HR Tools


Homerun is an online system that takes all of the guest work out of the hiring process. It is a system that truly covers all of the bases, allowing your recruitment team to hit a “homerun,” with every candidate hired. Homerun’s unique system integrates all of the aspects involved in the hiring process into one simple system. This particular system is unique in the fact that the entire recruiting team is able to view possible candidates and share their thoughts with other team members all via the platform.

Kin HR

Kin HR Software put all of the HR-based data into one simplified system. The software makes it easy for all HR team members to carry out their job duties and remain organized. The software supplies onboarding training for new hires, time off requests and calendars, as well as staff directories and bios and there is so much more. Think every piece of HR material doesn’t need to be on paper anymore.

Playbook HR

Playbook HR is an excellent software designed mainly for the research and filing of potential independent contractors. Playbook HR has all of the great elements of other competing HR software systems; however, the aspect related to independent contracting truly sets Playbook HR apart from the rest. The software promises to rid HR departments of numerous programs, and minimize all filing and data into their one system. By filing everything onto this one system it will be readily available to all of the HR team at any time. No more having to send duplicate emails, or copy applications and forward them along – everything is kept right here!


Namely is terrific HR software for growing companies. Namely software stores all HR files into one great program. Within namely users will find a home for all Benefits, Payroll, Performance Management, and more. Typically all of this data is stored in not only separate folders throughout single computers, but stored on separate data drives, thereby, it is typically hard to access. Namely has established such a program that all of the HR-related information, and more, may be stored in one program!


Lesson.Ly has set out to do just what its name implies: teach lessons! was established in order to avoid the tedious track of monitoring who has completed what training. This software provides administrators an easy and incredibly effective way to monitor all training across the corporation. Not only are programs available for newly hired employees, but for sales employees, customer support training, and more. The software allows a company who has completed what training and when and how well they completed the training. This is such an important tool in monitoring how well your employees are learning new information and who is completing the training in a timely manner.


Lever is an HR recruiters dream come to life. This newly developed HR company has utilized its first hand experience in witnessing what HR teams go through in trying to grow their teams. Lever’s belief is that close collaboration is the key to great hiring. The staff at Lever has developed a hiring system that takes all of the guessing and difficult work out of the hiring process. Lever streamlines the hiring process by putting everything into one place. This system not only assists HR teams in recruitment, but it allows corporations utilizing the system to appear much more attractive to potential candidates.

The Resumator

The Resumator promises to assist in the development of a winning workforce by assisting recruiters in hiring, what they call, performers only. The Resumator is software available to HR teams to assist in the acquisition of new and qualified employees. The software available through The Resumator has the ability to provide screening services, which essentially weed through potential candidates. During this process promising candidates will move forward and non-promising candidates will be eliminated from the equation, therefore no time will be wasted. This software also supports the interview process and provides you and your HR team with peace of mind that you are hiring the best candidate.


TYBA is an excellent free internet resource that provides HR Teams, candidates, and essentially anyone and everyone information on obtaining, posting, and hiring for new jobs. The website offers various articles and resources ranging from how to hire the head of your HR Department to how to post the very best job posting to attract the most candidates. The website is a great resource for HR Departments, as it offers new ideas and creative directive for the team. The website gives users the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter as well as other job postings and articles. is probably the most exciting new websites for those looking for a career with a start up company. For those of have dreamt of joining a team like Etsy, Pintrest, or Uber this is the website they use to find who they will hire next. By posting your resume to this website the HR departments of these major start ups will have access to your information and even more exciting you will have access to theirs. This is so important in a world where finding the right job can be so difficult. really assists in the ultimate job search.