Accounting Schools in New Mexico

    The universities and colleges in New Mexico offer a wide variety of programs and degrees in accounting. This overview of accounting schools in the state will help you navigate your options in order to find the program that fits your schedule, interests, and career goals. New Mexico schools offer different concentrations, curriculum formats, and experiential learning opportunities. Read on below to find out more about program options and career outlooks in accounting in New Mexico.

    Quick Facts

    • 19 not-for-profit colleges or universities offer an accounting degree program in New Mexico.1
    • 12 schools offer a certificate in accounting.1
    • 11 schools offer an associate’s degree in accounting.1
    • 5 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in accounting.1
    • 4 schools offer a graduate degree in accounting.1
    • 1 school ranked in College Factual’s Best Accounting Schools 2023.2
    • No schools ranked in the Princeton Review’s Best Colleges for Accounting Majors 2023.3
    • No programs ranked in US News & World Report’s Best MBA Accounting Programs 2023.4
    • 1 school ranked in US News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs 2023.5
    • No schools ranked in US News & World Report’s Best Undergrad Accounting Programs 2022-2023.6
    • 2 schools are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in Business and Accounting.7
    • 5 schools have accounting programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).8
    • 1 schools have accounting programs accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).9

    Comparison of New Mexico Accounting Schools and Programs

    The table below provides detailed information on not-for-profit accounting programs in New Mexico to help you compare your options. Programs that appear in bold text offer hybrid or online options. For further school statistics, including median SAT, ACT, and GMAT scores, see our New Mexico business schools page.

    SchoolAccreditationAccounting Degree(s)Acceptance Rate10Grad Rate1Avg Net Price1Median Debt*10Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry**10
    Central New Mexico Community CollegeACBSPAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeping;
    UG Cert-Business Manager;
    UG Cert-Payroll Clerk;
    Grad Cert-CPA Academic Requirements
    Eastern New Mexico University Ruidoso Branch Community CollegeUG Cert-Bookkeeping/AccountingN.Av.17%$5,278$16,500$36,355
    Eastern New Mexico University-Main CampusBBA-Accounting;
    Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell CampusAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeping/Accounting
    Luna Community CollegeACBSPAAS-AccountingN.Av.19%$8,089N.Av.$32,528
    Navajo Technical UniversityAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeping
    New Mexico Highlands UniversityACBSPBBA-AccountingN.Av.25%$10,852$11,399$40,872
    New Mexico Junior CollegeAAS-Business: Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    New Mexico State University-AlamogordoAAS-Business Management: Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    New Mexico State University-Main CampusAACSBBAcc;
    Northern New Mexico CollegeACBSPBBA-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeper
    San Juan CollegeAAS-Accounting: Accounting Specialist;
    AAS-Accounting: Tax Specialist;
    UG Cert-Accounting: Energy Accounting;
    UG Cert-Bookkeeping;
    UG Cert-Enrolled Agent;
    UG Cert-Payroll Accounting
    Santa Fe Community CollegeAA-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting Specialist
    Southeast New Mexico CollegeAssociate of Business Office Technology-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    Southwestern Indian Polytechnic InstituteAAS-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    University of New Mexico-Los Alamos CampusAA-Accounting;
    UG Cert-Accounting
    University of New Mexico-Main CampusAACSBBBA-Accounting;
    Accelerated BBA-Accounting/MAcc;
    MAcc-Accounting and Assurance;
    MAcc-Professional Accounting;
    MAcc-Tax Accounting;
    University of the SouthwestIACBEBBA-Accounting;
    Western New Mexico UniversityACBSPBBA-AccountingN.Av.31%$10,676$23,000$36,398

    Table Notes:
    *Median Debt: The median debt is the cumulative federal loan debt, excluding PLUS loans, at the time of graduation for students who completed an undergraduate program (certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree) as reported by College Scorecard for academic year 2020-2021 based on ​​National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) data.
    **Median Earnings 10 Years After Entry: Median earnings are the middle value of earnings, at which half earned more and half earned less, measured 10 years (2020-2021) after the first year of study (2010-2011) for all students, institution-wide, who received federal loans and who are employed but not enrolled in school. Note that this value includes those who completed their program of study as well as those who discontinued study without receiving an award.

