SAT Prep Resources

    Your scores on your SAT can have a major impact on your college career. High scores can lead you to scholarships, grants, class exemptions, and more. The idea of studying for all the material on the SAT can be an overwhelming experience for some eager students. However, the resources found in this article can help you study hard, practice, and gain confidence so you can do your very best on your SAT, and get yourself into the business degree of your choice.

    SAT Blogs and Websites

    These blogs and websites were created to help you gain access to advice, study help, tips, information, practice, resources and more while preparing to take the SAT. These sites are comprehensive and easy to use so you can have access to all your questions, concerns, resources, and guides so you can set yourself up for success.

    Erik the RedThe Erik the Red blog is all about getting help with the Math and Physics portions of the SAT test. The creator, Erik Jacobsen is a math and physics tutor with a wealth of knowledge on studying for the SAT test. He has practice quizzes, need to know facts, and more available to you free of charge.

    The Critical Reader – This great resource has free to use SAT test prep resources for the grammar, reading, critical reading, and punctuation sections of the SAT test. This site can also help you get in touch with an SAT tutor so you can raise your scores to get into the college of your dreams.

    Veritas Prep – This site is a fabulous connection to a treasure trove of resources. It offers free virtual SAT prep classes, tips, tricks, strategies, study guides, videos, and more completely free to the public. Their goal is to help you reach your goals, and help you go into your SAT test with your head held high.

    College Board – This website helps students prepare not only for the material on the actual test, but what they should know about registration, and how the test is delivered. They cover strategies, changes to the SAT test, and other helpful information that can help you succeed. You can register for the SAT test through their website and you can receive free practice tests, and free study guides as well.

    PWN Test Prep – This lighthearted blog is focused on helpful test taking tips and tricks to help you pass the test. It also sells study guides and reading materials at a competitive price. It has a Q&A forum, and many different posts about different paths to success when prepping for the SAT.

    MagooshMagoosh SAT offers links to other resources like test prep apps, and they have many tips, tricks, helps, and advice blog posts to help you study for every part of preparing for and taking the ACT test. Here, you can also find a link to their YouTube channel where you can find more helpful hints, and sage advice to take the guesswork out of test prep.

    SAT Books

    There are many books on preparing to take the SAT. They contain knowledge about testing strategies. They explain what is on the SAT test and help refresh what you learned in high school, and they help prepare you for every single aspect of preparing for the SAT. Here are some helpful books to set you on the path to success.

    The College Board – Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition) – While the actual practice guides are on the official College Board website this book is still very much worth purchasing. It contains 300 pages of instruction, tips, guides, and help that is unavailable anywhere else. This book is truly designed with your success in mind.

    SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever PublishedThe SAT Black Book focuses on teaching you advanced testing strategies so you can “beat the SAT”. These strategies can help you prepare not only for the SAT but other tests as well. It has been tried and proven to be effective from people across the United States.

    Princeton Review – 500+ Practice Questions for the New SATThis book by Princeton Review is a compilation of practice questions much like the questions you will encounter when taking the SAT. Not only does this book have questions, but it also has detailed answers for each question with strategies to remember the answers and strategies to take and pass the test.

    Kaplan New SAT Premier 2016 – Kaplan guarantees that this guide book will help you improve your SAT scores. They offer 2,000 test questions, practice tests, test strategies, access to their exclusive test prep website, helpful videos, and more. This SAT test guide is a great choice for those who want detailed help meeting the new SAT standards.

    SAT 2017 Strategies, Practice & Review with 3 Practice TestsThe SAT 2017 Strategies offers both online and in print practice tests, strategies, practice questions and answers, and explanations of current test changes. It also offers a great scoring analysis and explanation so you know exactly what your scores mean. This book is designed to help you do your best, and go in with confidence.

    SAT Prep Book 2016 by Accepted, IncAccepted, INC has created this non-traditional approach to SAT test prep that is designed to help any student improve regardless of their current scores, abilities, and challenges. It is meant to be used at all stages of test preparation.

    KALLIS’ Redesigned SAT Pattern StrategyKALLIS has designed a test prep booklet focused on real life experience of test preparation. Their goal is to have you learning by doing with their 6 full-length practice tests. They also offer over 2000 example questions with clear and concise answers, examples of essay prompts, and examples of exemplary student SAT essays.

