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Online MBA in Georgia

Welcome to our in-depth guide on online MBA programs in Georgia. Whether you are considering an AACSB-accredited MBA degree, or another program option, this resources can help you get started with its collection of Georgia specific resources. This guide is comprehensive focusing on providing a simple (but complete) collection of every online MBA in Georgia.

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Online MBA Programs in Georgia

If you are a working professional, doing your MBA full time on campus may not be an option. Here are some of the top Georgia universities offering online MBAs. Choose the online program that fits you best and get your MBA with ease.

(The below 10 online MBA programs in Georgia are listed in alphabetical order)

1. Columbus State University

Founded in 1958, Columbus State University is located 100 miles southwest of Atlanta. Alongside other schools in the University System of Georgia, CSU offers the top-ranked Georgia WebMBA online program. The MBA is accelerated, AACSB accredited, and designed to prepare students for administrative positions in business and industry.

The Georgia WebMBA requires all candidates to finish 30 core credits online. This includes team functions, discussion posts, cases, simulations, and exams. Aside from the mandatory orientation given at the beginning of spring and fall semesters, there are no required campus visits. The program progresses in a cohort with students taking two courses each semester. With this rate, students get to earn the degree in five consecutive semesters.


General program requirements include an official baccalaureate degree transcript from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and GMAT or GRE scores taken within the past five years. Standardized tests may be waived if applicants have earned a graduate degree from regionally accredited institutions or have an exceptional seven to ten years of managerial experience. Application deadlines are as follows: April 15 (Summer), June 30 (Fall), and November 30 (Spring).

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Business Strategy (Capstone), Entrepreneurship, Global & International Business, Human Behavior in Organizations, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Decision Analysis, Managerial Finance, Productions & Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing.

2. Emory University

Emory University is an internationally recognized university located on a beautiful campus in Atlanta’s historic Druid Hills Suburb. Its Goizueta Business School offers a Modular Executive MBA that is designed for high-level business executives and accomplished professionals. The program is built on a long-standing hybrid model that provides the flexibility of online learning with robust week-long on-campus classroom experiences.

The 20-month program starts in September of each year. It spans five class terms featuring residencies (ten weeklong sessions). It is during this time that students get to immerse themselves in a lockstep curriculum where a structured schedule of courses results in a strong general management education. In between residencies, students take part in a series of classes, group sessions, and digital modules wherever they need to be. These conference tools and virtual courses allow flexibility in managing a full life at work and home.


Emory University believes that diverse classes can offer a much richer and fuller educational experience. This belief impacts its admissions process. Candidates are evaluated based on their proven track record and a potential for success. At a minimum, EU requires a strong academic record in their undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Applicants must have eight to 10 years of professional work experience and a competitive GMAT/GRE score.

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Decision & Information Analysis, Strategic & Competitive Analysis, Leadership Styles & Best Practices, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Marketing Strategy & Analysis, Economic Analysis for Managers, Technology & Complex Adaptive Systems, Financial Planning & Capital Budgeting, Executive Insights, Operations Management, Organization Design & Management, Transformation Leading Organizational Change, Product & Brand Management, Capital Markets & Cost of Capital, Global Macroeconomic Perspective, Strategic Cost Management, Ethics for Leaders, Global Business Practices, Global Business Colloquium Abroad, and Leading Organizational & Personal Change & Transformation.

3. Georgia College & State University

J. Whitney Bunting College of Business offers the Georgia WebMBA, which gives professionals the opportunity to earn an AACSB accredited degree while they work. With this program, students get to enjoy the same quality and service as GCSU’s on-campus MBA. The program prepares graduates for career advancement, intellectual pursuits, and informed participation in today’s society.

The Georgia WebMBA combines various learning deliverables such as text materials, online team projects, written project work, case studies, and discussions. Before the start of each cohort, students must attend a mandatory, non-credit two-day orientation. All courses are asynchronous with no online class and face-to-face meetings required. However, student teams usually decide when to meet for course work. The degree can be earned by finishing ten courses (30 credit hours). All credits must be taken within seven years in the program.


