Business Schools in Kentucky

    All of the schools on our list below have been accredited by one of the three central business accrediting bodies, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), or the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Additionally, our list of business schools in Kentucky only includes public or non-profit, and all schools are also regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

    Choosing an accredited business degree gives you the insurance that the degree has clear goals. The school has proven that it produces quality outcomes and adheres to national and international standards. Accredited business schools also typically provide more options to gain real-world experience through interaction with actual businesses.

    To create our list of Kentucky’s best business schools, we started with the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) data. Kentucky has a large number of public and non-profit schools that grant undergraduate and graduate business degrees, according to NCES statistics: 54. However, based on our research, only 16 of these offer business-accredited undergraduate business programs, and just ten have accredited programs at the graduate level. That means only a percentage of Kentucky business schools are business accredited.

    On this page, you will find pertinent information to help you choose the right school for you based on essential criteria like tuition, financial aid, entrance exam scores, acceptance rates, and more. The three sections below cover undergraduate programs, graduate schools, and the job prospects for business school graduates in Kentucky.

    Undergraduate Business Schools in Kentucky

    Kentucky is one of the most affordable places to get an undergraduate business degree in the country. Its average tuition cost is just slightly more than $16,000. At the top end, the most expensive schools in the state are Bellarmine University at $39,000 and Thomas More College at $29,450. The state boasts no fewer than seven schools with undergraduate tuition costs under $10,000, and these offer average financial aid of around $7,175 as well. If attending business school on a budget is a priority for you, Kentucky should be on your list.

    Acceptance rates in Kentucky are as favorable as tuition costs. Of the 14 schools for which we have acceptance rate data, only three schools Kentucky State University, Spalding University, and Kentucky Wesleyan College, are below 60%. The three schools with the highest acceptance rate in Kentucky are Western Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, and Northern Kentucky University at 94%, 91%, and 91%.

    Graduation rates for undergraduate programs in Kentucky are around 45% for the 15 schools for which we have data. There are ten schools with graduation rates under 50%, five schools over 50%. The average graduation rate for the state is 45%. The University of Kentucky has the best combination of acceptance rate (91%) and graduation rate (64%) on our list.

    The table below shows all the critical undergraduate program data, including annual in-state tuition costs, average aid, acceptance rates, median SAT and ACT scores, and graduation rates. Select any column header to sort the table based on its contents.

    SchoolCityTuitionAidMedian SATMedian ACTAccept. RateGrad. Rate
    Bellarmine UniversityLouisville$39,750$25,082980-116022-2782%64%
    Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsville$24,596$15,287883-108819-2470%37%
    Eastern Kentucky UniversityRichmond$8,868$6,569930-114020-2586%45%
    Kentucky State UniversityFrankfort$7,754$9,326750-94517-2149%21%
    Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeOwensboro$24,050$15,898870-114018-2457%38%
    Lindsey Wilson CollegeColumbia$23,762$17,10032%
    Morehead State UniversityMorehead$8,496$8,410840-106020-2686%46%
    Murray State UnivMurray$8,400$8,127943-115521-2785%49%
    Northern Kentucky UniversityHighland Heights$9,384$7,304880-116020-2691%38%
    Spalding UniversityLouisville$24,388$18,563883-110618-2350%47%
    Thomas More CollegeCrestview Hills$29,450$21,678870-113020-2489%50%
    University of KentuckyLexington$11,484$8,4811000-125022-2991%64%
    University of LouisvilleLouisville$11,264$9,19922-2973%53%
    University of the CumberlandsWilliamsburg$23,000$16,006870-109019-2571%43%
    West Kentucky Community and Technical CollegePaducah$3,936$3,428
    Western Kentucky UniversityBowling Green$9,912$7,059860-109019-2694%52%

    Graduate Business Schools in Kentucky

    Using data compiled from the AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE, there are ten business accredited and non-profit options for obtaining an MBA or equivalent in Kentucky, including several highly ranked schools and many lesser-known options that are still worthy of consideration. Following a pattern seen in many states, the overall average tuition cost for graduate study ($21,980). The most affordable Kentucky programs are Kentucky State University at $12,600 and Eastern Kentucky University at $15,00.

