Online MBA Programs in Digital Marketing

    Digital marketers are quickly becoming the backbone of the sales and marketing industry. Social media and internet marketing are now considered the most effective strategies, and experts who can effectively create and manage digital marketing campaigns are in high demand. Individuals with a keen interest in digital marketing interested in a career at the top of this industry can ensure they’re prepared for such a job by obtaining an online MBA in digital marketing.

    Professionals who enter the industry with an accredited online MBA in digital marketing often find themselves able to quickly and effectively obtain promotions in the workplace and advance to top-level management roles for their employers. The courses they take to prepare them with master-level digital marketing courses and advanced business administration courses prepare them to become successful managers during their online MBA program.

    What is an Online MBA in Digital Marketing?

    An online MBA program in digital marketing is designed to teach students the skills and techniques they require to succeed in internet marketing manager, social media manager, marketing campaign manager, or marketing analytics manager. With the strong academic background that an online MBA program provides, graduates may even find themselves faced with opportunities to take on top-tier management roles such as senior marketing manager or chief marketing officer.

    All online MBA programs teach students about business management and administration. Students must complete accounting, human resources, inventory management, business ethics, and business law courses. In an online MBA program with a digital marketing concentration, students must complete masters-level courses on digital marketing topics such as consumer behavior, social media relations, influencer marketing, and Google analytics.

    Before applying to academic programs, many students compare the benefits of obtaining an MBA in digital marketing online against getting a master’s degree with the same specialization. While both programs offer students the opportunity to develop highly specialized digital marketing skills that prepare them for successful careers in the industry, only an MBA program includes courses focusing on business administration to prepare students for advancement throughout their careers. While a master’s degree may be the right choice for some students, those interested in propelling their careers to the top may wish to opt for an online MBA program in digital marketing.

    Besides considering the contrast between an online MBA in digital marketing and a master’s degree in digital marketing, prospective students need to consider the differences between online study and classroom study. While students thrive while obtaining their MBA in digital marketing online, some may find that they lack the level of focus and time management required for independent study. Those who are strong in these areas tend to be the most successful in online education. It’s also vital for those studying online to ensure they have adequate time in their schedule to complete their coursework and a quiet place to learn without interruption.

    Online MBA in Digital Marketing Curriculum

    The curriculum for online MBA programs in digital marketing includes a blend of business administration and marketing courses specific to technology. All of the courses in any online MBA program are taught at a master’s level, which means that it’s necessary for students who apply to these programs to have a strong background in their education and work experience.

    The business administration part of the program is designed to help students develop the skills they require to become leaders in their industries. This includes courses such as:

    • Accounting
    • Managerial Economics
    • Business Ethics
    • Business Law
    • Operations Management
    • Financial Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Inventory Management
    • Marketing

    Students who enroll in a program to earn an online MBA with a concentration in digital marketing can also expect to complete a variety of marketing courses, including some variation of the courses listed below:

    • Social Media and Content Distribution: Students learn how content most commonly interacts with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Students also learn about the future of social media and practice creating online personas for businesses and personalities.
    • Influencer Marketing: Students are taught the value of hiring influencers to market a specific product or service and how and where to find valuable social media influencers.
    • Digital Marketing Analytics: This course discusses the various analytical tools that are available to analyze the performance of a digital campaign, including Google and Facebook analytics.
    • Content Marketing: Content marketing is creating online materials used for marketing purposes and may include social media posts, blogs, viral content, and online videos. Students learn the best techniques for creating effective content and how to increase follower engagement.
    • Website Management: Students in this course learn to write and manage websites using common platforms such as WordPress, as well as digital languages such as HTML, Java, and CSS that are used to create them.

    Prerequisites for online MBA programs in digital marketing most often state that students who are applying need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a minimum of one year of relevant work experience. There are also many online schools that consider a student’s GMAT scores; however, there are some schools that are now choosing to waive the GMAT requirement2 with hopes of attracting more students to their programs.

    What Unique Career Paths Can I Pursue With an MBA Specializing in Digital Marketing?

    Individuals who earn an online MBA in digital marketing have plenty of opportunities upon graduation, especially in today’s market, which relies heavily on technology. Most industries are always seeking professionals with advanced knowledge of trends and online marketing techniques. The list that follows includes just some of the jobs that online MBA graduates who specialize in digital marketing are qualified for.

    Director of Marketing

    The director of marketing works with top executives3 and other leaders in their company to develop and oversee marketing directives within their organization. In today’s age, applicants with a strong background in digital marketing are preferred by many organizations when they look to fill the role of director of marketing. Marketing directors usually work regular office hours but may be required to work occasional overtime, and depending on the company that employs them, travel is sometimes required.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics4, marketing directors earned an average of $104,980 per year as of May 2018. Although the demand for workers in this job is average, it’s expected to increase by 8% by 2028.

    Chief Marketing Officer

    A chief marketing officer is part of the executive team. They must oversee the entire marketing department for their organization, including marketing directors, art directors, advertising managers, marketing managers, and copywriters. Their main job is to ensure all parts of their department work cohesively and ensure all marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. Additionally, the CMO is required to work alongside the rest of the executive team to ensure all departments are operating effectively. Many CMOs work long hours and travel often.

