Accounting Schools in New Mexico

    Universities and colleges of New Mexico offer a wide variety of programs and degrees in accounting. This overview of accounting schools in New Mexico will help you navigate your options in order to find the program that fits your schedule, interests, and career goals. Different schools offer different concentrations, curriculum formats, and experiential learning opportunities. Read on below to find out more about program options and career outlooks in accounting in New Mexico.

    Quick Facts

    • 17 public colleges and universities offer an accounting degree program in New Mexico.1
    • 1 private not-for-profit college or university offers an accounting degree program in New Mexico.1
    • 12 schools offer a certificate in accounting.*1
    • 11 schools offer an associate’s degree in accounting.*1
    • 5 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in accounting.*1
    • 3 schools offer a graduate degree in accounting.*1
    • No programs ranked in US News Best Undergrad Accounting Programs 2018.2
    • No programs ranked in US News Best Graduate Accounting Programs 2018.3
    • No schools ranked in the Princeton Review Great Schools for Accounting Majors 2018.4
    • No schools ranked in Bloomberg Businessweek Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2016.5

    *Public or private not-for-profit colleges and universities only.

    Top-Ranked Accounting Schools in New Mexico

    AACSB-Accredited Accounting Programs in New Mexico

    The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) is a globally-recognized organization that provides accreditation for undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. While over 800 business schools have been accredited by the AACSB, only 186 institutions hold AACSB accreditation for their accounting programs, having been found to meet the rigorous standards established by the AACSB.6 The following accounting programs in New Mexico have been accredited by the AACSB:

    • New Mexico State University (College of Business)
    • University of New Mexico (Robert O. Anderson School of Management)

    Highest First-Time CPA Exam Pass Rate with a Bachelor’s Degree

    Each year, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) releases a report including data on candidate performance on the Uniform CPA Exam.7 The following schools had the highest first-time CPA exam pass rates in New Mexico in 2015 for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, with the overall average pass rate for New Mexico being 49.5%:

    1. Eastern New Mexico University 87.5%
    2. University of New Mexico 52.1%
    3. New Mexico State University 50.0%
    4. New Mexico Highlands University 36.4%

    Schools in New Mexico with Accounting Degrees

    Undergraduate Accounting Programs

    Western New Mexico University

    At Western New Mexico University, students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree. This program focuses on a broad foundation in accounting, covering the skills and functional knowledge needed in the industry. Students learn practical skills such as tax filing, financial statement analysis, and the process of auditing. WNMU also emphasizes critical thinking and business communication strategies. Required courses include Accounting Systems, Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting, and Auditing. Students can take advantage of career services support and pursue opportunities in public accounting, federal, state, and local government, and many different private industries.

    University of New Mexico

    The University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree. Students learn skills to analyze, plan, and manage the financial activities of an organization or how to run their own business. The undergraduate curriculum starts with a liberal arts foundation, with courses in science, the humanities, education, and law. Students then complete core business classes and specialized accounting courses. Accounting majors can choose between three different concentrations in Entity Taxation, Auditing, and Accounting Information Systems. For post-graduation opportunities, the Anderson Career Services supports networking events, student organizations, and professional development opportunities. Undergraduate students can also pursue opportunities to study abroad or complete an internship.

    New Mexico State University

    Students at New Mexico State University can complete a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Accountancy. This degree is offered through the Accounting and Information Systems Department, and graduates can take their skills in both disciplines to work in public accounting, business, government, or nonprofit organizations. Students learn foundational knowledge in business and accounting as well as interpersonal and communication skills. NMSU also offers an online option for degree completion. Students complete the first two years of lower-division classes, such as general education requirements, and the last two years of upper-division courses can be completed online through the Distance Education program. Online and on-campus students have access to academic advisors and career counselors.

    Graduate Accounting Programs

    University of New Mexico

    The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico offers a Master of Accounting (MACCT) degree. Those without an undergraduate accounting background can pursue the Professional concentration, which includes more prerequisite accounting courses. Students with an accounting background can choose from other accounting concentrations such as Advanced Accounting, Information Assurance, and Tax. All students take courses in advanced areas of taxation, information assurance, auditing, finance, fraud, and managerial accounting. This graduate program prepares students to sit for the CPA examination, and students can also pursue study abroad opportunities or join student organizations. Undergraduates already at UNM can integrate their BBA and MACCT curriculum to complete the two degrees on an accelerated timeline.