Admittance is limited to holders of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Performance in GMAT or GRE and undergraduate GPA are used to determine admission status. Applicants who have a master’s degree or significant middle-upper level management experience may petition for a GMAT/GRE waiver. Deadline for application is as follows: July 1 (Fall), and November 1 (Spring).

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Business Strategy (Capstone), Entrepreneurship – New Venture Analysis, Global and International Business, Human Behavior in Organizations, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Decision Analysis, Managerial Finance, Production/Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing.

4. Georgia Southern University

Established in 1906, Georgia Southern University lays claim to the state’s largest and most comprehensive center of higher education south of Atlanta. The AACSB-accredited College of Business Administration offers motivated professionals a 21-month path to earning a MBA degree. The self-paced online modules can be completed without interruption to students work and personal lives.

The Online MBA accelerated program consists of 10 courses (30 credit hours) which can be completed in less than two years. Semester length varies from 12 to 14 weeks where students usually commit 7-8 hours per week per course. Although there are no on-site visits required, students must attend a two-day orientation held in Atlanta, Georgia before the first week of classes. Students will be given access to academic resources including online library, databases, and document sharing. Since courses are asynchronous, students get to do their coursework at any time, and anywhere.


Admission requirements include an official transcript from the college or university previously attended and GMAT scores. Applicants should also submit a resume indicating their academic GPA, a minimum of two years work experience, and other pertinent achievements. Deadlines for the online fall cohorts is on August 1 and December 1 for the spring cohorts.

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Global and International Business, Human Behavior in Organizations, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Decision Analysis, Managerial Finance, Production & Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing.

5. Georgia Southwestern State University

Georgia Southwestern State University is a school that is rich in tradition and filled with opportunity. Accredited by AACSB International, its School of Business Administration offers an MBA – Online program that provides business training through the integration of knowledge in various areas of business, faculty expertise, and student’s real-world experience. The program is designed to help develop key competencies necessary to build a lifetime of success.

The academic program consists of 30 credit hours of business-related courses consisting of eight core courses, and two electives. It can be completed fulltime or parttime depending on the student’s work or family responsibilities.


Admission to the program is limited to holders of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Admittance is granted only to students who show promise of graduate study success. This is determined by evaluating the candidate’s performance in both GMAT/GRE and undergraduate academic record. The GMAT/GRE requirement can only be waived if applicants have earned a previous master’s degree or a 3.0 GPA with five years of managerial work experience. Deadlines are as follows: June 30 (Fall admission), November 30 (Spring admission), and April 30 (Summer Admission).

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (24 credits) – Advanced Business Finance, International Business, Managerial Control, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Organizational Theory and Behaviour, Quantitative Management, and Strategic Management.

6. Kennesaw State University

Graduates of Michael J. Coles College of Business not only work for the globe’s top companies, but they are also influential in creating them. They also have one thing in common: the top-ranked and AACSB-Accredited Georgia WebMBA. This program is ideal for busy professionals who desire the opportunity to earn their MBA without class times and location restrictions. It is offered by a number of schools in the Georgia University System, including KSU.

WebMBA students are taught using the same curriculum, course materials, the same esteemed faculty who are experts in their field, and receive the same diploma of the campus-based program. After an initial on-campus weekend orientation, all course work are done online. The program relies on virtual team-based cohort promoting efficient student interaction, learning, and long-lasting relationships. It takes about 20 months to earn the Georgia WebMBA by taking two classes in each of the five consecutive terms.


Evaluation of applicants is based on their professional experience, academic background, and GMAT score. All three components are reviewed to assess the candidate’s potential for success in graduate study. The program has two start dates, July 1 for the Fall semester and November 2 for the Spring semester.

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Entrepreneurship, Global and International Business, Human Behavior in Organizations, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Decision Analysis, Managerial Finance, Operations Management, Strategic Management, and Strategic Marketing.

