List of Amazing Free Fonts

Good typography is one of the cornerstones of a successful web design. Well-defined fonts make your message beautiful. They make your viewers respond to your marketing messages as opposed to being passive about it. Finding the right fonts to visually engage your audience is critical. Thankfully, you don’t have to depend on paid fonts to impress your prospects. We’ve scoured the internet for the best quality, commercial-use, designer-friendly and FREE fonts. Use them to indicate a message hierarchy, help viewers differentiate between different types of messages, and ensure consistency between pages. Here’s driving more power to your creative process and enhancing your digital presence!

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a free font paradise for online commercial use. On this website, you can download a wide variety of freeware, all licensed for commercial application. Many popular fonts are 100% free. Others like the Tyfoon Sans Multilingual fonts are available for a small licensing fee ($16-$27). These fonts are ideal for use in desktop commercial graphics and documents, embedded in websites and eBooks with CSS or embedded in software and apps. Highly professional, these fonts can solve problems of irregular spacing and lost formatting in eBooks.

Font Cab

Visit the Font Cab website whenever you need fronts for commercial use, completely free of charge. This font provider simplifies the font searching process for you. You can easily navigate among the large font selection, making your choices quickly. Choose from many varied fonts, both popular and more artistic or obscure, including contemporary, futuristic, calligraphy or handwriting styles. Font Cab was started to provide an online source for instant unlimited downloading of the perfect fonts to lend your computer-generated projects, online and off, the ultimate quality graphic style and presentation. Fonts to be used for desktop (Windows and Mac operating systems) and website projects.

My Fonts

On the My Fonts site, you can browse the Web’s largest selection of fonts. You can locate specific fonts, trying them out before you buy. This site lets you save and organize favorite fonts. At My Fonts, you can also upload fonts you like, but cannot identify, and the system will perform identification for you. Site owners encourage you to try all font variations in one design series by offering you all variations at one low price, like 14 variations for $30. They also offer half-price discounts on some of the most popular and pricey fonts to help you develop high levels of professionalism in your desktop and mobile projects. Fonts are compatible with major Web browsers and operating systems.


The Type-Together team provides high-style, innovative fonts to meet all your textural typeface needs on all Web platforms and digital device operating systems. They want you to enjoy using advanced, custom-tailored typography for all your graphic and textural projects. Some type name designs with multiple text styles come bundled for your convenience. For example, the popular Abril type has 8 text styles and 12 more display designs, supporting upwards of 50 languages. Bundle price is $547 and single font price is $29. Monthly freebies allow customers one or two free fonts. Fonts are usable on all main Web platforms and digital device operating systems.

Font Haus

As the first font retail company in the US, Font Haus is one of the largest, well respected font suppliers globally. Offering more than 75,000 fonts, this font supplier offers finest quality fonts and licensing. This company’s aim is to meet all customers’ specific font needs, whether individuals or large corporations. Impressive monthly sales are offered. Currently, each of the 16 Eveleth style fonts are selling at half-price, reduced from $49 to $24. Free fonts are also available. All fonts are usable on websites and for eBooks, documents and mobile apps.

Free Typography

Font experts at Free Typography offer exclusive downloads of free, must-have fonts created by top typography designers. This group operates solely on donations from supporters. Their goal is to keep locating more fine quality fonts they can offer Web users free of charge. On this site, you can submit via email a free font and graphic sample of your own for public sharing. Fonts can be used on international digital devices, apps and operating systems.

Type Depot

This small creative type studio in Bulgaria designs original fonts. The designers also produce customized fonts for clients when needed. Their main area of focus is display font development. These fonts include Glide, Pista and Piron. They also design customized lettering. Although, as artists, these designers are very involved with creating new fonts, they are also dedicated to making each client’s vision of a unique, customized font a fresh, dynamic reality. Some fonts are free and some, like the Centrale Sans Rounded style, are priced at $19 for a single weight font and $125 for the whole font family. Each purchase comes with a free pattern font. Fonts to be used across all modern digital platforms.