    According to the BLS, the average wage for this career is $104,980 annually, and demand is expected to increase by 8% by 2028.

    Social Media Specialist

    Social media specialists5 manage a company’s online image on its behalf. The job requires a high level of professionalism because it often involves dealing with customer comments and criticisms, fielding customer questions, and maintaining a positive image of the organization being represented at all times. Social media specialists must be familiar with online platforms, social media trends, and analytic tools. Most social media specialists work at a desk during regular office hours and are expected to do little to no travel.

    In an article published in November 2016, the BLS indicated that social media specialists earned an average wage of $56,770 per year. While this job’s opportunities are often readily available, competition is sometimes quite heavy due to this field’s popularity.

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Digital marketing managers6 oversee online marketing efforts for the organizations that employ them. This may include managing website design and maintenance, social media, content creation, and mobile apps. Most digital marketing managers oversee a team that may include web designers, graphic designers, and copywriters. In most cases, they’re required to work regular office hours and infrequently travel, if at all.

    According to the BLS, digital marketing managers earned an average salary of $134,290 per year as of May 2018. By 2028, the demand for workers in this role is expected to increase by 10%.

    Analytics Manager

    Analytics managers are responsible for ensuring the success of digital marketing campaigns. They must be familiar with Google Analytics tools and understand how to calculate user engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On a day-to-day basis, and analytics manager is likely to be required to present their interpretation of campaign analytics to their employer and suggest strategies for improvement.

    According to PayScale, analytics managers7 earned an average salary of $94,035 per year.


    Copywriters8 are responsible for producing content for digital and print media on behalf of their employers. When they work in digital marketing, they’re required to be familiar with search engine optimization rules. Copywriters often keep regular office hours but usually have strict deadlines, so it’s not uncommon for them to be required to work overtime or take work home with them. Many copywriters also do freelance work instead of working for an employer under contract.

    According to the BLS, copywriters earned an average of $62,170 per year as of May 2018. Demand for this job is average, and little to no change is expected before 2028.

    Should I Get an Online MBA Programs in Digital Marketing?

    Those who are considering applying to an online MBA program in digital marketing may want to ask themselves some questions before making such a large academic commitment. It’s essential to make sure that the program will match their career goals and make sure that the career they’ve decided on will be a good fit for their lifestyle. The considerations listed below can help make that decision a little easier.

    Online MBA in Digital Marketing VS Online MBA in Marketing

    While there are many aspects of these two similar programs, students interested in a career in social media management, influencer marketing management, or web content creation or management are best to consider an online MBA in digital marketing. While marketing principals are alike and taught similarly in both programs, only a digital marketing MBA offers students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the technology they’re using to help sell their employer’s product.

    Do you consider yourself creative?

    Creativity is vital in the marketing world. It’s essential that you feel comfortable sharing creative ideas with your peers, managers, and employees throughout your career. At times, you may be required to write, draw, or create videos to communicate your advertising ideas to clients or peers.

    Do you usually work well under pressure?

    Marketing is a dynamic industry that often has tight deadlines. It’s important that you can effectively work under pressure, especially if deadlines are looming.

    Are you comfortable working with technology?

    Digital marketing doesn’t just require the use of a computer while you’re at work; it also involves someone comfortable working with internet languages, analytics, and online applications and platforms.

    Are you hoping to manage a team of employees?

    Perhaps one of the most important considerations to make if you’re planning to apply for an online MBA program is whether or not you’re hoping to manage people at some point during your career. An online MBA program is specifically designed for students whose ultimate goal is, in fact, management.

    Do you have previous digital marketing experience?

    Before applying to an online MBA program in digital marketing, it’s important to consider your previous experience. You should have a background in marketing that includes a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will employers still hire me if I obtain my MBA online?

    In most cases, online schools that offer MBAs in digital marketing are completely accredited, and therefore, employers are happy to hire employees who’ve completed their studies online. Students who are unsure of an online school’s accreditation can check its status online at the United States Department of Education’s database of accredited programs9.

    Will earning my online MBA help me to obtain a promotion?

    Most employers put a lot of value on employees who choose to further their education, especially when it benefits the company. It’s always best to discuss academic plans with your employer to determine if furthering your education will increase your chances of advancement within the company.

    Is online study as good as traditional school?

    In most cases, online MBA programs offer a curriculum that’s similar to that of traditional schools. However, some students may prefer to continue their education in a classroom setting if they choose to complete their coursework on a strict schedule or among peers. On the other hand, students who have busy work or family schedules often prefer to work at their own pace and obtain their MBA online.

    How long does it take to earn an online MBA in digital marketing?

    Obtaining an online MBA in digital marketing usually takes approximately two years. However, students who wish to earn their degrees quickly can enroll in a fast-track program, which may take as little as two months to complete, and those who need more time can enroll in a part-time schedule, which may last as long as five to six years.