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Minnesota is known as the land of many lakes, countless festivals and fairs and of course, the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota also has a number of fantastic online MBA programs – plus, many offer a variety of concentration options. To help you speed up your search we have put together a list of all online MBA programs in Minnesota. So, take a look and begin your online MBA journey here!

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Online MBA Programs in Minnesota

These are online MBA programs in Minnesota that let you complete your MBA without quitting your job. The accreditation makes sure you get world class teaching and curriculum.

1. University of St. Thomas-Minnesota

This University offers an AACBS-accredited online MBA. The Opus College of Business runs this program. This is a Mini online MBA in Minnesota that mirrors the on-campus program offered here. The MBA program is for professionals who want to improve their career prospects. If you want to take up a key role in decision making, you can enroll in this course. This Mini online MBA is also for you if you want to switch careers. The Z Class Business Simulation is a special feature of this program.

You can choose to complete 14 sessions in five consecutive days to get your Mini MBA degree. Or you can take two sessions each week and complete the online Mini MBA in seven weeks. A third option is that you can take one session per week and complete the program in 14 weeks.

What you can expect from this program: Over 100 recorded lectures, Over 30 discussion topics, 3 case studies, 14 self tests, 3 assessments, 10 exercises, and 8 hour simulation project.

MBA Programs in Minnesota

Accreditation guarantees that you get world class teaching and curriculum. Here is a list of ALL the accredited MBA programs in Minnesota. We give you details about the curriculum and core concentrations. Take your pick according to your needs.

The 7 MBA programs in Minnesota listed below are in alphabetical order.

1. Minnesota State University Moorhead

The Minnesota State University Moorhead MBA comes with AACSB accreditation. The University’s Paseka School of Business runs this program. The MBA requires a total of 37 credits. Of these, core courses cover 22 credits.

Core Program Courses

They are: Marketing Management, Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Portfolio/Plan B [final semester], and Strategic Management.

Program Concentration Options

You can also do your MBA with a special emphasis in one area. The options are: Quantitative Methods, Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, Project Management, and Investments.

The Paseka School also offers a second MBA degree. This is for those keen on making a career in the healthcare industry. This is the MBA with Healthcare Management Emphasis. The school has designed a special curriculum for this MBA. It has inputs from Department of Health Services Administration and the Department of Economics. Some of the faculty are also from these departments.

2. Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University offers an AACSB-accredited MBA. You can customize this program to suit your needs. This is a 34 credit MBA with a international study opportunities. The faculty are full time teachers and the MBA also includes executive lectures.

A big advantage of this MBA is that it is flexible and you can set your pace. You can opt for a eight week session with two credit modules meeting once weekly. Choose one eight week at one time or take up two such sessions each semester. You should be able to complete your MBA in about two years.

Core Program Courses

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, Accounting for Managers, Investment and Financial Decisions, Developing Human Resources, Information Technology and Systems Management, Managing Behavior in a Changing World, Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations.

You also have to complete the following Strategy Courses: Global Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Executive Seminar, and lastly the capstone course: Strategic Management and Business Policy.

Program Concentration Options

Choose from these Concentrations for your MBA: Leadership and Organizational Change, International Business, and Healthcare Management.

One important point about this MBA is its partnership with The Wall Street Journal. This is a reputed, world class news source. As a student, you get a subscription to this reputed journal. You can stay updated about management events, news and trends through the WSJ.

3. St. Cloud State University

Here, the Herberger School of Business offers two AACSB accredited program formats. You can choose between the Flexible MBA and the Cohort MBA.

The Flexible MBA – This is a full time or part time MBA only at St. Cloud. This is open to students with any undergraduate degree but no work experience. You can choose the full time option and earn the degree in 16 months. If you want to do it part time, you complete the MBA in 26 months. You need a total of 36 credits to complete the program.

The Cohort format MBA – This is a part time program at Maple Grove and St. Cloud. This MBA in Minnesota is for people with working experience of three to five years. The students can attend the classes every evening once a week. You can complete this MBA in 26 months. You need to complete a total of 36 credits for the MBA. The class or cohort size is 20 to 25 students. This gives you great student- teacher interaction opportunities.

4. University of Minnesota

The University’s Carlson School of Management offers several MBA options. This B-School started in 1919. It received AACSB accreditation in 1920.

Executive MBA – This program is for mid to senior level management professionals with 14 years experience. You can complete this MBA in 20 months and classes take place on alternate weekends.

Industry MBA – This is a one year program giving a fundamental business knowledge. This MBA is for current or ex- congressional employees. If you are keen on entering the legislative field, this MBA is for you. This degree is also right for careers in healthcare, technology, finance or energy industry.

Full time MBA – This is a two year MBA. It is for professionals with four years experience. You can work on critical projects for reputed business through the Enterprise Program.

