Online Business Degrees in North Carolina

    In today’s digital age, online business degree programs in North Carolina are an attractive option for many students seeking a convenient, cost-effective pathway to bolster their education and career prospects. This article, “Affordable Online Business Degrees in North Carolina,” highlights five notable and affordable NC programs that offer competitive tuition rates without sacrificing educational quality.

    As potential students, you’ll be privy to a thorough analysis of each program, including tuition cost, the application process, the demographics of the student body, the academic experience, and financial aid opportunities.

    Why Should You Consider Affordable North Carolina Programs in Business?

    These business degrees in North Carolina present the advantage of affordability, a factor of mounting importance in the current higher education landscape. Lower tuition costs can mitigate the financial burden often associated with pursuing a degree, potentially leading to less student debt upon graduation. However, it’s important to weigh other key attributes of a degree program against cost.

    The following factors can considerably impact your academic experience and future career path:

    • Quality of curriculum
    • Faculty expertise
    • Reputation of the institution
    • Availability of support services

    As you delve into the details of these five business degree programs, we urge you to consider tuition costs within the wider context of the value offered by each program. Think not just about the per-credit cost but also the comprehensive educational experience. Furthermore, keep in mind that many of these institutions offer financial aid opportunities, which can substantially reduce the direct cost of tuition.

    In pursuing an affordable online business degree in North Carolina, finding a program that aligns with your career goals, matches your learning style, and fits within your financial means is crucial. Remember, your ultimate objective is to invest in an education that will propel your career forward, ensuring long-term success in the business realm. This requires looking beyond cost and concentrating on the holistic value of your education.

    Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Programs in North Carolina

    These programs were carefully selected from a larger list of accredited institutions, all public or non-profit, which initially met our rigorous criteria. Out of these, only a select group offered online business programs in North Carolina, and from this refined list, we identified the five most promising in terms of affordability and educational value.

    1. Lees-McRae College

    The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at Lees-McRae College, located in Banner Elk, North Carolina, is designed to equip students with practical knowledge through relevant coursework. This degree completion program is ideal for working professionals or recent graduates looking to complete their degree. With an enrollment of 205 students, the program offers a student-focused learning environment.

    The application process for this program is flexible, with rolling application deadlines for both U.S. residents and international students. The program accepts transfer students and those who have earned an advanced standing credit. However, the program does not allow dual enrollment at a separate college. A diploma or GED is required for admission, and the acceptance rate stands at 31%.

    The academic experience at Lees-McRae College is engaging and comprehensive. The program is taught by 20 full-time and 36 part-time instructional faculty members. The average class size is 11, with a maximum class size of 20, allowing for personalized attention and interaction. Class participation is graded, and group projects or simulations are a part of the curriculum. The course evaluation response rate is 39%, indicating a strong community and interaction in the classes.

    The tuition per credit for this program is $350, making it the most affordable program on our list. Financial aid is available, and the institution is GI Bill certified. The college also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, providing additional financial assistance to U.S. military veterans. The average debt of 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed is $12,702, with 81% of graduates having debt.

    In conclusion, the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at Lees-McRae College offers a comprehensive and affordable education for those looking to advance their career in business. The flexible application process, engaging academic experience, and extensive financial aid options make it an attractive choice for prospective students. However, the lack of dual enrollment options and the high proportion of graduates with debt are factors to consider.

    2. UNC Greensboro

    UNC Greensboro offers an online BS in Business Administration program, providing a strong foundation of business knowledge that can be tailored to your professional aspirations. Accredited by AACSB, a distinction held by only 1% of business schools globally, the Bryan School’s online program blends quality education with flexibility.

    Applying to the program is a straightforward process. For U.S. residents, the application deadline is August 1, while for international students it’s July 1. Applicants must have a diploma or GED with a minimum high school GPA of 2.3. This program also accepts transfer students and those looking to earn advanced standing credit. The acceptance rate is competitive at 95%, making the program accessible to many aspiring students.

    In terms of academics, the program boasts an average of two years of online teaching experience for its instructors. The program places a focus on active learning and community, with class participation being graded and group projects/simulations forming a core part of the coursework. The average class size is 43 students, promoting a collaborative and interactive learning environment. Moreover, the program maintains a 38% course evaluation response rate, demonstrating strong student engagement.

    UNC Greensboro’s online BS in Business Administration program is the most affordable on our list, with a tuition rate of $368 per credit. This makes it one of the most cost-effective programs in the region. Furthermore, both institutional and federal financial aid are available to students who qualify. For veterans and military students, the institution is GI Bill certified and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The average debt of graduates is $20,556, with 61% of graduates incurring debt, a relatively lower figure compared to national averages.

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    3. Montreat College

    Montreat College, located in Asheville, NC, offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. Known for its combination of theory and practical experience, the program empowers students to navigate today’s intricate business landscape effectively. Students can expect to gain broad knowledge and valuable skills in business management, applying cutting-edge business and leadership theories to their workplaces. A distinct advantage of this program is the feasibility to enroll anytime throughout the year, thanks to its rolling application deadline. With an acceptance rate of 62%, the program maintains a good balance between selectivity and opportunity for aspiring students. The program also encourages transfer students, offering them a chance to earn advanced standing credit.

    The online BBA at Montreat College emphasizes group projects and simulations to foster a collaborative learning environment and grades class participation, encouraging active student engagement. With a modest average class size, individual attention from faculty is ensured, enhancing the overall learning experience. Furthermore, the course evaluation response rate is 73%, indicating a highly engaged student body and an environment that values student feedback.