    Top-Ranked Accounting Schools in New Mexico

    College rankings can be a useful tool to measure the overall reputation of a school or program. Weighing multiple rankings when evaluating your college choices can be helpful because different publishers may use different ranking factors in their methodologies. While the best program for your goals may rely on a combination of factors not typically considered in overall rankings, such as location or funding, seeing a program ranked on multiple lists can be a strong indication of reputation and academic quality.

    College Factual’s Best Accounting Schools 2023

    • Central New Mexico Community College (#243)2

    US News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs 2023

    • New Mexico State University (#44 tie)5

    Highest First-Time CPA Exam Pass Rate with a Bachelor’s Degree

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) releases a report including data on candidate performance on the Uniform CPA Exam.11 The following schools had the highest first-time CPA exam pass rates in New Mexico in 2019 (the most recent report available*) for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, with the overall pass rate for first-time test-takers in New Mexico being 49.4%:

    1. New Mexico State University 57.1%
    2. University of New Mexico 40.2%

    *As NASBA makes significant changes to the CPA Exam as part of the CPA Evolution initiative, new candidate score reports by state are not anticipated until at least mid-2024.

    Schools in New Mexico with Accounting Degrees

    To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of accounting degrees offered in New Mexico, we have profiled select programs below. Be sure to visit the websites of programs of interest for more detailed information on courses, admissions requirements and deadlines, and faculty.

    Undergraduate Accounting Programs

    New Mexico State University

    Students at New Mexico State University (NMSU) can complete an AACSB-accredited Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) designed to prepare graduates to work in public accounting, business, government, or nonprofit organizations. This degree is offered through the Accounting and Information Systems Department in the College of Business at the main NMSU campus in Las Cruces. Students learn foundational knowledge in business and accounting as well as interpersonal and communication skills. Accounting courses include Cost Accounting; Auditing Theory and Practices; Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations; and Fraud Examination and Prevention. Students interested in obtaining CPA licensure can also complete a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) at the NMSU Las Cruces campus, which provides the necessary credits to meet the CPA Exam education requirements. The MAcc requires 18 credits of undergraduate accounting courses before entering the program, making it ideal for those with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

    Western New Mexico University

    At Western New Mexico University (WNMU), students can earn an ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree. This program focuses on a broad foundation in accounting, covering the skills and functional knowledge needed in the industry. Students learn practical skills such as tax filing, financial statement analysis, and the process of auditing. WNMU also emphasizes critical thinking and business communication strategies. Required classes include both business core courses like Principles of Managerial Accounting and Principles of Finance as well as accounting concentration courses such as Accounting Systems, Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting, and Auditing. Students can take advantage of career services support and pursue opportunities in public accounting, federal, state, and local government, and many different private industries.

    Graduate Accounting Programs

    New Mexico State University

    At the College of Business at New Mexico State University (NMSU), students can earn an AACSB-accredited Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree. This program is ideal for those interested in professional accounting careers in public, private, or governmental organizations. While the MAcc is open to accounting and non-accounting majors, all candidates must have an undergraduate degree from an AACSB-accredited institution and have completed 18 credits in accounting courses before being considered for the program. Students learn research skills and critical thinking strategies so they can stay up-to-date with industry trends. Through their coursework, students gain an understanding of both the theoretical and technical knowledge used in the accounting industry. Required courses include Federal Tax Research; Auditing Theory and Practices; Financial Accounting Research; and Professional Accountancy. Graduates meet the educational requirements to sit for the CPA examination, and many choose to pursue this or other professional designations.

    University of New Mexico

    The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico (UNM) offers an AACSB-accredited Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree. The MAcc program offers three tracks; Accounting and Assurance; Professional Accounting; and Tax Accounting, all of which comprise 33 credits. Those without an undergraduate accounting background can pursue the Professional track, which includes more prerequisite accounting courses. Students with an accounting background can choose from either the Accounting and Assurance track, which emphasizes general accounting and business courses, or the Tax Accounting track, which includes three additional tax accounting courses in lieu of electives. Regardless of concentration, all students take courses in advanced areas of taxation, information assurance, auditing, finance, fraud, and managerial accounting. This graduate program prepares students to sit for the CPA examination. Students can also pursue study abroad opportunities or join student organizations. Undergraduates already at UNM can integrate their BBA in Accounting and MAcc curriculum to complete the two degrees on an accelerated timeline.