    New Mexico State University

    At the College of Business at New Mexico State University, students can earn a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree. This program is ideal for those interested in professional accounting careers, either in public, private, or governmental organizations. Students learn research skills and critical thinking strategies so they can stay up-to-date with industry trends. Required courses include Federal Taxation, Auditing Theory and Practices, Financial Accounting, and Accounting Systems. Through their coursework, students gain an understanding of both the theoretical and technical knowledge used in the accounting industry. Graduates meet the educational requirements to sit for the CPA examination, and many choose to pursue this or other professional designations. Those without an academic accounting background may need to take additional prerequisites before beginning the program.

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    Online Accounting Programs

    Eastern New Mexico University

    At Eastern New Mexico University, students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Accounting entirely online. Some courses can be taken on a flexible basis, based on each student’s schedule. Other courses are held live on a regular schedule so students can interact in real-time with their professors and peers. Coursework is a mix of assignments, readings, projects, and other team-based activities. Students gain a broad accounting foundation while also developing professional skills relevant to the accounting field. Graduates from ENMU can take advantage of the school’s career services department to find post-graduation job opportunities, and many go on to work in public or management accounting, internal auditing, government finance, fraud examination.

    New Mexico Highlands University

    Students at New Mexico Highlands University can pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Accounting on-campus or entirely online. All students start with required business core classes such as Business Strategy, Marketing Management, and Managerial Economics. Accounting students then take required courses within their specialization, learning advanced accounting theory and practice. Students can choose from electives such as Governmental Accounting, Accounting Technology, and Auditing, according to their career interest. Students also learn a variety of interpersonal skills in communication, teamwork, and business management. NMHU encourages graduates to pursue leadership and decision-making roles in organizations, and students can take advantage of career counseling and industry connections through the university.

    CPA Requirements in New Mexico

    In New Mexico, the New Mexico Public Accountancy Board requires that students have at least an undergraduate degree and 150 semester hours in order to gain CPA licensure.. Candidates do not need to have the state’s requisite 150 credit hours completed in order to sit for the exam, but they will have to complete them before they are able to be certified. After passing the examination, applicants must also have undergone at least 2,000 hours of qualifying experience in their field within a period of one to three years, and this experience must be verified by a practicing CPA. Once these conditions are met, individuals can apply for CPA licensure, and they must maintain this licensure through completing Continued Professional Education (CPE) hours, learning new industry trends or showing further professional development efforts.

    Career Opportunities for Accounting Grads in New Mexico

    The state of New Mexico has many different career opportunities for graduates in all areas of accounting. It is home to many large accounting firms, including Johnson, Miller, & Co., and Hinkle + Landers. There are also many branches and departments of both federal and state government entities that are major employers of accountants and finance specialists. The state’s travel and tourism industry creates many potential jobs for experts in business, taxation, and accounting. Graduates also have the option to use their accounting and financial knowledge to start their own CPA firms, consulting organizations, or small businesses in the state.

    New Mexico Accounting Salary and Jobs by Metro Area

    Metro AreaAccountants & Auditors EmployedAverage Annual Salary
    Santa Fe650$64,410
    North and West Central New Mexico nonmetropolitan area330$58,660

    Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of March 2018.8

    New Mexico Schools with Accounting Degree Programs

    Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

    New Mexico State University
    725 College Dr
    Las Cruces, NM 88003
    (575) 646-3311

    Student Review: “My experience in the accounting program in the College of Business at New Mexico State University was a great start to a career. The courses were a little fast-paced, but the learning environment was good and very conducive to reaching the goals set in classes for projects and homework. Teachers in the Business Department were almost always available to help and answer questions and many of them already had experience in accounting careers and other business work. This offered the advantage of having good references. The only problem was that some of the courses were strictly done online and teachers were not as responsive to online queries as they were while in class. Sometimes it would take days to get a reply and often the homework related to the question was already closed by the time there was an answer. Occasional online glitches also resulting in significant grading errors. Altogether, though, the accounting program was very supportive and provided good opportunities in and after college.” -student at New Mexico State University

    University of New Mexico
    1 University Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87131
    (505) 277-0111

    New Mexico Highlands University
    Box 9000
    Las Vegas, NM 87701

    University of the Southwest
    6610 N Lovington Hwy
    Hobbs, NM 88242
    (575) 392-6561

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