Font Fabric

At this innovative Bulgarian typeface foundry, new free fonts are designed every week. Clients can download these fonts for both personal and commercial use. This modern typography design team supports fresh creativity, skillfully crafted for use over many computerized platforms and marketed in the company’s newsletter. Artful fonts from these talented designers include the bold, unmistakable Panton design in 18 different styles; the playful Rafale typeface; and the slender, energized brushed font, Braxton.

Google Fonts

Google offers a large collection of free fonts to the worldwide Web, promoting the idea that everyone should have use of high quality type as font for online projects or offline applications. The Google API service enables Web users to easily use this wide selection of fonts for myriad design purposes. Running on Google servers, the API service, along with the fonts, is free. As Open Source fonts, the Google type collection is now shared across all Web platforms. These fonts can be customized by users and used for personal or commercial purposes.

At, Sky Fonts joins with Google Fonts, providing Web users with desktop versions of free Google fonts. These fonts can be used anywhere, globally, and are available via Sky Font’s advanced technology delivery system. Whenever a font update occurs, this font is auto-updated on your digital device. With synchronization of Sky Fonts and Google Fonts, fonts will download in your browser with amazing speed. After installing these downloads as desktop fonts, you can sync them to as many as five other digital devices.

Hype For Type

This highly skilled artistic company is London-based. Its aim is to provide worldwide clients with fine art typography from the most subtle to the most extreme designs, all with unique beauty and style to be enjoyed over all types of digital computerized platforms. Designers specialize in unusual fonts, ranging from free to a price of £80 each. These stunning fonts work magic as company brands and logos. In January this year, this innovative team aligned with 40 creative foundries to offer a font sale of amazing proportions. The 6-week sale offered more than 5,000 fonts at discounts of up to 75%.


With headquarters in Massachusetts, Dribbble is a small, but globally influential Web-based company aiding talented artists in all areas of design to share their work for profit. Over 6,000 designers belong to this group, many of them typographers. On the Dribbble website, you can connect with many different type designers to download a unique font style or request a custom design. Some fonts are free and others priced individually by designers. Dribble provides a graphics showplace for designers and a meet-up venue for designers and customers.


This is a website showcasing the works of talented photographers, illustrators and graphic designers including typographers. Site visitors are invited to visit site contributor’s posted galleries and to join their followers. By contacting these artists, individuals and businesses can make valuable connections, get to know these creative artists and download free fonts and other designs or order customized graphics. Some fonts are free of charge and others are priced by each individual designer. Designs are state-of-the-art, and customers can request fonts for use on multiple digital platforms, apps and operating systems.

Font Struct

With over a million website users and nearly a million font designs for downloading, Font Struct has collected a specialized online design clientele during the last seven years. The gallery displays nearly 40,000 different font designs. This site gives much credit to its major supporter, Font Shop. Font Shop is the original maverick retailer for digital font. The extensive online Font Struct group has amassed an impressive archive of typeface styles and modules for its current showcase, which is fast-loading and quite diverse in fashion and flair. Fonts are offered at varied prices, and many are available as free downloads for use on a wide variety of digital devices.


As an international site, Dafont offers a large selection of attractive font designs in multiple languages. The site also provides instructions for extracting downloads on Windows and Mac operating systems. Fonts are compatible with most digital devices and apps as well. All font designs on display belong to their designers and many are offered free, for sharing as demo downloads or as public domain designs. Site visitors are cautioned to contact individual designers about font licensing details. Dafont is a good online venue for connecting with quality typographers.

Open Font Library

On the Open Font Library website, you are invited to share your own fonts. After joining the site as a member, you can start uploading your font designs and details. This site has a guidebook to help new designers and tech experts get acclimated. As a site of nothing but fonts, the Library offers font downloads that are easy to incorporate on your website using CSS and to view on multiple mobile devices. Fonts are free of charge and can be downloaded singly or as font families. This site is a lending library for keeps, open to one and all Web users.


