Project Management

Project management is not exactly rocket science, but it can appear that way if you don’t have the time or skill to stay organized all the time. That’s why smart entrepreneurs leverage project management software and tools to juggle a number of tasks, collaborate, delegate, track projects, and stay on schedule. You may want to implement a project management tool for your startup from the very beginning to benefit in a number of ways. Among the many advantages of choosing from our exhaustive list of tools are: better efficiency in delivering services, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved growth and development within your team, more flexibility and increased risk assessment.


codebase-logoCODE BASE

Code Base is a professional code hosting service for developers, that features an extensive suite of project management tools built-in. With Codebase, you will be able to access the types of repositories needed to host. Code Base offers a variety of quality ideas and solutions suitable for any software team. Their easy to use deployment tools, are great for you to deploy codes from your codebase repositories to your FTP, SSH and cloud base servers with one single click. This hosting service offers customers a free trial that only takes about thirty seconds to register.

team-gantt-logoTEAM GANTT
Team Gantt a web-based Gantt Chart Software service, makes it easy for you to manage existing projects using the convenient Gantt software. TeamGantt provides users the option to invite team members, coworkers and friends to access and edit your Gantt chart easily. In addition, you will be able to access and visualize all aspects of your projects, see who is available, see how many projects each person has, check out multiple projects at once and manage all your projects information. Codebase offers a host of additional resources and a free trial to try their services.


Wrike is a privately owned online project management software service, that features a real-time workspace online. Teams can work together to get projects done effectively. This service also provides customers with the convenience of tracking and communicating with team members, while on the go with iPhone and android apps. Wrike offers user a basic management plan for up to five users free of charge. As a result, this service offers additional affordable packages for teams who seek professional and enterprise services.


Sprintly an online SaaS tool designed to empower and deliver a more creative relationship with development teams and their management. This tool features transparent, flexible, usable products to help teams produce and deliver effective and high quality software products. Sprintly offers a wide range of integrations and hookups for you to choose. In addition, this service offers a monthly pricing package that includes two months free and a thirty-day trial.


Blossom a remote hosted service great for public and private websites that offers users remote hosted searching on public and private sites. This service provides the latest stage in development for products, the newest ideas and modern technology features. Their auditing team resolves and eliminates link rot issues by consistently evaluating the functionality of links provided on the site. Blossom also provides users convenient and reliable service that eliminates the requirement to download, install, configure and manage software. In addition, it also decreases the workload for web servers, which makes the site more safe and secure. The service offers users a monthly base fee.

kanbantool-logoKANBAN TOOL

The Kanban Tool a unique web-based visual management solution, that assists teams to work more effectively, view workflow, evaluate, and enhance business processes using the Kanban strategy. With the Kanban tool, you will experience a smooth uniform of quality with fast and easy tracking. Kanban Tool offers users a free trial, to try out their services and convenient features.

pivotaltracker-logoPIVOTAL TRACKER

Pivotal tracker an extraordinary active project management tool for software teams, to assist in creating effective and efficient software in a timely manner. With Pivotal Tracker, you will get to use cross project collaborations and useful backlogs that contain a faster and flexible reliable service. This tool offers users a thirty-day free trial to explore their services and unique features.


Goplan is an online project management and collaboration suite that features tracking, task management, time tracking, milestones activity streams and a variety of additional useful resources. Their easy to use and convenient dashboard provides users with an overview and status on all existing projects. With Goplan, you will get to view team members pending/completed projects that members have been working on, and updates on new milestone launches. Goplan offers users flexible, reliable and secure free plans and a host of enterprise grade plans.


Base camp a well-known app that helps you to communicate with members who have different opinions, responsibilities and objectives toward the common goal to completing a project together as a team. Basecamp provides users the confidence to get existing projects completed in a timely manner, stay on budget and delivered with quality. The app can be utilized on Safari (Mac, IPhone/IPad), Chrome (Mac, Pc, IPhone/IPad, Android), Firefox (Mac, Pc), and IE 9 + (Pc, Surface) Basecamp offers users a sixty-day free trial to test out this amazing app. The app offers a host of affordable packages and plans to choose.