Part time MBA – This is a flexible, fast track MBA program designed for working professionals. The classes take place online. You can work with actual business clients as part of this MBA program.

Apart from these, the B School also has the following full time dual degree programs: Juris Doctor/MBA, Master of Healthcare Administration/MBA, Master of Public Policy/MBA, Medical Doctor/MBA, and Doctor of Pharmacy/MBA.

5. University of Minnesota Duluth

The Labovitz School of Business and Economics offers AACSB-accredited MBA. You can complete this program at the School’s Duluth and Rochester campuses. This MBA is a flexible program designed for working professionals. You can take as many courses as you can manage each semester. That means, you can complete the course in two years. But, if you need more time, you can extend it to five years.

You need to complete a total of 32 credits for this MBA if you do the pre-requisites before the start of the program. At Duluth, the B School has evening classes. At Rochester, they have the weekend Executive MBA. The schedules vary for either location so do check this up before your sign up.

Core Program Courses

These are the core courses for the MBA program: Management Accounting, Operations Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Management of Human Resources, Managerial Economics, Data Analysis & Statistics for Managers, Business Ethics, and Business Policy (Capstone Course).
You can also choose from several electives offered here. Or sign up for Directed Research or Improvisational Theater for Business.

6. University of St. Thomas – Minnesota

At this university, the Opus College of Business offers four AACSB accredited programs. The B-School came under the University in 1895. The Schulze School of Entrepreneurship is part of this B-School. Here they provide opportunities to fund new start-ups too.

Program Options

The School offers four MBA programs as follows:

Full-time MBA – This 21 month program has daytime classes. If you are a professional with four years of experience and want to do a traditional MBA, this is for you.

Evening MBA – This program is for professionals with seven years experience. You can complete this program in three years. But, if you need to, you can extend it over seven years. The classes take place in the evening.

Executive MBA – This is a 21 month course that you can do part- time. Classes take place full- day on Friday and Saturday. The program is for professionals with over ten years experience. You do not need a GRE/ GMAT score to enroll in this program.

Healthcare MBA – If you want to specialize in the healthcare field, this MBA is perfect for you. This is a 21 month hybrid program. You have online classes plus a three day on- campus residency in each term. This MBA is for professionals with 13 years experience. GMAT is not mandatory.

7. Metropolitan State University

This is an AACSB accredited program. You get the advantage of faculty with doctoral degrees and authorships to their credit. The MBA is offered in the regular classroom format and a hybrid online plus classroom format. For the second option, classes meet every alternate week. You are given online work between classes. You complete your MBA in five years from the beginning of your first semester.

General MBA – You have to complete a total of 40 credits. The program is divided into three phases. Phase 1 covers functional business disciplines. Phase 2 covers electives. Phase 3 covers the capstone course and synthesis. Pick 8 elective credits in Phase 2. You need to complete 44 credit hours of study. In phase 2, you pick 12 electives instead of 8.

Program Concentration Options

The college offers the following concentrations: Project management, Management information systems, and Finance.

Non-AACSB Accredited MBA Programs in Minnesota

MBA programs without accreditation may be far cheaper. These B School also have the flexibility to change their curriculum. This means, they can adapt to present day business needs. These points make non-AACSB MBAs quite attractive.

Campus Programs

Online Programs

Campus MBA Programs in Minnesota

1. Hamline University

The university follows a cohort format MBA. You can build a strong network of business acquaintances before you complete your program. You can finish your degree in two years by opting for one class every week to cover the total of 48 credits.

Core Program Courses

The core courses covered are: Leading people with integrity and purpose, Managing financial resources, Leveraging organizational resources, Improving and protecting resources, Planning change and development (Part 1), Planning change and development (Part 2).

Program Concentration Options

You can choose from four concentrations: Conflict management, Finance, International Management, and Marketing.

2. Minnesota School of Business Globe College

This B School offers a variety of MBA programs for working professionals. Choose your emphasis and specialize in accounting, HR, technology or marketing.

Core Program Courses

All MBA students cover the following core courses: Managerial Communications, Team Work/Group Management Tools, Strategic Management, Research and Business Project Development, and Business Plan or Business Project. You can also customize your MBA to match your exact needs.

Online MBA Programs in Minnesota

1. Capella University

Capella’s partnership with The Wall Street Journal is a big advantage for you. You get digital access to this world class business publication when you enroll in the school. For the structured format MBA, you need 48 credits. The course length is about 6 weeks. The college also offer a FlexPath format that you can customize. For this MBA you need a total of 24 credit points.

Program Concentration Options

You have several MBA options to choose from: MBA Accounting, MBA Business Intelligence, MBA Entrepreneurship, MBA Finance, MBA General Business Administration, MBA Global Operations & Supply Chain Management, MBA Health Care Management, MBA Human Resource Management, MBA Information Technology Management, MBA Marketing, and MBA Project Management.

