The Best Blogs for Business Students

    Great tips and knowledgeable advice can be among the key ingredients of your success. That’s why we’re here. Offering our top recommended blogs for business school students of 2017, we guide you in the day-to-day aspects of making successful business decisions. Consider us your own personal mentor.

    There’s no wonky business jargon here, just real-life situations and terrific ways to solve them. From HR and management matters to B2B, to name a few, our blogs deliver a wide range of practical solutions directly from experienced professionals to you.

    MBA and Admissions Blogs

    The business world is beckoning to you, and you can’t wait to answer that call. As a student in an accredited online MBA program, you will gain all the tools you need. Perhaps you’ll be an entrepreneur with a business that everyone is talking about. Maybe you’ll be that business executive who quiets a room just by entering. Who knows? The one thing you do know is that you have to get into business school first. Our blogs can help.

    From Harvard Business School interview reports and finding the best business school for you to great tips on summer internships and available jobs, our MBA and admissions blogs address MBA students’ needs. Our blogs take care of the hard parts for you. You need only read them.

    HR Blogs

    Weeding through resumes, finding the best talent, holding on to that talent once you hire them — yes, these elements keep an HR office chugging along. Yet there’s so much more to successful HR. It’s all in the details. Take corporate culture, for instance. No one wants to work in a hostile environment or under “that” boss. You know what we mean. That’s why we have a blog that guides you through that minefield.

    Flexible schedules, social media policies, and negotiating pay raises are just a few other hot-button issues among the many other topics we cover in our HR blogs. If it’s relevant to your everyday life in HR, we have a blog about it.

    Management Blogs

    The problem with that old saying about “the buck” stopping here is that managers have to figure out what to do with that buck. That’s where our management blogs come in. Supporting both current and aspiring managers, our blogs underscore leadership and its value to employees. Sure, management is all about supervising people, but the main component of that is leadership.

    However, that’s not all. Another blog spotlights women’s unique issues in management, while another focuses solely on project management students. Even our many leadership blogs underscore diverse areas. You won’t need to pass the buck when you boost your management skills with our blogs.

    Accounting/Finance Blogs

    Gone are the days of the lonely accountant, hunched over a desk, adding numbers in solitude. Cutting-edge technology has changed all of that. Cloud accounting, for example, and QuickBooks tailored to client needs are just the start. How about early-retirement planning — there’s a program for that. You can even develop household budgets online. It’s all a matter of combining technology and finance. Our blogs explain the details.

    Of course, there’s also the personal side of finance. You’re building client loyalty one moment and working on ways to praise your team more effectively the next. It can be hard to balance it all. Our blogs are the resource to keep up with the financial trends and offer accounting with a personalized touch.

    For those in college for an accounting degree or finance degree you will also find the below blogs helpful in staying up-to-date with what is happening in the industry while earning your degree.

    Marketing Blogs

    When it comes to promoting products, catchy jingles, and memorable tag lines are not enough. Where your market matters, from social media to podcasts. How you market counts, too. Yes, that means technology again. Then there’s branding. After all, how else will customers identify you?

    If it all begins to feel a bit overwhelming, relax. Our blogs have you covered. Offering savvy tips and on-point advice, our marketing blogs give you that extra help. Whether it’s a new marketing strategy or a digital marketing plan, we offer it. Perhaps it is repackaging that you need. Or maybe a little market research is in order. Whatever your business needs, our marketing blogs boost both the new entrepreneur and the established business owner.

    Entrepreneur Blogs

    Being an entrepreneur can be somewhat of a juggling act. You have your goals and objectives on the one hand and all your responsibilities — from marketing and e-commerce to accounting and technology — on the other. Keeping all of those balls in the air is no easy matter. That’s where our entrepreneur blogs can help.

    They provide all of the support that a new entrepreneur needs. You’ll learn to choose the tech tools you need and forget the rest. When you implement that great new idea, our blogs will help you protect them. We have blogs that offer tricks of the trade that impress even seasoned entrepreneurs. Supporting your franchisees and ways to make your business global are just a few examples. If you’re ready to fly as an entrepreneur, our entrepreneur blogs will help you soar.

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