Online MBA in Mississippi

Mississippi has much to offer when it comes to online MBA programs. There is bound to be a business school that fits your lifestyle, goals, and career path online to campus-based and even hybrid formats. To help you find the best school, we have put together this list of every online MBA program in Mississippi. It covers all the major details of the best schools in the state. All the best as you search through the business schools in Mississippi and pursue your career!

Best Online MBA in Mississippi

Many people get full-time jobs right after completing their undergraduate programs, making it nearly impossible to have enough time to attend courses for an MBA program. Online MBA programs in Mississippi allow working professionals and part-time students to pursue an MBA program according to their schedule and convenience. The accreditation of such programs from internationally recognized institutions as the AACSB ensures the quality of education and means students should have access to the best educational infrastructure online.

The following colleges have some of the best accredited online MBA programs in Mississippi:

The four online MBA programs in Mississippi below are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Jackson State University – College of Business

Jackson State University offers a Master of Business Administration degree program that can be pursued fully online. The institution’s degree has earned accreditation from the AACSB International and is considered one of the best online MBA programs in Mississippi. The online MBA program that is offered by Jackson State University requires students to complete coursework worth 30 credit hours- 24 credit hours are for core subjects and the remaining six credit hours are for elective courses. Core areas of study in the program include economics, statistics, finance, marketing, finance, management, and accounting. Students who have previously completed foundation courses may earn an MBA degree within a year, while most students generally take 18 months to complete the program. Besides, The College of Business has made it very easy for any student to enroll by removing residency requirements.

2. Mississippi State University – College of Business

The College of Business at Mississippi State University offers a Distance MBA program accredited by the AACSB. It is considered one of the “Best Affordable AACSB Online MBAs” by, and one of the Best Online MBA programs 2015 by US News & World Report. The accredited program requires students to complete 30 credit hours of online coursework. Twenty-seven hours are dedicated to core MBA courses, and the remaining three credit hours are for electives. The College of Business at Mississippi State University also offers Project Management as a concentration in the MBA program. For this concentration, students are required to complete nine credit hours of Industrial Engineering courses in addition to the 27 hours of core MBA courses. There are no on-campus requirements, and students may complete the program in two years.

3. The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss School of Business Administration

The Ole Miss School of Business Administration at the University of Mississippi is an institution that offers AACSB International accredited MBA courses to eligible students. The online MBA program offered by the institution covers the same curriculum and uses the expertise of the same faculty as the on-campus program, and it was ranked the #14 best MBA program in the nation by US News & World Report. Students must complete a 36-credit-hour curriculum that can be done within one year by full-time students who have completed all prerequisite courses. Professionals can enroll as part-time students, which will allow them to complete the program in two years if the student takes two courses per semester. The Professional online MBA program offered by the Ole Miss School of Business Administration is supported by an online learning system that integrates the use of video conferencing and VoIP technologies to allow interactive discussions and collaborations with the on-campus faculty.

4. University of Southern Mississippi – College of Business

the AACSB International accredits the Master in Business Administration program offered by the University of Southern Mississippi and it was recognized by the US News & World Report as one of the “Best Part-Time MBA Programs” in the country. The MBA program offered by this institution has 33 credit hours worth of coursework, out of which 24 credit hours are for core MBA courses. Students interested in earning a concentration in Sports Security Management may take the additionally required electives. Students who start the program in the spring semester may require three years to complete the coursework. In comparison, students who start in the summer semester or fall semester can complete the online course within two years if they take two courses per semester. Also, the College of Business has removed any on-campus requirements for this online course.

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MBA Programs in Mississippi

MBA programs accredited by an internationally recognized organization like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) hold a very high market value as this accreditation shows that the quality of education received from such institutions is following the highest standards. Moreover, such institutes generally allow credits to be transferred from an undergraduate program to the graduate program if the fields are closely related, allowing you to build your career faster. The list of courses below are a few of the most popular accredited Mississippi MBA programs:

(The 5 Mississippi MBA programs listed below are in alphabetical order.)

1. Jackson State University – College of Business

The College of Business at Jackson State University offers Master of Business Administration programs to students who have completed an undergraduate degree in any field. The AACSB accredits the institution. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree that does not belong to the business disciple will need to complete a set of pre-requisite courses. The MBA program offered by the College of Business at Jackson State University requires a total of 30 credit hours of coursework, 24 hours of which are core program courses covering areas such as statistics, marketing, management, finance, economics, and accounting. The remaining six hours of coursework is dedicated to pursuing elective subjects that may include business research projects, financial statement analysis, macroeconomic theory, and core elective subjects like marketing, economics, and accounting. The institution also offers eligible students the opportunity to pursue a dual degree of MBA/MPA if the required undergraduate accounting and business prerequisites are satisfied.

2. Millsaps College – Else School of Management

The Else School of Management at Millsaps College offers a Master of Business Administration program accredited by the AACSB International organization. The curriculum for the MBA program offered by this institution is divided into three levels: Foundation, Core, and Elective. The program consists of at least 30 credit hours of coursework, but up to 48 credit hours may be required if any prerequisite courses are completed.The Else School of Management offers the program to full-time and part-time students so that professionals will be able to pursue the degree at their convenience. Full-time students will complete the program within 20 months, but it can be completed within one year if all the Foundation courses are waived. Students are also required to complete 12 credit hours of elective courses. Internships and International Study programs are facilitated by the institution to provide a complete MBA experience.

