Online Business Degrees in Missouri

    In the ever-evolving higher education digital landscape, online business degrees have become a popular and valuable choice for aspiring professionals. Online education offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to balance their studies with work, family, or other commitments. It also provides a more cost-effective degree path, eliminating many of the extra costs associated with traditional on-campus programs, such as housing and commuting. This article focuses on affordable online bachelor’s degree programs in business programs in Missouri, offering a tailored view of the opportunities available within the state.

    These degree programs are affordable, which can lighten students’ financial loads and reduce student loan debt, but cost is just one piece of the decision-making puzzle: Curriculum quality, faculty expertise, school reputation, and available support services are equally critical. Even though a low-cost program might look tempting, it should also deliver a thorough, quality education that prepares you effectively for your chosen career path.

    Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Programs in Missouri

    This list presents seven online business programs from accredited public or non-profit universities in Missouri that were handpicked for their affordability and educational value from a broader pool of 12 institutions, ten of which offer online business programs. As a prospective student, we recommend you approach these programs with a holistic mindset. Be sure to evaluate each program’s overall value in terms of academic experience, potential financial aid opportunities, and alignment with your career goals and learning style.

    Here are the seven most affordable online Bachelor in Business programs ranked by cost per credit:

    • Southeast Missouri State University
    • Northwest Missouri State University
    • Drury University
    • Columbia College
    • University of Missouri
    • Lindenwood University
    • Maryville University of St. Louis

    Your education is an investment in your future. Choose wisely.

    1. Southeast Missouri State University

    Southeast Missouri State University, situated in Cape Girardeau, is known for its affordable and comprehensive online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program. With tuition per credit of just $259, this program is 32% more affordable than the state average and 42% more affordable than the national average, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious students.

    The program features a rolling application deadline, offering US and international students flexibility in starting their educations. With a broad enrollment base of 946 students, the course fosters a vibrant learning community. This program’s flexibility sets it apart: Students can earn their degrees outside the US, transfer credits from other institutions, and even earn advanced standing credit. However, the program does have a minimum high school GPA requirement of 2.0, which could be a disadvantage for students who struggled in high school.

    The online business administration program operates within a public, semester-based learning environment, mirroring the on-campus curriculum. Students learn from a solid faculty comprising 178 full-time and 36 part-time instructional members, most of whom hold terminal degrees. The program demands and often grades active student participation.

    The program further supports students with available financial aid and has GI Bill certification. However, be aware that the average debt for the 2021-2022 graduates who took out loans is slightly above both the national and state averages, coming in at $22,643.

    In conclusion, Southeast Missouri State University’s online BS in Business Administration Program is a cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive option for students seeking to pursue business studies. Its high acceptance rate, robust faculty, and diverse student community make it a compelling choice. However, potential students must consider the minimum GPA requirement and the potential for student loan debt.

    2. Northwest Missouri State University

    The online Bachelor of Science in Business Management program at Northwest Missouri State University prides itself on its flexible, student-friendly application process. Accommodating both domestic and international students, the university operates on a rolling deadline basis, allowing applicants to submit their materials when most convenient. Applicants must possess either a diploma or GED and meet the minimum high school GPA requirement of 2.0.

    The university’s acceptance rate is 69%, just slightly under the state and national averages of 75% and 72%, respectively. The program welcomes transfer students and awards advanced standing credit, offering substantial flexibility for students transferring in with prior academic experience.

    The program began online in 2000, so it has been around for many years, and the academic structure prioritizes quality and inclusivity. The average class size is capped at 25, fostering a conducive learning environment that promotes personal interaction and attention. A unique feature of this program is its emphasis on collaborative learning methods, often encouraging students to take on varying roles during their courses. Class participation is graded and forms a significant aspect of the learning process.