7. Mercer University-Macon and Atlanta Campuses

Mercer University holds the distinction of being one of America’s oldest higher learning institutions. It also offers an AACSB-Accredited Online MBA that is rooted in the schools Baptist principles and history. Although it is no longer denominationally affiliated, the university embraces the historic Baptist principles that arise from a Judeo-Christian understanding of the world. Mercer works hard to help students achieve their career goals, and its program is uniquely career-oriented.

The MBA degree can be earned in as little as 18 months by completing all 36 credit hours, of which 24 credits are allotted to its core program and 12 credits for the specialized track. Students enjoy small classes, personalized attention from faculty, and dedicated advising from career experts. They also have the option to attend traditional classes should their schedule permits it.


Admission decisions can only be made after all application materials are submitted. These include an official transcript from previously attended regionally accredited institution and GMAT or GRE scores. Application deadlines are as follows: June 15 (Fall I), August 15 (Fall II), November 1 (Spring I), January 15 (Spring II), and March 15 (Summer).

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (24 credits) – Corporation Finance, Ethical Leadership, Issues in Business Law and Corporate Responsibility, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Concepts and Practices, MBA Capstone and Operations Management Science.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

Economics (12 credits)
Finance (12 credits)
General Business (12 credits)
Healthcare Management (12 credits)
Human Resources (12 credits)
Marketing (12 credits)

8. The University of Georgia

Graduates of The University of Georgia’s Master of Business Administration emerge with a competitive advantage, credibility and expertise – not to mention contacts and friendships. UG’s Terry College offers three MBA programs to fit student’s career goals and schedules, two of which are built on a hybrid of traditional and distance learning.

Terry’s Professional MBA program is designed to give students life, work, and school balance. Using a blended 70% classroom instruction and 30% distance learning, students are part of a cohort group. Classes are held on-campus for two evenings (6-9pm) in two consecutive weeks, followed by one distance week. The entire program runs for 23 months and is divided into 12-week modules.

The Executive MBA has a 50:50 format of classroom instruction and distance learning. The 48 credit hours (16 courses) program can be completed in 18 months. Students must participate in two-weeklong residencies, 21-weekend sessions, 12-day international residency. Courses are delivered using a mix of classroom instruction and distance learning tools. Students start with a cohort where students progress through the program together.


Applicants are assessed to identify their ability for successful graduate study. Evaluation is based upon aptitude, previous academic record, and GMAT or GRE scores. The admission deadline for the PMBA with a September start date is on May 30, while the EMBA Admission deadline for a September start date is on June 30.

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Analytical Tools for Decision Making, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Global Management Strategy, Information Technology & Strategy, Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business, Managerial Finance, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Strategic Management.

Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

Professional MBA (16 courses) – Example Courses: Bargaining & Negotiations, Business Macroeconomics/Business Microeconomics.

Executive MBA (16 courses) – Example Courses: Economic Analysis for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation, Mergers & Acquisitions.

9. University of West Georgia

The University of West Georgia is a brick and mortar institution that has a long history of academic excellence. In fact, it has been educating students since 1906. Its Richard College of Business is an affiliate of the Georgia WebMBA program. The AACSB-accredited online MBA program in Georgia is offered to highly qualified students who desire to build a successful career by deepening their knowledge base while learning in their workplace.

Georgia WebMBA’s ten courses (30 credit hours) is delivered 100% online. Other than the two-day orientation held in Atlanta, there is no required face-to-face interaction. The program is taught by top graduate faculty using the latest tools and technology solutions. The degree can be earned in as little as 18 months.


The university reviews applicant’s’ undergraduate GPA, GMAT scores, business foundation courses, and a minimum of two years professional business experience. Application deadline for the Fall semester is on August 3 and December 10 for the Spring semester.

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship-New Ventures Analysis, Global & International Business, Human Behavior in Organization, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Decision Analysis, Managerial Finance, Production & Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing,

10. Valdosta State University

From being a foodie’s haven to a music lover’s dream and an artist’s retreat, Downtown Valdosta is a thriving social scene with an upbeat city vibe. It is also home to Valdosta State University’s College of Business Administration, which offers the Georgia WebMBA. The Georgia WebMBA is a top-ranked online degree that is designed for highly motivated students. It is AACSB-Accredited, and offers the ability to achieve an MBA without sacrificing career and family life.

