getting in when they apply. The national average acceptance rate into online MBA programs is 79%, though Georgia programs accept more students with a state average rate of 81%. This shows that the majority of prospective students in Georgia find a program to enter.

    Some programs admit the large majority of the students that apply, but why are looking at acceptance rates important? Well, if you only look at acceptance rates themselves, it can show you how selective a particular program is. However, combining these statistics with other elements such as graduation rates, it can show how committed a program is to their student’s success.

    In Georgia, three online MBA programs stand out in their acceptance rates. The top program is Georgia College & State University, with an acceptance rate of 94%, far above both the national and state average. The top three, joining Georgia College & State University, are Kennesaw State University and Mercer University at 90% and 85%.

    One thing to note as you consider these statistics is how they relate to other factors. For instance, Georgia College & State University, the top program in Georgia for acceptance rates, also falls second for graduation rates. It would be a fair bet that Georgia College & State University offers sufficient support for their students from acceptance all the way through to graduation. When selecting a program, make these connections for an elevated decision.

    Top online MBA programs in Georgia with the highest acceptance rates:

    • Georgia College & State University – 94%
    • Kennesaw State University – 90%
    • Mercer University – 85%

    Georgia Online MBA Program Profiles

    Choosing an online MBA program is a big decision, and although every factor is important to consider in its own right, programs should also be looked at as a whole to make a comprehensive decision. Though you may like the high graduation rate of a program, or the low tuition, choosing a program is based on all considerations. Below is an overview of each program discussed in this article to provide you with a complete view to make a final assessment. In these unbiased overviews, both high and low points are discussed.

    Brenau University

    Brenau’s 100% Online Master of Business Administration

    School Info

    Business Accred:ACBSP
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(770) 534-6162
    Location:Gainesville, GA

    Brenau University is in the top two most affordable online MBA programs in Georgia. The program with the most liberal admissions requirements does not use the GMAT or GRE in weighing admissions. This program is an easy and cost-efficient way to earn an MBA online.

    Brenau offers their online MBA program at $713 per credit hour for a 36-credit degree. Students can expect to pay $25,668 to complete the Brenau University online MBA program without financial aid. There are several ways to customize their program for that price, including a 12-month fast track program and 13 different concentrations. Three of their most common concentrations you might find enticing are healthcare management, project management, and human resource management.

    Applying to this program is easy as it is free, and every applicant receives an enrollment coach from walking them through the process. The average GPA entering the program is 3.1, and 100% of their students have previous work experience, though not requiring the GMAT or GRE is a big help for potential students.

    Brenau University boasts an efficient price tag, liberal admissions requirements, and a free application process; however, they rank below the state and national three-year graduation rate average at just 58%.

    Columbus State University

    CSU’s Online MBA

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(706) 507-8800
    Location:Columbus, GA

    Columbus State University’s online program is focused on creativity, team-based learning, and applying knowledge in real business settings, making it a great choice for students who want connection during their online experience.

    At $739 per credit hour, students can expect to pay $22,170 for the 30 credit hour online MBA at Columbus State University. For this price, students will take two courses each semester for a total of five consecutive semesters to complete the program.

    To apply to the Columbus State University, you will need to have completed four undergraduate prerequisites, including two semesters of Accounting, Statistics, and the Principles of Finance. Also, applicants are required to submit the online or paper application with an application fee, their official baccalaureate degree transcript, GMAT or GRE scores unless qualified for an exemption, three letters of recommendation, and a current resume.

    Though this program boasts a great mission and an affordable price, admissions only happen once per year, rather than having rolling admission, so you will have to have your application in by June 30th.

    Georgia College & State University

    Georgia WEBMBA® at Georgia College (Online MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(478) 445-5115
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Milledgeville, GA

    Georgia College & State University falls in the top three programs with the highest acceptance and graduation rates, making this program a good choice for receiving an online MBA.

    Students can expect to pay $22,170 for this accelerated program completed in just five consecutive semesters. Included in this price is the mandatory orientation. This program begins in January or August, and you follow the same cohort all the way through for team-based learning and the ability to build connections with others in your group.

    For admission into the Georgia College & State University online MBA program, there are several pieces of information they will need, including the online application, the $35 application fee, an official transcript from all universities you have attended, GMAT or GRE scores, or waiver, current resume, and verification of two years of professional work experience.

    Georgia College & State University is a top-tier online MBA program, though the application process and requirements are quite rigorous.

    Georgia Southern University

    Master of Business Administration Online (MBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(912) 478-5384
    Location:Statesboro, GA

    Georgia Southern University program is a 21-month path to receiving an MBA from the comfort of your home. With affordable rates, Georgia Southern University’s online MBA is an excellent and fast-paced choice.

    At $739 per credit hour, prospective students can expect to pay a total of $24,505 for this 30 credit hour program. This cost includes your application fee, tuition, university fees, and orientation and graduation fees. Students will complete six credits every semester for a total of 5 semesters.