    Tuition is one of the significant aspects that make Montreat College’s online BBA program stand out. Priced at $425 per credit, this program is one of the most affordable options available, which may prove beneficial for students looking for quality education at a budget-friendly cost. However, it’s essential to note that the program only offers federal financial aid and does not track alumni post-graduation. For military veterans, Montreat College is GI Bill certified, and the institution participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, ensuring additional support for those who have served.

    However, while the affordability of the program is commendable, prospective students should note that the degree cannot be earned entirely outside the U.S., limiting the opportunity for international students or U.S. residents abroad. Furthermore, dual enrollment at separate colleges is not allowed, which might be a downside for students hoping to accelerate their education. Also, an application essay is required as part of the application process, which may add to the application preparation time.

    In conclusion, Montreat College’s online BBA program offers a balanced blend of affordability, academic rigor, and flexibility. It’s an ideal option for prospective business professionals seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality business education.

    4. Campbell University

    Campbell University, located in Buies Creek, North Carolina, offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Business Management. The program focuses on cultivating essential skills such as interpersonal communication, problem-solving, conflict management, and team building. Enrolling in this program will equip you with the necessary tools to manage efficiently in a complex and multinational business environment. The affordability of this program is one of its notable advantages, with tuition per credit standing at $450, making it the most affordable option on our list. However, the enrollment size is moderately small, standing at 487 students, which may be a downside for those who prefer large-scale interactions.

    The application process for this program is fairly straightforward and accommodating, featuring a rolling application deadline for both U.S. and international students. This allows students the flexibility to apply when they are ready, eliminating the stress of strict deadlines. The program has an acceptance rate of 68%, and the minimum high school GPA required is 2.5. The program also accepts transfer students and offers the possibility of earning a degree entirely outside the U.S. The school does sometimes deny admittance to qualified applicants, which is a con to consider.

    Academically, the program is noted for its experienced faculty, the majority of whom possess a terminal degree. The program features an average online teaching experience of over 5 years, and class sizes are kept manageable with an average of 10-25 students. This means that students can benefit from a more personalized learning experience. An aspect to consider is the requirement of mandatory group projects and simulations, which might not suit all learning styles.

    When it comes to financial aid, both institutional and federal assistance is available. The university also acknowledges the sacrifices of military veterans by providing a GI Bill certification. As a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program, all eligible students receive maximum funding. However, 54% of graduates have debt, with the average debt for 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed standing at $27,396, indicating that despite the affordability, some students might still need to borrow to fund their education.

    In conclusion, the online BBA or BAS in Business Management program at Campbell University provides a comprehensive, well-rounded business education. Its affordable tuition, qualified faculty, and flexible application process make it an appealing choice. However, factors such as the moderate enrollment size, mandatory group projects, and percentage of graduates with debt are points to be considered.

    5. Appalachian State University

    The online BS – Business Administration Management Program at Appalachian State University, located in Boone, North Carolina, offers students the opportunity to bolster their careers by gaining comprehensive business knowledge and skills. This affordable program, with a tuition rate of $871 per credit, equips students to efficiently manage organizations in today’s competitive global marketplace. By focusing on aligning activities with strategic objectives, attracting and retaining talented employees, and fostering valuable leadership and interpersonal skills, students are well-prepared for success in various management roles. The program, designed for working adults, offers flexibility and convenience, allowing students to complete their undergraduate degrees on their own schedule.

    The application process for this program is quite straightforward. The application deadlines for both U.S. residents and international students is July 1. Prospective students are expected to have a diploma or GED, and the program welcomes transfer students, with an opportunity for them to earn advanced standing credit. Admissions are competitive, with the program sometimes denying admission to qualified applicants. The acceptance rate, however, is not publicly available.

    Academically, the program is enriched by a faculty comprised of 95 full-time and 35 part-time instructors, with a high proportion holding terminal degrees. The average online teaching experience of the faculty adds value to the program. Student engagement is emphasized, with a manageable average class size and class participation being graded. The course evaluation response rate is not specified, but this would be a key indicator of community interaction and strength within the classes.

    When it comes to tuition and financial aid, Appalachian State University stands out for its affordability. With a tuition rate of $871 per credit, the program is competitively priced compared to other universities in the state and across the nation. Financial aid is available, both institutional and federal, and the institution is GI Bill certified. Veterans can avail in-state tuition rates. The average debt for 2021-2022 graduates who borrowed was $15,549, with 36% of these graduates having debt. The institution does not participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

    One potential downside to consider is that this program does not allow for collaboration between online and face-to-face students. This may limit the scope of interaction and networking opportunities for online students. Additionally, the lack of information regarding the acceptance rate and course evaluation response rate may be a concern for some prospective students. Nonetheless, the online BS – Business Administration Management Program at Appalachian State University remains an appealing option for those seeking a high-quality, affordable, and flexible online business program.


    In conclusion, the diverse range of online business degree programs in North Carolina offers prospective students several affordable options to advance their career. Lees-McRae College, UNC Greensboro, Montreat College, Campbell University, and Appalachian State University each provide unique, value-driven programs tailored to meet the needs of today’s ambitious students. These institutions offer a blend of comprehensive curricula, experienced faculties, flexible schedules, and supportive resources, all at a competitive tuition rate.

    However, it’s crucial for students to consider not just the cost but also the specific features and benefits of each program to identify the one that best aligns with their career goals and personal circumstances. Factors such as the academic reputation of the institution, the expertise and qualifications of the faculty, the structure and content of the program, student support services, and financial aid opportunities can all significantly impact a student’s educational experience and post-graduation outcomes.

    Investing in a business degree is a significant step towards career advancement. North Carolina’s affordable online programs ensure that this step is not only financially accessible but also academically robust and professionally rewarding. By equipping students with crucial business knowledge and skills, these programs pave the way for successful careers in the dynamic world of business.

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