The 30 credit hour program is taught by top business professors from the five members of University System of Georgia. Although the program is delivered 100% online, students are required to attend a two-day mandatory residential orientation held at the beginning of the 1st semester. The cohort usually meet at an agreed place and time.


The minimum admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution, 2.5 GPA on all undergraduate coursework, and a minimum of 400 GMAT score. Applicants who have a non-business degree must complete prerequisite courses before they start with the program. Deadlines for admission is on July 15 for the Fall semester and November 15 for the Spring semester.

Foundational Coursework

Standard courses (30 credits) – Business Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Global and International Business, Human Behavior in Organizations, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Decision Analysis, Managerial Finance, Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing,

MBA Programs in Georgia

An AACSB-accredited MBA is a valuable degree indeed. This is because, with these, you are sure to get quality teaching. The curriculum for accredited programs is designed so that it meets current industry needs. Here we give you a list of the best accredited MBA programs in Georgia. You will find details about the curriculum and learn about MBA specializations offered.

(The below 16 MBA programs in Georgia are listed in alphabetical order)

1. Berry College

The Berry College MBA offers an AACSB accredited program. They offer a part time MBA that is perfect if you are a working professional. The classes take place in the evening. You can complete this MBA in two years which includes one summer. You need a total of 30 credits to complete the degree. You can opt for Graduate Assistanceship to avail of the college’s financial aid. For this, you have to take at least six credit hours in the summer, fall and spring semesters.

Berry College also offers a Fast Track MBA that you can complete in 15 months. You will be taking up four semesters in all for this MBA. The program covers the core courses and includes a study abroad session. You complete two academic internships as part of the program. You also have a directed study with one faculty member. You can attend classes full time during spring and fall semesters. During the two summer semesters, you attend part time and get your degree.

2. Clayton State University

You can complete this AACSB accredited MBA in 20 months. The program is for both experienced professionals and fresh graduates. Clayton State follows the lock step, cohort format for this MBA. The College has this MBA program at its Morrow and CSU Fayette Center campuses. Classes start each Fall and Spring.

You can choose from the following concentrations: Accounting, International Business, Human Resource Leadership, Sports and Entertainment Management, and Supply Chain management.

You take a total of 11 core courses covering 33 credit hours for this program: Advanced Managerial Cost Accounting for Accounting Executives, Advanced Topics in Taxation, Advanced Financial Accounting & International Issues, Governmental and Non-Profit Issues for Accounting Executives, Forensic and Investigative Accounting, Accounting for Managerial Decision Making, Decision Making under Uncertainty, International Business and Global Logistics, Managerial Economics, Finance, Management of Change and Innovation, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Field Problems in Logistics Systems, Strategic Management, Study Abroad, Cross-Cultural Negotiating, Marketing Strategy, and Global Marketing.

3. Columbus State University

The Turner College of Business offers an MBA that you can do on the campus. This is a 30 hour program. You can complete it in one year. To dos so, you complete 12 hours in the fall and spring sessions plus 6 hours in the summer session. You will be attending classes in the evening so you can continue to work while you study. The University also has a part time MBA option. You can complete your part time MBA in six years from the time of enrollment. You also have an option to do this MBA online. The D. Abbott Turner College of Business has AACSB accreditation.

The MBA covers the following core topics: Global business, Human behaviour, Organizations, Accounting, Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Management information systems.

4. Emory University

The Goizueta Business School offers three MBA programs – Full time, Evening and Executive. The best feature of this B School MBA is that you can personalize the degree. They offer a choice of over 90 electives. You can experience some interesting co-curricular activities and international opportunities.

No matter which MBA option you choose, these are the core courses you will cover: Economics, Data & Decision Analytics, Marketing Management, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Professional Communications, Leading With Emotional Intelligence, Leading Organizations & Strategy, Managerial Finance, and Processes & Systems Management.

The school offers over 20 concentrations to choose from including these: Accounting, Finance, Information systems/ Operations management, Marketing and Organization/ Management.

