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Market Research Resources and Tools

Knowledge is power. Successful businesses have a deep knowledge of their customers and competitors. Whether or not business owners realize it, they are conducting market research all the time. Talking to customers or gauging their reaction, checking out competitors’ prices, and keeping an ear out for industry trends, all constitute market research. As a startup, this research offers a systematic review into various areas of your business. It helps you discover flaws in your master plan in the very early stages of your business, making them much easier to correct down the line. We make market research less challenging and more accessible through an extensive list of tools and apps that provide you with a wealth of data and insights.

Google Trends

google-trends-imageFirst launched in 2006, Google Trends is a public tool that allows users to see how often a search term is used relative to the total number of searches entered in a particular region. Google Trends can be used to find trending topics, and for the purpose of search engine optimization. Google Trends also allows users to see how a search term has been utilized over a specified period of time.


validately-logoValidately is a coding tool that allows users to test codes before they are written and implemented. The company sources a group of testers who interact with a design or code before the product goes live, and give their feedback. The feedback is the provided to the user in easy to understand and decipher graphs. Basically, the data collection and analysis is outsourced, making it more cost-efficient and effective. A free trial period is available, but the product runs between $39 per month, up to $249 per month.


aytm-logoA market research company based in San Francisco, this company has the leading do-it-yourself market research software. Users can define their demographics, create a survery, and send it out to their own list (for free) or utilize the responses of the existing AYTM panel ($.95 per response). The service has revolutionized the way market research is conducted. There are several other features that can be used free of charge, as well.


proved-logoProved is an app that allows marketers to create a a survey for their ideas, pick their target demographic and collect responses in a quick and efficient manner. Proved’s claim to fame is the spee of their responses. The app allows users to view responses in real time, and the company promises responses in mere minutes. Based on the theory that anywhere between 20 and 50 responses can save money in the trial and error phase of product development, the company aims to get at least 20 responses to each user’s survey. Pricing is dependent on plan choice. Prices range from $50 upwards.

Consumer Barometer

consumerbarometer-imageA free online tool, in conjunction with Google, that allows users to see just how consumers get from point A. to point B. in the buying process. The tool has 10 buying categories, and utilizes data collected form a proprietary survey as well as outside sources, to give users an insight into how online shoppers arrive at their purchase decisions. This tool is strictly research-based and can be used, for free, by any public user.

Crunch Base

crunchbase-logoOperated by TechCrunch, this database serves as a free research tool. The database collects data on a myriad of different start up companies, people, fundings, and events. Data is collected through a series of active contributors, but all data is fact checked before publication. This tool can be utilized for research purposes. Roughly 2 million users access the database each month. This tool is especially useful for users who are looking to collect data and information about companies , whether for personal use or business purposes.

Similar Web

similarweb-logoAn analytics company that provides data on website traffic. Users who sign up for this tool can collect data from mobile users, as well as web users, and gain a better understanding of the search terms that are working for them, as well as where their clicks are coming from. This tool creates easy to understand and view graphs that provide significant insight into web traffic and rankings. There are separate plans for mobile application analysis and web traffic analysis. A dual plan is also available. Pricing starts at $199 per month. Yearly discounts are available.


compass-logoCurrently in pre-launch phase, this tool plans to map, model and analyze data from a myriad of different start ups. The tool has the goal of figuring out exactly what makes a startup successful, helping new businesses figure out what the most successful business model is in the process. The company takes data from your company, and matches it up against similar companies within the database. This allows a user to gain insight into their current strategies and how they are working.


statista-logoBilled as an online statistics portal, this company provides data from market research completed across the globe. Statistics for over 80,000 topics are hosted here. Serving corporate clients, this tool allows businesses to utilize statistics to make further business decisions. Originally, this service was free, but has moved to a pay format in more recent years. About 20% of the data is available for free, while the rest is accessible with a paid membership. Infographic creation tools are also available.


honeybadger-logoFounded in 2012, HoneyBadger takes its name from the popular meme, and is categorized as a performance monitoring tool. The tool watches all Ruby apps,and collects all error and downtime errors. The tool notifies the user of all errors that occur in app. The company also offers a variety of tools that allow users to quickly fix all errors that occur. In short, it streamlines the process of dealing with app maintenance, which leads to less downtime and more satisfied customers. Honeybadger is a paid service, with plans ranging from $50 per month, up to $250 per month.

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