    We have average admission GMAT scores for 7 of the ten schools, ranging from 460 at Bellarmine University to 622 at the University of Louisville. Eight schools have a percentage of full-time faculty with doctorate degrees ranging from 76% to 93%.

    There are also several online MBA programs in Kentucky available. One of these is Eastern Kentucky University, an online MBA program since 2004 and has very reasonable acceptance requirements. Most online programs offer the same basic curriculum and courses as their offline equivalents.

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    The table below shows tuition costs, average accepted applicant GMAT scores, the percentage of faculty with a doctorate, average undergraduate GPA figures of accepted students, and student-to-faculty ratios. Click any column header to sort the table based on its contents.

    SchoolCityTuitionAvg. GMATFaculty
    with Doct.
    Bellarmine UniversityLouisville$22,80046090%2.75
    Eastern Kentucky UniversityRichmond$15,000510820.44
    Kentucky State UniversityFrankfort$12,600597
    Morehead State UniversityMorehead$17,37076%0.64
    Murray State UnivMurray$28,92047387%2.44
    Northern Kentucky UniversityHighland Heights$21,76279%0.39
    Thomas More CollegeCrestview Hills$28,000
    University of KentuckyLexington$23,41057193%2.58
    University of LouisvilleLouisville$32,00062278%0.53
    Western Kentucky UniversityBowling Green$17,91948383%0.35

    Job Outlook for Business School Graduates in Kentucky

    Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts 2016 to 2026 total growth of at least 5% in 32 out of 37 business and management occupations. Market analysts and marketing specialists are expected to see the most growth, at 22.8% over ten years, with financial managers coming in second at 18.7%.

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    Just over 117,000 people were employed in the business and management sector in Kentucky in 2016. General and operations managers made up the largest subgroup by far, with 27,120 employed, more than double the next largest category. Accountants and auditors are in second place at 10,970, while all other categories were in the 1,500 range or below.

    Accountants and Auditors13-201110,970$32$65,8408.0%
    Administrative Services Managers11-30112,850$38$80,0109.1%
    Advertising and Promotions Managers11-2011220$41$84,3405.8%
    Agents andManagers of Artists and Athletes13-101140$34$70,81010.0%
    Architectural and Engineering Managers11-90411,950$55$115,1907.4%
    Budget Analysts13-20311,050$27$56,54010.4%
    Business Operations Specialists13-11999,490$32$65,75010.1%
    Chief Executives11-10113,440$76$157,17011.9%
    Compensation and Benefits Managers11-3111110$44$91,2100.187
    Compensation, and Benefits Specialists13-1141650$27$55,5205.6%
    Compliance Officers13-10412,380$27$56,4205.0%
    Construction Managers11-90212,380$42$86,9708.9%
    Cost Estimators13-10511,990$30$62,46010.3%
    Credit Analysts13-2041800$37$76,17011.4%
    Credit Counselors13-2071580$21$42,8505.5%
    Financial Analysts13-20511,700$34$70,1804.9%
    Financial Examiners13-2061550$30$62,3008.2%
    Financial Managers11-30316,100$55$115,14010.6%
    General and Operations Managers11-102127,120$43$90,2707.1%
    Human Resources Managers11-31211,510$45$93,780-7.8%
    Human Resources Specialists13-10716,960$27$56,1306.9%
    Information Systems Managers11-30212,500$57$117,68012.0%
    Insurance Underwriters13-2053500$32$66,39010.2%
    Labor Relations Specialists13-10751,380$20$42,0608.5%
    Loan Officers13-20725,070$34$69,78011.5%
    Management Analysts13-11113,720$37$76,3908.8%
    Market Analysts and Marketing Specialists13-11614,400$28$57,55010.0%
    Marketing Managers11-20211,700$53$110,6006.5%
    Meeting and Event Planners13-1121670$19$40,4408.4%
    Public Relations and Fundraising Managers11-2031530$42$86,96010.8%
    Purchasing Managers11-30611,020$53$109,850-5.2%
    Sales Managers11-20223,740$58$120,0009.8%
    Tax Examiners and Revenue Agents13-20811,780$23$48,16013.9%
    Tax Preparers13-20821,330$21$44,43011.5%
    Training and Development Managers11-3131430$56$117,280-0.6%
    Training and Development Specialists13-11513,250$27$56,75010.8%

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