For the one year MBA, you choose 10 electives in addition to your core courses. If you are doing the two year MBA, you choose 14 electives.

5. Georgia College & State University

The J. Whitney Bunting College of Business MBA has AACSB accreditation. The B school is part of the Georgia WebMBA consortium. They have three MBA options to offer:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – This MBA covers all the traditional business concepts from various management disciplines. Focus in on helping you develop analytical approach and problem solving skills.

MBA with a Concentration in Management Information Systems – This MBA is for you if you want to specialize in the MIS arena in a management role. The degree has a heavy focus on MIS. This MBA is well received by Georgia recruiters. This became evident from a survey carried out by the college. This MBA equips you for jobs in healthcare, CPA firms, consulting, financial institutions etc.

The Georgia WebMBA® at Georgia College (Online MBA) – You need a baccalaureate degree from a Georgia regionally accredited school for this. The program is open to talented students who can prove their worth through the GMAT/ GRE. Your student team decides the meeting time for class mates. No online meetings or on- campus sessions are needed.

The core courses covered for these MBAs are as follows: Principles of Accounting I, College-level Statistics, College-level Economics, and Business Finance.

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

The Scheller College of Business offers three MBA options. You can choose between the Full time, Evening and Executive MBA. Established over a century ago, this B School is AACSB accredited. Take a quick look at the three MBAs they offer:

Full time MBA – You can complete this MBA in two years time although students take five years on an average. You need your GMAT/ GRE scores to enroll in this program. The classes take place during the day from Monday to Thursday. The electives may be conducted through evening classes.

Evening MBA – You can do this MBA in two years time. However, most students take six years to complete this degree. You need your GRE/ GMAT scores to enroll in this program. This is a self paced program that is perfect for working professionals. Classes take place Monday to Thursday evenings. The electives may be taken in the daytime or evening.

Executive MBA – You will need a minimum of five years to complete this degree. Classes take place on specified weekends. This program comes with a specialized curriculum. You may be able to get a waiver if you do not have your GRE/ GMAT scores for enrollment. This program includes an international residency and campus residencies. If you want to, you can also opt for a Silicon valley residency and a second international residency.

7. Augusta University

This is now called the Augusta University. The Hull College B School offers a fast track MBA here with AACSB accreditation. You can schedule the MBA according to your convenience and this is a big advantage of this program. If you decide to do the MBA full time, you can complete it in two year. As a part time student, you will complete the program in three years, taking two courses every term. The classes are usually conducted two nights every week. Weekend classes may also take place. The curriculum for the 14 course Hull MBA is as follows: Two foundation courses, Ten core courses, and Two electives.

The core courses are: Accounting Systems for Managerial Control, Managerial Finance, National/International Economics for Managers, Business Analytics for Managers, Designing, Managing and Improving Operations, Managerial Leadership: Professional and Personal Development, Management of Human Resources, Management of Information Technology, Marketing Management, and Strategic Management.

8. Georgia Southern University

This University’s has been offering MBAs since 1969. The online program started in 2001. They received AACSB accreditation in 1977. They offer two MBA programs:

Campus MBA – This campus traditional MBA program is available at the University’s Savannah or Statesboro campus. To complete this degree you need 30 to 36 credits hours of study. You also get to choose a concentration area.

Health Services Administration concentration – You have to complete three health policy management courses. These are in addition to the regular MBA courses.

Information Systems concentration – You have to pick three extra courses in this category. These are in addition to the regular MBA courses.

Online MBA – This MBA is for students with two years minimum work experience. You complete 30 credit hours of study to get this degree. You can complete the Georgia Southern Online MBA in 21 months.

9. Georgia Southwestern State University

This University offers a 30 semester credit hour MBA degree. This degree program was first added to the University’s curriculum in 2003. The program is AACSB accredited. You can complete this MBA is two years. If you do not have an undergraduate business degree, you need not miss out on this MBA.

The core courses you will cover during the MBA are: Managerial Economics, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Advanced Business Finance, Quantitative Management, International Business, Managerial Control, Organizational Theory & Behavior (Leadership), and Strategic Management.