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    Online and Hybrid Accounting Programs

    Eastern New Mexico University

    At Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Accounting either on-campus or entirely online. Some courses are pre-recorded and can be taken on a flexible basis, based on each student’s schedule. Other courses are held live on a regular schedule so students can interact in real-time with their professors and peers. Other courses can be taken at any time. Coursework is a mix of assignments, readings, projects, and other team-based activities. Through courses such as Cost Accounting; Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting; and Accounting Information Systems Theory, students gain a broad accounting foundation while also developing professional skills relevant to the accounting field. Graduates from ENMU can take advantage of the school’s career services department to find post-graduation job opportunities, and many go on to work in public or management accounting, internal auditing, government finance, and fraud examination. An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Accounting is also available for graduates interested in completing the credits needed for CPA licensure.

    University of the Southwest

    Students at the University of the Southwest (USW) can pursue an IACBE-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Accounting entirely online. One of 12 specialization options, USW’s MBA in Accounting consists of 36 credits and can be completed in as little as 12 months. The MBA in Accounting is open to both accounting and non-accounting majors, and no prerequisites are required to qualify for the program. Once enrolled, students will learn a variety of accounting methodologies and techniques through courses such as Internal Audit Theory and Practice and Small Business Accounting. The program is designed to prepare them for careers in public, governmental, or managerial accounting. Graduates should meet the educational requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam.

    University of New Mexico

    The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico (UNM) offers an AACSB-accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree that can be completed in a hybrid format, with the majority of the accounting courses available online. Students learn skills to analyze, plan, and manage the financial activities of an organization or how to run their own business. The undergraduate curriculum starts with a liberal arts foundation, with courses in science, the humanities, education, and law. Students then complete core business classes and specialized accounting courses. Undergraduate students can also pursue opportunities to study abroad or complete an internship. For post-graduation opportunities, the Anderson Career Services supports networking events, student organizations, and professional development opportunities. An accelerated shared-credit program is also available for BBA Accounting students interested in enrolling in UNM’s Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree to complete the educational requirements for the CPA examination. Alternatively, UNM offers an on-campus Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, which will also provide the additional credits needed to obtain CPA licensure.

    New Mexico CPA Requirements

    In New Mexico, the New Mexico Public Accountancy Board (NMPAB) requires that students have at least an undergraduate degree and 150 semester hours, including 30 hours of accounting courses, in order to gain CPA licensure. Candidates must only have completed their bachelor’s degree and 30 semester hours of accounting courses to sit for the CPA exam, but they will have to complete the full 150 semester hours before they are able to be certified. After passing the examination, applicants must gain at least 2,000 hours of qualifying experience in their field within a period of one to three years, and this experience must be verified by a practicing CPA. Once these conditions are met, individuals can apply for CPA licensure, and they must maintain this licensure through completing continued professional education (CPE) hours, learning new industry trends, or showing further professional development efforts.

    Career Opportunities for Accounting Graduates in New Mexico

    The state of New Mexico has many different career opportunities for graduates in all areas of accounting. It is home to many large accounting firms, including Johnson, Miller, & Co., and Hinkle + Landers. There are also many branches and departments of both federal and state government entities that are major employers of accountants and finance specialists. The state’s travel and tourism industry creates many potential jobs for experts in business, taxation, and accounting. Graduates also have the option to use their accounting and financial knowledge to start their own CPA firms, consulting organizations, or small businesses in the state.

    New Mexico Accounting Salary and Jobs by Metro Area

    Metro AreaAccountants & Auditors Employed12Average Annual Salary12
    Las Cruces480$64,640
    Santa Fe680$67,880

    New Mexico Schools with Accounting Degree Programs

    Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

    New Mexico State University
    725 College Dr
    Las Cruces, NM 88003
    (575) 646-3311

    Student Review: “My experience in the accounting program in the College of Business at New Mexico State University was a great start to a career. The courses were a little fast-paced, but the learning environment was good and very conducive to reaching the goals set in classes for projects and homework. Teachers in the Business Department were almost always available to help and answer questions and many of them already had experience in accounting careers and other business work. This offered the advantage of having good references. The only problem was that some of the courses were strictly done online and teachers were not as responsive to online queries as they were while in class. Sometimes it would take days to get a reply and often the homework related to the question was already closed by the time there was an answer. Occasional online glitches also resulting in significant grading errors. Altogether, though, the accounting program was very supportive and provided good opportunities in and after college.” -student at New Mexico State University

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