    To gain admission to Georgia Southern University, you’ll need to submit the online application and transcripts. GMAT scores are not weighed in admissions decisions for this program.

    With the liberal admissions requirements, it is no surprise that this program has a high acceptance rate of 82%. Surprisingly, Georgia Southern University has a three-year graduation rate of 90%, which shows that this program supports student’s need to complete the program in its entirety.

    Kennesaw State University

    Online Master of Business Administration (WebMBA)

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(470) 578-4377
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Kennesaw, GA

    With a tuition rate coming in far below national and state averages, Kennesaw State University’s online MBA program is a budget-friendly option to pursue an online MBA. This program also has no set class times, so working professionals can complete it in their downtime.

    With a total program cost of $24,470, including all fees, the 30 credit hour credit program is affordable. It takes about 20 months to complete, while you only take two classes at a time. This is great for students who feel overwhelmed by having multiple classes to complete at the same time.

    To apply for the Kennesaw State University online MBA program, you’ll need to submit: bachelorette degree transcripts, proof of two years of professional experience, academic achievement, two letters of recommendation. In most cases, the GMAT can be waived; however, GMAT scores can be used to weigh your admissions decision if you lack in another area.

    The only downside to this program is that they do not offer any MBA concentrations at this time.

    Mercer University

    Mercer University’s Online MBA program

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Atlanta, GA

    Though a bit more on the expensive end for a Georgia online MBA, Mercer University offers a top-tier program in just 12 months.

    The tuition for this program is $778 per credit hour, and since students have the option of a 30 credit hour generalized MBA or a 36 hour specialized MBA, the program’s cost can range from $23,340-$28,008, not including any fees. Mercer’s seven concentration options include entrepreneurship and innovation, global business, finance, healthcare management, managing people and change, marketing, and integrative business.

    Gain admittance to this program by submitting an online application, a $50 application fee, official GMAT or GRE score or waiver, and transcripts from all previously attended universities to provide proof of a bachelorette degree.

    Mercer has an acceptance rate of 85%, but a graduation rate of 75%, likely because it is accelerated into one year, which means you’ll need focus and dedication to this program to succeed.

    University of West Georgia

    Richards College of Business Online MBA

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(678) 839-5355
    E:[email protected]
    Location:Carrollton, GA

    The University of West Georgia ranks in the top four for the lowest debt at graduation. It is the school with the top three-year graduation rate, making it an excellent option to consider.

    Students can expect to pay $739 per credit hour for a 30 credit hour program coming out to about $22,170, not including any additional fees. This program takes 18 months to complete, divided into ten courses.

    To join the online MBA program at the University of West Georgia, you will need to submit the online graduation application, a $40 application fee, official GMAT or GRE scores, transcripts from all universities attended, and a current resume.

    Applicants must reach a minimum score of 950 points based on totals between the undergraduate GPA x 200, the GMAT score, and a three or higher on the analytical writing section of the GMAT. Alternatively, if applicants have a lower undergraduate GPA that is lowering their points due to their freshman and sophomore years, applicants meeting 1,000 points using the last 60 hours of their undergraduate degree will also be considered.

    Though the application process is rigorous, the University of West Georgia is dedicated to helping its students succeed and remain lower in debt.

    Valdosta State University

    Georgia WebMBA®

    School Info

    Business Accred:AACSB
    Regional Accred:SACSCOC
    School Type:Private
    T:(229) 333-5694
    Location:Valdosta, GA

    Valdosta State University is at the top for programs with the lowest debt at graduation, the highest graduation rates, and affordability, making it a rounded option for obtaining your online MBA degree.

    Students can expect to pay $22,170 for this 30 credit program, coming out to $739 per credit hour. Keep in mind that this total might not include additional fees. It can be completed in 5 consecutive semesters with six credits each semester.

    To gain admission to the Valdosta State University online MBA program, you’ll need to submit the online graduation application and free official transcripts from your bachelor’s degree, official GMAT and GRE scores, the MBA supplemental application, a resume, and an exemption from medical clearance form. It is important to note that minimum scores for the GMAT and GRE are required. Additionally, the MBA supplemental application cannot be submitted online as it must be in the applicant’s handwriting.

    Georgia Career and Job Outlook for MBA Graduates

    The employment prospects for MBA holders are good in Georgia. The average MBA graduate can earn anywhere from $45,242 – $128,174. Following are some helpful about management career prospects in Georgia. In May 2019, according to the BLS, the following management positions earned these salaries:

    • Advertising and Promotions Managers – $91,530
    • Business and Financial Operations Occupations – $71,300
    • Chief Executives – $181,460
    • General and Operations Managers – $110,670
    • Management Occupations – $114,210
    • Management Analysts – $94,950
    • Marketing Managers – $135,820
    • Medical and Health Services Managers – $106,950

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