    SAT Study Guide – This guide is a comprehensive, and in-depth prep for the SAT. Not only does it have traditional sample questions but several in text lessons on test preparation, study habits, and testing strategies. Their goal is for you to go into your test with confidence.

    SAT Prep Book: SAT Secrets Study GuideThe SAT Prep Book is great for tutorial video lovers. Not only does it have the traditional prep questions, and test overviews it also offers 65 step-by-step tutorial videos that walk you through testing strategies specifically designed for each section of the SAT test, and the subsections each section covers.

    SAT Apps

    These apps are great additional helps to the daunting task of studying for your SAT. They provide practice questions, daily updates, track your progress, help you organize, prompt your studies and more. An app can be a great resource for calming your nerves and hitting your test preparations head on.

    SAT Up – New SAT Test Prep and Tutoring – This app is a lot like a fitness training app for your mind. It sets up daily study “workouts”, offers on-demand tutoring, vocabulary games and more to set you up for success and maybe have a little fun in the process.

    The Official SAT Question of the Day – This amazing free app offers you a question of the day, progress tracking, and is even linked up with Kahn Academy so you can take a picture of your SAT practice test and send it in for scoring. This app also provides you with information on upcoming test dates, registration information, and locations.

    IntelliVocab lite for SAT – This app actually gets to know you. All you do is you answer vocab questions and the app gets to know your vocabulary level based on your responses so it continuously sends you more and more challenging vocab to prepare you for the SAT, and any other competitive test.

    SAT Connect – The SAT Connect app is very much like a digital SAT review book that has the capability of tracking your progress for you. However, one great feature that sets it apart is that it tracks study events happening in your area and allows you to create study events and invite your friends.

    Edupath SAT Prep & College Search – Not only does this little wonder app help you with SAT prep but it also helps you find colleges, factor tuition after financial aid, and helps you apply for college right from your phone. It’s an all-in-one deal that can really help you get ready for the SAT, college, and beyond.

    SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks – The SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks app actually teaches you SAT vocab by playing games that do not feature traditional flashcards. The 9 available games are said to be highly effective, and addictive so that you will actually enjoy learning. There are also several vocab lessons, and other features to help you ace the SAT.

    SATLadder – The SATladder gaming approach to studying for the SAT actually pits you against other app users to compete for top positions on the SATLadder leaderboard. Not only will you be prepared for the SAT, but you’ll get hooked on this fast-paced, and fun study method that is sure to have you coming back for more even after you’ve passed the SAT.

    Prep4 SAT – This is a more traditional test prep app with unique lessons, test questions, and practice tests to help you learn all aspects and sections of the SAT tests. It also tracks your progress and helps you to predict your score, any time, any place, anywhere.

    SAT Flashcards – The SAT Flashcards vocabulary app provides you with thousands of flashcards to help you study for the SAT. These flashcards are a great way to help you memorize all the necessary vocabulary to pass the SAT and to help you move on to college.

    SAT Practice Questions and Tests

    The following websites will grant you access to SAT practice questions and tests to help you pass the real SAT with flying colors. Prepare yourself for the SAT from any computer to get ready for your future.

    Khan Academy – This free website offers test preparations and practice questions to prepare you for your SAT test. It also offers you personalized practice recommendations to help you with your individual study needs. This site can raise your score and prepare you to do your best at no cost.

    Prep Scholar – For people who think better with paper, or who don’t have regular access to a computer, this site is a real life-saver. They offer 12 totally free printable practice SAT tests. Print them off from any computer, and use them for all your SAT test prep needs.

    Princeton ReviewThis site offers free practice questions much like the questions you will encounter on the SAT. They also have a place where you can sing up to receive a free SAT practice test, and they offer strategies and tips so you can do your best, come test day.

    Test Prep ReviewTest Prep Review offers study guides, test preps, practice questions, flashcards, reports on ACT practice tests, and not to mention a wealth of information surrounding the history and actual purpose of the ACT exam. This comprehensive site is sure to help you with all your preparation needs.

    Pro ProfsPro Profs offers great study guides, practice tests and questions, and a lot of other resources to help you best prepare for test day. It is all totally free of charge.

    Major Tests – This site offers hundreds of free test prep questions and practice tests without requiring you to sign up or join their website. No passwords, usernames, or email addresses are required.

    Ivy GlobalSAT at Ivy Global offers totally free online practice tests to help you better prepare for the information you will encounter while taking the SAT. Familiarizing yourself with the testing material can help you succeed.

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