This diverse display of font styles is a portal for various font design companies offering both free and premium priced fonts. Premium font families sell for prices ranging from families of 16 font weights for $17 to families of 7 for $38 and above. Urban Fonts strives to provide an online city of choices for anyone looking for new font designs offered by different companies and websites. On the Urban Fonts site, you can locate both traditional, easily recognizable fonts and new, ultra-modern typeface designs, all for use on desktops and mobile devices.

1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts is the most frequently used website for obtaining free fonts on the Internet. This site attracts over 50,000 visitors every day. More than 3,000,000,000 font designs have been downloaded since the site was started in 1998. Choose a handwriting font for invitations and to personalize ads. Transform your signature into a signature font so you can sign documents in elegant digital style. The site’s premier download is a library of 10,000 top-tier fonts from expert designers. Fonts are compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and digital device platforms.

Abstract Fonts

This site offers downloads of an extensive font collection, from classics to basic modern abstract to ultra chic and trendy. All files are downloadable as PDF files, and fonts are compatible across all digital platforms and devices. Fonts may be embedded with permission of the individual designer-creators represented on the Abstract Fonts site. After registering with this site, you can also upload fonts for display and sharing. One page of the site is dedicated to showing the fonts currently gaining highest levels of popularity and usage.

Gluk Fonts

The majority of Gluk Font designs are Open Font License (OFL). You can make use of them for both personal projects and commercial purposes. These fonts can also be duplicated, altered and shared so long as individual fonts are not offered for sale. All altered fonts must use a new name and their distribution must be via OFL license. Gluk Fonts are designed with the free, dynamic licensed Tool to aid with producing and revising fonts. These fonts are globally compatible with major digital platforms and operating systems.

Artill Fonts

Artill offers updated fonts in thin, ultralight, light, regular, medium and bold weights. Popular typeface designs include Kurt, Sketch Block and Wombat offered as free downloads for personal use or sold individually for professional projects at This German-based company is always seeking new projects, creative ideas and collaborators. Designers also feature icons suitable for logos and advertising. Their design styles are clean-cut, streamlined and appealing and can be globally shared over multiple digital platforms and devices.

Creative Adobe – Edge Web Fonts

With input from Google, Adobe and other worldwide type designers, Edge Web Fonts offers its site visitors a wealth of free fonts for online use. Created with use of the sophisticated app, Typekit, all fonts ensure excellent performance. All your Web-based projects can benefit greatly from Edge Web Fonts when you incorporate strong integration with Dreamweaver, Edge Animate and Edge Reflow. These fonts can be used with current Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS and the majority of mobile device platforms and browsers.


All fonts and graphics displayed on this website are either the property of their designer-creators or of Neogrey Ltd. Neogrey wishes to help you present both personal and business projects of utmost quality and precision, using the elegant, streamlined fonts offered. Most fonts, like the thin-lined yet volumetric Ronduit Capitals Light and the chic Lausanne are free downloads for personal use. For professional projects, designers ask that you make a donation for use of their fonts. Fonts are compatible with most digital device platforms.

The Northern Block

Over the last nine years, The Northern Block font foundry has created a highly recognizable clean-cut, geometric style that is very popular among mobile app developers and designers of video games. My Fonts has awarded acclaim to this talented typography creation group for its Corbert sans serif font, closely related to Bauhaus design modes. These artistic type designers focus much of their attention on producing geometric font styles specifically for convergence media enthusiasts. These fonts are easily used across most computer operating systems and mobile device platforms.

Design Writing Research

Most free fonts created today are meant to provide global users with clear, stylish basics for promoting literacy and communication. Free font designers like those represented on the Design Writing Research site are producing new fonts for use in the public domain, free of ownership royalty fees and usage charges. Attractive open source fonts displayed by Design Writing Research include the streamlined Gentium and Freefont, an energized italic style. All fonts are usable on multiple computer operating systems, mobile apps and digital device platforms.