    At $299 per credit, the tuition for this program is less expensive than the state and national averages21% and 34%, respectivelymaking it the second most affordable on our list. Further enhancing that affordability is the availability of financial aid options. Both institutional and federal aid are available, and the institution is also GI Bill certified, providing support to military veterans. The average debt for graduates who borrowed is $17,556, which is significantly lower than both the state ($23,260) and national averages ($21,613); 64% of students graduate with debt.

    In conclusion, the online Bachelor of Science in Business Management program at Northwest Missouri State University offers an affordable, academically robust, and flexible pathway to achieving your business education goals.

    3. Drury University

    Drury University in Springfield offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration program designed to equip students with the practical tools and understanding necessary to become leaders in a variety of industries.

    Prospective students enjoy the flexibility of a rolling application deadline, providing them the convenience to apply when it best fits their schedule. Applicants need a high school diploma or a GED to qualify for the program. The program’s acceptance rate is 63%, and it draws in a diverse student body that includes both fresh high school graduates and working professionals, contributing to the program’s dynamic appeal. The average student age of 29 reflects a broad spectrum of backgrounds and life experiences within the student community.

    Founded in 2004, Drury University’s online Business Administration program features lectures in most classes, fostering a comprehensive learning environment. The average class size is 13 students, ensuring personalized attention from faculty while enhancing collaborative learning. With its focus on active participation, the program encourages students to work together, contributing to the overall learning experience.

    The tuition fee for the Bachelor of Business Administration program is $320 per credit, making it 16% more affordable than the state average and 29% more affordable than the national average. On average, 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed had an average debt of $23,164, slightly higher than the state and federal averages; 54% of these graduates had some form of debt. Drury University takes pride in supporting its military veteran students by offering in-state tuition for all veterans and participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which aids in covering education expenses beyond the benefits of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Federal and institutional financial aid options are also available, easing students’ financial burdens.

    Drury University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration offers an affordable, flexible, and comprehensive education that prepares students for various business careers. Its commitment to online education, robust curriculum, and supportive financial aid programs make it a compelling choice for both traditional and non-traditional students.

    4. Columbia College

    Columbia College offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration program for students seeking to widen their career opportunities within public, private, and non-profit organizations. This flexible program has continually produced graduates who secure positions in Fortune 500 companies and federal, state, and local governments, with many further pursuing their master’s degrees at renowned business schools.

    The online Business Administration program at Columbia College offers rolling admissions, allowing both US and international students to apply anytime. Admission requirements mirror their campus-based programs, with a high school diploma or GED required for entry. The college boasts a generous acceptance rate of 96%, significantly higher than the state (75%) and national (72%) averages. Interestingly, the average student age is 34, reflecting a diverse mix of individuals from varying stages of their careers and life; 59% of new entrants are employed, suggesting that the program’s flexibility is highly sought by working professionals.

    Columbia College launched its fully online Bachelor of Business Administration program in the 2000-2001 academic year. Classes average 14 students, creating an environment conducive to focused learning. Most lessons include lectures, and many courses mandate collaborative work, fostering an engaging and interactive learning atmosphere. The grading of class participation encourages everyone to engage with their fellow students in their learning journeys.

    Tuition per credit at Columbia College is $375, making it slightly less expensive than the state average and 17% more affordable than the national average. The average debt of graduates who borrowed in 2021-2022 was $29,597, above both state ($21,613) and national ($23,260) averages, with 50% of these graduates carrying debt. The college is GI Bill certified and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, offering further financial aid to eligible military veterans. Both institutional and federal support is available, and the college diligently tracks its alums’ careers, emphasizing their commitment to student success beyond graduation.

    5. The University of Missouri

    The University of Missouri’s online Bachelor of Business Administration program allows driven, innovative individuals to explore a rigorous 120-credit-hour program focusing on critical areas such as finance, marketing, management, accounting, sales, and data analysis. The program promises recruitment opportunities and access to mentorship, providing a solid foundation for entrepreneurial and strategic thinkers to excel in their careers.