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3. Mississippi State University – College of Business

The College of Business at Mississippi State University is an institution that has been accredited by the AACSB International and they offer a flexible Master of Business Administration. For full-time students with access to the campus, the College of Business Mississippi State University offers a 30-credit-hour accelerated MBA program completed within one year. Students of the accelerated program will be participating in cohort-based events encouraging peer networking and exponential personal growth. The Distance MBA program is designed for professionals looking for a flexible option to acquire an accredited institution’s MBA. The 30-credit-hour Distance MBA program offered by the College of Business was ranked at #18 of the Best Online MBA Programs 2015 by US News & World Report. The institution also offers students the opportunity to concentrate the MBA towards an area of personal interest such as Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, or Insurance by selecting the required elective subjects.

4. The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss School of Business Administration

The Ole Miss campus MBA is an AACSB-accredited program that offers classes in a traditional setting. It is ranked #69 in the nation by Bloomberg Newsweek and provides a comprehensive 36-hour curriculum. The program can be completed in as little as 12 months or as many as two years. Completion time is flexible, allowing students to choose what works best for them. The Ole Miss School of Business Administration has designed the program to challenge students and help develop the proper skill sets needed to excel in today’s business environment. Courses include Managerial Accounting, Organizational Behavior, and Business Planning Entrepreneurship.

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5. University of Southern Mississippi – College of Business

The College of Business at the University of Southern Mississippi is an institution that is accredited by AACSB International, and it offers one of the Best part-time MBA programs in the country as ranked by US News & World Report. MBA classes are available in various formats to suit full-time students and professionals, including online, nighttime, and hybrid courses. The hybrid format offered by the College of Business helps students complete two courses in a semester by attending just one night class each week. The MBA program offered by the University of Mississippi consists of 33 credit hours, 24 of which are dedicated to core subjects while the remaining nine hours are for elective subjects. Working professionals can use the online and hybrid formats to complete the MBA program in two years, while full-time students can complete it within one year. Applicants who have spent five years or more holding a progressive managerial position or who have completed at least a master’s degree may apply for GRE/ GMAT waiver.

Additional Online MBA Programs in Mississippi

An accreditation helps prospective students trust the quality of education offered by an institution before they enroll. Although AACSB-accredited programs attract more attention, some other organizations like the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) also offer assurance that the highest of educational standards are adhered to by institutions. The institution below provides one of the best non-AACSB accredited online MBA in Mississippi.

1. Belhaven University – School of Business

The online Master of Business Administration program offered by Belhaven University is accredited by the IACBE. The program offers at least 42 credit hours, 36 of which are core MBA courses, and the remaining six are elective courses. Students will require at least two years to complete the program and choose to pursue concentrations in Sports Administration, Health Administration, Human Resources, Leadership. The School of Business has divided the program into eight-week terms that help students cover the course in a manageable pace. The Belhaven University online MBA program, can be completed fully online as there are no on-campus requirements. Students will need to participate in project team activities during the program.

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Mississippi MBA Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an organization that analyzes data gathered from the US Department of Labor, more than 50,000 people in Mississippi have jobs in management occupations alone, and the mean hourly wage for this occupation is almost at $40, pushing the mean annual salary numbers beyond $80,000. The number of jobs for top executives, people who hold the highest managerial positions in commercial or industrial companies, is set to increase at 6% until 2014, which is as fast as the national average. Most of the people in Mississippi’s managerial jobs are general managers and operations managers who earn a mean hourly wage of over $45 and a mean yearly salary of almost $95,000. Chief executives enjoy the highest mean hourly wage of nearly $60 and mean annual salary of almost $125,000, closely followed by engineering and architectural managers and natural science managers.

The top three industries that hire management students after general managers and operations managers are financial institutions, administrative service companies, and medical and health service institutions. The best places in the State of Mississippi for management occupations are the Jackson region and the Northeastern Mississippi Metropolitan area. These areas have the highest number of people employed in managerial positions and the state’s best annual mean wage numbers. According to, the number of job openings for general and operations in Mississippi is projected to increase by 8% by 2022.

The statistical data from have revealed the following numbers about salaries:

  • The median annual salary of an operations manager in Mississippi is $55,087, a large margin away from the median annual salaries of accountants ($41,909) and administrative assistants ($30,145).
  • Pursuing a master’s degree in management from the Mississippi State University allows you to earn an early career pay of over $56,000 that can increase to over $86,000 after spending around ten years in the career.
  • Pursuing a similar degree from the University of Mississippi gives you the chance of earning an early career pay of over $55,000 and a salary of $79,500 after investing ten years into your professional career.
  • In terms of impact, around 68% of Mississippi State University alumni and 83% of the University of Mississippi graduates report that they believe that their careers contribute positively to the world.

Some details of the other popular industries that hire managers are given below:

  • Elementary and secondary schools have over 2,300 positions for managers, and they pay an annual mean wage of over $72,000.
  • Companies that deal with computers and information systems have around 1,060 positions for managers, and the average computer systems manager is paid more than $88,000 annually.
  • Industrial production managers hired by manufacturing firms also get paid an average of more than $88,000 annually. Industrial production firms have over 1,600 positions for managers.
  • Educational institutions that offer post-secondary education employ more than 1,200 managers, and the annual mean wage for these positions is over $91,000.
  • Marketing firms presently have about 600 managerial posts in Mississippi, but with the influx of commercial industries, this field is set to grow. The annual mean wage for marketing managers in Mississippi is more than $91,000.

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