You can choose from these Electives: HR Management, Labor Mgt. Relations, History & Philosophy of Management, and Business Ethics.

10. Georgia State University

The J. Mack Robinson College of Business offers four MBA options.

Executive MBA – This is a fast track program for working professionals in mid- career. If you want to hone your qualifications for high level management positions, this MBA is for you. The MBA is open to students with at least seven years experience. You can complete this MBA in 17 months at the Buckhead campus. A 12 day international business residency is part of this program.

Professional MBA – This program is done in the lockstep format. If you want to continue your full time job while doing your MBA, this program is for you. For this concentrated MBA degree you need at least four years experience. You can complete the degree in two years at the Buckhead center. The classes take place in evenings or on weekends.

Flexible MBA – If you have only one year of working experience, this MBA is perfect for you. You can complete this degree in five years. The classes take place on weekdays in the evenings, mostly downtown.

Global partners MBA – This is a full time MBA that spans four continents. If you want to make a career in the international business arena, this MBA is right for you. The MBA is ideal for students with three years of work experience. You can complete it in 14 months, attending classes full time. You also get a COPPEAD certificate with this degree. The MBA includes residencies in various global locations.

11. Kennesaw State University

The Coles College of Business offers several AACSB accredited MBA programs. This is the second largest B School in state with over 6000 students on rolls. The B School is part of the Georgia WebMBA consortium. If you want to do your MBA online, you can enroll in this world class program that is also affordable. The other MBA options offered here are:

Kennesaw and Galleria MBA – You can complete this MBA in 18 months. If needed, you can extend it over six years. Classes typically meet once weekly I the evening or on weekends. You can choose to do the MBA either at the Kennesaw State University Campus or at the Cobb Galleria complex. As part of this MBA you can also get a Six Sigma Green Belt Graduate certificate. Concentrations are available as follows: General management, Operations, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business information systems, International business, and Human resources.

Dalton MBA – This is a fast track MBA that you can complete in 18 months. This cohort based MBA has classes twice a week and a total of five semesters. The classes take place at Dalton State College. You have to pick two electives for this MBA, one with an international focus.

Family Business Executive MBA – This program comes from the Cox Family Enterprise Center. This is ideal for students who want to develop their family business. This is a specialty MBA that is not commonly offered at B Schools.

Executive MBA – The special feature of this MBA is the team based, collaborative learning. It also offers an eight month global experience. You undergo a 10 day international residency as part of this global experience. The college has a partnership with Europe’s largest EMBA program for this course.

The University also offers the following Dual MBAs: Dual MBA- MSIS, Dual MBA- MPA, and Dual MBA- MSCM.

12. Mercer University-Macon and Atlanta Campuses

The Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics MBA degree is fully AACSB accredited. This B School is part of the University’s 12 school academic community. Mercer appears in The Princeton Review list as one of the top 15% of U.S. wide colleges and universities. It has earned this honor 12 years in a row.

13. Savannah State University

The Savannah State University offers AACSB accredited MBAs. All the MBA courses taught by faculty who are leading experts in their field. You can complete the University’s online MBA in two to five years. If you do not have your GMAT/ GRE scores, you can take the B School’s pre- MBA program. Once you complete this 20 hours course, you can enroll in the Savannah State MBA. For flexibility, the college allows you to choose the number of courses you want to take at one go.

The MBA core curriculum includes: Business & Professional Communications, Statistics and Quantitative Methods, Management Information Systems, Accounting and Decision Making, Organizational Theory & Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Managerial Finance, Marketing Management, Organizational Leadership, and Strategic Management.

14. The University of Georgia

You can choose from three Terry College of Business MBA programs here. The programs are designed so that you can find one to match no matter how unique your needs.

Full time MBA – This on campus program requires 40 plus hours of study each week. You can complete the degree in 22 months. It takes place at the UGA Athens Campus. Classes take place weekdays during daytime. The curriculum matches present day market needs. The small class size (50 to 75 students) is big advantage of this MBA.