    The application process is relatively straightforward, with two paths available: application as a freshman for those with less than 24 hours of applicable college-level course work and application as a transfer student for those with 24 or more credit hours. High school completion is mandatory, either via a diploma or GED. The school has rolling application deadlines for US residents and international students, providing flexibility for prospective students. The program also accepts dual enrollments, enhancing its diversity and inclusivity.

    The academic experience offered by the University of Missouri is high quality and flexible, with an average class size of 30. Notably, the faculty teaching online courses also teach on-campus, ensuring consistency in curriculum quality. Collaborative work is a requirement in several classes, promoting teamwork and communication skills.

    The school’s tuition per credit is $430, which is slightly higher than the state average but 5% less than the national average. Several financial aid options are available, and the institution is certified to accept the GI Bill and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The average debt for 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed was $14,547, considerably lower than the state ($21,613) and national ($23,260) averages. It’s encouraging to note that the institution also keeps track of its alums, aiding in maintaining lifelong professional connections.

    The University of Missouri’s online Bachelor of Business Administration offers a comprehensive, affordable, and flexible program for prospective students, enabling them to effectively harness their strategic and innovative skills.

    6. Lindenwood University

    Lindenwood University in Saint Charles provides a robust online Bachelor of Business Administration program that allows students to refine their skills and prepare for leadership roles in various corporate and non-profit settings. The program provides a broad spectrum of specializations, including accounting, finance, health management, marketing, and supply chain management, to help students align their educations to their career aspirations.

    Prospective students can apply to this program on a rolling basis, whether they are US residents or international. Admission requires a minimum high school GPA of 2.5; students must have completed their high school diploma or GED. The program’s acceptance rate is 76%, which is slightly higher than both state and national averages. Notably, most new entrants are employed, indicating the program’s flexibility for working students. With the average student age of 32, the program is suitable for both fresh graduates and those looking to upskill later in their careers.

    Since its inception in 2012-2013, the program has provided an entirely online curriculum with a significant percentage of lectures. It ensures a conducive learning environment with its average class size of 20, allowing for personalized attention from instructors. The program encourages collaborative learning by grading class participation to ensure interaction among both online and campus-based students. It maintains the same high-quality curricula for both online and campus-based students, ensuring parity in learning standards.

    At $495 per credit, Lindenwood University’s tuition is slightly higher than the state and national averages. However, both institutional and federal aid are available to support students financially. The institution is GI Bill certified for veterans and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, providing additional funding options. Upon graduation, the average debt of 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed was $25,188, slightly higher than both state and national averages. A considerable 73% of graduates had some debt, which the university tracks as part of its commitment to alums.

    7. Maryville University of St. Louis

    The online Bachelor of Business Administration program from the Maryville University of St. Louis prepares students with contemporary business insights, enhancing their career opportunities and meeting the changing needs of the global business environment. Maryville University provides a flexible application process with a rolling admission policy for US and international students. Applicants must present a high school diploma or GED with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The program boasts a high acceptance rate of 88%, significantly benefiting prospective students. The diversity of the student body is impressive: 86% are employed, and the average age is 29.

    Established in 2014-2015, the program allows students to earn their degrees online, offering a balanced blend of lectures and collaborative work. The average class size is 13 students, providing a conducive interactive and individualized learning environment. Graded class participation and regular evaluations ensure an engaged and accountable academic experience. The program has a strong faculty, many of whom teach both online and on campus, guaranteeing a consistent curriculum and instructional quality across learning platforms.

    The tuition per credit is $500, slightly above both state and national averages. While the cost might be an initial concern, the university provides financial aid and is GI Bill certified, facilitating military veterans’ access to education. It also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, easing the financial burden for eligible students. Notably, the average debt of 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed was $18,597, which is lower than the state and national averages, with 57% of graduates having debt. By tracking its alums, the university continues to support and engage with its students post-graduation.

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