2. Concordia University – St. Paul

This is a 100% online MBA in Minnesota. You need to complete 42 credit hours of study to get your degree. The program is perfect for working professionals who do not want to quit while studying. The program takes seven weeks to complete. The Concordia MBA Mentor and Managerial Application program is an important feature of this MBA. You have a MBA faculty member mentoring you, acting as you personal business coach.

Core Program Courses

The core courses you cover are as follows: Organizational Leadership and Development, Integrated Marketing Communications, Managerial Res Method & Design, Global Economics, Strategic HR Management, Managerial Finance and Accounting, Legal Environment for Managers, Operations & Technology Management, Tools for Managerial Decision, Topics in Global Management, Strategic Leadership, and Managerial Applications Portfolio.

3. Minnesota School of Business Globe College

The Globe University Minnesota School of Business offers an MBA that you can complete in 18 to 24 months. This program is best suited for working professionals.

Core Program Courses

The core courses you will be covering in your Globe College MBA are: Managerial Communications, Team Work/Group Management Tools, Strategic Management, Research and Business Project Development, and a Business Plan or Business Project.

Program Concentration Options

You can choose from the following MBA options here: Custom MBA, MBA with Accounting Emphasis, MBA with Human Resources Emphasis, MBA with Marketing Emphasis, MBA with Technology Management Emphasis.

4. Walden University

The Walden University online MBA in Minnesota is a 24 month program. You need a total of 36 semester credits to complete the degree. This B School’s CareerBoost® feature is a big advantage of this MBA program. It is a career management tool that helps you succeed in modern day business environment. They offer 11 specializations with the MBA degree. You can also customize your own MBA from this university. Video lectures by top industry leaders is another advantage of this program.

Program Concentration Options

The MBA specializations offered are: Accounting, Communication, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, and Project Management.

Minnesota MBA Career and Job Outlook

In Minnesota, the most thriving industries are manufacturing, green technology and data centers. Apart from these, health care is another good industry to focus on in this state. Interested in a career in the alternative energy field? Minnesota has many opportunities for you because this is a growing industry here. Another industry that has registered growth is transportation and utilities. Other than these, traditional industries like finance and insurance also have a strong presence here. There are many call centers in the state. This also ensures that job opportunities are abundant for management professionals.

Within the state, the Minneapolis- St. Paul area is the most bustling commercial hub. Many well-known businesses like U.S. Bancorp and Target is in Minneapolis. Other reputed companies in this areas are 3M and Medtronic. These companies have their head quarters in Minnesota’s Minneapolis- St. Paul location.

Is one of your primary reasons to do an MBA improving your earning potential? If yes, here is some interesting information for you. We have taken these figures from MN.gov.

The average weekly wages as per this site are:

  • In the Natural Resources and Mining industry – $297,032,498
  • In Construction – $1,484,967,525
  • In Manufacturing – $5,055,471,749
  • In Trade, Transportation and Utilities – $6,352,734,035
  • Information – $1,062,523,922
  • Financial Activities – $5,160,577,903
  • Professional and Business Services – $6,949,853,191

In November 2015, the total non-farm employment stood at 2,880,645. By November, the state has added 32,130 jobs over the year. The manufacturing industry accounted for 314,412 jobs. Service providers accounted for 2,448,335 jobs. Professional and Business services accounted for 371,240 jobs.

According to Careerinfonet:

  • Chief Executives can expect to earn between $77,000 and $182,200+ in Minnesota.
  • Advertising and Promotions Managers can expect between $62,000 and $174,300.
  • Managers, Other category candidates can expect between $62,900 and $174,900.
  • Medical Health Service Managers can expect between $56,300 and $155,200.
  • General, Operations Managers can expect between $45,600 and $186,900.
  • Finance Managers can expect between $69,900 and $187,200+.
  • Human Resource Managers can expect between $61,200 and $172,500.

Here are some more statistics from Payscale.com:

  • Complete one of the best online MBA Programs in Minnesota or complete an on-campus MBA here. With these degrees, you can earn between $50,000 and $157,000.
  • The mean salaries in Minneapolis are about $66,490. In Eden Prairie, the mean salary is $63,637. In Bloomington, it stands at $57,890.
  • Getting your MBA from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)? You can expect to earn about $67,555. AN MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management has more value. It can get you a starting salary of $86,900.
  • With an MBA from Minnesota State University (Mankato), you can earn about $64,472.
  • An MBA from the University of Wisconsin gets you a salary of $67,189.

Improve your earnings potential by enrolling in one of many Minnesota MBA Programs. However, before you can do this, you have to choose between online MBA and campus MBA. We help you select the right MBA program from the many MBA Programs in Minnesota. There are many resources we offer in this guide that will help you make this decision. Here are a few more resources you can use to get an idea of the job market and salaries status in Minnesota.

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