Professional MBA – This 23 month MBA is perfect for working professionals. You need to invest 20 plus hours every week for this program. Classes take place at Buckhead or UGA Gwinnet. 70% of the instruction takes place in class. You can do the other 30% online. Classes take place twice a week for two weeks. Then you have a week of online classes. Expect about 125 to 150 students in each class.

Executive MBA – This 18 month MBA is comparable to the curriculum and intensity of a full time program. This is for mid to top level management professionals. The low class strength of 35 to 45 students is a big plus of this program. Invest 20 plus hours each week to complete this degree. The classes take place both online and on campus.

15. University of West Georgia

The Richards College of Business offers an AACSB accredited MBA. You can do this program at the Carrolton or Douglasville campuses. The college is also part of the Georgia WebMBA consortium. You need to complete a total of 30 hours to get your MBA degree. This is addition to any foundation courses you may do.

The core courses for the MBA are: Marketing strategy, Advanced managerial accounting, Managerial economics, Advanced financial management, Organizational theory and behaviour, and Strategic Management- Seminar.

16. Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University has been offering quality education for over 100 years. The Langdale College of Business Administration offers a traditional on campus MBA as well as WebMBA. You can choose to do your MBA from this college on- campus, part time or during evenings. You need to complete a total of six semesters for the program but you can extend your MBA to seven years. The programs offered by the college are AACSB accredited. You need a good GRE/ GMAT score to enroll in either MBA program here. However, you can get a waiver under special circumstances.

Georgia MBA Career and Job Outlook

The employment prospects for MBA holders are good in Kansas. The average MBA graduate can earn anywhere from $43,862 to $137,874.
Comparing various Georgia MBA Programs, Online and Campus based ones to choose one? Before that here are some facts about management career prospects in Georgia. (Source: The Georgia Department of Labor).

  • The annual wage in 2013 for Management Analysts was $91,000
  • For Marketing Managers, annual wage was $126,400
  • For Medical and health Service Managers, annual wage was $90,500

The BLS data for Georgia for May 2014 shows that professionals in Management occupations drew an annual media wage of $108,550. Chief Executives earned about $181,460 while General and Operations Managers earned about $110,670. For advertising and promotions Managers, the mean wage per year was about $ 91,530. Marketing Managers earned about $133,830. Here are some interesting projections. These show why Georgia is one of the best places in the U.S. for management professionals:

The change in employment openings until 2022 for Managers will be about 52,600 or 5.9% in the U.S.
In Georgia, this percentage may be much higher at 8.2%. An estimated 18870 jobs will be available by 2022 in the state.

Want to know about salary expectations for various management positions? The Careerinfo website gives you a good idea about this:

  • General/ Operations Managers can expect between $40,800 and $187,200+ yearly
  • Administrative Services Managers can expect between $43,200 and $153,500 yearly
  • Finance Managers can expect between $61,900 and $187,200+ yearly
  • Managers can expect between $60,300 and $162,700 yearly

When choosing from MBA Programs in Georgia you should think about specializations too. To make the right decision you should know which are the best industries in Georgia. Identify the ones that are growing at the fastest pace. GeorgiaTrend has some useful information to share about this. The cosmetology industry, plantation/ wildlife management and logistics industries are going to grow quickly. Healthcare is another industry that is set to grow fast here in Georgia. A Savannah Technical College report has some interesting facts to share. It says that 300,000 jobs are related to the logistics field. These include both full time and part time jobs. Plantation owners in Georgia have a lack of qualified employees to manage the operations. This shows that there is scope for management professionals in this area also. Alternative energy is another fast growing industry in Georgia.

For employment opportunities best locations are around the ports in South Georgia. Are you keen on a career in logistics? The Hartsfield-Jack-son to the Port of Savannah stretch is a great place to look for management jobs. Plans for expanding Port of Savannah are under discussion. If this materializes, this will become another major hub for employment opportunities. In the energy and power hub, Georgia Power is a big employer. In the south, along the Florida line, many alternative energy operations have started up. Are you looking for a career in the energy/ green energy industry? Then, this location is a good place to start looking for employment.

Georgia Career and Jobs Data Sources and Resources:

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